1. Speaking of advertising, I strongly feel the practice of restaurants making larger serving sizes cheaper per calorie compared to smaller sizes should be outlawed. On the surface, it seems like the customer is getting a great deal, but they're actually getting manipulated into spending more money and consuming more junk. It's a sophisticated type of "dark patterning"/predatory marketing scheme. Small, medium, large drinks, fries, pizza, etc. should all be proportionally the same unit price, period. There's an obesity epidemic in this country, from which I am a casualty, and I don't need yet another excuse to super size myself because "it gives the best bang for the buck."

  2. I’ve actually watched so many movie ads on tik tok even with the ability to skip them. If they were on YouTube with no skip option no way I would have watched it. I completely agree with you

  3. I especially hate those Google/Samsung ads because they say "Hey Google" multiple times during the ad and it activates my Nest Mini. I either have to run for the mute button or scream "HEY GOOGLE, NO! HEY GOOGLE, STOP!" I don't particularly care what a TikTok "star" or the Lawrence brothers are currently doing with their time, but they're messing with my day-to-day life

  4. Weekends are sacred and you can pry my free saturday out of my cold dead hands. And even then good luck because i will have hot-glued it to my hands.

  5. I used to get asked to do over time every single weekend and I would always say no. One time they said "We start at 6 finish at 12, no one does anything before 12 on a Saturday?" I said, you are absolutely correct. I don't do anything after 12 either.

  6. Also, “I don’t have an opinion on that”. It was such a relief to realise I didn’t need to have an opinion on everything.

  7. Yes! Best doctor I ever had gave this answer to a question I had, then took me across the hall to her office where she pulled a book off the shelf and looked it up.

  8. This is a good one. My wife will say this when we are disputing something and for the longest time I read it as she was just trying to avoid the conversation but I am realizing that, as an internal thinker, that at the present moment she really did not know how she felt or what she thought regarding whatever we were discussing.

  9. This has honestly been a game changer for me at work. Rather than taking a guess at something and getting it wrong (and facing the consequences), I say ‘I’m not sure on that one, let me check with this person’. The information I give to people is so much more accurate thanks to just admitting when I don’t know something.

  10. To piggy back off this it should be taught at a very young age as well. Teaching a baby to float on their back after dropping in water is a literal life saver.

  11. I agree. Coming from a 26 year old who can't swim, I've missed out on so many opportunities by not being able to swim.

  12. I really hate when I'm trying to turn left onto a side street on a 4-lane road and a car coming from the opposite direction stops so I can turn in front of them. Not only are they blocking traffic, they (and the line of cars now stuck behind them) are blocking my view of the lane to their right, so there's no way I'm going to turn before that mess clears up. Then they act like I'm being rude by refusing to go, like I'm the one holding *them* up!

  13. I think this is my favorite one on this thread. Well said. People need to stop being benevolent and changing the rules by allowing others to go. We have a set of rules that work without the need for hand signals and yelling out windows. Follow them and traffic moves faster.

  14. In addition to this, if pulling out in front of someone causes them to have to use their breaks, probably shouldn’t pull out in front of them.

  15. Some elderly people are the worst. They're at crossing, and I have already stopped, just cross the street, don't wave me to go.

  16. There's a traffic circle near me and people will stop in the middle of the circle to let people in. The people coming in have a yield sign, you don't, keep moving.

  17. Noticing this with my 14yr old. She has just started her first job and does really well at school. No one seems to have a problem with her. At home she does not take “no” graciously. A lot of us giving in on small stuff that she would rapid fire pester us for while we were struggling with her little sister. She doesn’t disobey but we usually get about 10 minutes of arguing.

  18. I always say this!!! My daughter jokes that we don’t parent her and her brother anymore because now they are on auto pilot.

  19. Currently experiencing the teen years in my kids. It's much less hands-on parenting at this point. More about being available for support and encouragement.

  20. I just got an ass chewing yesterday morning for not going to a supervisor meeting on Thursday. My reason being the meetings are useless and nothing of value gets discussed. I specifically asked the supervisor beforehand who plans the meetings if there were any discussion points. He said no, so I didn't waste my time as I have other things to do. After my ass chewing I asked one of my fellow supervisors what they talked about and he said they talked about baseball for like 20 minutes and that was the whole meeting.

