1. It took me a week to muscle my way through the chapter in a book I was reading that discussed the Wola Massacre and other attrocities in Warsaw that he and the RONA Brigade committed.

  2. The movie "Come and See" depicts a village attacked by something like the Dirlewanger Brigade(Einsatzgruppen). I don't recommend it.

  3. Jim Jones, ordered a mass murder-suicide that claimed the lives of 909 commune members, 304 of them children.

  4. I appreciate that you accurately call it a murder suicide. Too often people talk about the Jamestown massacre as if every single member willing took their own life when the reality is very different.

  5. I’m listening to an audiobook about him right now. His childhood is fascinating. His mother didn’t take him to church but he went to church with an older boy who kinda took pity on him and befriended him. Then he befriended an older lady in town and went to church with her and eventually just starts going to every church in town regardless of denomination.

  6. If you want a great podcast about Jim Jones and his life, check out the Martyrmade podcast by Darryl Cooper, he does a series on Jones.

  7. Albert Fish. He was a serial killer who would kidnap children, torture them, molest them, kill them, eat them afterwords, and send letters to their parents describing how they tasted. Not a nice guy 0/10

  8. He also regularly inserted needles into his perineum and abdomen as well as other form of self mutilation. He had 29 needles inside him when he was finally arrested. Pure psychopath.

  9. Pretty sure he didn't molest them, I remember reading that he sent a letter to a mother specifically going into explicit detail what he did, and made a point of saying that he didn't do anything sexual.

  10. I remember reading a section of one of his letter some years ago. Don't remember where. But its was genuinely sickening. I don't think I've ever read something that made physically want to vomit until that.

  11. If he's who I'm thinking of, when he went to trial, the jury and the court psychiatrist came to the decision of "Yes he is 100% certifiably and legally insane. Kill him anyway."

  12. Georgia Tann. She ran the Tennessee Children's Home Society and helped a lot of Hollywood stars adopt babies. In order to keep up with demand, she would train people to pose as nurses and they would steal newborns, telling the mothers their baby had died. She and her employees also used threats of legal action to procure children, they would go to nursery schools posing as welfare agents in order to kidnap children, and they would adopt out children who were only supposed to be in the children's home temporarily.

  13. My grandmother lost infant twin girls to a childhood disease. She was never allowed to see the bodies and she never believed they were dead. Everyone thought she had a nervous breakdown. Now I'm not so sure.

  14. I read the book about the Tennessee children's home society. It's very good, I highly recommend! It's called Before and After: The Incredible Real-Life Stories of Orphans Who Survived the Tennessee Children's Home Society by Judy Christie and Lisa Wingate

  15. Jeffrey Dahmer, fucker injected hydrochloric acid into a little boy's brain and kept him alive for a day or something. He injected another dose into his brain again and the kid died. This is just one of his 17 murders.

  16. To make it worse, one 14 year old boy he killed was found by police (disoriented from being injected with acid, naked and bleeding from his rectum) and was given back to Dahmer as he convinced them he was the boy’s boyfriend. The police then stopped strangers and the fire department from helping the boy. Those officers were never faulted for this, and got promotions later in their careers

  17. Also the cop that handed that kid back to him. The kid was Asian, bleeding from his rectum, naked and got away from Dahmer. The kid was being assisted by two young black ladies who called the cops and the cops believed Dahmer that it was his boyfriend. The kid then suffered the same fate as his brother.

  18. Hope it makes you sleep better at night to know that the brain itself doesn’t have nerves and can’t feel pain. Obviously a horrible crime against humanity still.

  19. I know the forensic anthropologist who worked the Dahmer case. She retired after that, says it broke her, doesn't go into a lot of detail why. She's happy now though, awesome horse lady. My mom (photographer) would take their "family portraits" every year: her, her husband, their horses, and their dogs. Beautifully wholesome and kind people.

  20. That boy’s brother had previously been a victim of Dahmer’s, too. He actually escaped with the help of two women who brought him to Officer John Balcerzak and told him all about the kidnapping, torture, and murders. Balcerzak‘s response was basically “ew, sounds gay,” and brought the boy back to Dahmer’s place. The women who helped him tried to make Balcerzak stop, and he threatened to have them arrested.

  21. Just caught up on Wikipedia. As a layperson I am so confused. Can someone with knowledge of the law explain why they kept getting released from jail with so many violent crimes and rapid escalation of offenses? One offender was repeatedly diagnosed with psychopathy and an absolute danger to society, and then released a year later… like what? Is there such thing as a Three Strikes Law or no?

