1. This goes for information and opinions you think are clearly wrong or ridiculous as well. If your main justification for “the other side really believes this” is “a screenshot of an anonymous Twitter account said they did,” think twice.

  2. I think it’s up to us to take any comments, thoughts and perspectives we read on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and then use those as triggers to go out and do further reputable research for ourselves. Too much access to people’s opinions and using those for our own.

  3. Yes, often when I read an article--not even an opinion piece--there is nothing to or little to support the headline.

  4. My favorite is assumptions based on headlines. I got downvoted a couple weeks ago for pointing out that an article and accompanying news story about a woman being mauled by dogs didn’t even claim the dogs were pitbulls and if you look at the pictures only one of the dogs even looked remotely like a pit mix. But no, facts don’t matter; only assumptions.

  5. Having studied journalism in school, I can attest that half the reason people don't know the difference is because a lot of future reporters themselves are hardly being taught anymore. My first year of journalism classes, we learned about stuff like the inverted pyramid, finding good sources, etc.

  6. The obvious answer is strangers online. People take opinions about politics, economics, education, and heck even actual life advice from people with usernames like QueefMaster420.

  7. I literally just wasted a day arguing with someone who couldn't fathom why I wouldn't just believe their assertion. Refused to provide any actual evidence.

  8. My mother in law is constantly talking about conversations she's had with her friends "and this is what she thinks about X" Like, she's an uneducated drop out who's never left her home county too, why I'm earth would I care what she thinks?

  9. We have an...imposter among us.... there is an imposter among us.... This brother right here.... has been making claims on the Siiide.... Yes he has, pretending he's one of us

  10. Damn Facebook. My wife believes everything she reads on it. We have some friends doing a bus tour in England currently. They posted that they ate at a restaurant and apparently it is custom in England for men and women to not eat at the same table. When I told her no, having travelled all over Europe myself, she argued that she just read it on FB! My God, you can't argue with that reasoning.

  11. I think I know what is going on, did the woman's husband say that was the custom? Did he also say it's the custom for tourists to have sex with local women too?

  12. Absolutely came here to say this. My mother-in-law every time. If she starts a sentence with "I just read on Facebook that..." I have to tune her out. She will quote Facebook the way a priest quotes the bible.

  13. My aunt has often brought up crazy conspiracy shit and is genuinely surprised when I explain it wasn't true. When I ask her where she heard it, it is Facebook every time.

  14. This one specifically. I swear ever since my mom started using facebook she's become an alt-right conspiracy theorist lunatic

  15. Fucking boomers on Facebook. I mean it’s not all boomers, I know, but the sheer lack of social media literacy that boomers have is exhausting…. Every time my parents say something completely crazy and I ask where they heard it, it’s always so and so posted about it on Facebook. And I have to explain to them AGAIN that just because someone said it on Facebook doesn’t mean it’s true and explain why it doesn’t sound right and how there’s no evidence, no sources, etc. And when they still insist that this person always knows what they are talking about (no, they don’t, they never do), I ask them, well how come we can’t find anything about that then except on these crazy people sites. And then they get all quiet. And then we’ll do it all over again the next time because it’s like they don’t remember any of it.

  16. Also remember that news sources include additional sources. A good way to tell if a news source is bs is if they only cite their own website or even propaganda sites (like RT and such). A more reliable news source will link to actual documents or interviews (though obviously sometimes they keep their sources private for the sake of their privacy).

  17. For all the preaching the general Reddit community does about "misinformation", they sure are fine with misinformation that supports certain agendas.

  18. Whenever I see a Reddit posting asking "what's the best x for y" I know I'm about to see some stupid advice. Although some folks are generally helpful, a lot of people that aren't immediately turned off by lazy questions are the same people that don't have good advice to offer.

  19. The woman who sued McDonald’s over hot coffee is one that leapt to mind. Everyone saying “people just sue for anything these days”… it’s actually just a very sad story and McDonald’s was awful to that lady

  20. I always wondered…if Mussolini was so good at making the trains run on time, WHY DIDN’T THEY JUST PUT HIM IN CHARGE OF THE TRAINS? He’d have died in bed, a big hero…

  21. There are so many positive things Hitler supposedly did. But when you look further into it he simply appropriated the work of others as his own. For instance the Autobahn was conceived in the 1920 by the Weimar Republic. Hitler simply did what would've been done either way.

