1. I’ve noticed when that happens to me I immediately reach for my phone. I’ve realized it’s a mechanism to distract myself. I usually go straight to…Reddit 😞

  2. I used to block my ears (against what?) and yell a high pitched lee lee lee. Something loud and unexpected to jolt me out of that line of thought. Therapy more expensive, but works better.

  3. When I need to make a decision I consult an imaginary person in my head who is a combination of everyone I know and they give me advice that I'm really giving myself.

  4. Ah yes, The Counsel. I do the same but with like, 2 or 3 people representing parts of my personality. There's not always a consensus and we end up arguing for hours.

  5. This is fucking genius! We tend to realise things better when we teach, rather than listen to our inner thoughts and feelings.

  6. I like to do this and imagine it's somehow really important like I find out later in the day the car is wanted as part of a criminal plot

  7. When I mow the yard I pretend I’m on espn and two sports announcers in my head are commenting on how excellent I took that turn, and the precision movements of my mowing.

  8. "This is his third perfect Dixie Spin maneuver of the night, and you can tell he's been practicing around small confiners because the way he hangs onto those tight turns and follows all the way through without losing momentum is a lot harder than it looks."

  9. When I'm angry at someone I'll write up an email to them expressing how I feel and save it as a draft. It makes me feel like I've done something but not actually instigated an argument that will give me anxiety.

  10. I count (in my head) the number of stairs I'm going up. Don't know why. Don't count them going down... only going up.

  11. I do this too.... up or down, I HAVE to count the stairs. Sometimes I'll count my steps while walking from one side of the house to the other. If I'm chopping vegetables I have to count how many slices I make. It feels like I'm always counting something....

  12. I'm one of those guys who usually steps two at a time. I just think it's easier, and I loathe having one single step at the end. I count to make sure the next time I use those stairs, if they're an odd number, that I start with my foot on the first step so that I can arrive at the end evenly.

  13. I have a weird stress reliever where I take a piece of silk fabric and rub it between my fingers. I went through a lot of shit as a kid and at the daycare there was a random piece of cloth. I don’t know why, but I attached to that thing and it’s almost like an addiction at some points. I’ve usually always had a piece of silk somewhere. I know it’s weird, but for whatever reason, it helps a lot so it’s kind of been my little secret for years now.

  14. When I was a kid, I had a Mattel Angel Bunny (80s). It had a silk tag. I did the same. Wore it off. My grandma would cut silk tags out of t-shirts and sew them on to replace the old one. I miss her... that just made me happy to remember, but sad too.

  15. Finally, I'm not alone! I have rubbed labels (labelling, as I've called it) for as long as I can remember. No idea why, but I figure that if I've not stopped by now at the age of 32, then I'll never stop. I suspect it's a coping mechanism, as there's something so soothing about labelling - it's incredibly calming/relaxing.

  16. When I go get the mail if I hear a car coming I run in the house real quick so they don't see me and then look through the blinds like I got away with something.

  17. I did this as a kid. I would sometimes go outside and sneak around the village spying on people's hens with binoculars (no, I'm not sexually attracted to farm animals) and tried to not get spotted by anyone. If I was on my bike on the road and heard a car I would jump into the ditch beside the road and lie down there

  18. I used to think that I was the only person who stood like a flamingo but reddit showed me there is a whole subspecies of us.

  19. I have to let my wife go up the stairs 1st when its bed time because she has an irrational fear of being shot through the letterbox.

  20. If i was more internet savvy, I would find your house and shoot both of you with a bb gun through the letterbox. People need to stay on their toes with this kind of stuff.

  21. Haven't done this in years but I used to look at myself in the mirror until everything stopped feeling real. Like I'd contemplate that the person looking back was a different person. Kind of felt out of body it's honestly hard to explain.

  22. I actually do something similar to this with but with other people. Sometimes we're all in a group and everyone's having a conversation and I'm just watching them talk thinking: Who are you? Do I know you?

  23. I used to do that when I was a kid, it almost felt like I was a passenger in my own body, very weird disassociation from what I would consider my sense of self.

  24. When in the car, I pick my right foot up as we pass the white lines and tap it down between them. Have done this since I was little.

