1. Hmm you don't think that sounds super obviously like a porn folder lol? Literally no one would have meeting notes from 1979 on their computer after all. Maybe want to use a year when people owned personal computers. I would be so intrigued seeing that🤔

  2. Yeah I'm the only one that uses my computer no reason to hide it. There is also a lot of porn in the downloads and torrents folder cause I'm too lazy to move files

  3. Exactly! That's why my folder with photos of my husband and me is called 'sex'. Don't wanna see sex? Then don't click it.

  4. "Okay you came this far. This is my porn. Please don't look further for my sake and your own" And that folder is of course in the "homework" folder.

  5. It’s actually on a calculator app that works as a calculator but when you enter a code you get your porn i he it for android originally and don’t know what it was called most people are on pc sorry to y’all and for iOS

  6. I have a normal folder, then I change the icon to internet explorers one , then rename it internet explorer as nobody in their right mind would use internet explorer

  7. Mine too is named new folder but it's hidden in steamapps because who in their right mind would go messing with steam folders other than modding a game.

  8. Thinking about it , should just make a folder like system32 make a new one called Systems32 , nobody will think to go to the boot loader folders and look through all 3k+ of em ,😂

  9. I'm trying to quit looking at it, recently deleted a TB+ one from an external named "P" for porn. I have a small one on it named "M" with a tiny amount of stuff, M is for mistake.

  10. Back when I was a kid I found a folder named P vid in my dad’s cimputer, since then i know he is really into asian and stuffs

  11. Dont download and save porn. If the PoPo ever have to go through your computer if you are accused of a crime, it will be used against you to demonstrate bad moral character, even if it is legal porn. Just watch it, and get rid of it. And dont pay for porn either. There is too much free stuff out there. And paying for porn can be made to make you look bad as well. Ex wives have used a dudes porn stash to make him look bad in divorce proceedings and custody battles too.

  12. On my phone i have a samsung notes titled "streched images" the first page is just images... The other 2 are filled with digits.

  13. Porn. I'm an adult and nobody else uses my computer. The login is password protected and I would consider it a breach of my privacy if someone went through my stuff.

  14. I have ADHD. I have a terrible memory. I forget things 5 seconds after they happen, yet I can find my way through porn sites to videos I like easily, even if I don’t know their names. It’s like muscle memory.

  15. Porn folders are really old-school now, unless there is a nostalgic-retro trend of reenacting porn viewing. Something like a 240p girls gone wild, downloaded on Emule, watched on Media player.

  16. I live alone, so i straight up called mine "Pr0n." You have to go through six subfolders with backups, games and comic strips I saved to find it, though.

  17. It’s called Go Incognito and instantly stream all the porn I want. We are past the days of having to store porn locally for quick access.

  18. Lmao it's named work documents with a copy of my cars insurance as the first pic. I really hope I'm not stupid enough to never give that one to the cops cause I'll either get out of the ticket or get more tickets.

  19. Documents-> computer back up (folder with a bunch of important files I can find quickly) -> work files -> (Job I quit a year ago) files -> miscellaneous

  20. Back in highschool when I would have LAN parties with friends, one of my classmates shared his drive. In a labyrinth of empty folders, eventually you would come to one labeled Science_Homework/Trisomy_21 That's where his porn lived. All pretty normal/generic stuff but we always laughed at his naming choice.

  21. Todo, that is the normal to-do, but it also means "all" in Spanish. And there, with the porn, you can find pirated games, and more unfinished projects that the whole world can hold. Also, any other trash that isn't personal photos... So.. good luck finding the porn there..

  22. I don't have one since I find that word to be very offensive I do have an art collection in the PUBLIC section which just happens to be called ARTWORK...

  23. My husband's is 'badjesse'. I found it immediately the first time I used his pc when we were dating, and he still thinks it fools guests. Riiggghhhht.

  24. Books-BOOKS-New Folder. Nobody looks that far into books. Rarely anyone touches my computer other than me and my wife though, so there's really no need.

  25. Well I once zipped a folder renamed it to picture and some numbers and changed the file extension from zip to PNG or MP4 and whenever I want to use it, just recharge the file extension and unzip

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