1. Not many governments are ruled by women, so you'd probably have to set up a new government first in most regions.

  2. It's funny that this same question was asked to women who literally said they would kill themselves. Men and women operate in completely different worlds.

  3. Well... The last woman would be made an unwilling baby incubator (after she gets some kind of protection soon enough, in the mean time the probabilities of being raped repeatedly in a regular basis would skyrocket).

  4. Yeah cuz woman would have to be used as a baby machine, while man would be just milked. It's both technically rape, but the first one also has the bonus of 9 month being pregnant, giving birth and all the effects it has on body. And also the cycle goes on and on. I'd definitely kill myself.

  5. "Do we sleep with this guy to maintain the species or divert resources into artificial sperm and dildonics? I'm recommending the second thing."

  6. "Ladies, I'm really sorry about all this, we clearly fumbled on that one... But you have to admit, at the time, the 19th Amendment seemed like a good idea."

  7. I’m sterile from radiation therapy, married, and I’m committed to monogamy, so based on various movies and TV shows I probably get kidnapped by a tribe of amazons for snu-snu.

  8. My fiance got snipped, and he is fully committed to me as I to him. I'd be gathering as many weapons as I can to protect him. Fuck them lonely horny hitches. He's mine.

  9. Sorry to say this, but unless every woman on earth is also grieving, you will get kidnapped and turned into a sex slave long before you know what’s what.

  10. Not possible to be a failure Even if you were masturbating your cum would literally be worth more than its weight in gold.

  11. Very little sex would probably be had. Odds are you'll be hooked up to a type of milking machine so they can spread that seed as far as possible.

  12. Even if sperm banks would not exist, or all stored sperm would somehow go bad, you would certainly not only be a sperm donor.

  13. I’m fairly confident that could easily be parlayed into billions of dollars, so Id ask some financial advisers on how to monopolize reproduction.

  14. Tell me about it... I really don't know how to wrap my head around it. Men see fun stuff, women would just off themselves..

  15. Exactly. Men see lots of varied sexy time, untold riches and jar opening. Women see a planet of incels hounding them to the end of all days to rape and otherwise assault them. That's the difference in our lived experience. We're terrified and placate the aggro dudes we come across to avoid violence, they're just living their lives in whatever manner they see fit...regardless of how late or dark it is.

  16. Realistically, there would be a lot of women lining up to have sex with me and become filthy rich. That's not because I think I'm attractive or talented or funny. It's because there would be rich women who want the real thing as a vanity thing. Regular women would just use vibrators to satisfy themselves, but the rich ones would take pride in finding and fucking the last man on earth.

  17. Hide. I am a shy guy, I also have social anxiety. So if I was stuck in a world where I am the only male, I would definitely run and hide. Also think about it, some rich, obsessed women will probably look for you until they find you, which will probably be a disaster, cause they will use you for their own personal gain.

  18. Probably be kidnapped by the government and put up in medical facility, lying flat up on a bed tied at all four corners. Then made into an ejaculation machine by injecting me with some chemicals, to make my semen volume scalable and mass produced.

  19. This is exactly what would happen. You would be kept unconscious in some scientific facility and milked like a cow for the rest of your life.

  20. True. You would probably have to work at least with a harem then. Having only a single woman is very egoistic, if you're the only man left.

  21. If the several anime/shows about this are realistic, I'll spend a lot of time running from people. So it's basically the ultimate motivation to NEVER skip leg day

  22. I'd really like to start a nice little garden with tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, banana peppers, jalapeños, and cucumbers. I'd like to surround that garden with an outline garden of flowers.

  23. imma say im hungry and ask the women what they would like to eat then i would turn down every suggestion they make.

  24. Reach out and find out if it's still possible for male children to be born from sperm banks... otherwise hold a memorial for the human race.

  25. I think try and survive the oncoming apocalypse while the world falls apart from suddenly losing 50% of the population

  26. Spoiler alert. You aren’t donating anything. You’re now a protected test subject of the government against your will. You’ve become the most important cow.

  27. I was going to say something about that.. I noticed how sad the comparison is too. Women didn’t take it at all as jokey as the men. It is an actual nightmare..

  28. Probably just say that my libido isn't what it was in my younger years, and it'll take some depraved shit to get me going. Total lie, but at least we'll repopulate the earth with fun people.

  29. That wouldn't work. You just be given a computer with internet access and told to beat your beat into a cup. Refusal wouldn't be pleasant.

  30. Pretty much what would happen. Whether by the government or individuals chasing you down, what you want is fucking over. You'd literally be too valuable a resource to have free will.

  31. Seriously outnumbered they would probably lock you in a cage and wank you off once every other day for the rest of your natural. You'd be too valuable a resource to be left to your own devices.

  32. Find a way to survive because several billion corpses now litter the earth spreading disease, plus chaos and collapse of the modern civilization.

  33. Realistically I doubt I’d have much say in the matter. A government would take me into involuntary custody for my own protection and to study me to find out why I survived, then probably use me for genetic material to repopulate the male population.

  34. Still get zero matches on Tinder. Pretty sure all women would just look at me and then collectivelly agree to just crack open the sperm banks.

  35. Cry as womankind embrace their Lesbian instincts and I'm left alone in the corner of the man zoo jerking off to the sight of my gawping visitors

  36. Assuming there are no pregnant women and my sperm is the key to the survival of the human race? I'd kill myself out of spite.

  37. I'm happily married! I'd discuss with my wife if the situation changes anything. Women still remain so I guess the already pregnant ones may still give birth to males, right? If not, then we may have to consider my role as the sperm giver.

  38. If you think you’ll have any input in what you will do in that situation your sorely mistaken, your balls are now the worlds most precious commodity. The all female led United Nations will seize you and your baby maker and spend the rest of your days working out how to repopulate the planet (hint, it won’t be through intercourse). Think less Playboy Mansion, more “cow on an industrial dairy farm”.

  39. Remind them that there’s sperm banks, and that I cannot possibly outperform the FuckMaster Pro Series Deluxe model with 8-Speed pulse and vibration settings, attachable rabbit vibe, and realistic ejaculation action.

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