  25. I used to click my teeth together at every white line, telephone pole, electric pole, and at the beginning and end of each intersecting road/ driveway. Now I only do it if I'm in severe stress.

  26. This reminds me of how I used to pretend to “jump” over shadowy areas when in the car. Like I’d be watching the shadows pass as we drove, and I’d move my head a bit and pretend the car was, like, hopping over the shadows? And then we’d “land” in a spot where it was sunny and immediately “jump” again if there was a shadow. Sometimes I’d get stuck in an endless loop that it would be hard to break out of.

  27. When I am alone and I remember an embarrassing memory, I’ll make random loud sounds to block it out. Kind of like what you’d do to your siblings when you were a kid and you were trying to block them out.

  28. I shake my head back and forth like it’s an etch a sketch and I’m trying to get rid of the thought.

  29. I am almost certain that I am the only person who, after going on my daily 5k run, cools down by walking the whole path through the IKEA showroom and marketplace. I only started this a couple months ago when we moved to a new house about ten minutes walk away from an IKEA. I find it very calming and stimulating, though.

  30. Somewhere else on Reddit: “You think that’s weird…my store has a person who comes in literally every single day, goes through the whole store, and never buys a single thing.”

  31. I squeeze my soda can ever so slightly so that I know that it's mine. Growing up poor with a lot of siblings tends to make you a bit competitive.

  32. Me and my siblings used to look at our tabs to tell who's drink was who's. I took mine off, my sister turned it to the right, and my brother turned it to the left 😂

  33. If I walk anywhere near someone that coughs or sneezes, I will quietly close my mouth and breathe out my nose until no oxygen remains and hold my breath, in what I can only describe as me trying to seal myself off from germs.

  34. Haha yup same here, but for some reason burps freak me out more than any other human gaseous excretion. If I taste someone’s burp I fucking rage

  35. I do this too. And sometimes I do it just in general as someone walks past me on the sidewalk because I don’t want to smell them or their breath, sealing off from germs and gross smells for sure!

  36. Whenever I see a pigeon, I always say "ah bonjour Monsieur Pigeon!" Absolutely no idea why I do this, particularly as I have zero connections to France.

  37. Any chance you saw a lot of Fievel Mouskewitz (American tail) as a kid?? That would explain a lot….

  38. Not as much these days, but when growing up, riding in a car looking out the window, I would click and hold my teeth during grassy sections and release for concrete pieces (roads, sidewalks)

  39. When I was younger/a kid, I’d vibrate my throat/teeth to find the frequency of the car and road. Found a kind of harmony and would do that until we left the highway. Funny, I’ve hardly thought about that until your comment….

  40. I did something similar. I use my fingers to run and would jump whenever there was a street light pole, power line pole, tree etc. I thought I was alone. I think it's just OCD

  41. I try to pronounce them like they're actual words. Or if there's 2 letters that make a states abbreviation that becomes part of it; NXT CA47 = next California forty seven

  42. Another game is to take the letters in a plate and come up with the longest possible word you can think of that have the letters in that order. Fun for boring road trips.

  43. I pick up random objects and answer them like a phone. The caller (usually a police) always wants talk to my cat and I argue that my feline friend does not speak common tongue and it often escalates in heated but brief exchange. No matter how firmly I state my point they always keep calling...

  44. My brother does the same but passes the “phone” to my grandfather. He just puts it down and shakes his head. My brother is in his 20’s and grandfather in his 80’s.

  45. I once pretended to torture the shrimp I was peeling for a family dinner (like saying in a really dark voice “gimme the information” and replying in a really high voice “no no please, don’t kill me” then going “too late” in a dark voice as I took the head of the shrimp off).. this might not have been as weird if there were other people there. But I was alone. Until someone came in without me noticing. And gave me a very weird look and calmly asked if I was all right. One of the few times in my life that I’ve actually been embarrassed..

  46. Since a very young age, I have had a nervous tic where I would chew my tongue. I thought I was the only weirdo who did this until I was reading a book, and the author describes the protagonist as chewing their tongue. I weirdly felt validated for my odd tic.

