1. I came to this post to make a dumb joke about cutting off a leg but this is way better lol. Username checks out. Hope you're doing well.

  2. But they said it would be easier to get around once you lose a significant amount of weight... wtf?

  3. Similarly in the do-not-recommend category: Food poisoning or Norovirus is apparently a great way to lose a fair bit of weight in a short period of time but it's certainly not a very pleasant way.

  4. The fad thing cannot be overstated. I personally, and a few people I know, did very well losing weight on Keto. Whether or not it's because Keto actually works or because it basically outlaws all the worst snack and junk foods is besides the point. But most people find that as soon as they come off the super restrictive diet, the weight just piles back on.

  5. Finding what works for you is important. I'm not at my target weight, but I've learned tricks to maintain it there during the cold lazy winters and general laziness. I realized I cannot eat the recommended daily calorie intake and be ok. If I eat 2000 calories every day.. well that's how I gained 20lbs. Normally I consume like 1000-1300 calories and that's ok, the 2000 calories is an average.

  6. This more than most. I remember reading a post about that TLC show "my 600 pound life" or whatever, and cutting off sodas and doing nothing else led to 100lbs lost.

  7. if you find it hard to cut off sodas, try diet soda instead, it's 0 calories and you can still enjoy the taste.

  8. Replace sugary drinks with water. If you work close by walk to work every day and walk home every day. I'd walk to work, work an 8 hour shift. My legs would be burning. It might be hell for a few days but you'd be surprised how short of a time it takes to feel better.

  9. In general, drinking a lot of water whenever you feel a slight hunger already goes a long way. Save the hunger for your meals

  10. To tag onto this (because the smaller plate thing really does work), put your knife & fork down in between each bite (if you’re eating a sandwich or finger food then make a point of putting it down in between each bite) and actually concentrate on chewing.

  11. Full night sleep to help you manage the stress that accompanies the lifestyle changes related to being healthy.

  12. yup. its not rocket science...caloric deficit. exercise. I have lost about 110 pounds since my heaviest weight. I yo yo alot unfortunately and had lost 150 pounds at one point.. but when I am consistent and eating well( and less) and exercising the weight comes off. I quit soda in 2000, quit alcohol in 2013. Dont smoke or do drugs. the hardest part is the mental discipline. Train the Mind and the body will Follow

  13. I'm down almost 40 lbs. thanks to a lack of appetite brought on by an auto-immune disease. It also forced me to change my diet, which also helped.

  14. There are several apps to help you count calories as well as set daily calorie targets. I've lost 50+ pounds just by sticking to my daily target (90% of the time).

  15. Yes, that's what losing weight means. This thread is about HOW. Literally, all weight loss advice is precisely about how to best create that deficit. That's what the challenge is. That's what's difficult.

  16. There is plenty of diets to choose from, magicians with easy tricks. All of them are not working without cutting out calories. I tried all of them as I was obese. Healthy meals, working out hard at the gym and wrestling. What I lost i gained back, even more. I ended up on 126 kg.

  17. Indeed, and when you eat is as important as what and how much, because your metabolic rate will adjust and insulin controls fat storage and mobilization. Skipping meals to reduce calories is more effective than eating smaller meals, even if the total calories consumed in a day or week is the same.

  18. I mean a lot of these answers are technically correct. But in reality someone addicted to sugar or processed carbs isn't going to simply eat smaller portions consistently enough to make a difference. It's like telling someone addicted to crack "well I'm not addicted to crack but you should just cut down buddy."

  19. Consistency. Whether it’s a diet or exercise routine or a combination of the two, small and consistent changes go a long way vs trying to lose weight really fast all at once

  20. Calorie deficit, find out what your maintenance calories are and eat below that. Walking is the best activity you can do. Eat protein and eat volume foods to keep you full. Eat what you want but stay in your calorie budget.

  21. That’s why vyvanse -an ADHD med- is FDA approved for binge eating disorder. Didn’t find it helping much personally with my binge episodes (therapy combined with Noom seems to be the best combo for me).

  22. I'm so jealous when I hear people say this! I've been on adderal since high school and am still ALWAYS thinking about food. I hoped it would make me concentrate better and less hungry but it just makes me less emotional.

  23. Yep. Adderall totally cratered my appetite while also still giving me energy, drive, and focus. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving.

  24. Bonus tip to this, buy a cast iron! I know it sounds like voodoo bullshit, but you can get away with using so much less oil cooking in one of them and get equivalent if not better results in terms of quality and taste compared to other pans. They distribute heat so evenly and efficiently you can heat them up over medium heat, wipe a teaspoon of healthy oil around them using a paper towel and cook meat and veggies on them so evenly and tenderly.

