1. Car enthusiast love the sound and don’t wanna impress anyone but themselves. There is a time and place to rev ur loud cars but some people don’t know that and do it at 3am in residential areas

  2. I wish the people with leaf blowers at 6am on a Sunday morning and the people driving their loud-ass cars at 3am could all come together and realize, “oh, yea it does suck to hear you when I’m trying to sleep. Maybe we should think about that. Let’s agree to have quiet cars and use a fucking rake?”

  3. A guy I use to work with drove a Harley. A grotesquely loud Harley. We worked second shift, which meant he was getting home around 11:30pm. A year or so into working with him he started complaining that his neighbor got a bike and would leave for work at 5am. He understood exactly how annoying it was to be woken up at an inappropriate time by an obnoxious vehicle. He did not think that rule should apply to him.

  4. I live across the street from a railroad track that runs 2xs a night...and it's loud. But with purpose and I rented the apt knowing this...... but those assholes who broom by on their crap bikes between 11-2am scaring my cats, waking me up, causing my neices to jump up put of a dead sleep petrified, FUCK YOU BROS!! THATS A FKIN CHOICE TO MAKE UR SHIT ASS BIKE SOUND LIKE A FUCKING ATOM BOMB FART. FUCK YOU

  5. I'm moving in a week BUT this apartment I'm in has a business behind it as I'm downtown. This is across an alley and of course I'm at the back. There is one line of parking stalls behind this business and all winter they come out at to use a leaf blower ALL THE TIME. They don't give a fuck what time it is either, 2am, 4am and some days its like 3-4 times over night and during day. They have 2 leaf blowers going sometimes. And there will be like the lightest dusting of snow. I actually don't know why I never reported it because its fuckin infuriating.

  6. I think the 'everyone will think I'm a prick' is what's driving the current trend for exhaust modes in high end cars these days. You can have the super loud pipes when you're out on the track or whatever but there's a quiet mode for residential areas.

  7. I am super light sleeper and live in apartment complex on 3RD FLOOR ,there is someone who has loud car who seems to leave for work at 5 am . while I do not have to go to work till 10 am ,thanks to this stupid selfish person,i am up at 5 am and can not go back to sleep .

  8. Stg this neighborhood goes to bed at midnight and rises at 6 am sharp. If anyone around here is getting a full nights sleep I want their fucking secrets cause I’m sick of the noise.

  9. As a car person, it is an overwhelmingly positive visceral experience to put the pedal to the floor, feel the acceleration for the car, and hear an aggressive motor sound. But I don't understand the value in a loud car other than the feeling that you get. It's not impressive to people outside the car, and there is 0 point in throwing the car in neutral just to make it make noise.

  10. I just hate people who do it in residential neighborhoods and 11 pm on a Tuesday. There's a time and place for everything. I enjoy woodworking but I don't run my table saw at 11 pm because I'm considerate to my neighbors. Don't rev your piece of shit car super loud at 11 pm in a neighborhood. 11 pm on the interstate? Sure go for it

  11. Exactly this. If you think engines and aftermarket exhaust sound cool then by all means please enjoy yourself responsibly! But don’t go flying through the neighborhood at midnight being a jackass.

  12. 11 pm I wish. I had a house (in the suburbs) near a convenience store. They would hang out in the parking lot at around 3am, trying to talk over the loud noise of their cars. Then they would ride around the neighborhood in their boom boom cars, kind of making sure everyone was awake.

  13. The guy who lives next-door to my parents has a Harley and a classic old car. He ran them in his driveway (next to my parents bedroom) every Sunday morning regardless of the fact that my dad was dying of cancer at the time.

  14. A while back I’d have wished 11pm on Tuesday. Without fail every weekday, guy on a loud ass motorcycle pulling in at 2am. And during the day a lot of times, teenagers driving down our little street like they’re drag racing.

  15. If someone with a baby murdered one of these people and I was on the jury... acquited with an apology for wasting their time.

