1. Mr. Rogers. As a kid growing up in Pittsburgh, so many of my afternoons were spent exploring a new world with him. I had a friend in college that I talked to after Mr. Rogers had passed, and he had said that when he and his brother were sad they both watched his show because it felt like somebody loved them.

  2. Me as well. Grew up in Pittsburgh. The man is an icon, but holds a super special place in Pittsburghers' hearts.

  3. He was the only TV personality that both my mother and I grew up watching. Loved that man and everything he stood for.

  4. He was super active on a Hitchhiker's Guide forum before he died. I'd write up some normal post in a thread talking about morning routines or whatever, and within 15 minutes, my idol responded with a paragraph criticizing my tea making, or giving me advice on what to major in, or chiming in on political events of the day, usually with his brand of dry, glib wit. He posted a few times mentioning how he wanted to improve his overall health, and for those who don't know, he had a heart attack at a gym. I remember feeling sad, thinking he would have the funniest possible take about the circumstances of his own death.

  5. It was also such an awful, insulting end for such a brilliant mind. His utter rage at what was happening to him, and there was nothing he could do about it was so damn painful.

  6. I cried. At work. Big, blubbering tears. Try explaining that to a bunch of uptight, emotionless lawyers. He was a constant during my 20's and 30's. He was, in a way, my only hero. He saved my sanity with his beautiful, weird, relatable, complex world. Gave me hope and an outlet for an overburdened, depressed brain that fired too fast and sometimes too slow. Made me laugh and cry and think. Gave me an outlet. Big thoughts and little realisations that no matter how this world was behaving, spinning around me when I had an actors face on and a tenuous grasp on reality, there was Terry, being brave and smart and real and funny and writing it out when I couldn't even verbalise half of whatever the hell was going on. Oh dear. Here come the tears. Still.

  7. Ditto. When he died, I had been reading his books for almost twenty years. No other author made me feel like I had such a personal relationship with their work, except maybe Stephen King. I don't usually tear up when hearing about tragedies of people I never met, but Pratchett's death really hit me.

  8. Oh man, every time I think of Phil I think, "Fuck his fucking shitbag wife. Why couldn't she just take herself out? Why take Phil, too?". And then I remember the Andy Dick story and get mad at him, again.

  9. I have absolutely used his advice. Something like if you are at a funeral and people say "if there is anything I can do.." put those fuckers to work.

  10. I remember I was 9 or 10 and my mother was driving my brother and me and we were listening to the radio when the station went silent for a moment in the middle of some other song and then to "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and we all just knew. Everyone knew he was sick. But there is something about collectively intuiting sad news that just makes it sadder.

  11. Christina Grimmie. She wasn't "super famous" but she was fairly big on Youtube and made it to The Voice and stuff, did some other things. She was shot dead signing autographs at age 22. It still hits me like a brick sometimes, I followed her for years growing up...

  12. This one did me in. I was up late unable to fall asleep when I saw the news. I sobbed and didn't want to believe it was real. I followed her for years on Youtube and she was such a kind soul. To be murdered in front of fans and family... fucking awful.

  13. I remember stumbling across Christina when I was younger and this was before she was YouTube famous and all that. I stopped following her on socials as much but was aware she had made it to the voice and touring with Selena Gomez. When I found out she died, I almost cried. I couldn’t believe it, still can’t.

  14. Yes, it hit me hard when I found out, she was awesome. Normally, I don't care about famous people but I was a fan. I started following her years before she joined The Voice, I think I've watched most of her videos, and I listen to her songs from time to time, but I get really sad when I do it.

  15. Anthony Bourdain. The man was successful, he had many good friends and yet he was so miserable he took his own life. Robin Williams suicide I understood: his quality of life was going to go downhill fast. I feel like if Bourdain got the right help he could have had a happy life.

  16. I literally cannot watch any of his shows now. All his offhand comments about depression and suicide sounded like jokes then, but they were all just giant flaming red flags.

  17. This was by far the worst for me. It probably sounds kinda like a stretch or bullshit but he really changed my life in real ways. He inspired a love of food and openness to different cultures in me that has changed a lot of my outlook on the world. I truly miss him.

  18. Ugh me too. He was sarcastic, cynical, intelligent, and deeply decent. The complete lack of pretense was so refreshing but it seemed like he carried the pain of the whole world with him when he traveled. I think we really needed his perspective and his death kind of devastated me.

