1. With several exceptions. Anything on Newgrounds, The Henry Stickmin Collection, Papa Louie Games, Happy Wheels, and anything preserved by that one website.

  2. Monkey Island. TellTale brought it back and made a great five part series. They set up so much. That will never happen now.

  3. Agree 100%, what a series. And I’d also throw in the other SCUMM based games too - Full Throttle, The Dig, Day of the Tentacle etc.

  4. Spore! It had such potential. Especially sad that galactic adventures never took off. I know No Man's Sky is kind of taking over what that was supposed to be, but I miss the customization in Spore.

  5. I think my main beef with the Galactic Adventures thing is that it didn't really follow the rest of the game's premise very well.

  6. The initial buzz for Spore was that it was going to be heavy on science - evolution from single cell organism to a race capable of interstellar travel.

  7. FFT advanced was the first game I truly truly binged. I lived in a house without cable TV or Internet in rural scotland as a kid. That game got me through so many boring days

  8. Hopefully Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is the second hand revival we’re waiting for. Even Naganuma is in charge for the whole soundtrack!

  9. Earthbound is pretty good. Mother 3 kinda wrecked my soul and I'd live to get an official American release but I don't think that will happen without the story being changed significantly.

  10. They did my girl Penelope dirty. Felt like the writer just wanted to abandon a character for a cheap twist. Penelope deserved better.

  11. Thank God someone said it. The way they ended Thieves is infuriating, and the fact it’s been 7 years with no closure is so frustrating.

  12. I had to scroll entirely too far to find this. Sly Cooper was such a fantastic game. The only reason I bought a PS3 was to play Sly 4.

  13. We’ve got this notion that we’d quite like to sail the ocean so we’re building a big boat to leave here for good

  14. Im surprised no one picked up this franchise or even the same concept with nowadays VR technology.

  15. B&W literally rewrote the rules for how game AI worked. The AI knew basically nothing when the game started, and LEARNED TO DO THINGS as the game went on. That just isn't a thing anymore!

  16. Heroes 3 is still alive due to the fan made expansion Horn of Abyss. This expansion is of very high quality: it adds new pirate-themed town called "Cove", new campaigns, maps, items on map, artifacts and some balance tweaks. The expansion is of very, very high quality - probably better than the Armageddon's blade expansion. You also get a multiplayer mode with lobby. There is also HD mod that adds various "quality of life" improvements to the game and upgrades the graphics.

  17. SimCity. It's sad that SimCity 4 is still the best one to this day, and there won't be another since Maxis is dead.

  18. Any love for the other Sim games? Nothing will ever quite fill the hole that SimTower's elevator management has left in my gaming life.

  19. EDIT: I have been informed that there is a community-driven adaptation of Midair, a spiritual successor to the combat which I love so much in Tribes. Check it out here:

  20. Ascend was good, but unfortunately HiRez did HiRez things and made an atrocious pay scheme and released unbalanced items, such as that insane plasma cannon. Sad they didn't try to fix their pay model until it was way too late.

  21. Especially when you hear what the plan was going to be for Dead Space 4. A return to proper survival horror with you playing an Isaac traveling from world to world trying to stay alive in a galaxy with the brethren moons awake.

  22. Dead Space was straight up assassinated by EA. Forced unpopular mechanics into the game and shut the studio down when it underperformed.

  23. The reason the franchise is dead is that F-Zero GX was perfect. I can’t think of anything to improve. Even the graphics hold up.

  24. Came here to say this. Every Max Payne game is in my top 10 best games of all time. I agree that 3 had a totally different atmosphere, but it also had the most satisfying gun play of any game I've played in my whole life. It's a shame Rockstar didn't carry over the highly polished shooting mechanics into GTA or RDR.

  25. SOCOM 2 was my peak of video gaming skill. I was in high school and would play that game for like 12 hours a day. I was in the #2 clan in the world USA on Gamebattles.

  26. Mercenaries. If you have the chance to play Mercinaries 2, do it. It's absolutely favourite game of all time. They were working on a third but it got cancelled and the studio folded.

  27. There hasn't been a splinter cell game in what, 5 years? But hey, they just put Sam Fisher in R6 Siege!

  28. Fun fact, The Last of Us team at Naughty Dog was originally going to be making a Jak and Daxter sequel but switched. I hope to see another Jak and Daxter game someday.

  29. Fun fact: Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy was one of the first games to be able to complete start to finish without a single loading screen. After starting the game you can beat the whole game start to finish(if you don’t die) without ever seeing a loading screen.

