1. There's a resident in the condo I work at who gets Amazon and other packages by the dozens daily. I once had to go into her apartment for emergency reasons. The place was walls stacked with unopened packages.

  2. As someone who works retail, this is legit the biggest problem that no one talks about. The amount of returns done on a weekly basis with the same women is honestly embarrassing. People buy stuff just to buy stuff and think nothing of it anymore. Half of all online orders haven’t even been opened, how do you know it doesn’t fit when it’s still in the package 🙄

  3. “Hey, let’s go spend all day at the outlet mall on black friday”! Fuuuuuuck no. I’d rather go swim laps at the sewage treatment plant.

  4. Am I getting old if the trash magazine covers are mostly about divorces of people I've never heard of?

  5. Random story. Before cell phones when I was in elementary and middle school I shared a bathroom with my older sister before she left for college. There would be piles of celeb gossip magazines in there. I had some bowl issues during this time and it took me awhile to do my business. With nothing else to read I would bust them open. I was probably the most celebrity up to date kid out there. In middle school this became a weirdly attractive thing to girls on how up to date I was on celebrity gossip. I could also dish out the gossip with even the most up to date people.

  6. Our ape brains recognise famous people and think they’re our friends. I read about this in detail a little while ago, interesting stuff.

  7. This shit affects kids a lot. I remember buying stuff for my nephew and the one thing that always came out of his mouth that made me resist an urge to backhand him. "IS IT NEW!?!?"

  8. I've worked in technology for a decade now, and have been tech savvy my entire life, and I can't stand new technology. Nothing is made to last, features you liked in the previous model are removed in the new ones. I wish I could just live off the grid.

  9. Cell phones. Constantly having it nearby, checking it all the time, having to be available 24/7 in case someone tries to contact you.

  10. Yeah definitely. I'm switching to a flip phone as we speak. All it does is text, call, play mp3s and it has navigation which is amazing. That's all I need :-) and it's a new phone T-Mobile still makes and sells.

  11. The lotto. It’s really fun to imagine what you would do if you won. If you’re not blowing tons of money on it. That could be worth it right there. But it’s so expensive, and your chances are like .00001 of winning something you can retire with.

  12. The other thing with the lotto is just how bad it often ends up being for the big winners. I would still love to win big money, but I would be terrified if I ever did. Being that I don't buy tickets though, I don't have too much to worry about.

  13. I saw a man murder a child in cold blood in the street and called the cops and the man was arrested. Then his wife got in touch saying how I tore their family apart. AITA?

  14. I think being validated by friends supporting you is something that's really helpful. However, being "validated" by strangers on the internet is absolutely unhealthy.

  15. In fact, Netflix stock tanked as a result of new subscriber growth slowing. Since most Americans that would want a Netflix account already has one.

  16. This is an issue where I work. The targets keep increasing (even during periods where it's expected that we would get less money, e.g. during covid lockdowns). At the same time, there's a huge focus on cutting costs and moving as many positions as possible off-shore.

  17. Being too connected to friends or social media, you don't need to be constantly on your phone and stopping what you are doing every 5 minutes to look at your phone.

  18. Friends are great. Spending time with friends is great. Seeking validation every 5 minutes from virtual acquaintances you don't care about is the opposite of great.

  19. Quitting Facebook was such a huge boost to my overall mood. Even as an introvert, constantly seeing what everyone I knew and kinda knew was doing at any given time they decided to post about it was so depressing.

  20. Working extra hours for free. The organization will gladly let you work for free but absolutely shouldn’t do it.

  21. My lovely previous line manager threatened to remove my IT access when she saw I'd been working over my hours to solve an issue. Really wish she'd leave that company too as I miss her dearly.

