1. Not a Tom Brady Fan. I often wonder how many Patriot fans are still Patriot fans. I could've sworn he got in a cheap shot today, it's just players were somewhat blocking him but I'm going to find a video to watch it a few times.

  2. This is just not true. Maybe you could make a case about her “disregarding their suffering” but that was kinda the message that she spread. I can easily see not caring for her and her message because her whole shtick was basically that suffering and going without in this world will net you rewards in the next. So she was basically comforting the poor and downtrodden by building on their faith. But she intentionally lived a life of scarcity as well so I don’t really understand the greedy aspect.

  3. I think I can safely say, most of these french rappers. Like, everyone listens to these, it's bland, instrumental is the same across every french rapper in existence, I don't really see the appeal.

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