1. People who don't apologize for their mistakes, blame others for their problems, and generally complain without doing anything about their situation.

  2. I grew up with that, so I have learned to very carefully listen to myself when I'm arguing so I can go "that's not what I said, this is what I said."

  3. And then when you tell them they are like that they won’t even admit to it. Because that would make them wrong.

  4. I'm 100 percent convinced Ive met people that believe if they don't apologize then whatever they did is completely cool and they should feel great about it.

  5. In the same vein, people that all the problems in their life is someone else's fault. They're never to blame for anything.

  6. Or talks shit non stop about other people. When you're not around they are definitely shit talking you! My daughter's friend's mom is like that, I try to be friendly bc our kids but I'm constantly telling her to be fucking nice! It's not hard!

  7. 'I'm brutally honest, sucks to suck' but they aren't, they pick and choose who they want to be cordial to, and are assholes for the reactions from others.

  8. especially when it’s with their friends. there’s a difference between friendly banter and rudeness where it’s making everyone else uncomfortable/hurt

  9. THIS SHIT. Ever since I've come to college, I've encountered this shit non stop. Girls and guys do it too. Like no, you're not "edgy and cool" or "Fierce and feisty" for saying stupid shit to people and acting like a piece of shit, you're annoying to be around and a loser.

  10. This is the portion of my friends especially when I am talking to the opposite gender and they talk me down in front of them because they don’t have anything that impresses them.

  11. People who abuse your trust and honesty to manipulate you - especially when they disguise it so well. Had it one too many times, thankfully gets easier to spot but some people are freakishly good at it.

  12. One of these people utterly destroyed my life this past year. Used me until I set a boundary, then went absolutely scorched earth on me as revenge—destroyed my professional and personal relationships by making false claims of abuse anonymously. I ended up in the psych ward after a suicide attempt.

  13. That hit me. I had a hard time telling the difference and had to find out the hard that a "good" friend of mine was using me.

  14. Sometimes I feel others think I'm trying to one up them when I really just want to share a common experience as a way to connect with them better. :(

  15. I'm a woman. Had a classmate strike a conversation with me for the first time. 2minutes in said she doesnt have female friends because all women are bitches. Why are you talking to me then? What do you think you are?

  16. Pro tip: when someone says they can't get along with members of their own gender because they are all "_______" (jealous, drama, bitches, etc.), they are probably the most of whatever that is.

  17. I say this (to myself and not other women, of course) and I think the real reason I don’t tend to hang out with women is because they genuinely terrify me. I don’t know why though. I have pretty bad social anxiety overall, I guess.

  18. My wife has maybe one friend. She had two but the second one would always bitch and piss and moan and just be unpleasant about everything. We both have families but we ended up having a 2nd kid and as life goes we just drifted apart and haven't seen each other in over a year.

  19. That's the worst. My wife has a friend like that. When ever she comes over, I think of that line in Ferris Bueller, "Hi Jeannie, who's bothering you now?"

  20. Those people who claim they are “Brutally Honest” but in actuality it’s just an excuse to be a dickhead.

  21. I like genuinely honest people. The difference between actual consistent honesty and 'brutal honesty' is very simple though, because the former is also honest about good things. Brutal honesty skews very negatively.

  22. People who lie over everything. Like if your a compulsive liar where you are lying about shit that doesn’t Matter that’s problematic

  23. I work with a guy like that. At first nobody knew he was lying because they were so small and insignificant like “I used to own this classic car” or “I used to bench 300lbs”.

  24. Knew someone who would do this. If you asked them what they had for breakfast, they say they had toast if they had cereal…. Just because.

  25. I have a friend like this, we dont mind cus we know he cant help it and its realy obvious when he does it :p Also its ben getting bether.

  26. I feel like a lot of people do this because they have social anxiety. They want to fit in. So you might ask them what they had for breakfast and they’ll say a banana when they really had a pop tart. They want to come off as a healthy person. Shit like that where it affects even the smallest reflection of who they are.

  27. I actually love real compulsive liars, they’re fun to be around when you know they’re lying, not reliable whatsoever but they have the best most convoluted stories ever!

  28. Me? I’m dishonest. And a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly, it’s the honest ones you want to watch out for. Because you can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly stupid. - from our beloved CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow...

  29. One of my best childhood friends dropped out of college to join one of these. He tells me he is gonna have 20 million by the time he turns 30, spoiler alert he does not

  30. Being often in contact with leftist and queer people everytime I read "MLM" I first think about Marxist-Leninist-Maoists, then Men loving men and only in the end I realize

  31. I can’t tell if this means gay dude bro or a dude bro constantly trying to get you to join his shit “business” but either was it involves a lot of “dude”s, “bro”s, and “c’mon man”s

  32. People who leave their garbage on the table and floors at fast food restaurants because “it’s their job”.

  33. People who think being cruel or mean is quirky or cool. That "Oh yeah, I'm a bitch, deal with it", type of person. Nah, it's not cool, and it's not cute, weirdo.

  34. "Brutally honest" people who use their "honesty" as an excuse to voice their unwanted opinions when it's actually just a veneer for malice and disrespect.

  35. "There are only two things I can't stand in this world: People who are intolerant of other people's cultures, and the Dutch." - Nigel Powers

  36. there are only two kinds of people i cant stand in this world. People who are intolerant of other peoples cultures and the dutch.

