1. Physical videogame manuals or magazines, they were so fucking cool before and then they decided to just stop doing them

  2. I picked up an original Xbox and halo: combat evolved and halo 2. Pulling out the manuals for both games was a walk down memory lane. When they were fully designed to match the game, gave you lore that you’d never know unless you read it… hell even the ones that had the piracy prevention phrases or codes hidden in them. Those were the peak video game days.

  3. Paying once for work software, like Microsoft word or Adobe PDF, and actually owning it thereafter without having to pay a monthly subscription fee.

  4. this was why i ditched all mainstream software and use open source stuff now. at least they dont require a blood sacrifice and VPN for a DRM to work right and log you in so you can enjoy a program that crashes every 5 seconds , takes 10 to 50 gigs of space to install, has a clunky user interface .

  5. Kodachrome I grew up looking at photos my amateur photographer father took on the stock. When I got old enough to start taking pictures myself they discontinued it. Nothing catures colors quite the same way.

  6. Not having to download an app for everything. The pool at my apartment complex is only accessible by scanning a QR code on a specific app just for the pool now. It's ridiculous.

  7. Deep fried McDonald’s apple pie. The one from the 1980’s to 1990’s. The one that was crispy and the temperature of molten plutonium inside. That shit was the best.

  8. This just triggered one of my earliest memories as a 5 y/o sharing a strawberry cheesecake bar with my childhood best friend. I remember it was such a treat since my family didn’t really have sweets in the house. Then one day Aldi stopped selling them and we no longer had them. Now that I’m an adult I have to find these things please god if someone knows where let me know!

  9. My god I came to this thread to say the same thing. I think they came in original, chocolate, and strawberry yes - I could put down a whole box in one long night of gaming.

  10. This year, THIS YEAR, my son got a spoon in a box of Rice Crispies! It has the characters on the handle and it changes colour in the cold milk. I couldn't believe it.

  11. The era before TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Although some of these have brought people and whole communities together, there’s an insanely dark side of all of it which I wouldn’t wish any child would be able to access. The saddest part is they can, and if they can’t, one of their friends might be able to. Even worse, some random online predator can enter a child’s room, virtually, without their parents’ knowledge. I wish these companies would be held accountable for the harm they cause.

  12. Does anyone remember the Cartoon Network website that had all the games on it related to the various cartoons? I can’t remember any of the games but I spent HOURS playing and I’d like that back please, without any adult responsibility. Basically I’d like a time machine.

  13. Jelly jar juice glasses. In the 1980s and maybe early 90s, my family acquired a few sets: dinosaurs, and Tom and Jerry. They were the perfect size for kids to use and the different designs helped us keep track of whose were whose. (Mine was the pterodactyl.) I don't know why they stopped being made. Seems like Pokémon and Star Wars would be great co-branding opportunities.

  14. RIP the salad bar with that amazing creamy Italian dressing and being able to get pitchers of beer or Pepsi.

  15. It's been in slow decline. First they got rid of the dessert pizzas, then the salad bar, then the stained glass lights above the tables, and then they killed Galaga. But because of the pandemic my local pizza hut fared even worse and shows no sign of recovery. Half the restaurant is blocked off with tables and stuff moved around haphazardly. Only a few tables are left that you can sit at, but they won't serve you anymore, you have to order at the counter and take your food to the table, eating in an empty, dank restaurant like a rat person.

  16. The sobe elixir drink, I miss my lizard juice so much. In my state it is impossible to find if they’re still selling it.

  17. Strawberry daiquiri was my favorite. They are hard to find, haven't seen them in a while. I also miss the orange one they use to have.

  18. Not too long ago, somebody made a reference to the toy car that "crumpled" when you wrecked it and it felt like a region of my brain was unlocked.

  19. I used to get a fruit and yogurt parfait a day or two a week, then they killed them at the onset of the pandemic, along with anything else even resembling something healthy. Man, those were good ....

  20. Also, one that isn't more and more AI optimized SEO crap. It's a problem that Google is now so big it is starting to shape the internet rather than just index it.

  21. New episodes of old cartoons. Regardless how old I will be, cartoons will still rock for me.

  22. I'm am 62 years old and watch cartoons every day, I have for years and years! No shame here! Now that I have grandchildren, it makes cartoons even better!

  23. When you would win a free coke from the plastic bottle cap. Those were the best. Or the mcdonalds monopoly game when you could win free fries or something.

  24. Remember when you used to be able to fill out that sheet of paper with how many books you read? And then when you reached a certain number of books you got a free personal pizza? That. I want that back

  25. Especially clothing. These days I'm paying 30 dollars on average for a top that begins to fray after two washes. That is literally unacceptable and hardly anyone seems to be talking about this. I've recently adopted some of my father's hand-me-downs from the 1980s and it's like they're brand new. The difference in fabric quality is insane, even when it comes to basic t-shirts.