  16. The fastest car on any road is an SUV with a mom behind the wheel. Her SUV is 100% invisible to police.

  17. Years ago I lived in a not so upscale part of town in a tall building that wrapped around a courtyard that was repurposed into a car park.

  18. How many times did my sister say that she was gonna end up in jail for killing one of them for waking her kids... a tired cranky mom is not someone one should upset.

  19. Small penis, they have to let everyone know that they are compensating themselves for their personal inadequacies

  20. I like cars with good sound, my older one could get loud as well - if I wanted it too. I loved that. But when I got home, I just let it roll for most of the street or just drive in a high gear, which obviously makes it quiet.

  21. I paid for a really nice custom MagnaFlow exhaust on my car. It didn't sound like a lawn mower, I never straight piped my car. It gave my car I would say, arguably a quieter exhaust sound but it was just deeper and of a hum. It wasn't to impress anyone other than fellow car people. I also loved the sound of my car when I'd go in tunnels etc. Sometimes with how low of a hum it had, I felt like a sneaky person.

  22. I have a neighbor with an intimidating and obnoxiously loud car. I was at my wits end with this douchebag. One night, he hit the gas at 3 am right outside my window by our stop sign. I have never been so scared in my life, I legit thought I was being bombed. It was terrifying and enraging. The next day, I wrote him a hand written letter explaining how intimidated and scared I am of his car, how I’m a college student studying at home, and all the women in my building were very affected by his loud engine. I politely asked him to be quiet and respectful entering and leaving our family-filled neighborhood. I left the letter next to a bouquet of tulips on his front steps.

  23. I love this story so much. Many car enthusiasts I know who have loud cars are very kind people and don’t wanna bother anyone but we all just love the sound. If people kindly told them to be more careful with the sound they were making I’m sure 90% would comply

  24. My buddy’s son has a loud muffler and someone filled up the cracks between the car doors and his locks with expanding insulation spray. But they sprayed the wrong car. The sprayed his car.

  25. A lot of people find things that make them happy that don’t involve disturbing a whole neighborhood.

  26. Parents didn't teach them to be respectful of anyone else and also neglected them. Now they think assaulting everyone's ears and driving a "LOOK AT MEEEEEE!" douchemobile is a desirable way to behave. Same with Harley riders. Pathetic little boys playing with obnoxious toys who think they are cool when they rattle neighborhood windows before 7am and after 10pm. I pity them for their astounding lack of self awareness and over-abundance of self importance.

  27. I think that most likely they aren’t even thinking about other people. It just makes them happy and they don’t stop to think “hey this is annoying as fuck for other people”. Think of it like a smoker - a smoker (generally) doesn’t think about the second hand smoke they’re giving off to people around them, it just makes them happy and they don’t stop to think about other people. That doesn’t (necessarily) mean they mean bad, it just means they aren’t considering other people into the equation. I think it’s the same for people with loud cars…

  28. This is pretty much it. Sure some do it to be annoying and maybe some will do it for attention, but the VAST majority have it simply for performance and/or aesthetics to the driver's ears.

  29. Depends on the car. Straight piping can generally improve performance if there is an accompanying tune. The catalytic converter tends to be a pretty large bottleneck for power, so removing it does tend to be beneficial from that perspective. Though it’s also considered illegal.

  30. A long time ago a few friends stated that it was “cool to piss other people off.” I wonder if they are now aware that it is not cool to have hearing loss.

  31. I have an exhaust on my car that is nice and quiet until you boot it and then it’s decently loud. I rarely give it the beans off track aside from a freeway on ramp occasionally.

  32. That's totally fine imo. What's shitty is people driving around residential or school areas loud as hell, especially at night. People who don't give a fuck that their noise woke up everyone in the neighborhood, baby next door is crying now and I have to be up at 6 for work, etc. If you're on the track or the highway, that's completely normal and fine.