  30. Jak and Daxter's been done so dirty. The original and Jak II are such good games. Jak III isn't my favorite, but at least it was still fun to play.

  31. Used to love switching my lil' flying car from "High" to "Low" and absolutely pancaking a Krimson Guard foot solider below.

  32. Was just discussing with my roommate how dumb Sony is for just leaving this property dead. It has so much potential.

  33. Sim City. Fuck you EA. EA took one of the most known and established franchises that spanned decades and unceremoniously humiliated and killed it.

  34. MYST. There hasn’t been a new one in a long time, and everything after Exile has been really meh... but the first two games were some of my favorites of all time and the world building was fantastic.

  35. I'd love a Bully sequel and for Nintendo to release a new Advance Wars game. I know there is Wargroove but it hasn't hooked me in like Advance Wars did.

  36. Earthworm Jim holds a very special place in my heart. I'm really sad that I had to scroll down this far to find it.

  37. 100% agree. Absolutely loved Spore, I actually bought it on disk when it came out. This franchise had so much potential. So disappointed that they didn't make another (Dark Spore doesn't count, totally different). Game was different than most

  38. Spore done today would be like No Man's Sky, except way better. Such a solid game. The only downside was the galaxy-level missions got really repetitive.

  39. I have design-documents somewhere from when I was in university studying games design. My premise? "What would I do to improve a game?"

  40. My favorite franchise of all time. I’ve been waiting for anything new for it for years. I was elated when they were added to Smash Bros. Although BK is dead, the collect-a-thon genre is having a bit of a resurgence so I’m happy about that at least.

  41. This one right here. Street racing in real cities with no handholding. Missed the exit from the 405 into the streets? Go fuck yourself, either take the next one or turn around because we aren’t correcting that

  42. I came to post this as well, dark cloud 2/dark chronicle was an amazing game, fully voice acted was rare those days and the side games helped develop the character for the story line. Truly an excellent game.

  43. New Yorker here. I still hear the relevant Parasite Eve music in my head when visiting the real NYC locations used in the game, and will always remember fighting the giant T-Rex skeleton every time I'm at the Museum of Natural History.

  44. I am surprised there hasn't been a boxing game in a while. It's such a good genre to completely disappear.

  45. This is mine, too. Wasn't exactly in love with Dark Dawn but the first two games were outstanding, and damn if DD didn't end on a sodding cliffhanger.

  46. One of the best games of the 2000s, probably one of the best on the GBA period. And the second one was even better! Ridiculous how much game there was in one little GBA cartridge. The third one wasn't exactly awful but it failed to capture the same feeling, or something. It was still a good rpg though, shame it didn't do better.

  47. aw man, i remember writing a game-faq for that about 20 years ago. My favorite game of all time.

  48. Yes! Golden Sun, I just loved the djinn system and the elaborate summon sequences. Reminds me of everything I love about older final fantasy games

  49. Portal and Portal 2 were both amazing games. I'm still holding out hope that they will revive the franchise at some point.

  50. Such great games. Leisure Suit Larry may not have aged well, ethics-wise, but it was hilarious back in the day. An updated version (better graphics, gameplay, and ethics) would be awesome.

  51. Came here to make sure someone mentioned this. At least we will get Eiyuden Chronicle in a few years

  52. Infamous 1 and 2 were two of my favorite games of all time, the story was insane and it was so much fun to just free roam and fuck shit up. I loved it so much. Would pay top dollar for a PC port or remaster of the OG 2, too bad sony owns it and doesn't give a fuck about old games.

  53. The Planetside series (Planetside and Planetside 2.) There are no other games like them that have PVP FPS combat on such a large scale.

  54. Was coming here to say this. One would think that with the Netflix series they would have at least done a remake of Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, but no.

  55. The Taser is still one of my all time favourite video game weapons. I used to love zapping dudes on rooftops until they lit on fire and fell off.

  56. TimeSplitters was amazing.. especially the one that had the level maker. There were like 50 characters, a ton of weapons, a lot of stages. You just can't beat it.

  57. There is a "Bioshock 4" in the works! 2k has been working on it calling it "project parkside". Hopefully its another authentic experience, not a cash grab

  58. Indiana Jones, now that Nathan Drake is done we just have Lara raiding tombs. Which is good. But I grew up playing puzzle quest type games. Thank you devs for just making current hits and nothing with deep story content that I don't have to buy dlc(s) to get.

  59. I would have entire parties centered around Rock Band. You didn’t need to be a gamer or really all that musically talented, it was just fun.

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