  21. My dad is 74, and a year ago I brought my HTC Vive and computer over to my parents place and he tried it. He was instantly hooked. He'd spend hours playing "Air Car" on Steam, which is just a free tech demo where you drive around a flying car in a BladeRunneresque setting.

  22. I got my mother so hooked on Bejeweled that she became almost as insufferable as the Farmville people were on Facebook. I tried to buy her an iPad to use instead of sitting at the desktop but she said "oh no, if you do that, I'll just play all the time...." but you already do and I'm just trying to move you over to the comfy chair, ma. My dad watches YouTube videos he finds of college science classes lol he loves it (his career was in metallurgical engineering too).

  23. And any kind of physical activity that they can do. I've seen way too many elderly that just refuse to go for simple walk because "am old" is their excuse... simple walk that would make them feel better. (But tbh, this is for everyone, not just elderly)

  24. I have worked as an activity director since 2008. I get SO many seniors who complain of boredom yet do not want to participate in any activities or anything I suggest. It’s very frustrating because there is no accountability. They have no connection to finding a solution only to the problem I.e. boredom and somehow I am supposed to fix that. I get a lot of “ I worked all my life I didn’t have time for hobbies.” Ok well you are currently 80 and have been retired for awhile now. What have you been doing since? I get blank stares and no real answer. I often think I would be better off learning to tap dance then trying to get them to do anything. Lol

  25. I bought my mom a switch awhile ago and bought her Breath of the Wild and Animal Crossing. She sailed through BotW and so we added her our expansion and showed her how to get into the online versions of the SNES and N64. And she’s sailed through a few more Zelda games. I knew she’d enjoy it because it was her, all those years ago, that gave them to me. But she is definitely the kind of old where she never would have bought her own console.

  26. I agree with this so hard. My mother (62) just has no hobbies, and it worries to hell out of me. All she does is watch TV, and re-watch series she's seen again and again.

  27. Woooooow so many of the replies to this do not pass any kind of vibe check lol and clearly have no concept of elderly brain capacity and the variety of games available.

  28. I try to do that in grocery stores if it’s busy and the person behind me has way less items than I do. But I’m usually in the mindset of “I’m not going anywhere right now anyways”….so what’s the pain in adding another 5 minutes?

  29. Kind of in the same vein, I've been making a point to tell strangers the nice things I think about them. If your shirt is cool or you're having a great hair day I am absolutely going to let you know!

  30. Charities must be 100% transparent on all donations amounts and how it has been spent “including details of salaries and how much trips and things costed them to operate”

  31. Having worked in charity I think a massive issue there is the exploitation of staff. Certain members of staff may not do ‘more’ as such, but have far better salaries. I was on minimum wage in a department of one and they tried to give me a line manager who had no experience, but nearly triple the pay, partly to do half the jobs I was doing. Knowing that made me resentful, and I know if other staff were privy to salaries I happened to know, they would’ve been a lot more pissed off.

  32. Most tv shows don't need as many seasons as they think they do. Quit while you're ahead and stop ruining perfectly good shows by stuffing them with garbage so you can get more money. Same goes with movies and sequels.

  33. Fawlty Towers is one of the most nationally loved sitcoms in the UK. Its total run was 12 episodes. No remakes and no spinoffs (except for an advert a couple of years ago that parodied one of its most famous moments). A perfect example of "quit while you're ahead"

  34. The Brits are pretty good at this; some shows have very short runs, but they're quality runs and for that reason they have longevity.

  35. Because producers don't care if a series "needs" another season or not. They make their decision based on whether they believe another season will make money or not.

  36. Recently, I've been on a big kick for hating that people lie about their private life and they make money off of it.

  37. Rob McElhenney of Always Sunny fame does great interviews about how he got jacked and how you can too, with a personal chef, personal trainer, no good tasting food, no alcohol, and 100 million dollars.

  38. Also, where the hell is the bottom of my shirt?! Everything is crop top and more expensive. For half the material. I want the bottom of my forking shirt.

  39. I know with my personality that I'm likely to have a problem with alcohol. So I won't touch it. Plus, I don't need help doing stupid things. I do them just fine sober.

  40. I hate how much drinking is ingrained in our culture. Some people can’t function or have a social life without getting blasted.

