1. Depends on what kind of mood I'm in. Like if I want to listen to something rock or techno I'd say either Metal Gear Rising or F-Zero. Honorable mention to the Sonic soundtrack.

  2. My first thought was: "there are so many different kinds of OSTs, it's impossible to pick one universal best."

  3. City ruins and grandma always help me when I have trouble falling asleep. They are depressingly peaceful and simply just beautiful

  4. NieR automata is a masterpiece of a soundtrack, and you only need to listen to Pascal’s Village to know it (though the whole thing is incredible) The theme itself is so Thematically appropriate that if you hadn’t played the game and just heard the track, you would probably understand the point it’s making immediately. To start, for the fact it’s a essentially a brand new children’s society as they are new to the idea of living freely and breaking away from the collective, so the Marimba represents the woods they are in and trying to live among nature, the children’s voices are their attempt at true life/purity as a living being, as well as the made up language meaning they are forming their own idealized collective, and the digitized voice is their innate programming fighting to hold them back or remind them that they aren’t truly alive - the duple meter between the children singing and the robot voice shows it’s a constant struggle as the children voices sometimes sync up to the robot voice and then break away again.

  5. This is one of those soundtracks that shows how great JRPGs can be for music. It really is beautiful music. One of the best in recent years beyond a doubt.

  6. David Wise mastered some amazing technical feats working on the soundtrack for this trilogy. The sound and quality of this music is unlike anything else on the Super Nintendo. It still holds up today; compare to a soundtrack like Super Mario World’s, which has great composition but definitely sounds like an SNES game.

  7. Anything shoji meguro touches turns to gold. The entire persona series and Catherine have such amazing soundtracks that no only fit the situations they're used in in-game but also stand in thier own as good music

  8. Amazing soundtrack to an amazing game. I always loved the theme played when entering the palace the final time to steal the heart.

  9. Rouge’s and Knuckle’s themes were and are still bangers. Shadow’s final level and Final Chase are all fucking amazing.

  10. Hades has probably the best use of music in a game I've ever played. The basic songs as you work your way through the levels are great, but as the game progresses new music is part of the plot, leading to some fantastic moments where hearing a great song coincides with finally achieving a big challenge. Great game.

  11. Saw a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater cover band a couple of months ago and had a great night. The whole crowd was going wild.

  12. I regularly listen to songs from this game. I discovered a few of my favourite bands in this game as well. (Rage Against the Machine, Bad Religion)

  13. Yup....every THPS game had amazing soundtracks. Favourite song i learned from this series is Frog One "Blah blah".....pretty sure its from one of the Underground games

  14. A thing about Witcher 3 is just the sheer number of tracks it has, each fitting and matching perfectly with the situation on the screen. There are many games with awesome soundtracks but few of them have SO MANY good tracks all in one place

  15. Witcher 3 's ambiance is incredible ! My brother plays and DM's some tabletop rpgs and I showed him the Nilfgaard camp and palace theme and he just nodded and said "Yep, using that !!"

  16. It's an amazing soundtrack. It's definitely the best sound design out of any game. Every piece of music is so immersive and real that it grabs you and makes you feel like you're actually rocketing around the sun at a water planet covered in tornados, or lost in the void of space forever.

  17. The Airbuster, High Five, J-E-N-O-V-A - Quickening, Hell House, Smash ‘Em, Rip ‘Em, One - Winged Angel - Rebirth, the whole soundtrack slaps!

  18. I love that Austin Wintry of Journey teamed up with Darren Korb. Like Isaac Newton and Einstein teaming up :)

  19. Nothing hits like when you boot up the game for the first time in months and somehow the login music got unmuted and is just blasting through your speakers.

  20. In terms of inspiring themed music then the Dragon Age and Mass Effect Games are perfect, both with some great pieces.

  21. For me it's Devil May Cry 3, Shadow of the Colossus, From Software games, Monster Hunter World, Metal Gear Rising, Hollow Knight, Nier Automata and many more. Honestly soundtrack is a very under appreciated aspect of gaming.

  22. Oh, Rising Revengeance was so amazing I downloaded the soundtrack and still sing the songs in my shower to this day

  23. Genuinely can't get over how good Bloodborne's soundtrack is. Even the generic stuff is great, and the signature pieces *cough*Ludwig*cough* are just exceptional. Even the bad bosses have incredible music (looking at you Living Failures)

  24. Transistor is, hands down, my favorite game ever. And the soundtrack plays a huge role in that. The incorporation of music into the game world makes it all feel alive, even as you're in this dying, empty place.

  25. Here's the thing about the VC soundtrack: You may not like 80s music, but VC's soundtrack is fits the goddamn game like a fuckin bespoke velvet glove made by a Milanese master craftsman.

  26. The fact I had to scroll this far down is criminal. NieR (2010), NieR Replicant with the remastered sound tracks and NieR Automata have outstanding music. Automata and Replicant didn't win best music & score of 2017 and 2021 at the game awards for nothing.

  27. Actually Hans only composed some opening themes and then handed it off to a junior associate (as he does with a lot of work his studio puts its name on). Lorne Balfe of Pirates fame actually composed most of it.

  28. Nostalgia wants me to say the Mass Effect trilogy but honestly, I think Destiny 2 has topped it now. Some of the pieces Destiny has churned out over the years are just beyond exceptional.

  29. Glad to see someone shares my opinion. There is not a single bad Xenoblade song. I really only played XC2, but in that game alone, “The Power of Jin”, “Mor Ardain Roaming the Wastes”, “ “Song of Giga Rosa”, “Tantal”, “Argentum”, “Alba Cavanich” (Especially night), “Fonsa Myma”, “Kingdom of Uraya”, “Death Match With Torna”, “Counterattack” “Drifting Souls”, “Walking With You”, “Friendship”, “One Last You”, “Land of Morytha”, “Spirit Crucible Elpys”, “Garfont”, “Gormott”, “Torigoth”, “The Tomorrow With You”, “A Faint Hope”, “Elysium The Blue Sky” and “After Despair and Hope” (that one still gives me PTSD) all really stood out to me.

  30. Chrono Cross has one of the best soundtracks released during the PS1 era. Mitsuda at some of his very best.

  31. Red Dead Redemption 2. Just listen to "Unshaken", "The Housebuilding Song", "Crash of the worlds", "Cruel World".. It's baffling.

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