  47. I just don’t get it… why would you not use your signal as much as possible? It’s so easy and it makes the roads so much safer.

  48. If I go in a store to buy things, and I leave and forget to get something I needed. I won't turn back around and go back into that store. I will drive to a different store to get.

  49. I used to do this too -- I had a friend who could not leave a store without buying something, so we agreed to work on our quirks one summer. I'd go with her into a store, browse around, and we'd leave together. She'd take me into the store twice to buy stuff (even using the same cashier). Turns out other people don't think about me nearly as much as I thought they did! But having someone else with me the first few times helped a lot.

  50. If I touch something that has an unpleasant texture (microfiber towels do this to me) I have to either touch something more pleasant, or put on lotion.

  51. I sometimes feel the urge to sort of tense up / shake (like you might if you got a nice surprise or shock) and so I wait ‘til I can’t be seen and have a moment and then move on. I’ve done it my whole life, no idea why.

  52. Slightly different: When I yawn and stretch in the morning I allow my body, particularly my legs to shake quite vigorously for a short time.

  53. I was going to post basically this until I saw your comment.... sometimes I am just walking and will feel this urge and do a little shake sometimes accompanied by a form of shriek and get on with my day. Weirdly it never seems to be for any reason in particular, just happens.

  54. Ayo! My people! My family gives me weird looks whenever it happens to me. I’ll be doing nothing then I get this full body shiver/shake.

  55. I do that too. I eat the “crusts” of pop tarts first and then the center. I eat the bottom of Hostess cupcakes first and then the icing and cream center in one bite. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Thank you!

  56. Once, when telling a story I yawned at the climax while saying “and that’s how he died”. Killed the moment but now that line is so associated with yawning I still say “and that’s how he died” whenever I have let one out.

  57. When I'm alone, I make a lot of weird noises, but I go through cycles. Currently I like to yell, "dep deyoooo". It's not from anything I'm aware of, I just like the sound. I used to sing really loud opera style but it scares my cats, so I stopped.

  58. I make weird noise all the time. Especially at work. I'm sure the people who walk by think I'm crazy. I mean, I am and that's why I do it. Keeps my thoughts in check.

  59. If I have a plate with multiple things on it, I have to eat one specific thing at a time in order of worst to best. For example, if I had a plate with collard greens, corn, and mashed potatoes; I’d eat the greens, then corn, then mashed potatoes.

  60. I do this too but even go to the extreme of picking least to best on bites too. If I eat a sandwich I go for the least appealing bite first to what I’ve deemed the best bite (usually the cheesiest)

  61. When comfy and falling asleep in bed, I rub my feet and/or legs together or just against the blanket. Or I kinda rock my hips side to side. I just feel immense comfort in the movement and motion and it’s a sign for me I’m suuuuuper comfy and content.

  62. Even out the egg carton for symmetry. If I'm taking out two eggs I take them from opposite ends to keep it balanced.

  63. I have a pattern made up of Rights and Lefts. The Rights and Lefts can be expressed by actions like tapping with my right or left hand, just wiggling my toes, or anything else. It starts with Right. Then I take what I've done, mirror it, and do that. So now in total I've done Right Left. Then I repeat the mirroring until it's too much to keep track of or I feel like I've done enough. It also has to be an even number of mirrorings so that it ends on Right again since that makes it symmetrical.

  64. I have battled with sinus and allergies issues all my life. I've learnt by sealing the back of my throat with my tongue and the top of my mouth, then expand that space using my tongue muscle, i can sometimes suck the mucus down from the nasal canal down into my mouth with the air pressure created. If it's just allergies and i'm not sick, this is usually enough to clear my nose.

  65. Laying in bed at night I can get the mucus to fill one side. Then flip over and have it shift yo the other. Eventually I try to get it right in the middle and lay on my back so that I can get to sleep.

  66. I know a lot of edible wild plants, so my friends would tease me for randomly breaking off from the group to eat a clump of grass or suspicious fruit.

  67. Whenever I get ready for bed or take a shower and I go to take my pants off I have to kick them up with my foot and catch them in midair before they go in the laundry. Underwear as well.

