1. For me it is a simple slip/fall. I’m 42 years old and since I was 22 and fresh out of college I’ve been terrified of slipping on something and falling.

  2. Water I can't see the bottom of. I won't even go in the ocean up to my chest because I cannot see the bottom, even thinking about swimming off a boat in a lake gives me anxiety lol

  3. Caves. Like not just being physically near one, but I get super anxious looking at pictures of them, online or in books or whatnot. Idk why a picture scares me. It's silly.

  4. Yup. That story about Nutter Butter cave (I’m absolutely butchering the name here) and the fella that got stuck and they just had to leave him there…..that ended any desire to go spelunking for me.

  5. Being electrified while unplugging something, I know I always keep my DRY hands on the plastic part, but the anxiety keeps coming

  6. Yup. I avoid electrical home improvements like the plague. Had a close call installing a shallow well pump on a 220 volt circuit that damn near blew my shoes off. HATE electricity…..

  7. Having my soul switch with an old person and being left paralysed while they enjoy my youth (I’m pretty sure this happened in a movie)

  8. Capitalist Penguins intentionally destroying the world's ecology by accelerating global warming just to have prime tropical beachfront real estate for fancy resorts in Antarctica.

  9. I have a genuine fear that I'm going to just look scary and a random woman is going to see me as a threat and assault me in "self defense."

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