  25. I was 350lbs. Went on a strict meat, cheese and veggie diet. Year later and I just got to 100lbs lost. Was surprisingly easy since I love meat and cheese lol.

  26. You can't increase your metabolism short of taking medication. Zone 2 or what ever the fuck is a myth, targeted excercises doesn't do shit.

  27. Intermittent fasting has been working for me. I am not sure if it's exactly healthy, but it's working so...

  28. Haven't seen anything unhealthy about it yet, although I also don't read full studies myself I just listen to smart people that do.

  29. I kinda do this, i eat once a day a as much as i can before sleep, and a little bit when its daytime, i do have good genes so that helps me stay skinny whether i like it or not

  30. From what I've heard, it's the usual shit, dieting, cut soda/processed food/alcohol, exercise.. For me, I can do most of that, but can't cut out processed food since it's a hell of a lot cheaper than healthy food and I'm poor as shit so.. it's either eat once in a blue moon or eat junk.

  31. I’ve been working to maintain a decent weight for 2.5 years. You’re spot on about it being mental not physical. I was surprised to realize that I’m fighting my brain when it comes to not eating too much, not my body. My body wants to help me maintain a healthy weight. It’s my brain’s desire for variety, and the inherent tendency to fall into social norms of overeating that I am fighting.

  32. If their aim is just to lose weight you don't need to cut any foods or beverages, just eat less and move more.

  33. Quit alcohol? What's the point of becoming thinner if life's boring as shit. Perhaps stop alcohol abuse, but alcohol in general is a great addition to most dishes.

  34. Figure out your TDEE (calculator online for how many cals you burn in a day at rest) then adjust your calorie intake to be in a deficit. As long as you're eating less than you're burning youll lose weight. If this is too daunting, try going for daily walks and drinking more water. Experiment

  35. CICO or calories in, calories out. It’s all math. You have to train your body to burn fat on a slow and progressive pace. It’s the easy way but also the slowest. Adding some exercise will speed things up a bit.

  36. You have to be in a calorie deficit for weight loss to occur, this is the one thing you cannot change. Make some changes in your diet and eat cleaner (Eg. Incorporate Chicken breast into your diet, low calories and high protein, big salads with lots of veg and a lean protein source like tuna, Prawns, chicken etc.)

  37. I work at a place that doesn't allow you to leave the building for lunch. As a result, you can either order food via delivery or just cook. Since I have started here, I have lost ~20lbs simply just by cooking all my meals and literally never going to a gym.

  38. Weight is not the goal. Enjoying an active life is. Weight can go up and down, it's much harder to form habits then subsequently change them. Make your goal about activity, going outside, eating out less, and the weight loss will be a secondary thing.

  39. Think about whether you actually want a snack or drink that is 100 kcal or more. Every calorie adds up. If you drink a 240 kcal beer every night, that's 1680 kcal a week that you need to get rid of somehow.

  40. I'm a big believer in Keto... not the current Keto fad with gimmicky bullshit full of weird ingredients, just regular old "eat meat and cheese and green veggies, and only those things"

  41. I've tried a few different methods. The best for me has been drinking water, eating consistently - any food really, including carbs - and doing cardio for 20/30 minutes 3 or 4 times a week. It can take time to see results but it's great when you do start to notice progress. The next most effective method was keto and intermittent fasting - removing all carbs from my diet, only eating from 11am to 7pm. At the time I worked at a health food restaurant with keto options, which made it a lot easier. I found that hard to keep up with and I didn't feel as good as I do when I ate what I wanted and exercised.

  42. The best and only way to lose weight is to consume less calories than you burn over some measurable amount of time. Some chose to accomplish this by eliminating calories from their diet, but it can also be done by increasing the amount of physical activity you perform which in turn increases their daily calorie burn. Both methods create a caloric deficit which will result in a loss of body mass over time.

  43. Was always taught to not eat chips out of the bag or ice cream out of the carton, etc. Put whatever it is in a bowl or on a plate. Then you have an end point and aren’t just eating and eating and overeating. Small things like that make a difference on a daily basis.

  44. Go to calculator.net use their calorie counter to work out how many calories you need a day and then eat less. Go to the gym at the same time if you wish but weight loss is in the dieting.

  45. Calorie deficit and be aware of what a calorie surplus would look like. Additionally, forming behaviours over time that form habits that enable you to be consistent. It won't be all uphill, but habits account for a lot. Learning too - researching yourself and hiring people that know what they're talking about.

  46. Consistency with meals and workouts, if you work out for a day and call it quits it’ll do nothing keep at it for a month and you and everybody here will see a difference

  47. walking. everywhere. walking as transportation where you have no choice, but also walking as exercise on a treadmill or around the neighborhood.

