1. I remember when every moody teenager in my neighborhood was obsessed with 300 like it was the epitome of badassery. I thought it was fun but I knew guys that watched that film almost every day it consumed their existence.

  2. I thought I was the only one that thought that movie was overrated. It's ok but not amazing. The other Crash about sex and car crashes is more interesting.

  3. I thought most people thought it shouldn't have won and think it's overrated, therefore leading it to be perfectly rated.

  4. honestly yeah, the plot was all over the place lol. and don’t get me wrong i loveee toy story such heartwarming movies but the ending made me mad because it made no sense at all lmao and they should have left it a trilogy

  5. I agree to an extent. While it kinda played off old tunes, I feel like the message was for the parents who watched the movies with their kids. Woody seems like he has empty nest syndrome, and feels like he NEEDS to help his kid otherwise he's useless, to which he learns to accept that his kids will move on and survive without him, and he can start to live his own life as the sun of his previous one set.

  6. Exactly. To me it’s like Indiana jones and the kingdom of the Crystal skull. I don’t hate it, but it’s just unnecessary and the third movie was a better ending (in toy story’s case, a MUCH better ending). Toy story 3 had my favorite ending to a franchise of all time I feel like toy story 4 really ruined it.

  7. I remember someone telling me that 4 was sadder than 3. I watched and didn’t feel one hint of sadness. 3 had me crying like a baby.

  8. It was surprisingly quality but I kinda wish I could have stayed satisfied with the amazing trilogy preceding it.

  9. A Quiet Place. The monsters had super hearing and would rush to kill you from miles away because your toy makes a noise, but they can't hear you breathing noisily (or your heart beating) when they are practically next to you?

  10. The dumbest thing about this movie premise is that there are plenty of frequencies that humans can't hear that the government would 100% just blare from all sources 24/7 to completely paralyze the monsters.

  11. They don’t hunt, they just slap people to death. Literally, just watched the sequel. Never see a single one eat, drink, take a dump. They literally exist to slap people to death.

  12. Ready Player One! Everyone who has read the book know that the movie can't even be called the same thing because they basically just took the names from the book and scrapped the rest.

  13. I enjoyed them separately. The movie for the visuals. But the book for the way better plot and storyline.

  14. Because quite frankly Debbie Does Dallas does not deserve the acclaim it gets, OP was subtly hoping someone would point it out and I'm glad they did. I mean first off Debbie does not do Dallas, not only is that undermining the hard work of her fellow cheerleaders but the people they bang couldn't even fill a neighbourhood let alone a full city. I haven't seen such blatant false advertising since The Never Ending Story.

  15. I thought everybody knew it was just ridiculous popcorn flick car action and that's exactly why they seem them. I didn't think people were praising them as actually being good.

  16. Frozen. If it wasn't for one, maybe two songs it would've been completely forgotten about. The story is just so incredibly bland by Disney standards

  17. My wife has a theory that its enduring popularity is because there are two female leads, so girls can play it together, unlike all other Disney movies. I think she's right.

  18. They had some good digs at previous Disney movies in there, like when Elsa is astounded that Anna is going to marry someone she just met.

  19. Disagree so hard! I really enjoy Frozen (2). It’s about the love between two sisters and that’s so lovely. It also shows two very different types of hero. I enjoyed so much, the design and animation are wonderful too. I think i even enjoy 2 more.

  20. I read the book. I think that's odd that nobody raises the question or discusses the fact that in the book the dude pretty much admits to shooting unarmed Iraqi citizens. He even says his teammates jokingly said 'Kyle has a gun painted into his rifle scope lens so everybody he looks at through it appears to be armed.' (paraphrasing that- but that was the gist of it). That joke seems to acknowledge his own admission and corroborate the idea that even his teammates found some of his kills questionable.

  21. Just wait until the new Top Gun movie comes out. Movies in this genre have been bad for twenty years and have gotten continuously worse in that time because they are just vehicles for propaganda from the military industrial complex. The military wants cool movies showing how great and awesome the US military is, with none of the murky ethical/moral issues present in a war. No thinking, just good guys and bad guys and the good guys always win. How else do you ensure a steady pipeline of naïve young men to join the marines?

  22. Yup. A film based on a real person, that adds fictional elements that glorify a murderous sack of garbage, who in more than a few cases, killed innocent people. It's in the book, and the movie just ignored it.

  23. Yeah, I wish it had involved some political machinations to get back his throne rather than just beating up the other guy.

  24. This right here. Pretty average superhero film with a forgettable plot and that didn't really reinvent anything. Yet it got an oscar nomination for best picture.

  25. I saw it once the first week it came out with friends, the movie was boring. A brother that is rich and a sister that is super smart but they don't help the rest of Africa with food?

