1. Did you know! The Florida man has more to do with the fact that arrests are all made public in Florida, so we get to find out about ridiculous crimes. Where in ca it’s kept private. Odd Crime is not particularly more common in Florida than other places. We just know more about it.

  2. Yeah this one. My friends from the UK brought their own electronics over for a six month stay and I asked to borrow her hair dryer after a night at their place. They had a UK —> US converter but it may as well been faster to sun dry my hair.

  3. We have 220v outlets as well, but they’re usually reserved for applications that actually need it like dishwashers and washing machines.

  4. This explains why when my Czech friends came to visit, they stood around my fridge taking pictures of each other with it like it was a monument

  5. i have a pretty basic no-frills, non-high-end Frigidiare refrigerator and have had several visitors from Europe who visit me ask if they could see my fridge and could look inside it.

  6. My household of two (my boyfriend and I) needed a new fridge and in order to keep costs down, we opted for a slightly smaller/narrower model than the typical standard American fridge.

  7. That's so weird to me cause I always got told as a kid to not put food down the sink. Meanwhile Americans are like "if I don't eat it, the drain can have it".

  8. Our currency has bill for the the one dollar. Makes it easier to tip strippers. I have no idea how Europeans tip strippers with Euro coins.

  9. Ive only been to German strip clubs. But the norm there was to trade in your real money at the bar for fake 1 Euro bills.

  10. Do strippers in America just turn up at the bank on a Monday morning with $1,000 in $1 bills and say "here - stick this in my account"?

  11. The two photogs celebrating the Jets overhead at the end is my favorite part of that clip. Stephen Fry is correct, that video is a perfect encapsulation of the American Spirit.

  12. I went to auburn for a year. That game was like the superbowl. People spent hours getting costumes ready. The entire town shuts down the day of the game. All school buildings are locked and all police in town are on duty and working at the stadium.

  13. In case any Americans are wondering college (university) sport as a spectator event is literally not a thing in any meaningful sense in the UK, with the exception of a single rowing race once a year.

  14. Lol i love this clip because every couple of years when I see it, I think "hmm I wonder what game he went to, hopefully one involving some good schools" and it's the fucking iron bowl

  15. That’s not just any standard college football game. Bama vs. Auburn = Iron Bowl. One of the most fierce rivalries in college football. If your season is going bad and you at least win the Iron Bowl the fans are somewhat happy. They play the hardest they can, with no mercy shown.

  16. Brings a tear to my eye that God Bless America brought a tear to a Brits eye 🥲 truly beautiful

  17. I give a slack report to my entire company (800 plus employees) every morning about the state of the company (I’m a business intelligence engineer). At the end of most days I insert a fun fact. This is going to be the greatest fun fact ever. Thanks for sharing.

  18. We also have this thing which is consided one of the oldest organisms in earth at 11,700 years old. It's located out in the Mojave desert!

  19. I always find myself finding everything cheaper in america online stores than in european stores. Especially with hardware, woodworking, light machinery.

  20. We have screens in our houses and we are European. We can't live without them really with the bugs and mosquitoes.

  21. I worked for a US firm (I’m From the UK). There are many differences, but the one that used to cause so many problems was the term “Fortnight” - not commonly used in that part of the US, so they used “Bi Weekly” for the same thing. Except in the UK that means twice a week 😩

  22. In Australia we also have “Monday week” meaning a week from the next Monday (insert day of your choice).

  23. As a middle (or east?) European who was in the US 16 years ago, amazing sweets selection! Please send Twizzlers to Slovakia!

  24. We Belgians drink our first (legal) beer at 16, start going to parties, graduate highschool, start college, explore the student life, graduate college, celebrate graduation with a trip to the US and explore the nightlife there... only to be bared from bars because we are too young to drink.

  25. In New Zealand there’s no legal drinking age as long as you have your parents permission, but you have to be 18 to buy it

  26. Over here in Germany I finally decided that I make the best mexican food. Ive tried a few mexican restaurants but they just cant get it right.

  27. Oh god I’m Mexican American and went to university in Wales for a time. Got a bit homesick a few months in and someone said they would take me to get fajitas. I figured that’s just grilled meat how could it go wrong? Well apparently there the fajitas are in a sauce and eating almost like a stew??????? My flatmates all thought it was delicious. It was not.

  28. In the UK, there is a Mexican chain called "Wahaca". It's spelled that way because those Brits are unable to pronounce "Oaxaca".

  29. This one I'll give you. Universities play each other in sports, but nowhere to the scale in America. For football (soccer), most players can be in clubs' academies from the age of 5/6, finish school at 16 and then just go straight into reserve/first team squads, whereas in America they play sports in school, university, then get picked up by clubs

  30. Do keep in mind that vancouver is at a lower latitude than amsterdam and florida is near the same latitude as the sahara.

  31. Kind of but I think that is changing. When I was in Germany a few weeks ago everywhere we went out to eat at, the portions were something I would expect to get in America and pretty large.

  32. It's so bubbly, cloying and happy. And you know what's really frightening? If you drink enough of it you begin to like it.