  37. People who pressure me into doing things I don’t like and guilt trip me when I refuse. Things like drinking

  38. My best friend of a few years, who I thought was the nicest guy, turned out to be a pedophile and was blasted all over the local news for soliciting underage girls on social media. I was shocked. He tried calling me a few times from prison and that was too fucking weird to hear the prison automated voice on my cell phone. I told him to stop calling. I couldn’t believe I ever considered him my best friend. I let him around my underage nieces and nephews. I always just thought he was a little socially awkward and nerdy but this??? I feel ashamed of my lack of intuition 😭😭😭

  39. One of my best friends growing up never stopped dating high schoolers. I came back after a few years and here he was, 24 years old and still dating high school girls. What the fuck, man.

  40. People usually do this in order to try and relate to you. I find it therapeutic myself to know I am not alone with some of the shit I had to go through in my childhood.

  41. People who listen to you tell a whole ass story about something that happened and then respond with “Oh well that’s not nearly as bad as what happened to me. This one time…”

  42. Good think you can't even be friends with them by mistake cause they always have their cameras ready to shoot whatever's around them. Annoying

  43. I didn't necessarily break up with my last ex over the cheating thing, but it had a lot to do with it. He wanted to stay friends and I initially did too, but I just couldn't keep up the charade on account of the fact that he was one of the most emotionally unintelligent people I have ever met. He cheated on me in the beginning of our relationship with someone he met on vacation and told me that while he was sorry I was upset, this girl had become his best friend and it wasn't fair for me to take her from him by forbidding him from talking her everyday. I couldn't make him understand why that wasn't ok. He would eye up other girls in front of me. So what? she's his type. He couldn't understand why that wasn't ok. He spontaneously suggested we have a three way with his ex who was a mutual friend who moved back into town and wouldn't shut up about how great she always was in bed. He couldn't understand why that wasn't ok. He wasn't a bad person, but my god, I had never seen so much lack of self awareness in all my life. I couldn't bring myself to overlook that for the sake of friendship.

  44. A person who gets angry for any reason. Those type of people you can't joke around with cause they get offended way too easily.

  45. Bonus points if they're really annoying and constantly try to push other people's buttons and take the piss but as soon as someone makes even the slightest comment back they're a victim

  46. I've come to learn I cannot stand to listen to toxic positivity, negatives are a very important part of life, fear keeps us alive and teaches us who we really are and people that continually refuse those realizations terrify me.

  47. People that can’t admit to their negative attributes or bad decision… you can forgive an honest person, you can’t forgive a liar… And THEIVES

  48. People who don't care when their friends are cheaters/rapists. I don't care if they didn't do it themselves, the fact that they enable such horrible people with no regard for the people they hurt makes me dislike them by default.

  49. People incapable for admit being wrong. There can be no meaningful conversation with them. They are so busy trying to prove themselves superior by trivializing every question presented to them. Even when it wasn’t meant to be argumentative.

  50. People whose entire identity revolves around singular tribalism, such that their entire personality revolves around a singular identity, whether that be:

  51. I heard some young woman on an airplane talking to the gentleman next to her say “my religion” like 45 times during their 15min conversation. Literally everything this person did was all because of their religion. Absolutely baffling to me.

  52. Hypocritical Sunday Christians that preach Jesus’ love one moment and judgement/ hate/ prejudice the next.

  53. It's no so bad if they'll admit they're in a bad mood and distance themselves but people that are constantly moody and won't admit it are just frustrating. Like if you're in a bad mood then don't bring down the vibe.

  54. One of those people who come as a set with their partner. It just irritates me beyond belief when couples live in echothers pockets with no individual social life.

  55. So weird to me. Me and my gf actually prefer we hangout with friends separately. We live together and I always love when she goes to her friends or I do as we always have a good time but also it's more exciting to see her again as we both had a break.

  56. I cut a friendship over that once, she got way too obsessed with this guy and wouldn't do anything without him and every conversation somehow doubled back to him him him. The odd thing though is it was completely one sided, he barely showed any return interest in her and preferred to have his own life with friends and family without her in it. He would even leave town and not say where he was for weeks/months on end and she would just pace the floor while texting him every hour on the hour waiting for his return like a puppy waiting for master. I tied to gently point out that she was being used for just for bootycalls, money to barrow and place to crash sometimes but I swear she refused to hear any of it. I found it.... sickening and stopped having close contact with her over it. Every once in a while we still touch base on IG though. Turns out eventually she somehow got him to legally marry her, but then he just took off to some other state and to this day is rarely every around. Also, shortly after our close friendship ended she started blowing up my phone, low key wanted me to play the role of a surrogate boyfriend until he returned (in other words have all the responsibility of being a boyfriend that takes care of her and entertains her with NONE of the benefits if you know what I mean), I turned that down. Super weird relationship overall.

  57. I was that guy. I honestly thought I was just a new member of the friend group. And I was to an extent, but everyone needs their own space to see their friends and family without their SO being present all the time. I don’t do that anymore in my new relationship and encourage girl time even I I’m invited. I also need time with the boys too.

  58. I feel like I lost a friend to this. On one of the last times we did something together, without his partner, he was like "You know I'm with [partner] now, right?" It was confusing. Of course I know you have a partner, does that really mean we can't be friends and do stuff together now? Apparently it did.

  59. People who are “brutally honest”. Usually its just people being scumbags and assholes to everyone and uses that as an excuse.

  60. People who think they're superior than you only because they know people that matters. Like my shit stain of a neighbor who likes to torment people and KNOW that he won't get any consequences because he was a very close friends with past mayors in my town and gets favoritism. Yeah, i hate those type of people.

  61. In my group of buddies, there were two other left handed guys. One time when we were all three together, one of my lefty buddies said "We should call ourselves three lefts make a right!"

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