1. I just binged what's available of season 2 tonight. That show has incredible story telling and does a fantastic job with suspenseful atmosphere- to the point where I just want to fast forward to everything being okay but I can't lmao

  2. Got an itch to rewatch X-Files, still holds up 29 years later. Almost done with Season 1 and it's only been a few days.

  3. Chuck is the ultimate example of a show that has no right to be as amazing as it is. I love it so much

  4. Wife and I are watching it now! I watched it weekly with my parents as a kid, happy that it's held up over time and is as good as I remember it being

  5. One of my comfort shows to binge when I need something familiar. The medical part is cool, but I love so many of the characters and get so invested in the arcs. Plus, of course, House's acerbic wit.

  6. Underrated show for sure. It’s goofy but has a ton of heart. The storyline with the mayor and his wife needs to stop tho

  7. It took me two episodes to understand what was going on but wow, that ending made my jaw drop…

  8. Fringe. It starts as a “monster of the week” kind of show in season 1, with some underlying situations that make you think “what’s really going on?”

  9. Dr Walter Bishop : "It's all because of that temptress; she tricked my son with her carnal manipulations, and he fell right into her vagenda."

  10. That’s the show with Uhtred the Bold? Uhtred son of Uhtred? Uhtred of Bebbenburg? Uhtred Ragnarson? Uhtred the Godless? Uhtred the Dane Slayer? Not the Korean period Zombie show right?

  11. I watched Vikings are liked it a lot (aside from it not being quite as high quality as most shows in terms of production value). I went to look for something else to watch when I caught up with it. Up to like Season 3 or whatever.

  12. Barry and Sally are really shitty people yet I can't stop rooting for them. Lmao. That motorcyle chase is fucking amazing.

  13. For me the Original Series is just a bit too campy for me to really enjoy anymore. My comfort watching is any of the TNG-DS9-VOY-ENT era.

  14. It really feels like you’re hanging out with your friends! It’s rare for me to be totally taken out of reality by a TV show. Every time Laszlo says, “Bat!”, I LMAO. Why is that so funny?

  15. I was so empty when it finished I started on the books and then rewatched in time with each book up to number 6. Then I went into the unknown territory beyond the show and am starting the final book, Leviathan Falls, tonight. I recommend the books 1000x. The audio books are supposed to be fantastic too (the reader is great).

  16. My favorite show. I've watched it 4 times. Every time I catch more stuff that I missed. Then I finally got the books and discovered even more stuff! I love that they don't beat you over the head with his things connect or the details. The books are great, BTW. I got a subscription to Audible so that I could just listen to them. Totally worth it!

  17. Dark is probably one of the best time travel stories I've seen as series or movie. Don't worry not really spoiler as they showcase travel in first episode

  18. I loved this show, but man I really had to pay attention. I often had the wiki open just to understand the different characters over multiple timelines. Well worth it though. Stunning visuals and great acting all around.

  19. The spirit guide and his helpful (?) advice kills me. I loved when he whipped out an apple to eat in the porta-potty.

  20. I just binged the whole thing this weekend. Fucking great historical-ish piece - especially for the early 2010s. Some great action sequences throughout.

  21. Discovering this show now is crazy. I am on season 4 and I keep looking up the actors to find out that they are dead. It really is timeless.

  22. This is one of my top shows of all time. I watched it for the first time about five years ago. I was off that week and there were a couple days I stayed up til 5am because I could not stop watching that show. I rewatched a year or so ago. It’s just so good. I don’t know how people were able to wait for the new episodes to air back then. I’d have been going nuts over that one

  23. One day, you’ll wake up, have breakfast, brush your teeth and go all day without thinking about this show. And on that day, you’ll know that you can move on.

  24. Fleabag so funny yet so heartbreaking, and the 2nd (and final) season was beyond fourth wall perfection, with the perfect ending for her audience.

  25. One of the best shows ever made I think. It's just an essential watching. Season 1 was great! I told everyone about it and told them about this UK show I'd heard about. The season 2 came out and we all know how that went. Huge success and accolades left and right

  26. Just watched it recently myself. I'm an MCU fan, but I've gotten tired of superhero stuff. This show is such a refreshing change of pace from the goody-two-shoes heroes from Marvel and DC. This shit makes Deadpool look like a kid's show.

  27. I just finished season 2 and started season 3 last night. Homelander is probably one of the best villains of any show I've ever seen.

  28. Ok hear me out before judging me. I am watching Soap. When I was a kid it would show old reruns and when I would try and watch them my mom would get mad and say she hated that garbage because it was vulgar. So I forgot about it. I saw it on tubi and I was curious as to why she found it so offensive. I figured it out in the first few episodes. It’s because of Billy Crystals character. It might get bad in later seasons but where I am now he does a fantastic job at portraying and advocating for gay and transgender rights and this was made in 78!

  29. The funniest surprisingly deep reflection on the philosophy of morality disguised as a sitcom you'll ever see.

  30. If anyone who watches this show hasn't already yet - check out Our Flag Means Death (Another Taikia Waititi venture starring Rhys Darby and Taika himself).

  31. When I started the first season I assumed the Oliver character was going to wear on me. The character seemed too broad and clownish.

  32. As a funny coincidence, while putting the groceries away at home, my girlfriend looked at me strangely and asked why I was singing a Selena Gomez song.

  33. I fought this show, did not like the 1st episode so refused to watch it. I got COVID and was running out of things to watch, sucked it up, so glad I did.

  34. Frasier, perfect mix of comedy and heartfelt moments, and the writing is top notch. It’s just a breath of fresh air among the countless hour-long, gritty dramas and is perfect for binging. Edit: I spelled his damn name wrong

  35. Ted Lasso makes me, a cynic, feel all warm and squishy inside. The show is weirdly delightful, especially as someone that hates sports

  36. The Santa Clarita Diet. i’m digging my own grave knowing it was canceled but it’s just so funny and imo an interesting take on the zombie genre.

  37. I absolutely love the juxtapositions in this show. Dealing with every day suburban life while also dealing with the undead. Timothy Olyphant and the neighbor kid Eric are just so damn good.

  38. Yes! This show is so good. Nearly every single episode makes me weepy. Great for when I need a good cry. Also whenever I feel the soul-urge to rewatch this show, my period always comes a couple of days later. 😅

  39. Same, rewatching after I finished Saul, and my perspective on things at 32 is much different than my perspective on things at 20. It's like watching it from a new lens

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