1. I was four years old and I remember watching JFK's funeral on television. It was very odd for our B and W TV to be on during the day. I would have been home as Kindergarten was only a half day then.

  2. I went to a mall with my mom when I was like 4. Some guys in white lab coats had me and some other kids go into a room with one way mirror and had us test toys while our parents shopped. I have flashbacks Everytime i see interrogation rooms or see shows like stranger things. I don't recall anything weird happening, and I got to take home a hot wheels toy set, but it really bothers me that it jumps into my head so often when I don't remember anything bad happening.

  3. That's so strange. I'm curious why your brain chose to remember it. I'm sorry that you always remember it though

  4. I was very young. Still young enough my parents felt ok putting me in a carseat kinda thing when they were distracted (maybe not the best parenting not the point tho) I remember them playing legend of Zelda link to the past on snes. I couldn't speak yet but I understood that the controller was making the little pictures on the tv move and I wanted to play with it. I remember being so angry because I knew what I wanted but had no means of conveying it.

  5. That's so awesome. It wasnt my first memory but I do remember the first time I watched episode 1 of pokemon too!

  6. I was probably a year or two old. My parents were doing a photo shoot of me in dresses and fairy wings. All I remember is being sweaty, uncomfortable, and bewildered out of my mind, and wanting it to stop, but I couldn’t express it in a way that they’d understand.

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