1. Health insurance dude. When you file a claim, it is often denied because they're counting on you not escalating it. Once you do, your case goes to a "medical management group" which ought to be called the "we don't wanna pay" group.

  2. can confirm. busted my knee, was on crutches bc i couldnt walk on it. was denied bc they felt i wasnt in enough pain bc i didnt require a painkiller precription. dr went back and forth and i was on crutches 2 months before they finally relented and i could get my surgery.

  3. Mortgage industry here, we're like cops, ONLY answer the question asked, DO NOT provide additional information to "be helpful", it could screw you over

  4. It would be a very sweet idea if you guys could band together to establish some sort of bursary for the school in his memory.

  5. I worked at L’Oréal. The cosmetics from L’Oréal and Lancôme are practically the same. But Lancôme costs like $20 more.

  6. I worked at Olive Garden in the mid 90’s while I was in college. Back then, they had the “all you can eat soup, salad and breadsticks” lunch special for like $4.25 + tax. Working lunch shift SUCKED. You would get probably 2 or 3 tables, and there was a 99% chance that all of your tables were 2 ladies getting this lunch special with water during their lunch break.

  7. I used to work in college admissions. Rich donors, athletes, and other VIPs have lower admission criteria. They still have minimums, but they're super easy to reach, even for a "selective" university.

  8. That’s little surprise to me. Explains why George W Bush got into Yale with a ho-hum 1200 on his SATs when typical students without a president of the CIA father needed a 1500.

  9. T-Mobile has 2 coverage maps. The one they show customers and the real one that is internal shows the actual coverage. Diminishes by about 50%. Their coverage is built on a bed of lies!

  10. Diet Sprite and Sprite Zero were the exact same thing. They didn't change the recipe one bit. They just changed the name and design.

  11. I worked at a comic book store that offered a service where you paid a small premium to have sent in rare comics to have them graded at CGC. A few months later we had many customers coming in to check the status of their comics. We contacted the owner to see what was going on, and he would always claim that there was some distribution problem. Fast forward a few months, we found out he was taking customers graded copies and selling them online while trying to return back issue versions of their original comics.

  12. How did this dude think that comic collectors who were sending in comics to be graded, wouldn’t recognize they weren’t receiving their original comic back? Lol. I’m sure a few newer to the hobby wouldn’t be the wiser, but man.

  13. I worked for a MAJOR hotel chain in housekeeping for over 10 years. The number of suicides and people who die naturally in their rooms is a lot higher than you’d think. I worked at a huge convention hotel with over 1000 rooms and it happened quite often. Unless it was a pretty gnarly mess it would just get cleaned like normal and the next guest had no idea.

  14. At one of the hotels I worked at, a woman killed herself by drinking antifreeze. Her body was blue, blood, vomit, & poop everywhere. My friend who was maintenance saw it & couldn't sleep that night. Working at hotels will change you

  15. We’ve only had one death at the hotel I’ve worked at for 6 years. Folk had evacuated to the hotel on account of a hurricane, and an old man there with his wife had forgotten to bring his medicine from home from what we were told later. It was very sad for everyone.

  16. One gallon of milk, one full bottle of Monin vanilla syrup and .6 of a pound of espresso brewed. Now freeze it. Boom! Joe Mugg's frozen cappuccino.

  17. This Mormon church likes to talk about how much charity they do, but it’s always tied to some form of missionary work or proselytizing. Particularly in UT, they would secure housing, furniture, food etc to Iraqi refugees, and “in exchange”, these poor people who have had their whole life uprooted would have to be visited by and listen to missionaries drone on and on about the Mormon religion, and having the gall to ask these Muslim refugees if they want to get baptized after a few weeks. I know this because I (non-Mormon) was dating a Mormon girl back then, and I was asked to translate for the Iraqi families (I speak Arabic). Of course I never did, I told them the whole scam, and told the Iraqis to act interested so they can keep getting charity. We scammed the scammers basically lol.