  19. As a struggling line cook who hated life, he was a beacon of hope for success. When he killed himself it was a huge blow—he wasn’t my “idol” but if he couldn’t be happy in the industry, how could I? Then again, maybe it was the stardom that lead to his unhappiness…maybe he should have just stayed in the kitchen.

  20. I scrolled and scrolled to find this comment. I used to think that his art was killing him, as if his drawings were done in his own blood. ...and then he died for real. I was honestly surprised by how hard I took it. It wasn't like I even knew much about him as a person. Though I guess you couldn't help but get to know a piece of him through his art. May he rest in peace.

  21. I had only gotten into Berserk around November of 2020 and it is by far the best written series I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. He created a world so rich with meaning and purpose that even if Berserk remains unfinished it will be considered one of the best manga of all time.

  22. I was 6 when Jim Henson died. I was in bed and could hear my mom and my grandpa watching TV in the living room. They were watching the news and it was announcing Jim Hensons had died. My mom and grandpa started talking about how they were going to tell me the next day and maybe they would take me to the beach for the day and tell me there. I laid in bed and cried until I fell asleep.

  23. Chris Farley. Still get upset when I think about it and haven’t watched “I Am Chris Farley” since I think it will make me sad

  24. Sandler's song to Chris is so heartwarming. Wife and I saw his stand up that was on Netflix, and when he played that there wasn't a dry eye in the house including Adam getting choked up a couple times.

  25. also.....the way he died. honestly arguably the saddest celebrity death, especially from a comedian. he had spent the entire weekend doing drugs with a prostitute and she had stolen his watch and left the room and his last words were begging her to come back - “please, dont leave”.

  26. John Candy, I grew up watching his movies and only learnt he had passed away while scrolling through his IMDb 2 years ago, he died before I was born and I just never knew.

  27. I remember when John Candy died. My mom cried. She died in 2013 and since then she’s missed a few celebrity deaths that she would have felt the same about. I felt like since she wasn’t here I felt her grief and mine. Particularly about Robin Williams, he died shortly after her and I couldn’t help thinking how incredibly sad she would have been and would it be worse than John Candy. They felt like family.

  28. When Chester Bennington passed I was in such disbelief. Linkin Park played a huge part in defining my music taste and I always loved Chester’s singing and screaming. I can remember where I was when I got the news and everything.

  29. Last time I saw him was when he was fronting for Stone Temple Pilots some years ago. It was at a music festival and I was actually really surprised at how well he did. He performed all of STP's hits and totally played into Weilands stage persona.

  30. When the news broke about Chester, several people reached out to me right away to express their condolences. It was so weird to have so many people know I would be upset by the news, and it did feel like such a huge loss for me. I still get a bit teary sometimes if I listen to LP, his voice was just so incredible.

  31. Makes my stomach hurt thinking about him. Such a fun, talented and charming actor. To be crushed like that while doing something as innocuous as checking your mail is just haunting.

  32. Was looking for this one. Was gutted when I heard. And his death was so senseless. It wasn't addiction or suicide or old age, just a freak accident that took away one of my favorite actors, and a promising young talent. It still feels wrong and reminded me life isn't fair

  33. I was looking for this comment. I think what's most heartbreaking about his death is how it was from a sudden accident that wasn't his fault at all. He was really in the beginning of his career too.

  34. Not exactly a celebrity but Satoru Iwata. I loved many Nintendo games during his era as CEO, and after his passing I was in awe at how much he did personally to save games that were in development hell as well as him choosing to take personal responsibility for the losses Nintendo saw during the WiiU by cutting his paycheck rather than letting go of employees. Truly an exemplary man if ever I’ve seen one.

  35. “On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.”

  36. When an entire industry is praising a man for his character upon his passing, you can tell he was a great man to know even if just through professional capacity.

  37. Oh shit. I had been busy with exams when it happened and missed the news. My pals and I went out to play NTN trivia to unwind, and one of the questions was, "Which musician drowned this week in the Mississippi river?" The choices were all favourite musicians of mine, and there was no "None of the above" option. I had a little breakdown waiting for the results to show up, knowing that I'd be gutted regardless of the answer.

  38. My first thought as well - someone who's life was brining happiness to so many people died is such a tragic way. Haven't been able to bring myself to watch anything by him since his death.

  39. I read somewhere, “Robin Williams has made me a better person and I’ve never even met him” so true

  40. Wait, Berta is dead? I didn't know that. We are just rewatching scrubs though and it's sad to see Ted. Sam Iloyd was very talented.

