1. I can relate. I got a non-stick pan for $20 with a lifetime warranty. All I have to do for the warranty is enclose the pan and $15 for return postage, and then send it out on my dime from any post office.

  2. Yea the law initially was supposed to be you forfeited any assets gain through the crimes you committed but now it's spun out of control and the po-po abuse the heck out of it

  3. It's creepy as hell. Talent shows and spelling bees are cool, but grown ass adults judging which kid looks the best? Nah.

  4. I remember catching some of an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras and this woman straight up admitted she had kids to put them in pageants and was disappointed that her first child was a boy! Like WTF?

  5. Every elected official should be required to sell all of their investments in exchange for a general global or S&P 500 index fund as a condition of holding office. If they refuse then their office should immediately go to the next runner-up candidate for that office.

  6. I tried to cancel a membership well after the amount of time I signed on to be a member for so I wasn't breaking a contract. I had to write multiple letters and make multiple phone calls then got charged a random $200+ fee that I called customer service for. The woman who I talked to was actually really nice and couldn't figure out why I was getting the random fee (didn't have to pay it) and apologized to me for all the hoops I had to jump through. She probably didn't last long at that job but it was nice to talk to someone who didn't have an attitude and make me feel awful for canceling a membership. Also, i have a theory the random fee was probably a dick move on their part because my last letter stated I would get a lawyer involved if they continued to charge me because I wasn't breaking a contract.

  7. When I found out i was pregnant with twins i called to cancel my membership and they told me i had to go in to cancel. So i went in and the guy working there told me to hold on and went to grab someone else who worked there. He started interogating me and when I told him I was pregnant, I'll never forget what he said, "Well after you have the baby you're going to need to lose the baby weight. We can put your membership on hold " I almost slapped the shit out of him.

  8. I remember trying to cancel my planet fitness after moving 5 hours (one way) away. They told me I had to go in person to the store I had gotten it at. I told them that's a ten hour drive. They said tough shit.

  9. I had an issue with any time fitness. I was sick with COVID and my lungs were fucked so I didnt go for like a month. Got a call from the owner or manager not sure who he was call me and say "we noticed you havent been in lately. Not sure if its just you being lazy or-" I cut him off and told him I don't owe him an explanation and told him to cancel my membership. Told me to come in person if I wanted to cancel during staffed hours which I told him was impossible due to my work schedule. He basically told me too bad that's the only way theyll stop charging me the monthly fee. I hung up on him before I tore him a new one, told my bank I lost my card that they were charging it to, got sent a new one, blocked every number they tried calling me from. Haven't heard anything since and this was like a year ago 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. This entire thread has convinced me not to join the Planet Fitness that just opened by me. I was already on the fence and just jumped back in the other side.

  11. They told me I had to cancel in person and I told them if I had the mental fortitude to show up at the gym I wouldn't be cancelling and told my bank to stop payment.

  12. 2014 I had my arm partially ripped from the socket (car accident) and went to cancel my gym membership. Went in, signed the paperwork and everything. Suddenly I start getting charged again, called about it, and basically got the run around. Turns out the gym never filed the paperwork. I charged them back, and then ended up canceling the credit card attached. They had some people show up at my parents house to threaten to drag me to court, only to come face to face with the angry bear that is my mother. It didn't go well for them.

  13. Had that issue with LA Fitness. Couldn't just say I want to cancel from today. Had to give 2 week notice via e-mail and in writing. Had to talk to the manager and then the payment guy. Just constant loops. Yet they were still charging me. Eventually, I had enough and blocked all payments.

  14. I used to work for a Payday loaning company. I felt absolutely dirty just watching some people that couldn't afford much be slowly swallowed into a vicious cycle of paying back fees of 59.9%, taking more loans out and talking about the financial difficulties they were having. We weren't able to say anything else except for "see you next pay". I left the second I got a new job offer and never looked back.

  15. In some states in the south of Mexico girls under the age of 16 are forced to marry adults in exchange of money for the family.

  16. Withholding medicine from sick people is 100% legal of their insurance provider allows it witch is most of the time

  17. Hell, one time I had a prescription, and they pharmacy couldn't access my insurance through the computer so they wouldn't sell it to me. I said, I'll pay the full price for it, they don't cover this one anyway! And they WOULD NOT sell it to me. Haven't bought anything from CVS since.

  18. I once had a pharmacist refuse to run my insurance. She kept insisting on making me pay up $545 for my cancer meds.

  19. any kind of medical treatment or medicine necessary for one to live a decent life being barred bc of their inability to pay is immoral. and of course very legal in the u.s.

  20. The idea that a non medical company gets to decide which treatments I get to take and when/if I get to take them is complete absurdity.

  21. Firing an old employee who's about to retire and putting an intern who works for peanuts in his/her place

  22. Is this a thing that happens? My understanding is that very few private businesses offer pensions these days so there is no incentive to do this in the private sector and the public sector tends to have much stricter rules making firing much harder.

  23. Taking on a 57 year old for a low level, unschooled job and then firing him at the end of his probation because you have taken on more teenagers in the mean time.

  24. i quit a job because they made an unpaid intern in his late 40s commute for 4 hours a day only to not give him a position after a year. Totally fucked. Dude worked so hard too and did a great job.

  25. I hope he got a better job. Here in japan, they can basically just not extend your contract if you refuse to do overtime. Happened to me, but the dude who about to replace me got injured and during that Time i did ot 2hrs a day just so my contract stay still. I would have not bothered trying if i didnt have a kid. I’m in a better place now tho.