  26. Isn’t there a scene in the notebook where the protagonist threatens to jump off a Ferris wheel of the girl refuses to go out with him? If that’s the movie I’m thinking of, VERY strange to think that’s ok

  27. I read an interview with Shailene Woodley (pretty sure it was the NY Mag one where she came out as kind of a nut bar) and she said she wasn’t very interested in Divergent until Jennifer Lawrence told her just to do it for the $$$$$.

  28. Those are my guilty pleasure movies. I agree they're not good but idk it's just a super cheesy trashy essy-to-watch thing for me.

  29. The first twilight movie is genuinely a favourite for me because I have wonderful memories of hate-watching it with friends. It’s just so incredibly bad that it is so damn funny to watch.

  30. I don't think they are overrated at all. They do exactly what they set out to do: give you 2 hours where you can switch your brain off and look at sparkly things. It's all spectacle and no substance and sometimes that's okay.

  31. I thought the first 2 were ok. Maybe because I was really young when I saw them. But after that they were just straight up stupid

  32. The only plot hole that I cannot ignore is Dr. Strange allowing Peter to distract him while casting the spell. It’s a crucial plot point, but it’s totally out of character for Strange. He either should have talked through it with Peter before starting, or cast a “stfu spell” … plus, this is the guy who performed surgery while doing music trivia before he was the greatest sorcerer of all time… i don’t buy him getting that distracted at all.

  33. I couldn’t get over the fact that Peter was like, “Hey I’m going to take away all your powers,” Electro was like, “I like my powers and I’m probably going to fucking kill you,” and Peter was like, “Okay! Time to get you out of your cage!”

  34. I loved it but there are definitely plot holes. They say the spell is based on who knows Spider-Man's identity but Electro never knew it in AS2. In No Way Home when he saw Andrew Garfield Spider-Man without his mask he was like "I thought you'd be black"... a preconception that would have been corrected if he actually knew Spider-Man's identity.

  35. Yeah plot was very weak and there were many plotholes. The cameos were awesome but man it could’ve been such a fantastic movie if the plot was focused on more. Personally give it an 8/10 cause it had some really great moments and was overall an enjoyable movie, but if the plot was worked on more it would’ve been a solid 9/10 in my opinion

  36. I think this goes for all Marvel. They’re just boring plot wise. 99% of the time they invent some random magic tech to solve an issue so you just sit around and wait for the solution to appear out of thin air.

  37. I also thought Aunt May's death was totally useless and the whole reboot of the "with great power comes great responsibility" garbage was a fan service that no fan had ever asked for. One of the upsides of the Tom Holland Homecoming was that they avoided the death of Uncle Ben because everyone was sick of it after it had already been rebooted twice. Then they pull the rug out and drop it in anyway...

  38. I loved it, but can't get over how Doctor Strange was fine with erasing Peter from his memories in the beginning and then pretty much starts to cry and is hesitant to the same exact thing in the end when the they're in a worse situation. Not enough interaction happens between the two to warrant Stephen acting completely differently.

  39. The Spiderman movies are getting progressively worse. Homecoming was quite good, especially that taxi scene. Any scene with Michael Keaton, but the taxi scene in particular.

  40. I often see The Usual Suspects being discussed in the same frame as movies like Fight Club and The Sixth Sense, in that the twist ending is clever in the way that it changes your second viewing.

  41. Not true. There are a handful of little clues in the Usual Suspects. My favorite was a very subtle one where

  42. Most comedies where Will Ferrell is the lead. Doubt that get much critic acclaim, but my crew of friends over the years love them. Ferrell is great with more minor roles though.

  43. Encanto. It’s really good but it’s not amazing. The third act was very rushed and they sorta underutilized the plot with no human antagonist. It could’ve been better but it was a bit of an undershot imo.

  44. I like the fact that there's no human antagonist. in so many real world struggles, there are no bad guys. Just well-intentioned yet misguided/miscalculating people who don't fully grasp the harm they are causing on others.

  45. It was kind of like Brave where you get to the end and you're like, "That's it?" I can appreciate films where the story is more of internal struggles than facing off with an antagonist, like Brave, Encanto, Turning Red, but I feel like they're best left in short films than full length 1.5-2hr movies. They're kind of snoozy after a while.

  46. But the documentary Overnight, about the guy who wrote it and then imploded his career, is pretty good :)

  47. I think Inside Out was super good and impactful. Both Lin Manuel movies had super catchy songs and Encanto is legit one of the best Disney’s ever, and I say this as a white dad who’s watched it 20 times under duress.

  48. Tenet. It tries so bloody hard to convince the audience it’s their fault they don’t keep up with the plot, which in fact simply doesn’t make any sense.