  41. Neal Peart. Both my dad and I are big Rush fans so it was heartbreaking knowing that we are never going to see him play live again.

  42. I just recently watched a past interview with Alex & Geddy where they were answering questions about the lack of touring, and now it's so obvious they were covering for Neal's condition with non-answers and it was just heart-wrenching.

  43. A friend of mine went to school with her in New Jersey. According to him, she was a genuinely wonderful person IRL. Like one of those legitimate “light up a room” types.

  44. This one hit me hard too. She had an absolutely beautiful heart and soul, with an equally beautiful voice. It's such a sad loss of life for someone who had a wonderful future ahead of her. All because of some deranged fan who got jealous and didn't want anyone else to have her if he couldn't. It's absolutely sickening.

  45. The day before or same day as the Pulse massacre. Horrific week in general. I was very upset, because I had followed her for years and to see it crumble like that was devastating.

  46. She was killed like the same week as the pulse nightclub shooting too so her time in the news cycle was oh so brief … really terrible month that was

  47. Philip Seymour Hoffman. You can be clean for 20 years and are still at risk of relapse. He did lose one of his support networks (falling out with AA after drinking for the first time in decades), but like, if he’s not safe from addition, who ——ing is?

  48. He's in a wonderful silly movie called Pirate Radio, and his character says, "You know, a few months ago, I made a terrible mistake. I realized something, and instead of crushing the thought the moment it came I... I let it hang on, and now I know it to be true. And I'm afraid it's stuck in my head forever. These are the best days of our lives. It's a terrible thing to know, but I know it."

  49. Sobriety is neither gilded nor guaranteed by money and fame. Maybe it is better to think of it this way - his chance was not better, and yours is not worse.

  50. John Ritter. I was a teenage girl when 8 simple rules was on and I vividly remember the episodes where the cast deals with his death. I was so upset when learning that the emotions were real. A couple years later I made the connection to JD’s dad in scrubs as the same guy and it hit me all over. Embarrassing as it is to admit this, I still watch the two farewell episodes of 8 simple rules when I feel like crying. I haven’t done it in some time due to problems with my own father, but I could imagine that it would be part of the mourning process here.

  51. Cameron Boyce. I grew up with him on TV as I religiously watched Jessie when it first aired. Guy was only a year older than I was

  52. I watched Jessie, Grown Ups, and Descendants regularly and I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch it since. He also seemed like a great guy off screen. I was so upset when I found out about his death. I felt like I was scrolling forever on here to find his name. He really was an amazing dude

  53. Same. I bawled. I couldn't figure out why this hit me so bad...then I did. As a "military brat" moving from place to place, he was my only constant friend.

  54. I really only knew him from Mythbusters, but after his death I learned about all the other amazing things he had done, and I'm now truly saddened that there's not more people like him

  55. I think one of the reasons his death hit me harder than most celebrity deaths was his age and cause of death. You don't expect people under age 50 to die of a stroke aneurysm. It reminds you that we may not have as much time as we think

  56. Chris Cornell. Grew up with Soundgarden and Temple of the Dog; the first Audioslave album came out when I was in high school. Epic sound, seemed like a great guy. I thought he was going to survive the grunge curse. The only one left from that era now is Eddie Vedder.

  57. One of my favorite memories of my now deceased brother was driving home from work together, singing along with “Hunger Strike” like a couple of real assholes.

  58. I still get so sad thinking about her death and the fact that she’s really gone. It’s so hard to watch uptown girls and not wanna cry

  59. I think Alex Trebek and Steve Irwin are the only two I've ever teared up over. I have a lot of good memories growing up of watching Jeopardy! with my mom, and it felt like a little piece of me was lost when I heard of his passing.

  60. Carrie Fisher for me too. Particularly because Debbie Reynolds passed away so soon afterwards, and the thought of Billie Lourd being in that much pain just broke my heart.

  61. Carrie Fisher for me. Growing up, she was the only princess who was a real leader and role model. And then it turned out she was also just a wonderful human.

  62. A Knight's Tale is my favorite movie of all time (for as long as I only consider with the nostalgic part of my brain)

  63. For me too. Recently went back and watched a bunch of his movies and was reminded just how much of a loss his death was.