  33. Funny enough - the muffler is damaged on my sisters Subaru hatchback so it makes a huge revving noise when she goes.

  34. Themselves. Not condoning the loudness, it's annoying. But you don't have to do everytging to impress people. Sometimes it's about what you like.

  35. I did when I was younger, grew up around cars and loved racing, just love the sound personally. It was never to impress others and I tried to keep it as quiet as possible in residential areas.

  36. The thing is most of you people think we're doing it to impress others, but most of us car enthusiasts here don't care about what other people think. We don't do it to impress others, we do it because WE like our car and WE want to make it sound good for OURSELVES. Yes some people like to drive around and rev their cars all the time, but some others (including me) just like to open it up once in a while and enjoy the beautiful sound the exhaust makes. Non car enthusiasts haven't and won't ever see it the way we do, and to them it's just an irritating noise, but for us it's way more than that. We don't expect you to see it the way we do, and we don't care either.

  37. I went on a date with a woman a couple years older than me. She admitted to me that she liked big sounding trucks, that it turned her on immensely.

  38. Can confirm, some women like it, most of the time though you’re just going to have a bunch of dudes asking you about your car/truck.

  39. The guy I knew in high school who did this did it to impress us. He loved to rev his engine and peel out in the parking lot after school.

  40. Myself.. I dreamt of having a badass car my whole childhood.. and in my adult life it was my motivator behind getting sober and taking a risk to get my dream job in order to be able to afford building my cars trucks and bikes.

  41. Myself, I just love the sound. With that being said I do think there’s a such thing as going overboard - a little extra noise enhances driving experience, but too much lessens it.

  42. I rented an aston Martin on my 30th birthday just to see what it was like to drive a fucking ridiculous car. Bucket list thing.

  43. You're on the right track, but here's a twist: I don't think a lot of people actually realize how loud their own shit is. A great example is a friend of mine's truck from back around 2010. Nothing special, base model GM truck, 4.8 regular cab long bed. Manual though, so that was kinda neat. Anyway, at one point he straight piped it with tips out the back. It was shockingly quiet inside the cab, even on the highway. No muffler, no drone. We noticed it under highway overpassed and near buildings, that was about it.

  44. Took the words out of my mouth. There’s a time and place for us to go nuts with our cars to and most of us understand that it’s not to be revved at 3 am in a residential area

  45. I've modified my cars with louder/better sounding exhausts, but nothing like straight pipes. I appreciate a good exhaust note, but it doesn't have to be obnoxious. FYI I used the silencer on my Evo8 exhaust while on the street since it gives you good sound, but not as loud as if you removed the silencer.

  46. I can second that. I drive a v6 that has an exhaust that makes it heard but not HEARD. From the driver seat of course. I often have to tell my friends I can’t drive due to how late it is and even though my car is not too loud, I don’t want to piss anyone off.

  47. I got a genuine question for you. I'm starting to notice around me lately cars that make the popping noises from their exhausts. What is up with that, and how does that not do damage to the car? How is that even legal? Some cars sound like a gun went off

  48. As a motorcyclist who had a loud exhaust, it was to compensate for my smaller engine (that's not a euphemism). My bike was so small that often times people in cars couldn't hear me. I had the exhaust on so cars would be aware of me. I did try to ride in normal hours of the day and would coast down my bike holding the clutch down at night to my house.

  49. These aren't mutually connected in all cases. An enthusiast may tune/build their car for performance, which in turn makes the car louder. This however does not automatically mean they're gonna rev it loud in neighborhoods or whatever.

  50. I put electric cut outs on my car. I can open and close them with a button on my center console. I only do so at car shows or gatherings of other enthusiasts or for my friends. It cost a lot of money, doesn't enhance the performance, doesn't make my already beautiful car any more beautiful, it just makes me happy. Kind of like when my wife puts on her diamond earrings. They cost alot, they do not make her any smarter as she is already brilliant, and she is already beautiful without them. They just make her happy.