  22. I would call the “people” who tortured Junko Furuta to death pieces of shit, but at least shit has value as a fertiliser.

  23. Oh God, yeah, what she went through was the worst thing I've ever read in my life happening to a single person. Those 40 days were truly a fate worse than her eventual death.

  24. The most shocking part after reading that terrible story is hearing that if I recall correctly, all four of those parasites are out of prison living happy lives now. Sickening beyond words.

  25. To top it all off the parents of those shitstains desecrated her grave for ruining "their sons reputations". The fact that they are now free is an outrage and stain on civilized society.

  26. He's the scariest serial killer for me, for a multitude of reasons. Insanely intelligent, absolutely huge(stands at 6'9"), and managed to become friends with the first fbi profilers while they interviewed him. Hell, the guy murdered his grandparents as a teen and became such good friends with the staff at his psychiatric hospital that they cleared him, and then he became a serial killer. He murdered his mother's pets and put their heads on spikes as a child. Just all around one of the most dangerous predators to ever exist.

  27. Before that, he buried the head of one of his victims in his mother's garden, and pointed the head toward her bedroom, he said he did it because his mother "always wanted people to look up to her."

  28. Aight, from what I've read, this guy loved making his sisters play a game with him where they would tie him up and he would act as though being tortured until he would die. Apparently, when the judge asked him what he thought his punishment was gonna be, he said he deserves to die. I see many people saying that he genuinely cried during his interrogations, but to me it almost seems like after he finished his murder spree, he decided he wanted to know himself what it feels like to die, so he turned himself in and expected to receive a death sentence.

  29. Jesus. I’ve never heard of this particular serial killer, but he genuinely seems a lot more psychotic than pretty much every one I’ve ever heard of. No remorse, no emotions…what the fuck.

  30. He then waited for her to fall asleep, then he sneaked back into her room to bludgeon her with a claw hammer and slit her throat with a penknife.[26][53] He then decapitated her and engaged in irrumatio with her severed head, then used it as a dart board. Kemper stated that he "put [her head] on a shelf and screamed at it for an hour ... threw darts at it," and, ultimately, "smashed her face in."[26][54] He also cut out her tongue and larynx and put them in the garbage disposal. However, the garbage disposal could not break down the tough vocal cords and ejected the tissue back into the sink. "That seemed appropriate, as much as she'd bitched and screamed and yelled at me over so many years", Kemper later said.[55]

  31. It's much worse than that. He took a hammer and beat her head in with it. Then dismembered the body of his mother. Assaulted the head, as you described, but afterward he then used a knife to remove the vocal cords from her neck and tried to dispose of them in the garbage disposal in the sink. It was his way of trying to silence her for constantly berating him as a child and young-adult (not excusing what he did). Then he knew that eventually his mom, who was very sociable with her friends, would be reported missing. So in order to buy time he invited his mother's closest friend over to her home and killed her then stuffed her body in the closet. This was simply to avoid being caught for as long as possible.

  32. So heinous that The British Empire, who at the time were the "villains" of the era to a lot of people, had to step in to stop him. Even going so far as to ask their rivals in Europe at the time to put the pressure on Belgium.

  33. What truly distinguishes King Leopold II from other tyrants and oppressors of history is just how little of it could ever be attributed to misguided idealism.

  34. As a congolese person, i totally agree. He was the first "person" to pop up in my head when i read the question. My mom used to tell me all about it as a child too. The fact that belgians were inhuman enough to EAT a 5 year old and her mom in front of the dad/husband, leaving him as a disturbing souvenir HIS OWN DAUGHTER'S SEVERED HAND AND FOOT, JUST CUZ HE DIDN'T BRING THE RUBBER QUANTITY HE WAS EXPECTED TO BRING just shows how fucked up colonialism was. A real psycho, i would really love to spit on his grave but taht wouldn't be enough

  35. The Congo Free State is an extremely interesting period of history. It's notable that this was all done in a period of soulless and brutal global exploitation, and even in that context Leopold staggered Europe with the cruelty and evil he was perpetrating. Even if it happened a century earlier it still would have stood out for how fucked up the atrocities were.

  36. Highly recommend the book "King Leopold's Ghost" for those interested in learning how heinous the atrocities committed in the Congo were.

  37. Anders Behring Breivik definetly takes the cake for me. Blew up a bomb in the center of Oslo. Meanwhile went to an island where a politic youth gathering was taking place. Dressed up as a cop he would kill 69 people on the island Utøya, and call out to teenagers hiding saying it was safe to come out, those who believed his costume were shot.

