1. Our shoes could only have 1 inch heels and my boots were 1 and a quarter inch. The teacher that brought me in and the principal both had to get on their knees with a ruler to confirm it and then I got 2 days of in-school suspension.

  2. actually, there was this kid,he had some sort of mental disorder, you would just think he is stupid on first glance but nope, anyways he grabbed the salt shaker (the one the school staff use) and drink it, he would literally chug the salt shaker.

  3. There was a kid in our class, we became good friends after but another friend and me called him "Queef Melon" as it was a joke based around his name. He never said anything but one day we were sitting in class the teacher got a call and we got sent to the office. We were very confused at first, he even said "Maybe we're getting an award." Got to the office and vice principal gave us a lecture on bullying and told us to never do it again.

  4. Once when I was 6 or 7 years old, there was a live Ben 10 show that I went to and brought some things that they gave there. When I went to class I was so excited about it that I didn't stop talking to everyone about the show, so much so that they had to send me there to shut up. Let's say I was not a very quiet boy back then

  5. I had cut out a picture of Jane Fonda from a Life magazine. I was showing it to a friend in the schoolyard a teacher saw it and called it pornography. The principal was a nun, Sister Olga, she agreed. Called me a vile little child. I was in grade 5 or 6. She then called my mother and asked if such a pervert as I was still welcome in her home. My mother dropped the phone and walked the 3 blocks to the school. She took the photo. Gave the nun the dirtiest look I had ever seen and we walked out without a word. She never talked about it but that was right around when we all stopped going to church.

  6. My school started "pink day" to fight against bullying. Everyone wears a pink shirt and goes on this big wall from the school down the road a ways and then back as a sort of protest against bullying. I refused to do the walk because i have very flat feet and to wall that distance would hurt a lot, i had done it the year previous and was practically crawling on the way back.

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