  22. When I was in college I would go to bars and do a Scottish accent just for the entertainment value. Well I had a Scottish friend, and I was routinely able to convince barfolk that I was the true Scotsman and he was just doing an accent. It pissed him off so much and it's one of my favorite memories.

  23. Memes. They're funny, but always two short to get the full picture of what's really happening. They're jokes at the expense of truth, and that's not a great trade off

  24. god damn how right you are. There are numerous events in my life with myself and others that I have on video or pictures etc, yet never fails someone I know swears up and down that shit didnt happen and when I show them videos/pics theyre quick to make excuses when in reality their memory fucking sucks.

  25. Yes. I think the average person is aware that social media sites like IG and FB are filled with misinformation but a random Redditor that knows how to word his sentences correctly is automatically accepted as truth telling. I've fallen for this before. Everyone on Reddit is NOT an expert.

  26. Polls. People are more likely to respond to polls if their views are extreme, because they’re the most likely to want their “voices to be heard”. People who feel persecuted for their opinions are more likely to as well, since they may view it as their only chance to make their thoughts known.

  27. I feel like people have put enormous expectations onto meteorology. My coworkers all troll themselves by building unnecessary concern for upcoming weather. Only to have it not be nearly as bad.

  28. So not English and I read that as literally a “bloody weather app”. For a second I thought there was a Halloween version or something 😆. Don’t mind me I’ll just back off into a corner now.

  29. I wanna say Fox News, but in reality there are worse outlets out there. Plus, people are dumb enough to trust random posts on social media. That's gotta take the crown.

  30. It's hilarious to watch how much Fox can be proven wrong on things. Why so many watch it is beyond me. Yes, I've heard MSNBC is just as bad to the other side of things, but Fox is just outright blatant about how they are (even their entertainment division on shows like Simpsons and Family Guy admit Fox news is trash).

  31. I'd say look and see what percentage of a news agency or corporation donates to which party. If a vast majority donates solely to one party, you know there's going to be a heavy bias at least.

  32. Like anyone whit a brain i know that the most reliable source of information is my Cat. And i dont know why but suddenly not giving my Cat all of the food in my house is ilegal

  33. Lol this is one of my favorite conversations. I spent my teenage years leaning pretty far right and hating anything and everything that had to do with Democrats/liberals/the color blue/ just because "my party" told me to. But I eventually started putting actual thought into things and realized there actually are a few liberal concepts/morals/etc I agree with, and how stupid it is to just shoot down any idea that comes from the other side of the isle just because it came from the other side of the isle. Everyone is free to their own opinions, and their opinion on any given topic may align more closely with one side or the other. Their opinions on many topics may even largely lean to one side or the other, and they might call themselves a democrat or a republican because of it. And that's totally fine, it doesn't become an issue until you get to the point that all you can see is red or blue, and you allow a party affiliation to dictate your opinions rather than making up your mind yourself. I find that both Republicans and Democrats are equally bad for this. (But if you try telling that to one of them, they'll say "not my party! It's the other guys!" Lol)

  34. But {{my side}} wing media are actually mostly not far {{my side}} and are actually a center. It's absolutely normal to want {{my thing}}. The {{not my side}} are literal {{insult}}s and are just gobbling up the far {{not my side}} propaganda, because they're plain stupid.

  35. This is the most accurate anwser and should be at the top considering the rat fuck Murdoch's influence in Australia, US, and Britain and many other countries.

  36. REDDIT. People don’t realize how much of an echo chamber it really is. Most of the things you read are sensationalized, taken out of context, or just lies.

  37. Tucker Carlson. It's like if you listen to him without having been indoctrinated for years he comes off as just a ridiculous person and awful liar. Yet millions trust every word he says

  38. Any middle aged white woman who's done her research on Facebook or any old person who has Fox on 24/7.

  39. Anything from the Murdoch empire or funded by the Koch brothers. Or anything funded by any fossil fuel companies.

  40. Well my family insists on sending me fear porn from Breitbart and Fox “News” so I’ll go with those.

  41. I've done my research... Usually means I visited a website site on the internet. Backing up whatever view you want. Who cares if a doctor told you to do something.

  42. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and so on. More you look in any given subject, more they will give you that subject, and not show you anything that would greater inform you.

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