  38. I was in Oslo that day with my family on a weekend trip. Walked across that square just hours before the bomb went off. Watching the news that evening was unreal.

  39. My godmothers friends daughter was on Utøya, she was one of the teenagers that tried to swim to safety and hid under the surface. Her best friend was shot right next to her. I can’t imagine how terrifying it would’ve been.

  40. I was researching Breivik for my senior project in college and there was a website that was essentially turned his terrorist attack into a joke supporting it. This was like within the first 5 results.

  41. I visited the killing fields and the S-21 prison museum in Phnom Penh. Usually i hold myself together very well but i wept so much. I met two of the survivors there as well, they were there selling autobiographies.

  42. I forget all of their names but one dude got hit with a fuck ton radiation and lived so this group of scientists wanted to study him he was in immense pain and was kept alive off of drugs and life support he was yelling in pain the last like 100 days of his life, and out of pity or natural causes he died but it is estimated he felt the most pain of anybody ever recorded

  43. Israel Keyes. Dude picked people at random to kill and planned it months in advance. Would travel to places and hide a "kill bucket" and come back months later to kill.

  44. He hid kill buckets in the woods where I smoked weed in college. While I was smoking weed there in college. I drive past the hotel he stayed in and the properties where he killed a couple and hid their bodies all the time.

  45. He's also one of the reasons that some African warlords now think that eating a part of someone gives them their energy. When Leopold would order hands and feet cut off, it was assumed that the reason was to gain power, because he had so much power and kept taking people's hands and feet when they didn't deliver enough rubber.

  46. The one girl on an episode of Catfish who got called a fat ass Kelly price by her cousin at some family event. She proceeded to pretend to be a man named Tony for 3 years talking to the cousin online, also talked to the cousin over the phone changing her voice to sound like a man, then she reached out to the show to help find Tony and revealed herself to her cousin at the last house they were checking saying “you should have never called me a fat ass Kelly Price”

  47. There was that one guy—Lucas was his name, I believe—who had catfished somewhere in the ballpark of 400+ women, presenting himself as somebody else in order to manipulate them into sending him nudes. He even kept a record of each one, specifying whether or not they knew they were being catfished. When they confronted him, he was actually recording audio of the conversation.

  48. Lmfaooooo I’m so glad this comment is as high up as it is that’s one of the most wild episodes of any show I’ve ever seen

  49. I read that book back in the 90's and I still remember vivid details from it. Sick, twisted fucks, both him and Karla.

  50. Paul Kenneth Bernardo, also known as Paul Jason Teale, is a Canadian serial killer and serial rapist. He is known for initially committing a series of rapes in Scarborough, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto, between 1987 and 1990. 

  51. I grew up in the city where this happened and my school was back onto the church that Kristen French (one of their victims) got abducted at.

  52. Had a chat with him once through an old job, and he is a vile man. Even through a short conversation with him, it was very obvious that he’s charismatic and good at manipulating people. At least I know other prisoners and guards give him a hard time.

  53. Last Podcast on the Left did a series about these two and it made me squirm. More so than the multiple other serial killers they’ve covered.

  54. The entire Sackler family and their shitty pharmaceutical company. Spearheaded the opioid epidemic and largely created it from mass supply of the shit.

  55. Tagging on to offer another Nazi- Joseph Goebbels who had his own children murdered with morphine and cyanide when it became clear that Germany was losing. If you want a dark (but very interesting) movie to watch about the last days in Hitlers bunker, I suggest Der Untergang (Downfall).

  56. Actually it was more Reinhardt Heydrich that came up with the deets - the Wansee Conference was where it was all planned out. Himmler actually threw up I believe when witnessing a mass execution by gunfire and brain matter landed on his face.

  57. "murderous efficiency" reminds me of the lunchroom scene in Judgement at Nuremberg where they're seated to eat and one says "They say we killed millions of people. How could it be possible??" And the other man replies semantics of two gas chambers holding 2K people apiece and it's possible to do 10 thousand in a half hour. "It's not the killing that's the problem. It's disposing of the bodies."

  58. Most people don't know unlike others he wasn't antisemitic,he simply didn't Care,not even read mein kampf??? He only cared to his job and complete it,and ranking up.crazy and haters can change,but that kind of absolute egoism, really is something else..