  26. I didn't even realize this was thing until recently because my girlfriend has been mentioning how families do this and the kids have like no privacy and even no life of their own. The caretakers/parents just straight up use them and do all kind of weird unconventional things to get those views and it's common for them not to get proper breaks or rest when they need it, because the parents just want to continue making money.

  27. Double so if you live in an RV with them for that sweet rOaD LyFE nOmaD clout, so even with the camera off, they STILL have no privacy.

  28. My old friends Mum has a whole blog about her sons life. It’s her entire income and he thinks other are jealous about it.

  29. I misinterpreted this as using your kids accounts to subscribe to the parents' channel. I wish it were that simple and innocent.

  30. You mean those "cute" gollums which can barely breathe and not at all when exercised and have their eyes fall out if the sneeze too hard?

  31. like frickin pugs, those things have a skull shaped like a tuna can, and they breathe like 'hnng hnng hnng' and people find it cute for some reason.

  32. Remember when a part-collie/part-labrador was called a mutt, and you could get one for the cost of adoption (or even free)?

  33. I know it's illegal in some states, but I'm going to add smoking in a car that has children in it. Even when I smoked, smoking around children felt vile.

  34. I have a dietetic friend who's family was almost run in to the ground, his mom got a job teaching and now the insurance pays for all of it but they were damn close to bankruptcy

  35. For profit prisons. The percentage of Americans in the prison system, has more than doubled since 1985.

  36. Getting rich off a charity. IE total contributions to your non profit 1 million, your costs/personal fee/salary for running the charity $990,000.

  37. Spotify immediately becomes the bad version when you downgrade, keeping your money for the month but giving you nothing for it. (to try to make you forget to cancel before the next payment)

  38. Spotify is a cash grab scheme, I remember when you used to be able to listen to full albums without it being on shuffle by default. songs are constantly disappearing too.

  39. Why just corporate money? Anyone who donates hopes to get the government to coerce in the way they want rather than the way they don't want.

  40. Actually there ARE laws against that (for example senators now have to publicly state 30 days in advance that they are making a trade and what the trade is)

  41. YES!! One of the girls in my group home works & makes usually around $150 a week. A 40 hour week. Its honestly fucked up. She’ll come home & say “I made good paycheck!” Honey, I wish that was actually true😭

  42. As a victim of stalking and domestic abuse for the past 10 years, romance films like Twilight and 50 Shades make me physically ill. There is nothing cute about my ex-boyfriend sitting outside my apartment to watch my bedroom window, trying to break in while I slept because he knew I lived alone, calling me from different numbers and pretending to be other people, harassing my friends and family for updates about me, hacking into my Facebook account to download my photos and read through my private messages, or even the love bombing that preceded all that. It's fucking terrifying. I'm fucking scared for my life.

  43. The notion in older movies of men just grabbing women and forcing a kiss on them always makes me really uncomfortable. I know the intent was a misguided attempt at a romantic gesture, but I still really hate it.

  44. Hot take: Corporations shouldn't be able to own any real estate that is zoned as residential. Any real estate they do buy should be zoned as commercial, and if people are intended to rent there, it should have a minimum occupancy of at least a couple dozen individual units.

  45. Fair point. I want someone running the country who has a vested interest in its long term success, not some old geezer with a get rich quick bit.

  46. Tabloids posting picures taken by paparazzis who basically stalk people that are seen as famous.

  47. Some old Dutch guy just admitted this week on live tv that he and his college friends raped an unconcious girl by putting a big candle inside her 50 years ago.

  48. No it’s not legal to rape people in the Netherlands. But in most countries crimes can’t be prosecuted after a certain time.

  49. You can be an 11-year-old girl that is pregnant due to incestuous rape and not be allowed an abortion in some US states if you’re more than 6 weeks pregnant.

  50. "Crating" - the practice of confining an animal to a small crate so they can't move for almost their entire lives. Such tight environments are a spawning ground for bacteria which can lead to untreated infections, open wounds, and other spreadable diseases. Mothers also accidentally crush their babies during nursing when confined so tightly. It's a form of torture that most wouldn't wish on their worst enemies, yet it's standard practice in factory farms and carried out on tens of millions of pigs annually.

  51. For anyone wondering, this is not crate training for a dog you have at home that stays in a crate much larger than the dog for an hour or so.

  52. All the infections lead to the overuse of antibiotics, which leads to resistant bacteria. So even if you don't give a damn about animal suffering (why), this practice literally causes massive human health problems and probably deaths.

  53. I don't know, the way our system works, if we introduced term limits, our bullshit politicians would just spend even more time lobbying and raising money.

  54. Dating someone you raised or were part of their childhood as an adult Ex: your ex-stepkid Your friends kid Your kid's friends The kid you babysat

  55. Hey babe, 👋 I know we haven't talked in, like, 20 years 😱, but I see you still have your pregnancy fat to lose. I have an opportunity 💰 for you! 👏👏👏. Dou want to own your own company?

  56. Squatter’s Rights Laws. You will never convince me otherwise. The fact that we have a term “Professional Squatter” should force every state and government body to rewrite these stupid laws that let people basically just steal other people’s homes.

  57. It's suprising to me that that house didn't accidentally catch fire, leading to an insurance payout, no squatters and your Aunt being in a far better financial position.

  58. Watching a child cross the street, seeing that they’re about to get pancaked by a semi truck, pulling out your phone, taking a video of the child getting pancaked, and then sharing it on social media for laughs. Technically, it’s legal, but it’s about the worst legal thing you can do.

  59. Banks being allowed to charge insane interest on loans buy giving you almost nothing in interest when you invest with them

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