1. This is more of a case where I really felt bad for the guy and recognized it was a shitty situation. The guy was in some dire financial straits and had to prioritize what bills got paid and which ones didn’t. The car insurance was one of the bills that didn’t get paid.

  2. No offense and not an attorney but it bothers me the contempt with which pro se lawsuits are treated. I get that most are probably frivolous but you have to imagine that some of the beefs are legitimate. If you have no money for an attorney, you are out of luck.

  3. One of my good friends is a union lawyer for a welders union, and he often says the same thing. Some of his clients legitimately should not be allowed on a job site based on their dangerous behavior, but it's his job to protect them and make sure they do.

  4. I had to work with a guy who was fired but won his job back. No hate to lawyers like you, the boss should have done it properly when trying to get rid of the guy, but holy shit he was a pain in the ass to work with. You would think that having to sue to get his job back would have made him a little less of a pain, but NOPE. He was convinced he would get a promotion as soon as the higher ups finally noticed him.

  5. A guy had a financial entity in which old people used to put their life savings. The asshole took the money and ran away. People sued him but most of them lost

  6. IANAL. I just noticed a lot of people mentioning quitting the law after terrible cases, and wanted to mention that this is the sort of selection effect that causes existing lawyers to be scummier than average. Because if all the ethical lawyers quit then the unethical ones are the only ones left.

  7. I had a case of two counts of statutory rape for which the guy was looking at hard 40 times 2. I got him off on time served plus probation. His mom and sister were my friends. He was a nice guy but developmental problems meant that he was always cross ways with society. Then 20 years later I got a call from his sister that he had stabbed his roommate to death.

  8. In law school a lawyer came to talk. Lawyer got a rapist off (I dont remember the details), the guy then went and raped another girl. The lawyer quit his job and went into community work.

  9. I had to sue a little old lady in a landlord-Tenant dispute. I did the case pro-bono as I’ll sometimes volunteer for Legal Aid Society if I’ve got some extra time, and this was the case assigned to me.

  10. I’m betting she only pulled the ‘nice old lady’ when you were around. I’d also bet she had plenty of money, just hidden away.

  11. The nice old lady shouldn't have been a landlord in the first place if she had not enough money to refund her tenants. It's a business.

  12. I'm an employment lawyer. I once took a regional employer to the EEOC because they had failed to provide my disabled client with a reasonable accommodation. In all fairness, we were very much in the right.

  13. I was a paralegal in the army, we were responsible for admin separations. My buddy got a guy a general discharge for borrowing $20 and having a dirty room.

  14. Simplified that a lot my friend. He received an LOC, LOR, and Article at the minimum. He probably dodged paying the $20 to whomever and got reported. Hit with failure to adapt.

  15. 27Ds are better paralegals than those in a crapton of firms. Thanks for doing great work for awful pay and being subjected to going to east bumble

  16. I'm a criminal defense attorney. I know they're guilty. They're all guilty, but I have to be a good lawyer, and get them off their charges.

  17. Criminal lawyer here as well. Don't feel even the remotest bit bad about any of them. My job literally depends on maintaining emotional detachment to the case. As you said, they're all guilty; doesn't matter to me one way or the other. If I win, it is the prosecutor or police who should feel bad, not me.

  18. Picked up a client in 92 who did a drive by on a party in the wrong neighborhood (Crips vs. Bloods). The prosecutor was a lazy a-hole who would only do the bare minimum to get by. My hero was looking at 18 years max, the prelim offer was 12 years (rejected by client), so a co-counsel and I decided to paperfuck the DA and hit him with over 100 pages in pre-trial motions. He called us up 24 hours after receipt and offered to let our guys plead to a lesser for a 2 year maximum sentence. Since ours guys were already a year into the case and in custody, this meant a quick trip to State Prison for processing and release. My guy was home in 6 weeks. He celebrated by doing a drive by on a local corner grocery store where he shot and killed a 13 year old girl who was headed to the store to buy her sick mother some Nyquil and aspirins. That was the day I decided it was time to figure out my exit strategy from the legal profession.

  19. In the 90s I defended this former NFL star.... We'll call him J.O. Sampson to conceal his identity. Anyway, double murder. Definitely guilty but I worked my lawyer magic and I hate myself forever now

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