  59. I was waiting to read this, they literally put people through excruciating torture just to see how long they’d last. Fuck everyone on that unit

  60. Adolf Eichmann, he basically was the brain organising Hitlers Holocaust. You need the logistics for the camps, the trains and industrial levels of murder done? Eichmann was the guy.

  61. Eichmann wasn’t a psychopath. The Israeli psychologists who evaluated him found no evidence of mental illness.

  62. The entire point of Hannah Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem and the concept of the banality of evil is that he wasn't a psychopath. Her portrait is of a fundamentally unintellectual, unsophisticated (banal) follower.

  63. Those Japanese soldiers who made "Comfort Women" and used women as sex slaves, and tortured them when they ran away. A prisoner who tried to run was tattooed, tortured, or killed. In one case, a head was severed and was boiled, and the soldiers made some of the other slaves drink the liquid. And the cover-ups thereafter - how these women were prostitudes, how these men didn't exist. As if. And recently, some group made these women into figures and mocked them in disgusting ways.

  64. between this and unit 731, imperial japan in ww2 seems to take the "what the fuck" cake for humanity

  65. I had the read “the rape of Nanking” for a history class in college and it was brutal to get through. I had never learned about it before that class, and being in a writing intensive/discussion course for it was not lovely. It made the stories I learned about my great-grandfather that was a POW in Japan for 2 years sound light-hearted.

  66. It’s sad even now they deny this. Rape of Phillipines, Korea and China. I received a lot of shit being half Japanese as a kid and living in the philippines.

  67. My great grandparents from my grandfather's side were most likely Japanese slaves during the occupation. They were Chinese Indonesians that "passed away" around that time period when my grandpa was still 4/5 years old. He was adopted by a local family and there is no proof that they were Japanese slaves as his adopted parents always said that it was work-related incident but he always heavily implied that the "death" of his biological parents are too much of a coincidence to be just another incidents.

  68. My grandmother was his neibourgh when she was younger lol. Aftet the war, he went to hide in a little town in Brazil. She only discovered who he was after he died. She said he was just a sympathetic old man. Nobody would think that he was the Angel of Death. That man was truly Satan himself.

  69. Yes. He would choose twins to experiment on and would cut one open with no anesthesia to see if the other one would feel any pain. Eva Kor was one of his victims and her twin sister Miriam passed away many years ago due to issues caused by mengele (her kidneys had stopped growing while at Auschwitz due to injections given to her and she died from kidney cancer). Eva only passed away in 2019 while accompanying a group to Auschwitz. I was at Auschwitz that year but missed her by a few weeks, it would have been an honor to meet her.

  70. It is funny that people are listing known serial killers. These guys have such rookie numbers they wouldn't even get on the leader board.

  71. Yeah these are the kind of people who are truly evil. The violent murderers etc seem more sick, like something has just broken in an obvious way.

  72. Kissinger belongs on this list too. The man never got his hands dirty, but he definitely and knowingly caused hundreds of thousands of deaths mostly just to make sure he stayed in a position of power.

  73. That is what I was looking for. These people, these people are truly human scum. I genuinely believe that if we could erase them from existence the world would be sensitively better

  74. I feel obligated to state that the Pinto was middle of the class for safety for its size and Era, and it caught fire exactly as often as could be expected. It was 1.7% of vehicles on the road, and involved in 1.7% of all fatal accidents accompanied by some fire.

  75. There's also some heads of corporations that know their products cause diabetes, heart attack or cancer, millions of deaths they could stop if they just changed the corporation direction.

  76. After watching The Killing Fields documentary, I have to say Pol Pot was one of the most evil people in history. He killed 1/3 of the population in Cambodia. He killed most of the Dr's, lawyers, politicians, the effects of this are still prevelant in Cambodia today.

  77. Vasily Blokhin, Stalin’s executioner… “he is recorded as having executed tens of thousands of prisoners by his own hand, including his killing of about 7,000 Polish prisoners of war during the Katyn massacre in spring 1940, making him the most prolific official executioner in recorded world history.”

  78. John Wayne Gacy. He raped, tortured, and murdered at least 33 young men and boys and hid their bodies under his house. He volunteered at children's charitable events as "Pogo the Clown" or "Patches the Clown" to scope out his next victim.

  79. Gillas de rais- worked under Joan of arc in the church. After she died he began a killing spree where he molested, raped, murdered and slowly burned an estimated hundreds of children

  80. A lot of that is more sensationalism than fact, I'm afraid. After he was arrested some newspapers went completely nuts with far-fetched stories, helped along by a less-than-competent police force that just seemed to make it up as they went along.

