1. Sure, it’s a romantic comedy, but that’s fine. It’s a very clever and well-made movie. Maybe the best part of it is that

  2. Hi, I’m the sick freak who has watched every Best Picture winner and a large amount of them are totally forgettable yet beat films now considered far better and more important historically and culturally. Also, like others have mentioned, it’s not so much a competition as bribery of a select group of rich people.

  3. It’s like the movies that are highly upvoted rn are movies that everyone thinks is overrated and nonanswers.

  4. Definitely not Morbius, because that is the single greatest piece of cinematography known to mankind.

  5. I loved the part where his uncle MorBen said to him “Remember that with Great Morb, comes Great Responsbius” then he just Morbs on out of there.

  6. My immediate thoughts on the film were that 90 minutes of Jared Leto masturbating furiously to pictures of himself would have been less gratuitous and probably more interesting

  7. Bro when michael morbius was like Its morbin time then Milo came in and did a funny jig and was like you’re right it is the morbin time i felt so moved by that moment

  8. I had two tickets to Morbius in my car, and someone broke into it and left me four more. Anyone need 6 tickets?

  9. I saw that in theaters. Honestly not as bad as I thought it would be. An interesting premise if nothing else. It probably helped that I knocked back like 3 whiskey shooters beforehand though.

  10. I won't say a name but there are movies which are deliberately made super complicated and then it's expected that everyone will have to praise the movie because if they don't then they would sound as a dumb person who couldn't understand the movie.

  11. Fucking A. It's not a skill to make a movie nobody understands shit of. But it takes a. genius to make a movie that connect deeply with the audience.

  12. Pretty Woman. Julia Robert’s as your typical drop-dead-gorgeous streetwalker with no discernible addiction or mental health problems and a heart of gold, and Richard Gere as the stunningly handsome millionaire who’s hard up for a date. Adorable!

  13. The yotube channel 'movies explained for' made the best phrase for that movie, "this movie says that when you are a man and your dad doesn't love you, you become a millionaire. And if you are a woman and your dad doesn't love you, you become a broke hoe"

  14. Wasn't the original ending going to be Richard Gere's character dumps Julia Roberts' character and she ends back on the streets only to get murdered?

  15. Dwight: Apparently it's one of the best revenge stories of all time in which this sex worker who is the protagonist. That can't be right. Andy, how does it--

  16. And the only reason he falls in love with her is that she's like "innocent," like watching cartoons or something like that. I didn't get the hype over this movie either.

  17. In terms of class structure they are on opposite ends of the spectrum, but their business, attitude towards it and what it says about them as individuals is the same.

  18. For me it’s the greatest showman. Dunno if it was the same in the states but here in the Uk everybody n their dog was raving about it saying it was the best musical ever.

  19. I completely understand why some people don't like it. But for me the entertainment factor outweighs it's shortcomings. To me it's just a fun movie to watch.

  20. Man, I thought I was crazy when I watched that movie on the recommendation of my sister in law. The cinematography was mediocre and the songs were gratingly anachronistic. The dancing was decent but that wasn't enough to make it at all good.

  21. Titanic because this woman is dying and instead of talking about her husband and children she talks about a homeless dude she fucked for 2 days

  22. This is an odd criticism. She wasn’t telling this story on her death bed. They literally brought her to a boat acting as the hub of a titanic expedition mission and asked her to tell her story about the titanic.

  23. But he was the spark that ignited her will to actually live and enjoy life. She wouldn't have had that daughter or that husband, unless she had fucked that hobo for two days!

  24. Of all the complaints about Titanic this is the weirdest one. The crew of the ship is asking her to tell the story of what happened to her on the Titanic. Why wouldn't she talk about the guy she met there?

  25. Not to mention when she dies at the end and meets Jack at the stair case. Wtf? What about her husband of 80 years? Nah, just gonna go to titanic heaven and meet up with that hot boy who drew me naked and fucked me in the back of a model T

  26. Did u watch the movie? She's not dying she's just old, the movie takes place on a research vessel in the north Atlantic. It's not a woman talking on her deathbed, it's a woman telling a story that she was prompted to tell.