  33. I heard from a friend in London that Root Beer tastes like cold medicine to him. Did some research and it turns out yeah, the major flavoring in Root Beer is also the major flavor ingredient in most cough and cold meds in Europe. So the taste of Root Beer just sets off that memory nerve that says "sick and coughing taste!" Poor Europy folks are imbittered to Root Beer from before they take their first sip.

  34. I've read that it's because the flavor is similar to some children's medicine a majority of Europeans had to endure growing up. It reminds them of medicine.

  35. Automatic ice dispensers in your fridges. It's such an American thing you only find it on fridges that are labelled "American style"

  36. I'm friends with a couple in London and every single summer they complain to death about the heat, how they're always sweating and they even can't move and their computers won't even run and they can't sleep at night... while they won't even consider a £300 portable AC unit that would fit in their window and cool their bedroom down for next to no electricity cost. If I bring it up, they act like I'm insane or idiotically spoiled for even suggesting such a thing while I sit in my 78-degree air-conditioned apartment while the Texas summer hits 110 F outside.

  37. Space. I love spending time in Europe, but man, it is amazing to come home and have hundreds of thousands of square miles of just open country to explore, hike, ride, camp, etc...

  38. Yeah, I remember driving a greyhound in central USA and just be astouned at the nothingness of endless space. It was actually a nice experience.

  39. An much older co-worker was describing his wife's family visiting from England back in the 1960's. They picked them up at the airport and then drove back to where he lived. He said they were getting twitchy in the back seat, and he finally realized that they were not used to sitting for this long a drive. It was a 3 hour drive to the small town they lived in. 3 hours of highway speed would be all the way across England.

  40. Live in the UK with a US wife. When my sons were around 2 & 4 we were visiting my wife's grandparents in Arizona. With the heat it was virtually impossible to keep the boys in clothes. They would just strip as soon as you put clothes on them (understandable since AZ is like living on the sun). Wife's grandfather asked why they weren't circumcised and my reply of "We're not Jewish, why would they be?" led to me finding out it's the norm in the US.

  41. Legal right turn on red, I don't always agree with Jeremy Clarkson but in this instance he's correct that's it's one of the US's greatest contributions to society.

  42. Dutchy here. Our pancakes can be savory but are originally neutral/sweet. Savory pancakes are topped with powdered sugar and/or thick syrup (stroop). They are mostly eaten as lunch or dinner, not breakfast (unless maybe leftovers)

  43. If you drive east from the California coast up some of the higher passes all the way to the eastern boundary of CA, you pass through truly immense diversity of natural landscape: beach > estuary/marsh> green rolling hills > golden plains > volcanic table mountains > foothills > national forests > wooded alpine > high alpine > desert plateau. 5 hours of driving one way, worth it every time.

  44. Just found this out on another post: our own graves. Apparently graves are often dug up and reused in Europe and Australia. They’re owned by the government and will not always be yours. The only reason why we don’t do the same is because we are a younger country and we haven’t run out of room to bury people yet.

  45. As an Aussie I've never seen this. Seen plenty of old graves in graveyards from 1800s. Saw one for a lady that literally had written on it 'murdered by blacks at the river crossing' which was pretty confronting

  46. The place my grandma is buried in California has time limits on graves. I believe it’s 99 years. Not sure if they are actually digging folks up as the cemetery is about 150 years old.

  47. Oh yes!!!! And I’d say the whole system of National Parks is just amazing! Open 24/7 (unless some weather or gov’t shutdown), maps available, trails laid out, camping spots designated… It’s the most treasured and inderappreciated thing in the US, IMO.

  48. And the Colorado plateau in general. (Encompasses most of the Southwest along with all the red rock beauty)

  49. Jokes on you. We have a canyon here in Czechia called "Amerika". Because if you use your imagination it could possibly resemble some part of Grand Canyon.

  50. That place gets credit for saving my life. It's down on Freemont street, and they have (had? It's been a while) a big scale out front, like to weigh a pallet. I clambered up there CERTAIN that I still was under the 350lb "Eat for free" gimmick.

  51. Ate there in October during EDC weekend. More like the Heart Attack Bill, lol. Worth it for the novelty, but the food was pretty mediocre, just MASSIVE quantities. It was surprisingly empty too. Glad I checked it out, but wouldn’t return. Las Vegas as a whole is a novelty money grab, lol

  52. This is a good one. American's play pretty hard, mostly because of the unmatched access to public land we have. Lot's of toys and lots of big garages/shops/barns full of recreation vehicles.

  53. A plethora of ice cubes. I don’t think any other country uses ice quite like Americans do.

  54. In The Netherlands we have a lot of peanut butter. And the biggest sizes are 32oz in local stores and probably big containers at wholesale.

  55. Sauce! We have so many kinds of sauce!! I once went to a burger place in Italy and they didn’t have Ketchup. They only had olive oil and balsamic everywhere I went. That was what I was looking forward to when I came home. Good ole bbq, ranch, honey mustard, buffalo etc.

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