  68. I constantly have music running in the background in my head. Right now for some reason it’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

  69. Mine like to make mixes. And boy are some real dumb, just like 5 seconds of "strawberry fields forever" and then 5 seconds of "hurricane"-Halsey, and maybe another 5 of some song that I heard once or twice but can't remember the name of but it's stuck in the mix all the same.

  70. I just feel compelled to screech the animal's name with the volume and excitement of a toddler. Your method is infinitely better.

  71. Considering that this could end up hurting you, I suggest that you put a pair of plastic slippers in the shower to use exclusively there. Where I'm from this is something very common, and it works like a charm if you have such sensory problems.

  72. I'm super pron to ingrown hairs in my pubic area and I'm a sucker for popping pimples. Sometimes I shave down there just so I can watch those little ingrown hair pimples pop up. I'm a weird diaster

  73. I used to eat rock salt as a kid. I'd just grab a rock, pop it into my mouth, and go on about my business until it melted. Boullion cubes were great too because they were very salty and also tasted like meat.

  74. I imagine things, are going to happen in a certain way (which they never do in reality) and those things, make me angry in advance.

  75. Before I open a can of something, like soda or beer, I blow on the top and wipe my thumb across the unopened opening before I open it. Been doing it for as long as I can remember and don’t know where it started.

  76. Makes sense, especially for cans sitting out in the open. Who knows what's touched the tops of those cans.

  77. Create a drum beat with my tongue knocking against my teeth (left side for kick and right side for snare) and tense my jaw to do a bassline

  78. Cancelling out actions. When any part of my skin touches something, I always try and do the reverse movement to cancel it out.

  79. It's similar for me, except instead of canceling it out with the reverse motion, I feel the need to make it symmetrical by doing it on the other side too, or I feel out of balance. Like if I chew a piece of candy with the left side of my mouth, the next piece needs to go on the right side of my mouth.

  80. The first one sounds a lot like an OCD compulsion. If it actually disrupts your regular life, that qualifies it for the Disorder part of OCD.

  81. When I give my dog a Kong, I sing “Thong Song” but replace “Thong” with “Kong”. “Dat Kong, Kong, Kong, Kong,Kong”

  82. I sing a different song to my dog and cats: "You...are...the...poop, he is the poop, we are the poop, and all the poopin' we be scoopin' it goes RIGHT UP TO THE ROOFIN'!" I just made it up one day and it's totally random but they love it.

  83. I talk to myself, and not just talk I mean full-on RAMBLE, for over 8 years now I have been going on my scooter and outside where I put on my own show in my head, with these characters called Jibos which are robot-human things against other jibos with dark magic and weird crap, I don't know why I do this, and I don't just think of the dialogue and chitter-chatter, I genuinely BLURT it out, It embarrasses me but I keep on doing it, and sometimes when I get really into it my voice gets louder and louder, personally my favorite part of it is when I get to do the sound effects, but other then that this thing that I do concerns me. I hope I'm not mentally ill.

  84. Dude I’ve done this exact thing my whole life, always just thought of it as spacing out. I don’t audibly say things, but my mouth will still saying the words, so I essentially look like a psycho little troll who’s twitching and conversing with the voice in his head. I’ve been caught doing it in public multiple times, and I’ve noticed that stress can very easily make it worse and more frequent.

  85. Subconsciously thinking a demon is watching me every time I close my eyes in the shower. I know there not but I just can’t shake the feeling.

  86. Gotten that more than a few times. But then I like to imagine Bruce Lee or Ip Man completely fucking up a demon or monster or whatever. Same in horror movies, I'll imagine Bruce Lee just absolutely destroying Freddy Kreuger or whoever the antagonist is. Makes me feel better.

  87. I avoid closing my eyes in the shower as much as possible. Only close them to try to get soap out when they sting. I think I may have watched Psycho too young.

  88. I can't write papers using times new roman as the font. It really bothers me to the point I lose focus. I write everything in the default pages font then change it when the paper is done.

  89. Okay hear me out.. write your papers in Comic Sans and then switch it to TNR when you’re done. For some reason I write higher quality papers using Comic Sans, it tricks my brain somehow into being a better writer.