  27. Crash did certain things very well, but you won't notice them due to the brain damage you received from being beaten over the head with an anvil that says "Racism is Bad" for the last 112 minutes.

  28. Weird. I didn't realize a movie about Casey Jones fucking a woman's amputee scar would ever be Oscar bait, but TIL.

  29. The Notebook. Terrible movie with no actual romance. Five minutes in they expect the audience to believe these two people are in love ..??

  30. The Director’s cut has way more romance including an amazing uncut love scene when they reunite - makes the theatrical release look like a kids film lol

  31. To me, the real movie is very much an old man telling a “thrilling” and “exaggerated” tale of “romance” to his wife who has Alzheimer’s so that maybe she will recognize him again and they can share that moment of connection. It’s obvious they were immature little twerps when they were younger, which as a narrator, his character expresses several times, but the real romance is that they then lived a life together after this story and telling his wife about their children or their time as husband and wife over the last 50+ years doesn’t bring her back because it was full of good but normal moments, but this story full of emotional trauma seems to jumpstart her memory again and his retelling the story again and again to get that connection is the true love story.

  32. Wasn't it 30 Rock that had an episode where they constantly kept repeating the entire title "Precious, based on the novel Push by sapphire"

  33. It could have been based on a true story, but this time it was based on the novel Push by Sapphire. Does knowing it was based on the novel Push by Sapphire change your opinion? Because this movie was based on the novel Push by Sapphire, and there's no way around that fact.

  34. I don't think it does a disservice at all. While it may not have been based on a real story... it is an all too familiar one that needed to be told. Also the acting performances were amazing with Mo'Nique being so powerful in that role. Her own history dealing with abuse just makes it all the more important for other survivors of abuse.

  35. I honestly think it’s an amazing film. I’ve seen this poverty torture porn critique before and it makes me uncomfortable because if you’ve ever worked in a social worker or community support role in a vulnerable low income community you’ll know people like precious really do exist. Low income Girls with learning difficulties are often allowed to fall through the cracks more than anyone.

  36. I prefer to listen to the audiobook of the novelization of the movie Precious, based on the novel Push by Sapphire.

  37. Push/Precious I wouldn’t call torture porn. It’s awful, but the character sees a way out and eventually fights to become something new. The ending is fundamentally hopeful. The sequel the author wrote…now that’s torture porn to me. All of the hope from the first novel just squandered away. I wasn’t a fan.

  38. Honestly, this is a shitty take but it’s actually really refreshing to see how receptive you are to criticisms and take the time out of your day to rewatch the movie and reevaluate your position. I commend you immensely.

  39. Not that this would change anyone's mind about Grease but Grease is an intended parody of 1950s teen romance movies. That's why the songs are ridiculous, the characters are all 2 dimensional, the car flies off into the sun at the end. It's supposed to be super ridiculous. But because it's been so long since that subgenre was popular, all that context is lost and Grease is now just a musical. It would be like making a parody of 80s movies and then trying to understand that parody 50 years from now. No one would get it and would be judging it based solely on face value.

  40. I was in early puberty when it came out so I just focused on how hot Olivia Newton-John was. Watched it a few years ago and basically treated it as a comedy. Some of those "high school kids" looked like they were in their 30s.

  41. At school our music teacher was off due to an accident for about two months. Every week the same supply teacher spent 40 minutes taking register and setting up the TV. The remaining 20 minutes were spent watching Grease on VHS. What I'm saying is I've seen the first 20 minutes of Grease 8 times and I never intend to do finish it

  42. I honestly don’t care about Grease as a movie or even a story, per se. It’s just a basic high school romance story. Where it shines is the soundtrack. Greased Lightning, Summer Lovin’, You’re The One That I Want, it’s hard to find a song that doesn’t absolutely slap. My mom raised me on this soundtrack, and 24 years after hearing them, I’m still listening to them regularly.