  48. Keep a food log. Eat healthy food and exercise regularly. To lose weight, you need to lose more calories than you eat, but don't starve yourself. This comes from my 9th grade nutrition class 2 years ago.

  49. Weight loss is extremely simple. People try to make it so complicated. It’s literally just calories in vs calories out. You dont need to a bunch of bullshit diets like keto and all that. Just consume around 2000 calories a day and increase your level of activity. Its not easy if you have a food addiction but its not at all complicated. I have gone from fat to skinny to buff and back to fat and its always just been about my eating habits. Im chunky now but i do know how to lose weight. When i got thin i was going from middle school to highschool and i lost all my weight during summer break because I kept Myself busy all summer and didn’t think about eating as much and I started working out. I recently dropped 30 lbs doing the same thing. I didn’t have to cut out anything i like eating, just had to eat less of it. Losing weight doesn’t have to be miserable, thats y so many people fail

  50. People are usually overweight because they have bad eating habits, and make excuses to themselves about why eating right is “too hard”, “my parents didn’t teach me to cook, so I can’t make healthy food”, “exercise is for athletes” etc. Basically is comes down to developing bad eating habits when they’re young and then making secret excuses in their head as to why is “not their fault”. Sorry it’s tough love, but it is what it is. It must be hell to change, I’m not underestimating it, but you need to decide to change or your life will be negatively impacted, in a major way.

  51. Kinesiologist here and Personal Trainer. No longer work in my field, but when I had weight loss clients, I used to put them on a hypertrophy program sprinkled in with some traditional cardio and transitioned them slowly to a low carb/no carb diet with lots of veggies.

  52. Keep a healthy diet and limit how much junk food you eat within a week, exercise when you can, but daily isn't needed, just don't neglect it too much.

  53. I had the best results with a cocaine habit, lots of coffee and cigarettes. however, it is not healthy and was really, really expensive. It cost me more than money.

  54. There are two aisles and every grocery store that have sodas and the other has the cookies and such. Don’t go down those aisles. At all. Not to get diet Cokes. Not to get some snacks. Not to get those low fat cookies. Nothing. There is nothing you need on those aisles. Just walk past them. You can remove daily and even hourly temptation in your own home if you just skip those aisles the one day you’re at the grocery store.

  55. Fasting. It's the bees knees. Had a gut all my life, lost 40 in 4 mos and kept it off, broke my bad food behaviors like binging and emotional eating, practically no cravings for junk, never count calories, it's total freedom. Started exercising spontaneously just because I had so much extra energy. Fixed my sleep. Had an ADHD diagnosis but no symptoms anymore, no need for meds. Crohn's in remissions, better shape in my 40's than in my 20's, I could go on and on.

  56. High protein, low sugar, avoid carbs, keep working out it’ll start flying off if you’re consistent and you’ll keep your muscle gains if you keep up protein intake.

  57. Intermittent fasting. Caloric deficit. Remove ALL sugar from diet. Little to no carbs. Drink only water. Cook everything yourself. Stop enjoying food. Sweat every single day. Whatever that means for you. If your sweating, you’re doing it right. The first month is rough, but you’ll change the chemistry of your brain to stop craving the dopamine hits from food.

  58. A lot of this is stuff that works, however, I find this response to be part of a problem when it comes to weight loss. You don’t need to cut carbs completely. You don’t need to cut all sugar. You can most definetly enjoy food. What you want to do is make sure you’re walking, a lot. Around 10k steps per day. That’s abt one hour of walking per day. Try to cut the constant snacking (the candy bars, nuts, portion sizes of chips etc). Eat foods you enjoy, however, do not overeat, if you can focus on eating meals that contain a solid protein source then even better. Eating clean is hard at first, but it’s easy and fun once you find a few recipes which you enjoy making and eating.

  59. Eat less. I started skipping dinner October 2021 and I dropped about 25 pounds in a year. Not necessarily on purpose though. All of a sudden eating dinner made me feel sick all night. I only eat breakfast, small lunch, and some snacks now and generally feel better.

  60. Biking is incredible. I lost 15 lbs in 3 months biking to and from work (which is about an hour every day) without changing my diet one bit.

  61. No flour, no sugar. You will eliminate cravings and will loose weight without exercise. No cheating. No flour. No sugar. It’s amazing

  62. Run sprints. Don't jog. Don't walk. Run sprints. Even if you can only run 10 seconds. If you have a backyard just run sprints across your yard. Just make sure your sprinting with EVERYTHING you got in the tank. The explosiveness will trigger rapid weight loss quick. Do it every day for 90 days. But don't stop until you can't run no more.

  63. Everybody saying to eat less should stfu. If you're going to diet to lose weight which by the way is only half of, get this, diet and exercise. You need to eat BETTER not necessarily less. Crash dieting is very unhealthy.

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