  64. Adam “MCA” Yauch. I was a huge Beastie Boys fan in high school, obsessive. I was holding out on going to concerts until he recovered from cancer because I wanted them to be my first concert. Then one Friday after school I’m showering to get ready for Senior prom and my brother opens the door to tell me “MCA died.” I was devastated, but I still tried to have a good time, however the DJs wouldn’t play BB because all the music had to be pre-approved before the dance. It was a rough night.

  65. Mitch Hedberg. I was huge into stand-up at the time, especially his stuff. He'd just hit his stride, and really deserved to have a much longer career.

  66. I consider myself very fortunate for having seen Mitch live twice. The last time I was at a show with my ex-wife and there was a heckler who really fucked with Mitch's rhythm. We were sitting up front and could see how he was having a hard time getting back on track, he was just stuttering trying to think of what was next, and my wife asked him if he likes wearing turtlenecks and he smiled and ran with the joke and got right back on track. Normally we wouldn't dream of speaking during a set, but this one time it was cool to be able to get him back on track and witness his genius.

  67. For me he is/was a celebrity, maybe not for others. But, Kurt Vonnegut. My late teenage years and early twenties were spent with my nose in his books. He had such a unique and funny way of looking at the world. "So it goes."

  68. I was coming here to post Naya Rivera. I feel sick thinking about her four year old son potentially watching her drown :( and she had a history of being a good swimmer, it's just so sad.

  69. I was coming here to say the same. The fact that they believe she died while saving her son. And then to think about him floating on the boat alone, not really understanding why his mom isn’t there anymore. Ugh just heartbreaking.

  70. He died a couple of weeks before I started university. At the Freshers' Ball, the band stopped playing and asked us to respect a minute's silence for Steve. A thousand pissed-up teenagers, away from home for the first time, and not one said a word, until the minute was over and a spontaneous "Steve! Steve! Steve!" chant broke out. I don't know if any other celebrity could've commanded that much universal respect.

  71. Came here to say Steve Irwin. One of the few that I remember where I was when I heard. It felt really striking as he seemed to really know what he was doing around animals and how well he handled them made it feel like he must be invincible.

  72. For me, it was the death of John Dunsworth (Jim Lahey in the Trailer Park Boys). He was such a sweet soul

  73. I was saddened by this as well. My feelings were brought back a few months ago when YouTube started recommending his videos. He talked so much about leaving a legacy behind after he was gone. He loved working with stone and concrete. Built a ton of stuff on his lake house and other places all by himself and by hand. You could tell he was a very educated and deep human being. He enjoyed the idea of permanence in stone and concrete work, left behind for generations to enjoy.

  74. I was fortunate enough to see Randy and Lahey live in early 2016 and do the meet and greet. Those guys were great and put on a better show than the boys did live. Dunsworth in particular was humble and kind and talked to everyone like regular people. Was really impressed.

  75. Oh this makes me so sad. I knew exactly who you meant before I clicked the link but it was still crushing to have it confirmed. Rip Maple :(

  76. I hadn't heard this news and now I'm crying :( . Back when I used to have Instagram, that was probably my favorite account that I followed.

  77. I saw his Snape outfit in the Harry Potter studio tour and cry I did , he was also fantastic in Die Hard , Truly Madly Deeply . This list is long

  78. Robin Williams. His humor and spark brought so much light to the world. It is a little bit darker now that he is gone.

  79. It was tragic, but what's really tragic is everyone using him a symbol of depression. Robin Williams didn't kill himself because he was depressed, he killed himself because of his struggles with Lewy body disease, an aggressive form of dementia that was literally making him lose his mind.

  80. Loved this guy ever since Mork and Mindy. There's an excellent documentary called 'Come inside my mind'. It helps you to understand the artist, the man and the reasons.

  81. To this day he is the only celebrity I have cried over. In fact the other night someone brought him up and I cried.

  82. Mac Miller is someone I grew up with, truly. during high school he was releasing party music and probably his poppiest music so i didn't really enjoy his music as much but did hear his stuff. he did watching movies in 2013 when i graduated and i was all. in. truly someone with incredible artistry and what is a crazy cosmic coincidence, had a lot of music that comforted me and related a lot to my life. he did faces when i was getting into more serious drug use, he was sobering up when i moved to a new city and was basically clean, he released Divine Feminine when i was falling in love, and swimming whenever i was still recovering from the breakup. i was absolutely crushed when he died, it felt like losing a distant friend. i still have a hard time listening to his music

  83. Same. I went to camp with him; always a really nice guy and absolutely started making waves with his music.

  84. Spent the whole day in my head, do a little spring cleanin, always too busy dreamin. Maybe i should wake up instead, lotta things I regret, but I just say I forget.

