1. My ex-husband worked at a place that did "mental toughness days". This consisted of someone picking the absolute worst song they could think of and then playing it on repeat all day long. This Spotify playlist would be gold for that place.

  2. That song came up when I watched Eurovision in May and I instantly felt embarrassed. That's when the German word "Fremdscham" comes to action.

  3. Nothing can explain my sheer rage and confusion when I had a Discord Radio bot play that song when I wanted it to play My Name Is by Eminem.

  4. "Happy" By Pharrell Williams. Used to work for a company tied to Universal, and that song was the song for one of the Despicable Me movies, they used it for their on hold before a meeting and normal on hold music. It elicits extremely negative responses from me in public.

  5. Holy shit. Now I know why when I hear that song my brain automatically sees the color yellow. It's the fucking minions.

  6. That country pop song that keeps repeating “if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be meant to be meant to be meant to be ride with me ride with me ride with me ride with me ride with me”. Nothing more annoying than a song that hits the top of the charts that was probably written in less than 3 minutes with a repetitive chorus that lasts forevvvvvvvver.

  7. I think it's so funny that the lyrics are her laying out her soul and her fears and then she throws it to him and he's all like "whoa, holdup... Don't you know you're beautiful?" like he wasn't even listening lol

  8. I hate the Happy song, Thunder, and many other songs on this thread but this...this is the one that makes me wish I was deaf for a moment so I could have lived my whole fucking life without ever having to have heard that absolute shit of a song

  9. Most of those motivational songs like "I'm unstoppable I'm a Porsche with no brakes". Probably because they're in every mind numbingly stupid video out there. And I can't help but think that a car without brakes is gonna crash and burn.

  10. Really every pop country song. Theyre all autotuned to hell with a r&b beat in the background. Nothing cou try about it anymore lol

  11. I’m walking on sunshine: I used to work at a summer camp and they would play it every single morning on repeat for like 5-6 minutes for the campers to come in.

  12. Me seeing All About That Bass for the first time on Youtube: "Ah, I'll play this in my car to really let the subwoofers rumble!"

  13. There was this song that played on the radio a few years back. Fight Song? “This is my fight song” - idk it’s absolutely dogshit

  14. Blagh I hate so many songs like this that are cheesy inspiration songs. Like something you would see on a motivational poster at a live laugh love store.

  15. I heard so many people lauding that song as being their anthem or whatever, and I looked at the lyrics. It's all meaningless cliche. It's just like any number of "teenage anthems" that talk about fighting and standing up but never mentioning anything specific so it can be licensed for movie credits, sporting events, or aggressive ads.

  16. Scrolled just for this one- it was one of my friends favorite song and I put up with it because it was her empowerment song or whatever but god it’s annoying

  17. For a song meant to be empowering in the battle against cancer, they somehow managed to record one of the corniest and most generic sounding songs on the planet.

  18. Funny story: first time I heard ABCDE FU on the radio it was edited for profanity so I misheard the last line as “Fuck you and your friends that I'll never see again, Everybody but your dog, ‘cause you don’t f**k those.”

  19. Mine is when they take a Christmas song and redo the lyrics to sell cars or heartburn medication or some other stupid shit in commercials

  20. Lost my mind in laughter when Grey’s Anatomy tried to make me emotional with the background music of acoustic 500 Miles.

  21. Not that it started out super up-tempo to begin with but every new version I hear of Elvis's "Can't Help Falling In Love" is slower and angstier than the last.

  22. I will never figure out how to be comfortable when people are singing this to me. Do I smile? Do I wave? Do I just stand there?

  23. I am sorry about this and the pain you felt but I’d like to use this space to say that Fountains of Wayne was an excellent rock band. A real song band. Way more than just “Stacy’s Mom.” Check out “I-95,” “Hung Up on You,” “Bright Future in Sales,” “Fire in the Canyon,” or “Michael and Heather at the Baggage Claim.”

  24. The Kid Rock song where he rips off the memorable riffs to Werewolves of London and Sweet Home Alabama. But that's not why I hate it.

  25. This song pisses me off every time it comes on the radio. For a few glorious bars I think I'm gonna hear Werewolves of London... and then fucking Kid Rock starts singing. It's the radio equivalent of a ruined orgasm.

  26. And we were trying different things We were smoking funny things Making love out by the things to our favorite things Sipping whiskey out the things, not thinking 'bout things . . .

  27. Funny story, the first time I heard this song I was driving and only paid attention to about half the lyrics, completely missing the line that established he was talking to the girl's father.

  28. I’m a teacher and for like 4 years it was used for every stupid thing imaginable in schools. We had to make a district wide video dancing to it like we were excited to be back to school. Fuck that song.

  29. It just sounds so corporate. Like there’s no soul to it at all. It feels like it’s made for television ads.

  30. 'rude' by magic. heard it played on the radio at least every 15 minutes while on a vacation in 2015 and haven't been able to stand it since

  31. I vaguely remember one of the suicide girls (that's a throwback) did a cover of that song where the chorus was

  32. I first heard the song in a college dining hall, so I originally thought the lyrics were “I’m in love with a straight boy, I’m in love with a booooy” and I was like neat, didn’t know that about Ed Sheeran.

  33. Not really annoying but I can’t listen to “Waking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves because that was the first song I heard on the radio after my dog died and I felt like the world was mocking me

  34. so which line makes you angrier? the one where he randomly mentions his “untrimmed chest” or “i’m so gangsta i’m so thug”?

  35. If you're not familiar with Pat Finnerty, he does a YouTube series called What Makes This Song Stink? He examines Hey Soul Sister in

  36. Only way I find that song tolerable now is by singing over it “gotta have high high hopes in the kitchen. Do not understand why I can not have the chicken.” I don’t think I have actually said the real words in a year

  37. Go ahead and downvote me now but Running Up That Hill just isn’t for me (and I don’t like covers of it either) but alternative stations play it like every 5 songs.

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