  41. My "friends" or rather the ppl i was going out to party called me an idiot for calling a 30usd taxi to get home cus i drank alcohol. Little they know i paid 30 usd 2 days later to get to my car so i can drive it home. Im on 0 tolerancia when it comes to drinking and driving.

  42. We have the ability to make great TV shows now that would get an incredible audience and lasting appeal. Firefly? The Wire? Didn't make money at first. But the social impact went so far beyond.

  43. That’s applicable society wide. Short-term, record breaking profits; shoestring budgets; and a skeleton-crew staff.

  44. More to the point, the single-minded pursuit of short-term profit over long-term growth and sustainability has caused problems in literally all areas of life.

  45. If you can barely afford a pet don’t get one. Giving a pet a healthy life has costs that most people are unwilling to invest in.

  46. That being said, there are many elderly animals that really don't need much more than somewhere comfortable to spend the rest of their life. I'd hate for people to miss out on companionship because they can't afford it, and adopting and loving animals with late-stage or inoperable illnesses does more for them than $1000s would do at the vet

  47. Good idea, bad execution. In theory, a service where you can keep up with people over the internet is pretty cool, but in execution, it just leads to people chasing attention from others in bad ways.

  48. Totes agree. The documentary "The Social Dilemma" really opened my eyes. The fact that most of the founders and creators of social media sites now don't recognise them as their original creations, and don't let their kids use them at all, is so telling.

  49. There's a great YouTube video which talks about these motivational speakers and how they create "the illusion of progress" or "action faking." After a good self-help book or seminar, you feel pumped, like you've achieved something because you got that dopamine hit... and then you realise no progress has actually been made and that's exactly what these vultures rely on. Their business is designed for you to keeping coming back for more, not for you to actually become successful.

  50. Same for all these other absurdly huge, over the top foods. If it fundamentally changes the way you have to eat it then it’s no longer the original item you started with, for example: Giant burgers or Milkshakes with solid food like donuts on top, if you can no longer drink it its not a milkshake

  51. I will make a lot of exceptions. But if you put cheese sauce on the outside I'm done. The only thing on the outside should be bun. I don't care if I can bite through the whole thing, as long as it's a good enough but to avoid falling apart. If I need a fork and knife to eat it then it better. E presented on a hard plate with a fork and knife (like an open face chili burger).

  52. Recognize when someone doesn't have the capacity for conversation/small talk please, or go away. I'm a man and I know women get it worse but goddamn. Don't ask me why I'm quiet, don't tell me to smile etc. Some days I just don't have that energy. Some days I just use up the extrovert part of my personality and I'm dead. Read the room. Please.

  53. It’s even worse in a bathroom In college 😍 - You have no idea how scared I was to touch anything in the dining hall simply due to the fact that idk where these peoples hands have been and there’s a 100% chance that whatever I touch has been touched by someone who don’t wash their hands after using the toilet

  54. Had a guy stop at an intersection yesterday with no turn signal and then like 6 seconds later decides to turn, most infuriating thing that had happened to me in a while

  55. Saying please, thank you, and good morning to people who are ready for it, are part of a functioning society.

  56. It's extreme laziness and selfishness to not signal turns and lane changes when other users of the road are present

  57. As a pedestrian I'd counter it's always lazy not to signal. The number of times I've sat at junctions waiting for someone to cross before they end up randomly turning or having people turn into me as I cross and honk wondering why I had the gall not to know they'd decide to hook left is way too much.

  58. This is why Jalapeño Cheetos are WAY better than the tasteless but "hot" garbage that is Flamin Hot Cheetos AND I WILL DIE ON THIS HILL.

  59. I always assume people don't think about me at all when I'm not right there and then I'm shocked when people tell me they heard someone else talking about me. So far I've only been told about nice or neutral things, but of course they wouldn't tell me the bad stuff so it just makes me nervous.

  60. Worse than that is the ideal of having to bend to someone’s expectations under the guise of showing them respect just because of their position, age, etc. ie. you will be nice to this person who treats everyone like shit because they outrank you/are your elder, etc. No, if they are a disrespectful shit bag to everyone else, I will call them out on their bullshit and treat them in the same manner.