  49. Thought that movies was pretty universally described as mediocre by critics, mostly getting mentioned for its costly gimmick?

  50. The worst part about Tenet was the audio mixing, I literally could not make out a damn word they said while discussing the most complex plot points. It wasn't a bad film but definitely doesn't rank among Nolan's top films.

  51. Honestly I had a lot of fun trying to make sense of that movie, I was happily confused. Robert Pattinson was damn great in that movie too in my opinion. Although I do feel like after actually scrutinizing every little detail on the series of events both forwards and backwards in time, some things don't quite add up.

  52. Is it really that bad? I just rented it from the library for my son. I heard of it, but didn't look at the reviews because... well it was the library.

  53. I dunno how old the average Redditor was at the time that movie came out, but I clearly remember it being talked about as "not that innovative in story, insanely innovative in filmmaking". We all went to see it cause it was in real stereoscopic 3D, not cause we thought it would be an amazing story.

  54. They had a trailer for the new one when I went to see Doctor Strange last night and all I could think of was "this looks like it's going to be two plus hours of James Cameron having a CGI-blue stroke session."

  55. The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy. The characters are paper thin and somehow the story is even thinner whilst trying to be unique

  56. I forgave the first one for being a rehash of Episode 4, because Disney had exactly ONE opportunity to show people that "Worst case, you'll get nothing new." rather than people fearing Episode 1 again (which honestly is an undeserved reputation for E1, but I digress), but then they...just kept never doing anything interesting.

  57. The Interview (2014). The only reason it blew up so much was because North Korea threw a fit and threatened to bomb movie theaters that showed it. The movie itself was fairly forgettable though, just a generic Seth Rogen and James Franco stoner comedy.

  58. Yeah, but how many filmmakers can legitimately say that Kim Jong-Un helped them sell movie tickets?

  59. The Dark Knight. The acting and effects were good which made it an 8/10 movie but it never was amazing as a lot of people said it was. Felt pretty bland to me.

  60. Personally encanto mainly because of all the memes were annoying and the constant “we don’t talk about Bruno” it got really old really fast

  61. Saving Private Ryan. Once you get past the amazing, epic beach assault, the whole thing goes down into corny, maudlin sap. Total bs. The scene with Hanks and Sizemore reminiscing about the guys they’d lost over their tour of duty was poured on so fucking thick. It was dreadful to sit through. The movie had a story, but the story was propped up by the idea of pointlessly retrieving one guy from the war, as if his survival was so important to the war effort, or whatever. I loved the battle scenes, but the rest was just a chore to watch.

  62. My big irk with it is that despite being a quote unquote love letter to big hollywood musics (ala singin in the rain) is that it didnt FIX the issues that those musicals had: notably the complete lack of recognition of the African American influence on tap and jazz.

  63. Titanic still stands as one of the most epic undertakings for a movie ever. Cameron convincing the studio to fund an actual expedition to the wreck is still movie legend. I would not put it next to wonder woman

  64. Wonder Woman would have been talked about way more if they hadn't done that last stupid fight scene. It would have been great, Wonder Woman finding out that humanity can be evil without any gods help and would be a great reason for her to disappear for a few decades. Nope, ended up being a god the whole time and now the story doesn't make sense.

  65. Those were Jack is not on top of things anymore. He just tries to stay alive. The first 3 were so fun because you would always wonder what Jack was up to.

  66. Probably would have been better if they had made it into a mini-series. I think there are so many movies that would have been so much better had they done that.

  67. It (2017). Only movie I went to see that I walked out of, i rewatched it again recently all the way through and still just didnt like it was too cliche and just not really that thrilling or scary. Just IMO.

  68. DUDE. i’ve been waiting for someone to say this! i remember being so confused when everybody said it was the scariest movie they had seen or whatever because the whole movie was just basically comedy! it was funny but i didn’t ever get how people said it was scary. i was like pretty young at the time too like a teenager and i was like how is this scary? i was terrified to watch it too because of what everyone was saying. and the second one was honestly bad. the plot didn’t make much sense and it honestly was unnecessary to make a movie when they were old. lmaoooo

  69. This might piss some people off but avengers endgame. The movie was really boring until the final battle. The whole time traveling segment went on way too long. There was also way too much downtime which made for less tension, unlike infinity war which kept me engaged the entire time. 3 hours was just way too long

  70. I’m a big big MCU fan and I agree- I will choose to rewatch Infinity War over Endgame every time. It’s just a bit…plodding? I really appreciated it at the time for what it did but there’s very little there I want to rewatch, you know?

  71. "Hey, you know what would be an awesome movie? Remake 50 Shades of Grey, but......now hear me out here......make the protagonist even more unlikeable and abusive? Cinematic genius!"

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