  22. Just finished reading "Dopamine Nation", I'll tell you some of the insight I got from what the author said about this phenomena coupled with my own experience: It's a form of lying, deceiving people into thinking that you're doing much better than you actually are. It's harmful because you might get into self deception and derealization so you don't even know your own true self (not like we are very good at that anyway since our perception works more like a narrowing down of the 'thing itself' into a less complex thing to be comprehenible, but that's another issue). I do it, altough not exactly to a large extent, because I am away from my fam and friends and it's a way to keep in touch with each other. At the root of the problem, it's our over stimulated society. We are bombarded with dopamine fueling mechanisms by the minute.. for most people, boredom feels like psychological torture exactly because the pain-pleasure balance in the brain is pushed too much and too often towards pleasure, which decreases our pain tolerance. More often than not, this derealization is fueled by the desire of validation, which in turn is triggered by a feeling of scarcity and pursuit of positive emotion. Showing an idealised version of ourselves to the world is a quick self-destructive fix. But most of us are too blind to forsee the negative impact this type of behaviour has on an individual level.

  23. There are actual companies that curate your social media for you. I only know this bc my cousin uses one. I was convinced she was being followed around by a professional photographer, until I did a bit of digging. They charge 700-1200$ a month for this service.

  24. Yes and all the apps they use to make their skin look flawless with no wrinkles and blemishes? I see women I know post pictures on social media and there is no way they look like that in real life.

  25. Anyone else here old enough to remember Paul Harvey? For decades, people heard his voice on the radio and thought of him as the voice of America. He was immensely popular and was constantly courted to write newspaper columns or have a daily TV Show. He maintained that was difficult, if not impossible, to write interesting content on a daily basis and it would lead to false content. I can't say that he was wrong.

  26. The story behind 24 hour news is actually quite interesting. The first time the 24 hour news cycle was created was from CNN, and the two biggest events were the Challenger explosion and Baby Jessica getting stuck in a hole incident. Both of which caused such a massive uproar that they needed to broadcast 24/7 in order to get constant updates. So if you really hate 24 hour news, you can blame a little kid for getting stuck in a hole and a NASA error that caused a horrible explosion.

  27. Does anyone remember when the news came only at 6 with people like Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings you know unbiased newsmen and women

  28. I recently started trying to be more mindful of how I spend random money. I didn't realize I was buying something almost every day of the week!

  29. I've recently been going through a bit of a granola transformation and I never really got the "problem with consumerism" until now. I knew there was waste and people were just buying stuff for the dopamine hit and a lot of it is unnecessary, but I didn't get the real problem with it.

  30. Whenever I think of Consumerism I think of times when someone decides to leave all their junk behind when moving apartments or something. Someone will post images of the stuff their old roommate left behind and it boggles my mind someone could mindlessly buy so much stuff and not care at all that they'd never see or use it again. People so addicted to buying things all they make is trash. You see it all the time in

  31. Some people are addicted to comparing their lives to others when they should really strive to be the best they can be. Trying to outperform others leads to endless frustration, but trying to outperform yourself leads to true improvement.

  32. I don't suffer much from comparison. But I really hate parents comparing their kids' grades and comparing job, status, house and spouse when kids grow up. It's ridiculous to feel losing face if adult kids haven't get married or haven't have baby. But it's a common phenomenon in China. I don't know whether other countries have the same phenomenon. Even if my parents don't compare things like that, people around us compare.

  33. even striving to "be the best they can be" is a mind game, just do what makes you happy if it doesn't hurt you or others. It's hard to change that mind set but it is possible if you just stop caring what others are doing.

  34. My Facebook got “hacked” (basically phished) and they haven’t let me back in yet even though I followed Facebook’s own policies for getting access to my account again. It’s been several days now so I was thinking, shit, I’m gonna have to make a new account. And then I realized… no I don’t. I don’t really miss it at all.

  35. Completely unnoticed. So much sugar in things people just don't expect or check. Thinking of sugar as a drug has helped me enjoy it more responsibly.

  36. Yupp sugar is a problem. Idk if society pretends that it’s a necessity though - more like food companies have made it a normal part of their products, and it’s gone unnoticed by our society until recently.

  37. No need to pay overtime if you’re salaried, just stay until nine and cover for the people we had to cut “due to COVID.” That’s the motto where I work.

  38. I can't upvote this enough! My coworkers think I'm nuts for pointing this out to them! There is a huge difference between being a great worker and them using you to do their work you don't get paid for! I work in a long term care facility and the administration literally does nothing and the staff overwork themselves and will even spend their own money to provide supplies for the residents because they feel bad that the residents suffer! I call bs and say you're enabling a bad system to stay bad!