  61. I think there’s two kinds of respect. One for basic humanity and one for authority. Every human deserves respect as a member of our society/species. Basic human decency. Respect for an authority (for a role or for a specific person) must be earned. You don’t get special privileges for being older than me or more skilled at something than me, you get it by proving that you deserve the extra level of trust.

  62. Coming from a country where bidets are the norm, it's beyond my comprehension how and ,more importantly, why you guys still rely on toilet paper.

  63. The toilet paper goes on the roller one way, so it rolls off towards you. I have a digital copy of the patent and have shown it to my wife to prove a point. That is the strongest opinion I have. Everything else is noise.

  64. Mens clothing get fuck all in term of design and creativity. I went to a highstreet clothes store this weekend and saw the ground floor is for womens clothes in their variety of colours and designs, while mens clothes was shared on the first floor with children and home dept. Not to mention, it was either jeans or shorts, plain tshirts and jumpers with a vasy majority being black, white, grey or blue. So tired of this shit, I don't want to always blend in to a crowd.

  65. There's absolutely no reason for women's clothes to have fake "show" pockets instead of real pockets, beyond the fashion industry realizing they can force women to buy purses and charge them hundreds of dollars just to carry around things that would be far more convenient to wear on your body instead.

  66. I've spent an ungodly amount of hours cutting open the slots on these fake pockets and hand sewing in fabric to make pockets just to add into pants the basic functionality that guys' pants always have lol

  67. I used to love having Tripp goth pants because of all the pockets. And they were always deep. I miss the days of not needing a purse.

  68. Piggybacking off this: I have never worked in a grocery store. If you decide you don't want an item and just put it in a random place, you're a sack of shit.

  69. That people need to stop being so insecure that they have go from going 10 MPH below the speed limit to racing to the death if you go around them.

  70. Something is seriously wrong with the current job and housing market, but it seems like everybody pretends that they aren't.

  71. Nobody I know has ever agreed with me on this one, but different shapes of pasta absolutely taste different. Rotini, penne, spaghetti etc. all have very distinct flavors even from the same brand. Dunno why, maybe it's the surface area on your tongue or how they cook due to thickness/whatever else but they definitely taste different to me.

  72. i hate when something traumatic happens to a child and someone says “kids are resilient”- no they are not, this trauma will follow them for the rest of their life.

  73. No better than the guy at my grandmother's funeral when I was a kid who, while standing right in front of me, was talking about me to my mom and said, "At least he's not old enough to understand what's going on." You think I don't get that Granny is dead? I don't understand that I'll never see her again? Motherfucker, I'm 10 years old, not 10 weeks.

  74. Kids can tell the difference between quality shows and shows that are corporate industrial garbage, so stop making corporate industrial garbage kids shows.

  75. I hate “it’s just a kids show” whenever quality comes up. There is way more low quality shows on TV than even just the early 2010s.

  76. When I was a kid I watched a lot of B-quality kids shows and movies and cartoons, some bootlegs too, since we were kinda poor. I always knew there was something wrong about them, but couldn't quite put my finger on it or articulate what it was. But I still recognised it.

  77. There are two types of people in this world: those who have been hurt and use it as a reason to hurt others, and those who have been hurt and want to make sure nobody else hurts that way.

  78. Correction: OPTIONAL subtitles I myself prefer not having to read while I’m watching something, but I know my family members appreciate subtitles. Also, I’ve come across several TV programs that have mandatory/non-toggleable subtitles and I don’t understand why

  79. Why do you think that is? I’m genuinely asking, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say thickness affects flavor so now I’m curious

  80. The biggest scam that nobody seems to care about is with college board and the SAT/ACT testing. Wildly expensive, doesn't prove intelligence, colleges don't really value the results, and every high-school student must take it. The problem is that once you get past the test, everyone just kinda moves on and says screw it to the next generation.

  81. Unsub from all front page reddits. Find some smaller ones that appeal to your interests. Bam, better than (your current) reddit

  82. Yeah why the fuck is vanilla considered plain? It’s literally one of the most exotic flavors in the world. It’s hard to grow, it’s hard to get it to flower, and it’s ducking delicious, a literal staple of desserts, even the not vanilla flavored ones.

  83. English needs a second person plural. I believe this should be vous, but y'all is more practical as it is already in use.

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