  85. Carrie Fisher. I was at work when I found out and told friend there that is a huge star wars fanatic. She started crying and got me teared up also.

  86. Heath Ledger. I've been a fan since I saw him in A Knights Tale. He was getting bigger and better roles at the time and I was super excited to watch him as Joker in Dark Knight. I was beyond shocked when my father told me that he had passed away a few days later. It wouldn't affect me as much today if my favorite celebrity passes away but as a kid that hit me really hard.

  87. Stephen Hawking. My dad told me about it just before I went to bed and I spent a solid 20 minutes just sitting on my bed staring at the wall. Didn't get much sleep that night

  88. I always admired him for his work but it wasn't until I watched The Theory of Everything that I realized how funny he was. And the fact that he thought The Simpsons were, "The best thing on television" really solidified my admiration for him.

  89. It's difficult to explain the feeling. When medical professionals have said he wouldn't survive the first decade of diagnosis. Or the decade after that, or the next one. For him to live such a long life and contribute so much can't help but make you think.

  90. elliott smith. he honestly just had so much left to give. watching him grow as a musician from age 16 to 34 just makes me so sad that it ended so abruptly

  91. She wanted to go to rehab at one point and her father actively convinced her not to because they'd lose out on profits and fame and she was "fine". That was the beginning of her downward spiral that ultimatively lead to her death.

  92. Listening to One More Light after his passing broke me. I just wish he could've heard those words sung to him, he sure as hell saved me with them.

  93. That one fucked me up. Hybrid Theory was the first album I bought where I honestly, thoroughly enjoyed every track. I was 15, and that whole album was a roller-coaster of emotions for me. From highs to lows, each song points to a specific memory in my mind.

  94. Their music made me feel less lonely when I listened to it. The way he brought the passion out in the lyrics really resonated with me.

  95. I was 19 when Tupac died and it still hits me to this day. So tragic and premature, he would have done such big big things

  96. I still cry over his death periodically and reading the replies to this thread has me tearing up heavily at work. He had so much life left to live. I wish people, celebrities especially, didn’t have such easy and availability to drugs.

  97. Personally, his timing with every release was so in line with my own life. His early work being party feel good was just what I wanted when I was in high school. Then WMWTSO and Faces came out right as I was beginning to realize how complex/dark life can be while I was experimenting with drugs. Divine Feminine came out while I was deeply in love with a girl, even if the relationship was shit. Swimming and Circles came out as my life started balancing out a bit more. I feel like I watched Mac grow within myself.

  98. Came here to comment this as well. Visited Pittsburgh in 2020 and it was so apparent how much love that city has for him. May or may not have teared up when they played his music at a Penguins game.

  99. Robin Williams hit me hard, but then in the weeks and months after, learning what he was going through, I was a bit relieved. His pain and terror was over.

  100. “I understand there’s a guy inside me who wants to lay in bed, smoke weed all day, and watch cartoons and old movies. My whole life is a series of stratagems to avoid, and outwit, that guy.” - Anthony Bourdain.

  101. Anthony Bourdain is the only celebrity death that I wasn't just like "aw. that sucks" It really bothered me, because I felt like I knew him so well from his shows and books. He just seemed like he had everything I would ever want. Then poof.

  102. David Bowie. I just sat on my bed and sobbed. It didn't help that I got like 15 texts and facebook messages from friends and family asking if I had heard or "breaking the news" to me.

  103. Man his death inspired me so much as an artist though. What a gift he was given to be told he had X amount of time left, and he decided to gift that time back to the world with one final ambitious creation. I’d like to think I’d do the same. Rest In Peace Starman.

  104. MFDOOM bc he died just as I started getting into his music. And then finding out that he’d been dead since October, so the whole time I’ve listened to him he was dead.

  105. Cameron Boyce. His death hit me hard because his birthday is only a couple months after mine. Having someone my age just die suddenly made me realize I could die right now.

  106. This hit me hard for the same reason, and since it wasnt drugs or anything he was doing to himself there was nothing that couldve prevented it

  107. That was absolutely devastating. I grew up watching series with him in it, and finding out he passed was devastating. Watching Descendants 3 that came out after his death was painful.

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