1. I remember having fun with their Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends game where there's so many floors and rooms on the house! I think there were missions you have to comeplete. It was bonkers.

  2. OMFG cartoonnetwork was the TITS. billy and mandy game. ummm there was a KND game as well that i played. Then power puff girls snowboarding or something. omg.

  3. Ahh, yes this is the one I was looking for. Game was so fun to do, but then inflation happened and rip. I know they added a new form of currency though

  4. It's been years since I was on there. Last time I was someone commented on my golden laurels asking how I got them, so I told them. Some random person was getting rid of their account and giving things away first, and they picked me because I said something nice to another person. Literally they just sent them to me telling me they liked my comment. When I told that person how I got them, they called me a fucking liar and a piece of shit. Haven't been back on there since. Definitely did not give away my golden laurels.

  5. I spent most of my 13-14 age on that site. It honestly really helped me learn to draw since I did aviart commissions. It was a neat place

  6. Their photoplasty pages were THE BEST, then they had someone named “Auntie Meme” that just created memes that spewed info everyone already knew.

  7. Used to be how I spent my quieter moments - I was attracted by their article about why a zombie apocalypse would fail instantly.

  8. Thank you for this, truly. We love you guys, and it really means a lot that folks are still thinking about us after all this time.

  9. While flash is shutting down soon, you can still play those games using a program called Flashpoint, which takes those games from online and lets you play them from your computer’s storage. Really fun replaying all my childhood games.

  10. There was a website that live streamed cameras around Loch Ness, as well as a couple underwater cameras. I was convinced I could be the first person to photograph the Loch Ness Monster for realsies so I spent every waking hour over my summer break before 8th grade watching those cameras and taking screen captures of anything that moved.

  11. I had stumbled across a site with a live camera setup at a watering hole somewhere in Africa. It was amazing. Tuning in different times of the day to see various animals...and when lions had shown up and everyone else had cleared out. Even though there were plenty of times when nothing was there, you could still hear all the sounds. There was always something going on. I loved it.

  12. I loved poptropica. I have nearly every outfit. I still log on from time to time to check in and mess around

  13. I remember playing weird terrorist shooting games on Newgrounds. I sure knew I was too young to be on that site I'm the early 2000s.

  14. Retarded Animal Babies, Neurotically Yours, There She Is!, Final Fantasy A+, IndestructoTank, Ultimate Battle of Ultimate Destiny, and so many others... Ah, nostalgia.

  15. Pretty sure I got married on there. I would also visit the adoption centers and beat up the orphan children.

  16. Remember playing this with my friends back in the day and being Habbo prostitutes. Basically make attractive girl characters and sollicit "Habbo $ex 4 credits". Thirsty boys with their mums credit cards would then pay with those premium coins and you just switched places in the 2 person bed as quick as possible for a few minutes.

  17. I remember having my first boyfriend on there. Gave me butterflies and everything. Then I found him in bed cybering with another guy. I lost my bobba.

  18. I remember the day I stopped using StumbleUpon. After hours and hours of using it, my final click brought me to a page that simply said “You have reached the end of the internet.” I know it wasn’t real but it snapped me into realizing how much time I wasted.

  19. Damn this shit is still around? I wasted so much time. And got a heavy addiction to playing their janky rpgs. Loved that sonny rpg about the zombie

  20. The best. We had an art teacher in middle school who had some computers in his class, and he’d let a group of us play games after we finished lunch every day. Loved that guy. Addictinggames was the go-to.

  21. Club penguin taught me about division of the classes. Those damn premium penguins with their fancy igloos and 50 puffles....

  22. Damn that took long enough to find in this thread. I thought I was going to be the first and only person to say it.

  23. LJ has never been topped. My god it was nice. Tumblr was close (in terms of how the site functioned), but shit like Twitter isn't even close. I miss being able to write out actual full thoughts.

  24. Ooooof. I used to be a top icon creator! I participated in and hosted icon awards for a variety of fandoms. I still have all the ones I created too.... Hundreds and hundreds of them...

  25. Yes! LJ was my LIFE from ages 13-16. I posted about my day, photos of my friends, fandom rants, it was great! Actually met one of my IRL best friends there.

  26. I remember being so obsessed with Homestar and nobody ever had any idea what I was referencing and one day on the bus to school I heard someone call someone else "crap for brains" and I thought "could it be?" And sure enough I met a fellow Homestarrunner fan.

  27. Good thing that they didn't remake the game and make it available on mobile. That'd reaaaaally hurt my productivity.

  28. Neopets .... I still play sometimes. I recently realized if my account was a person, it could now vote!

  29. I used to get my friends to fight me in the Battledome and I'd always destroy them because I would never admit how deep into Neo Pets I actually was. I used to have armor and those vegetable weapons/elixirs for fucking days.

  30. I blame neopets for my career. I started teaching myself HTML/CSS for that site and now i'm a full time software developer with a focus in the front end.

  31. Yes! Same. I met my closest friends there, and that was ten years ago. I'll never forget how much Neopets changed my life, I'd be a completely different person without the friends I made there.

  32. Can’t believe I had to scroll so far down to find this! I had a boyfriend on Stardoll. Who was actually a girl and decided to come clean about three months into our relationship. Good times

  33. Man I used to visit Fanfiction.net so much when I was younger. I still read fanfiction from time to time but I tend to prefer A03 since the Fanfiction.net site is filled with ads nowadays.

  34. MyScene/Barbie/Polly Pocket games!! Especially the My Scene dress up games. Stardoll got a lot of my time as well. There was also a website got Dollwar that died and was supposed to come back but never did. Obviously any dress up game would keep me occupied for hours.

  35. Have you ever listened to the podcast My Brother, My Brother, and Me? They have been around almost a decade in podcast land and basically it's three brothers giving advice based on Yahoo Answers.

  36. There was a period, I wanna say between 2001 - 2004, where SA was making the absolute funniest content on the internet.

  37. Yes! I still keep in touch with some folks from there. It was definitely better IMO for online community than Reddit. But yeah the week I started coming to Reddit was the one where I stopped going there.

  38. How is this so far down in the thread! I spent countless hours on this site. I still sing the Schfifty Five song! WHATCHU SAY !!!

  39. I was so disappointed when they announced they were going to remove the message boards. I never even posted there, but I'd browse all the time every time I watched a new movie.

  40. "The Spark" - they used to do quizzes and stuff - basically the type of thing you'd find on BuzzFeed now (a bit more in depth than "wHaT tYpE oF vEgEtAbLe ArE yOu??" quizzes though) which eventually became SparkNotes and did away with the quizzes.

  41. YTMND basically was my middle school years. Thinking back on it, such a unique and strange concept to have a whole site dedicated to tiled gifs set to sound.

  42. Anyone here remember GirlsGoGames ? It was like any other gaming website and I mostly played papas pizzeria there

  43. Erowid was great (still is I think, but I am old and don't visit as much). I think learning about drugs and other peoples experiences is so important before trying new drugs, so that you can dose right and have an understanding of what you are in for.

  44. before trying any new drug i would read so much about them, i would look up countless trip reports, before i would feel comfortable taking anything new myself.

  45. Bored.com I played the lemonade stand game for hours... Well, until someone needed to use the phone and I had to get off the internet.

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