  51. Yeah, my loud V8 stays at home if its really early/late. Having common courtesy isn't that hard. If the "rev bomb my neighborhood at 3am" people didn't exist, hardly anyone would care and this thread probably wouldn't exist.

  52. A lot of peeps on here saying "I'm not trying to impress anyone, I do it for me" okay then why are so many of you driving around at 2AM through residential areas

  53. when i was a kid my older brother got a harley and rode it to work every day. at first he'd try to be as quiet as one possibly could ride a harley through a residential neighborhood at 5 am, but then one day an old bitchy lady at the end of the street fed my cousins (who lived nextdoor) dogs anti freeze and killed all 3 of them.

  54. They are the audio version of a cigar smoker. They really don't care what you think, as long as you notice them.

  55. Some people love having cars that can go 200mph and blow your ear drums out just so they can drive the speed limit and annoy everybody around them.

  56. Not a loud car person but I find it weird how so many people lose their shit about not even very loud cars.

  57. A bunch of losers playing pretend that they're on a race track or in a car chase when they're in a whitebread suburban town.

  58. Absolutely. They have all the bs excuses of the horsepower or whatever like they even need it when they'll never be going over 170km without immediately crashing, and certainly won't be going that fast in towns with all the turns and possibilities of weird late-night pedestrians.

  59. I am shocked you weren't downvoted to oblivion. Purposely revving your engine should be reserved for appropriate times and places, but just having a loud car isn't the problem.

  60. If it is done right I enjoy the sound of a loud exhaust. Now the fart cans people put on their ghetto slammer is annoying.

  61. Performance improvements aside It’s just a car culture thing. There’s so many variables depending on the car, quantity and quality of mods installed. Unfortunately the shit can, straight piped, 90’s Hondas that only amplify the mosquito whine give the rest of us a bad rep.

  62. It's always peer pressure, toxic masculinity, insecurities and low self-esteem. Mommy didn't give them enough attention when they were little, and now everyone has to listen to them.

  63. Absolutely this. People who are secure with themselves don't drive loud cars for attention at the expense of other people (in neighborhoods, at night, etc)

  64. This reminds me of a creepy stalker in the gas station. When we left and were walking back to my brother's house (right across the street) the guy pulls out with his loud ass car from behind the building while looking at us, didn't even stop for us, just zoomed right by. Like dude, you could have hit us if we got just a bit closer or decided to jolt and run/jog. He was smiling and he kept checking us out when we were in the gas station too. It didn't impress us. It disgusted us.

  65. I found it was usually the mama's boys that get into their cars.... need moms n dads money for all the upgrades. Tbf tho a lot of the ones I knew got jobs wayyy before I ever did so they would've been funding their own habit from quite early on which I respect. Dont respect the habit in question tho it's peak consumerism

  66. Had a neighbor who would sit on his motorcycle in his driveway at 8 am on Sunday morning, and just rev his engine for 10 minutes. Rarely would go anywhere, just wanted to sit & show off how loud his bike was. Coolest guy I've never met I'm my life!

  67. His brother lives behind me, 8 am on the weekends revving up his truck for about 15 mins. Then cuts off truck, gets out, and goes in his house. I'm 100% positive this wonderful fellow doesn't even have a driver's license, I've never saw him driving.

  68. Seriously if you must do that, at least direct it at a Supreme Court justice or member of Congress, or someone else who deserves to be subject to a public nuisance.

  69. They are impressing other assholes. Let's not forget the Bikers who rev their pipes at red lights right next to your car while your baby is sleeping. Always a class act.

  70. Chicks who are into micropenises, shitty rusted car mods, poor taste, and men who are currently on the hook for child support.

  71. My perilous masculinity demands that I act like a complete inconsiderate asshole or the whole teetering house of cards comes crashing down.