  39. I work overtime because every 20 hours of time and a half is one months mortgage payment. So i can pay off 4 mortgage payments a month.

  40. Got into a discussion about "they were raised that way" (never missing work no matter what) Everyone acts like working to death is some manly selfless act. It's not. Put food on the table and what not, but your family NEEDS you too.

  41. As a man without any form of higher education i can say that I have fully accepted that i will not be able to retire and live off of pension when I get old. Even in a socialist country like sweden where i live the projected pension for me wont be enough to live on unless i work to be in my mid 70s. We are the backbone of society and the exponential growth of population demands people who can lay the foundation (literally) for all the new buildings that are so heavy in demand.

  42. If phones had replaceable batteries like they used to, a lot more people would keep them longer. It’s insane that the lifespan of your phone is limited to the lifespan of your battery.

  43. I bought a flagship phone about 5 years ago. Once you upgrade from a tracphone to a galaxy or an iphone, the benefits of moving up beyond that are only marginal

  44. As you automate production of things, the ratio between labor cost and things becomes larger. It's funny you mention electronics, because some electronics are the only things people can typically justify repairing. For the vast majority of goods, even the most trivial of labor cost will eclipse the cost of a brand new thing.

  45. The entire (side) hustle culture. I understand the need/desire and do it myself too. But I find it insane that we need to monetize almost every waking moment.

  46. Most of the time it makes you hate a hobby. I do some painting (miniatures, canvas, digital) and got some commission jobs and it was always a pain in the ass. I stopped it completely. I sometimes sell stuff I don't want or need anymore but I won't do commissions anymore.

  47. Ugh, yeah I've been in a massive creative block because anytime I make something, there's this little voice in my head whispering to document the process to make youtube videos, or make a few extra to sell on Etsy, or post it all over social media to try to gain a following who might buy my art... Because it'd just be silly not to try to make a few extra bucks, right? But it's fucking exhausting. I'm not even doing any of the monetization things, but just constantly thinking about it while I'm trying to make the thing is enough to put me off from it.

  48. Imo hustle culture came about because of shitty traditional jobs with little pay or benefits like flexible time, just my opinion though, might be wrong about this

  49. That is very country dependent. The USA and Canada? Career focused people exist in the Netherlands, but no "hustling".

  50. Youre so right, this culture led me to have anxiety every waking hour i wasnt being productive or thinking if new ideas. Anything i tried and enjoyed, or anything i was good at i couldn’t enjoy it for what it was, i HAD to monetise it some how. The best thing i ever done was realise this and do things for the sake of fun, and being aware when the impulses arise to monetise is

  51. Living in Wisconsin, the state that has alcoholism as a state pastime, I get a few weird looks every so often when I tell people I don't drink. I have an entire family tree of my mom's side that drank themselves to death, I'm good fam

  52. One of my extended family members tries to get me to drink every time he sees me. My 21st birthday was a nightmare as I was the only one who didn't drink. It became so much worse after. Went from liking him to avoiding him over this. People take it personally when you refuse to drink, I hate it. I even have the excuse that I can't drink on my medication, but people call me lame and say a seizure won't kill me.

  53. I get this loads, went for a drink with a friend I'd not seen for ages, and I decided on a coke, I got moaned at for not drinking. And when we go to watch our local team play you can buy a beer to drink as you watch, I got moaned at for drinking coffee.

  54. Surprised this isn't higher up. It's a literal addictive drug that people joke about not being able to start their day without, and then consume it at their office jobs.

  55. Because of covid, my 2020 wedding had to be postponed, along with all of the vendors and banquet hall. When our new date came around (2021), my then-fiancé and I decided that the most important thing was that our marriage was certified. We had our ceremony on our new date, cancelled all of our vendors except for our photographer and videographer, and spent the day with our closest people. And by the time 5:30 came around, we cut into our homemade cake while wearing track pants. I wouldn't trade our day for the world.