  81. John Wayne Gacy was pretty sick, but the utility guy who had to go into his crawlspace because of the consistent sewage and smell problem in the neighborhood and felt nothing but milky flesh and lime sguishing thru his fingers. E E Eee Eeewwwwewe!!!!!! Wow! That would give me nightmares for years!

  82. I've been watching a lot of interrogations of murderers lately so its hard to choose, there are a lot of sick people out there.

  83. I’m scrolling and not finding this anywhere but the toy box killer. I’m pretty into true crime and have heard some pretty horrific things but hearing the transcripts of the tapes he played for his victims explaining in detail the torture and rape they would be subjected to as well as how he would either murder them or deep clean their bodies and give them a series of drugs that would erase their memories just to dump them naked, alone, with no memory on the side of random roads- I’ve never had such a strong adverse reaction to a true crime story.

  84. The one that comes to mind is Rodney Alcala. The dating game killer. He's pretty messed up. I highly recommend listening to the last podcast on the left episodes about him. Grim but fascinating stuff.

  85. The biggest psychopath was probably so effective that no one is even aware of them. Food for thought. It is never the monsters you hear about that are the worst.

  86. True. But there are also many well-known, extremely psychopathic people as well. Maybe the ones that don’t get caught are simply more careful at hiding the crimes they commit? Or maybe it has to do with the time period in which they committed said psychopathic crimes (ex: lack of criminal database at the time)

  87. Those bastards that beat and tortured Junko Furuta until she died. She was tortured for 44 days straight until she finally died. The things they did to her was so inhumane and sick. I almost puked when I heard about the torture she went through.

  88. Not sure the biggest, but Lainz angels of death are up there. Maria Gruber, Irene Leidolf, Stephanija Meyer, and Waltraud Wagner were four Austrian women who worked as nurse's aides at the Geriatriezentrum am Wienerwald in Lainz, Vienna, and who murdered scores of patients between 1983 and 1989. The group killed their victims with overdoses of morphine or by forcing water into the lungs

  89. Genghis Khan. He once ordered an entire city razed and the heads of its citizens stacked into a pyramid. All because his ambassador was "insulted."

  90. Hey, good ol' Vlad was jus keepin ppl outta his territory. Permanently. Dude spoke the language of all conquerors of his time. Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies to keep those you care for safe. Twas a dark time in history.

  91. Ted Bundy, he was pure evil yet still able to control his actions in a sophisticated enough manner to go undetected for years. When he wasn’t raping and mutilating dead corpses he was just a normal guy walking among the people.

  92. I was gonna say Bundy as well. I mean, there are a lot of psychopaths out there, you could pick a lot of names. But Bundy is well known.

  93. Magdalena Solis. She essentially was hired to fool a remote village into thinking she was an Incan goddess. Once she realized how much power she had, she started to do absurd things such as only drink blood from animals.

  94. My great-grandfather was a POW for two years during WWII. The few stories he told were the easiest to digest. Through a lot of research and old paperwork, I’ve discovered a lot about the camps he was in and it’s much worse than anything he said aloud. He didn’t even plan on joining in the war- he went to Canada from Houston, TX to train the RCAF pilots so he could’ve stayed there, but he chose to join the American effort and didn’t want to just train, he wanted to fly himself. Luckily, he came home and led a good life and was a wonderful father, husband, and grandfather.

  95. Imo anyone who deliberately organizes and involves themselves with genocide. To be driven by so much hate and prejudice. Disgusts and terrifies me.

  96. Ironically if you're driven by hate you're probably not a psychopath at all. Kind of difficult given what psychopathy entails.

  97. Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook elementary school shooter. Do yourself a favor and don’t look up the animation/police reports of what occurred in room 8 of sandy hook. You don’t want to know the details. But the key takeaway is that only the pure human manifestation of evil could have done it

  98. Kristen Gilbert, who as a VA ICU nurse killed probably upwards of 180 Us Veterans by injecting them with lethal amounts of epinephrine all to seemingly impress a security guard.

  99. Ilse Koch also known as The Bitch of Buchenwald. She was known for her particularly brutal treatment of prisoners at Buchenwald. She would cut the tattoos off dead prisoners as souvenirs.

  100. Jeffrey Dahmer. Cannibalism, necrophilia, and putting acid into peoples HEADS trying to create "zombies." He also looked and spoke like a nice, chill person. I saw the interviews with him and thats like the guy you meet in a bar and just chat over drinks or sports. Very scary.

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