  26. I have my parents original fridge that’s about 40 years old. When dad upgraded I took it. Runs perfectly fine. He has to replace or repair his every 10 years

  27. Pizza Hut had this dessert called Hershey’s Dippers which were basically just chocolate breadsticks with hot Hershey dipping sauce. I miss these every day of my life.

  28. Man, the dessert pizzas too. I can’t tell you how much I miss a thin crust with apples and ribbons of icing.

  29. That’s why I’m never going to update Microsoft office. I paid $80 for it and I’ll never need to pay again (rather than $120’per year forever)

  30. I will never not hate Adobe for this. I remember the (tech) press absolutely grilling the CEO or whoever on why they went to a subscription model, and one question after another he answered with the same very clearly rigid script full of buzzwords when the real reason was "MUNY" every time

  31. Butterfinger. It isn’t discontinued but I wish Ferrero would go back to the original Nestle recipe. It tastes like I dropped a butterfinger in a pile of sawdust and let it sit there until it expired and then ate it. No similar product can really compare to the original Butterfinger.

  32. My guy I forget this isn't a thing on a regular basis. I will pull into the drive through at 11:30 and be thoroughly embarrassed that I cannot buy a mcgriddle and then I feel like I have to order something cause I waited in line but I don't want anything else so I end up buying something that I don't even want

  33. All day ANYTHING. After Covid happened, everything that used to be 24 hrs seemed to have shut that shit down, example like Walmart. I know it’s not the same as breakfast all day at McDonald’s but McDicks is the same too it seems with them being closed (or at least saying they’re closed ) in the crackhead hours (3-5am). I miss my college days 7 years ago when it was a weekend and I had nothing to do that night with a couple friends so we’d go walk to Walmart and wander and buy some stuff then hit McDonald’s for some sausage McMuffins. I really wish all these places would bring back 24 hr service.

  34. Idk if this counts, but traditional animation and 2000’s animation. CGA is amazing, but something about traditional/2000’s animation is, too. they should do both and not just CGA only

  35. PB Crisps was my first thought when I saw this question. Glad I’m not the only one. I may give Hormel a call tomorrow.

  36. I cannot wrap my head around why they won’t bring them back. It would be such a homerun for them. Why? Why, god damnit!? I just want some fucking PB Crisps!

  37. If you ever hear of someone arrested for attempting to smuggle 90 pounds of Fruitopia Pink Lemonade out of Canada, you can say you knew me when.

  38. Coca Cola decided to consolidate their products in the early 2000's and reduce the number of brand names they were using. Frutopia was merged into Minute Maid. They still have a bunch of the original flavors.

  39. Come to the UK, we still have them, in fact they've always been on the menu as far as i remember they've never been a "special item" or anything. I mentioned in another reply that given America has the reputation of crazy portion sizes and super unhealthy food, that it's weird to me that America has a baked apple pie and we get the deep fried one.

  40. I like the idea of affording to live in the same town you work in, or at least living within 3 miles/5 kilometers of where you work.

  41. I remember being so jealous in elementary school when my friends got them in their lunch boxes and hoping that I had something of equal value to trade.

  42. I wish taco bell would bring back the Verde sauce I know I can buy it at the store but I don't wanna have to lol I wanna just be able to get it with my taco bell for free like everyone else 😩

  43. The way it felt in the 80s-90s when you were out with your friends playing manhunt way past dark and your parents were cool with it! And you went home to play some nes or watch some movies with the whole fam after probably stopping at blockbuster! Also the way little Cesar’s pizza used to be back then!!

  44. Dude. The long cardboard pizza tray wrapped in paper. When you'd tear it open the Little Ceasers goodness smell filled the room. Oh the 90's, how I miss you.

  45. Being able to do something without my entire body needing a recharge day… remember being a kid, tumbling all over the place and being fine 5 seconds later?!

  46. 13 year old me drives his go-kart into and through a chain link fence and is fine in like, 10 minutes. 48 year old me takes a 30 minutes nap with my neck at the slightest of odd angles and my neck is fucked for the next 1-3 days.

  47. Being able to afford a home on a single income salary with no college education would be a really cool thing to come back.

  48. I’m not really into Dr. Pepper, but the Berries & Cream Dr. Pepper had a chokehold on me that no other soda has ever had.

  49. Still got it up here in the great lakes region. My favorite pop too. But now I'm second guessing that it might not be available everywhere up here because you called it "pop" as well.

  50. I spent hours in the castle courtyard in Mario 64 just mesmerized. Such a crazy experience. My first experience with my Vive was kind of like that

  51. The .59/.79/.99 menu at Taco Bell. Back in the day if you spent more than $5 and went hungry you were doing something wrong. Now for $5 you get a plain taco and a drink. Greedy bastards!

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