  56. It's so common here in India. There's a saying "Don't waste food in a marriage ceremony. Parents spend all their lifetime savings for the marriage of their kid"

  57. My dream is to get married in someone’s backyard with just close friends/family and spend maybe a grand total. I just don’t like my chances at finding someone that agrees lol

  58. The wedding itself is actually not that expensive, its the reception that gets you, even if you go buffet food and midgrade alcohol it adds up VERY fast, and you'd be surprised how fast a guest list builds up.

  59. Alcohol. I’m a doctor and when I ask if someone smokes they say no, smugly. When I ask if they drink, they gush and joke about how happily they do so. Alcohol is pretty much the worst drug imo. It’s devastating.

  60. My wife is a recovering alcoholic and we used to fight about it a lot. I finally told her I wouldn't mention it ever again as long as she told her doctor the ACTUAL number of drinks she had a day. You think I'm overreacting? Tell your doc, if she says it's fine, I'll shut up.

  61. Would you consider a glass of wine every evening unhealthy or an addiction already? I know that many people claim it's "normal" or even claim it's healthy.

  62. And so many of them are just nothing to do with anything being passed. It's X SLAMS Y about policies(always with the slamming) or x signals they might do something(but then nothing happens).

  63. For sure! A rule I've learned is "never start a relationship until you can be happy on your own" Fear of being alone traps a lot of people in toxic relationships! I used to take myself out for dinner and a movie, I used to buy myself flowers because those things just made me happy. $8 for flowers to brighten your room for a week isn't a bad deal. I'm in a relationship, and happy to know I'm there for love, not out of fear

  64. How alone is alone though? I mean "it's okay to be alone. Sincerely, people in a relationship" sounds a bit like what would you know about it. Is this being single but still having lots of friends, access to regular sex and a loving family behind you? Or the by yourself, no one is ever there when you have a bad day but the voice in your head that tells you that you suck and don't deserve a good life, kind of alone?

  65. This hit hard when I was young. I broke up with my GF at the time, and forced myself to do two very uncomfortable things. I went to see a movie on a Friday night and went to a popular dinner eating place for dinner.

  66. Weed. I’m a former stoner and honestly my life is much better sober, yet so many people act like smoking weed all the time isn’t really that bad and “it’s basically medicine.” Nah fam you’re emotionally dependent.

  67. I used to get high pretty often but for some reason it started making me paranoid. So I just stopped, and I don’t really mind. My lungs are happier for it, and my brain is a little bit clearer. Sometimes I feel like I’m missing out, but my bank account is better for not smoking.

  68. I was a burnt out stoner for 24 years until this year. I'm just about at 9 months sober, and I don't miss it at all. I was smoking 20-40 joints a day, and spending more on weed than my rent. I sometimes have dreams where I smoke it, but every time I'm just crushingly disappointed with myself, so when I wake up, I'm relieved it's just a dream.

  69. They also say it's not addicting. Well, video games aren't chemically addicting either but they can still fuck you up (and get you addicted) if you don't moderate your use.

  70. Was a full time stoner too, guess we had to go through it to see it on the other side. There's this drug culture of getting fucked up and being self depreciating. knowing there's something emotional that needs tending to but deciding to tell other people that they'd rather just smoke because there's something stoic about battling with their issues. People thinking it's necessary to smoke so much... Telling people how much they smoke. I always stayed high but I'd take a hit maybe every thirty minutes or so. It's really all you need, anybody going off about their habit was/is annoying.

  71. Yeah. I had a lot of people back in the early 2010's that parroted the "There are no downsides! It helps with my anxiety!"

  72. I'm 16 days weed-sober today after roughly 8 years of daily smoking. These last 16 days have been AMAZING compared to the years leading up to them. I'm down to smoke again someday in a more intentional way, when it's fun again, but my goal is to not touch anything with weed in it until mid June (that'll be around 6 months). People don't take addiction to weed seriously enough and it's definitely not good for our society.

  73. There is also this cycle of being too tired / depressed / etc to cook with what small sliver of free time you have. Not to mention, the cleanup which also needs an additional boost. NOT defending it, but it's an awful cycle many people can't break from.