  90. Make peanut butter, jelly, salami, and bread & butter pickle sandwiches. Even I don't know what possessed me to make that, but I like it.

  91. Each glass or cup in the kitchen has a specific dedicated liquid and reason. Some coffee cups are meant for rougher moody days and other coffee cups for brighter days!

  92. I favour eating from my right hand (when I’m eating something directly from my hand like chips or biscuits) because I think the food tastes different if I eat it out of my left hand.

  93. I don’t do this anymore, but when I was a kid I used to pour Elmer’s glue on my hand, wait for it to dry, and peel it off. Very satisfying. I should take that up again

  94. I have taken a picture almost every single day for the past 4 years and store it in my eyes only on snapchat so i can remember the past. I have SDAM(Severely Deficient Autobiographical Memory syndrome)basically where i have no emotional connection to any memories, and i feel like a new person every single day. i completely live in the moment and remember events as facts, as well as in third person. i thought everyone experienced this until my sister said she had emotions for basically every memory and that completely shocked me. I do feel emotions in the present, but they are very dull, and dont last very long. whenever i look at pictures of me no matter from what date, it never feels like im looking at me. i came into consciousness at around 12-13 and i dont remember a thought before that. just memories that are there

  95. While preparing meals I talk to kitchen object and foods in movie accents. Like "bread, why you do this to me" in Italian mobster accent, or "Mister Peter, I take butter now" in Family Guy's Consuela voice.

  96. Talk to myself and literally have a conversation with myself for 30 minutes whenever the rest of my family is sleeping.

  97. I do it too! The worst part is if the "devil's advocate" You finds a very good arguement for something you intuitively would want to disagree with, but you gotta give the fucker that he has a point!

  98. I used to think I was the only one who used to imagine a man running at 70mph beside us when I was sitting in the car as a kid. Then I learned on reddit that I wasn’t alone.

  99. Whenever I hear a real number(e.g if someone gives my money back or when I hear someone's birthday...), I just sum the digits of the number and check whether it comes to my lucky/favourite numbers(between 0 to 9).

  100. I pace while listening to music. I don't really like to dance, but I like to move with the tempo while imagining a dramatic kind of anime esque fight scene in my head. Each song has attached itself to an emotional thought or occurrence in my life in my head. The music is always better when I'm moving. Especially in the car. But I'll pause the music if the car is stationary because I know I'll enjoy it more once I'm moving again.

  101. I fold paper/wrappers to make a sharp edge and rub the sides of my fingers on it. It ruins any book I come in contact with

  102. I’m sure I’m not the ONLY one who does this, but whenever I bump something like say, my left arm, I have to also bump my right arm or else the universe doesn’t feel in order.

  103. When I sleep I put my head into the gap between bed and wall. I can't sleep on my back, so that way I can breath like I'm on a massage lounger.

  104. When drinking from a water cooler, if I'm using a paper cup, I turn the cup upside down and tap the bottom a few times before filling it with water. If I am thinking about it and purposely not tap the bottom, I will feel sick/anxious when drinking the water.

  105. So I do this weird thing when I’m alone in my room where I imagine something in my head. Like my very own kind of movie scene or something like that. And I start moving my arms and body to better visualize this “imaginary scene/world”.

  106. I love flightradar24 and have the app on my phone. I'm fascinated by jets and air travel and love to see where they came from and where they're going. There I am, this guy who travels almost nowhere internationally, looking at a little speck that's been in the air for 12 hours and came from Malaysia. Or Oslo. Or Cairo. Knowing that information is fascinating.

  107. That doesn't seem strange. It's like people who look at random Google maps streetviews around the world. It's like a free mental vacation.

  108. I count the syllables and letters in a sentence. Makes me feel better when I type / write / say in odd numbers of both syllables and letters.

  109. My brother and I took sign language courses. It's really nice to just sign and not have to vocalize things sometimes.

  110. I microwave ice cream. I like it when it's just starting to melt a bit, so I put it in for like 15 seconds to get it to that point quicker.

  111. I stir my ice cream until it's basically soft serve. This thread is simultaneously making me feel both uncomfortable and oddly connected with humanity.

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