  72. On this note the same goes for the depraved people who install loud halers to the exterior of there car. Why ? This morning I even saw a kid with six megaphones attached to his handle bars and a car battery on the back . I had murderous thoughts 🤣🤣🤣

  73. I dunno about revving it but as someone who drives an older diesel, think before emission standards, a larger sized exhaust, say 3in compared to 2in decrease my exhaust gas temps, especially in a turboed 4x4 where this is important

  74. Besides environmental concerns, I really don't care that people do this. But just please stop fucking revving in the middle of the night and then going high speed down 25mph roads. That's what makes me truly upset, when you're waking people up, freaking out animals in the night, and also being incredibly unsafe.

  75. I've owned several loud cars - sort of by accident - and I can say that, for example, a big V8 with a loud exhaust is huge fun on occasion, but with a little maturity and/or driving any sort of distance it gets old real quick and you feel like an antisocial prick just driving up the road, especially trying to come & go in the small hours / late at night.

  76. Okay so I somewhat understand why people think this would be a good idea. Like don't get me wrong I think we can all appreciate the low grumble of a decent sounding vehicle. But then when you're just about to go to bed and you here some absolute pleb blitzing past ur house with an unsilenced Honda civic... fuck you

  77. My neighbour has an Audi R8 and I LOVE to hear that engine…but I don’t want to hear your clapped out 2002 Honda Civic with tin can exhaust.

  78. I like how all of the actual answers are downvoted. High-flow catalytic converters and exhaust systems help to not bottle-neck your power. If you’ve got all your performance mods on the intake/engine, etc, and none for the exhaust, your car won’t benefit from it. A good exhaust system is moderately louder, but not insanely so. My four banger now sounds a bit more throaty-like a six cylinder. It wasn’t for others, it’s for me. Just like anything else, it’s a hobby. I want to see how long I can keep my car running, since it’s currently trying to die on me.

  79. Wow lots of salty motor heads in the thread. Just because you get high from the noise, doesn't mean everyone within a mile of you does. Most of them are focused on or doing something else that an obnoxious exhaust sound ruins or interrupts. It's just like people with subs that blast their crappy generic dubstep at gas stations with the bass overriding every other actually aurally pleasant ambient sounds. If you think others shouldn't be responsible for your happiness, then the least you can do is not let your happiness destroy someone elses because if their happiness shouldn't depend on you you have no right to be the arbiter of it.

  80. If all you do is to try to impress/please others your going to have a pretty miserable life. I'm here for me and my family no one else. Lil advice some people could use.

  81. i have always driven crappy old cars and had a couple where the rotten exhaust dropped off at the cat. its annoying AF when your ears ring after long drives, but is actually wierdly fun/addictive to hear the snap crackle and pop on downshifts!

  82. not me, but my cousin, his neighbor is an anti vaxer and a huge Karen. So to deal with her bull shit, he made his car as loud as legally possible. And the Karen tried to get him arrested for this multiple times, but since my cousin wasn’t breaking the law, SHE ended getting in trouble for constantly abusing police resources, and moved after about two months of my cousin modifying his car. And as soon as the Karen moved out, he put his car back to the way it was.

  83. They do it for themselves. Just like someone who is interested in fashion so they wear a fancy necklace or bag, people that are into cars and trucks sometimes make them louder for their own enjoyment.

  84. I live on the main road in my neighborhood. Every morning one guy drives by at 6 with a shitcan muffler meant to make his car sound like a fart in a soup can. 5 minutes later another asshole drives by without a muffler to speak of. Then the fuck on his motorcycle comes through loud as fuck "because loud pipes save lives". What bullshit.

  85. The car makes tiny explosions and some ppl just like the sound of that, as much as some others like wind chimes, cat meows, whale calls and stuff. even tho they are very different sounds they sometimes convey the same feelings

  86. I wonder how many people don't understand that the back pressure of the exhaust, lowers the performance of the engine.

  87. As a real car enthusiast I just wanna say we like the sound, most of people do it for self enjoyment and not to impress others

  88. Noone. Idgaf what you think. It's for my pleasure only. And if there happens to be some cultured soul that also enjoys it, then so be it

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