1. I have a couple of martini henrys too. They're very nice rifles. I've got a huge BSA one in .577-450 that looks like it was run over by a tank. and a francotte martini WW1 cadets rifle in 297/230 morris long.

  2. High yield EMPs are the way to go. Put it in a satellite orbiting around the south pole and completely neutralize your enemy and their ability to retaliate with complete surprise. 90% of Americans would die in the first year alone. After the strike fly in and secure important infrastructure and you now have a great start to a new colony that hasn't been destroyed with explosions and fallout.

  3. Also HEMA practicioner. For a street brawl I would rather recommend a short sword and a buckler. Long swords are great for duelling, but if you need the job done, it's 133.

  4. Hema practitioner here too, though my Sale D'armes didn't survive the pandemic. I love a good longsword or a rapier for a duel, but shield and buckler feels great. Don't know why, but I love holding a buckler in my left hand.

  5. I feel like the optimal choice would be a squad of attack drones because you can just sit in a bunker wiping people out but I don’t think that’s considered a “weapon” 😂 If I wanted to be stylish though I’m definitely dual wielding tomahawks 😂

  6. I really like the flail. Yes, it's impractical and probably wouldn't be effective, but boy does it look cool. A symbol of brutality and power is how I view the flail.

  7. Hard to narrow to just one. I collect WW2 rifles and love them all. But my first was an M1 Garand and I by far have shot it more than any of the others. But my preferred rifle for training/home defense is a CZ Bren 2 in 5.56

  8. My moose rifle, a Tikka T3x in .308, which was a graduation/birthday present from my family, which became my first project gun. The action is like silk, it’s accurate as hell, and last fall I took my first moose, a small bull with it. My skeet gun, a beretta A400 Xtreme plus is another one of my favourites, because it’s the first gun I bought with my own funds, and it fits me very well.

  9. Personal choice: Kali/Escrima sticks for close combat. I would also like to have those sticks that have tasers on their end, they are great. But on top of all this, I really love a good knife, either those which you can throw or those you can use to cut through tendons

  10. Nunchucks. I was obsessed with Bruce Lee growing up. Brought myself a pair from a Chinese store years ago. It was tough learning how to use them properly; caught myself a few times early on, very painful indeed. But when you finally get a good rhythm going, and you learn a few tricks, it's a great workout for the arms, and looks very flashy too.

  11. Longsword. Feels better in the hands than a spear or knife. Has more reach than a one handed blade. The weight of it means each swing needs to be calculated but balanced. It's just fun to use.

  12. A derringer 22 lr pistol. Not really efficient but it would be cool to collect them and shoot them time to time!

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