  74. Yep. I’m really struggling with fast food right now. You never realize how addicting it is until you try to stop

  75. Hustle Culture, this rampant idea that everyone needs to be an entrepreneur is just annoying. People need to fucking take a break and chill.

  76. Right. I just want to put in my 40 hours and come home and spend time with my wife and enjoy hobbies. That free time is worth whatever money I'm giving up by not "hustling".

  77. As someone who struggled with this in my late teens and twenties, I completely agree with this. I joined an online community for my recovery and it was heartbreaking to see the stories of people, young and old, whose lives had been ruined by this addiction.

  78. Honestly, I never watched porn (not interested in watching it, not my thing), but ever since I joined Reddit, I would sometimes see people talking about porn and that it's an addiction. Why is that? Why is porn an addiction, and how does it affect people and their lives?

  79. This is not high enough. I worked in the alcohol industry and love a good glass of wine or beer, but I'm the "weirdo" for not being remotely a big drinker.

  80. I turned 30 last August, my body can't handle even a bit of wine or liquor without me feeling intensely bad soon after. I stopped drinking because I don't want my body feeling like shit so young.

  81. People act like you can’t have fun without it. But maybe also consider how fun can the things you are spending your free time on actually be if removing being drunk from the equation makes them dull and boring?

  82. I have multiple degrees, I’ve won plenty of track and field medals, honors society awards, etc. But my mom never looked HALF so proud of me as the day I brought a bf home.

  83. Same feeling when I see those Youtube videos that peer pressure guys into thinking they need to be some sort of alpha male with the social skills of a talk show host. Like some people are just different with different abilities. It’s okay to not be that, it’s okay to be socially awkward sometimes. There are plenty of girls out there who like guys who don’t act like that alpha concept.

  84. Fr, I'm almost 17 and most of my mates all have a plan for their future. Adults keep pressuring me about what I want to do with my life but I just have no idea.

  85. sugar. Especially in America everything has to be sweetened. Cup of coffee, sweeten it! Water? pfft NO! Carbonated sugar water! Actually healthy baby food and snacks? Absolutely not! Add some sweetness to it! Sugar affect all aspects so bad to the point that society doesn’t even consider snacks good or any foods to be tasteful unless there is some sort of sweet factor to it

  86. Caffeine has the opposite effect on me, I could drink energy drinks as a sleep aid. I drink coffee because it tastes good. I don't need it to be alert, and it doesn't do that for me to begin with.

  87. Alcohol. It's really not necessary to have a fun and active social life. Yet it has tremendous PR glamorizing it, and of course prohibition didn't work. Yet research indicates that it's carcinogenic and that the industry knows this (like big tobacco) and doctors want it to have warning labels (like cigarettes). They get pushback from big alcohol for being a bunch of killjoys and nerds. But really it's because if more people knew about the cancer-causing effects they might not choose to imbibe.

  88. Women beauty trends. Regularly getting nails done, eyelashes done, hair dyed and cut, and all the makeup and skin care products you need for your 12 step skincare routine. Yeah, it’s nice to take care of yourself or treat yourself. And hygiene is for sure important. But you shouldn’t have to go every few weeks and drop tons of money to feel pretty cause that’s what society says. And you don’t need endless products either.

  89. At the beginning of the pandemic I stopped everything - no more hair dye, gel nails, makeup or stupid skin care routines. This was mainly due to depression but it turned into the best. thing. I ever.

  90. Buying presents for each other all the time. Valentines, christmas, birthday, anniversary, new job etc etc.

  91. Mom culture. The idea that "mommy needs wine" all the time. Dragging down moms that don't agree with you. And as someone who is childless currently, the idea that we are NOT allowed to speak to you and offer any kind of advice because "you don't have children". I literally gave a new mom ideas on how to help her baby with gas (after dealing with it with my niece for a while) and she told me she didn't WANT my input because I don't have kids.

  92. I am a mom, and was in a few local mom fb groups. They were so toxic, and I finally realized how much these moms I didn’t even know were bothering me. Left all of the groups, and am so glad I did! I also agree about the wine. The number of parents, not just moms, I know who posted pics of all the alcohol they’d need because schools were going back online for a couple of weeks after Christmas was surprising.

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