  43. I'm actually going to say the opposite here. Saw it before all the hype set in and I thought it was fantastic. Then, once it was everywhere, it got a little annoying.

  44. A second this opinion. I’m a big fan of Disney musicals, but I didn’t get the love for Frozen at all. And I like some of the newer ones like Moana, Tangled, Encanto etc, but Frozen just missed the mark for me. Didn’t even bother with the sequel.

  45. Yes. When he beats up the butcher for being mean to his little daughter, it's the first time I've ever watched a street stomping and been worried for the stomper.

  46. i remember the scene where deniro kicks a guy and try to beat him up. literally looked like my grandfather's motions trying to look young. it really fucked up the realism of the film for me. he was supposed to be a like..mid 40's gangster that could wreck anyone that messed with him and instead it felt like the grandpa from the simpsons.

  47. I was so confused at the beginning when Joe Peschi was calling de-aged DeNiro “kid”. Like he looked maybe fifty if you were being generous

  48. Idk I get some creepy vibes from Ryan Gosling’s character. He wrote her every day? For how long? Jeez, I say you get 2 weeks of writing and after that it’s borderline obsession and harassment. Get a life my dude

  49. True. But you got to admit going from street racing to saving the world in a 12 part movie franchise got to put some respect on that.

  50. Probably because it's still fresh in my mind, but the recent Matrix movie was just.. unnecessary. I know everyone loves Keanu (me too), but I wish he just passed on this one.

  51. I recall there was a scene where one of the guys was talking to Keanu (I think) and said something like, "Look the company owns the rights and they're going to make another one with or without you. So either you can be involved or you can let them do as they please" and I wondered if that was exactly what happened between Warner Bros & the Wachowskis

  52. I rewatched it recently. It is quite a thin plot when you think of it, but I gotta admit James Cameron knows how to keep my attention.

  53. The only way I could watch The Irishman and love it was thinking this would be the last time I ever saw my favourite grandparents all together…

  54. Two fatal flaws I saw in that movie. The first is forgivable, it's a story about being old and unwanted. Usually that's at the end of Scorsese crime movies and it cuts out fast. This was a whole movie about long stretches of time and of quiet.

  55. Guillermo del Toro really had his fingers on the pulse of society when he decided that a fish-fuck-fantasy is what we all needed. Boy was he right. He was so right.

  56. This was the first movie I have seen listed here that was actually critically acclaimed. I really enjoyed but I had to give you an upvote for actually responding to the question

  57. The trailer was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Every good moment was in it though. The actual movie was horrible.

  58. I always described avatar as an ok movie but was the best experience I’ve ever had in a theater. If you didn’t watch it in IMAX 3D then you won’t understand why people loved it so much.

  59. Avatar was one of the greatest movie theater experiences in my life, when it was in 3D, I watched it again not in 3D and I was whelmed...

  60. I think my main problem with a lot of Marvel movies is how often they go “but what if the villain had the same powers as the hero?”

  61. So very, very bad. There were good performances in it, but all I could imagine was them selling the rights to every high school in the nation. It's like it was deliberately developed with that in mind. Get the big bucks off the movie and keep the money rolling in for the next 25 years like clockwork. Costumes are insane and piecemeal, songs are simple and easy to sing, the cast can be basically as big as you need it to be to get every kid who auditioned onstage.

  62. Fast and furious. Y'all can fight me on this but you can't change my mind about how bad the acting is and how stupidly extensive the script gets because a new person pops up and says "Hey I'm your brother you've never even heard of" and creates a whole new (not really new) setup for another movie. Y'all want a good long series with an easy to follow storyline, go watch the Marvel movies.

  63. I don't think anyone actually believes the franchise has any critical value. Most people enjoy it for the action and wholesome family moments. That being said, the franchise should've ended after Paul Walker died, all the movies after that one were outrageous.

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