  18. At a local deli/grocery store I worked at, everyone raved about how good their mac and cheese is, and it always sold really quick when I worked in the deli. It's even labeled on the menu as [Store]'s famous mac n cheese...

  19. If you pick up a wall phone at Home Depot and push '7' it activates the store wide intercom. This works in every store in my province afaik

  20. I don't think it's a bad secret at all. But back in college, I delivered pizzas for Papa John's. The store manager must have had an undiagnosed case of OCD or germaphobia or something.

  21. The vehicle modification shop at Chillicothe Correctional Institution in Chillicothe, Ohio dumps waste coolant from the machine shop into a storm drain that empties directly into the Scioto River, because the chemical disposal tank is a 55 gallon drum in the paint shop, and that's much too small.

  22. Had a friend who worked for a bridal dress company, she would tell me all her stories after work. They intentionally will bring back the “wrong” dress in attempts to get you to try it on, fall in love, and buy a more expensive wedding dress. They’ll walk you through the more expensive sections so you look through dresses out of your budget and want to try them on. They often forget to check if the dress you requested is in stock for the timeframe you’ve requested, again so that you’ll have to pay more for faster shipping or a nicer dress. It’s a very predatory business masked by complements, thinly veiled body shaming, and incredibly underpaid and understaffed stores.

  23. Worked at a (American) Toyota dealership in the body shop for 12 years. We would throw away literally everything regardless of the environmental impact. Car paint (which is nasty shit btw) went straight to the dumpster. Radiator fluid? Down the drain. I even saw someone put oil down the drain a couple times even though we had barrels for it up in the service dept.

  24. I worked at general motors in the paint department for a while before moving to final repair. I found it that guys that wanted to commit suicide but wanted to take care of their family's future would volunteer to work in the clear coat booth. They would be seen in there with no mask on. The stuff would crystallize on their lungs. No way to save you after that. Usually took a year.

  25. I'll say it. A place similar in name to Past Face Urgent Care (at least in the region I worked at) banned their front desk from informing customers that they have a credit balance to use toward their services and still required us to charge customers the full price on top of what we already owed them. Some accounts had like 500 dollars of copay that should have been refunded but weren't. I was actually reprimanded for applying the credit balance, because despite finance agreeing my method was correct, the regional manager said it was not a good look for the company and hindered her profits.

  26. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't even understand what you're saying here & how they could be "owed" copay. I worked for a Dr's office that owed thousands of dollars to patients. After I gathered all the info on what was owed I was laid off. (I'm talking a week after I finished the audits.) I wonder if any of them were paid.

  27. I worked for a restoration company. One time an elderly woman called them to clean her house. She was a hoarder or there had been a fire. I can’t remember. Anyway, the company charged $57,000 for the work to be done, but in actuality they couldn’t even get the charges to add up to $20k. She couldn’t file this on her insurance. There are other examples of gross overcharging, but this is the worst I know of that wasn’t on the large loss side.

  28. I had a mold remediation and I did go through every line item and made them explain to me the reasoning of their charges. It ended up knocking off around $3,000.

  29. I own a restoration company, granted mine is a small business and not a franchise, I see Serv Pro pulling this shit everyday on people. They grossly over bill like this on everything.

  30. Working in a field that involves medical records, I totally agree. The number of times I’ve seen false diagnoses, other people’s information mixed in, and assorted other crazy stuff is too high.

  31. When one of my doctors retired, I requested my records so I could take them to my new provider.

  32. I worked at a Petco in Alaska. Apparently brown/black mice are not allowed up here. Only white mice. We got a shipment in of a bunch of black/brown mice and had to take them to the “vet” to be killed. Also, the animals are literally shipped in on a UPS truck and delivered in packages. I would open a package and it would be full of fish or mice or snakes. Ya never knew what was coming, it was wild. Luckily my shift manager was a really good person. She tried her best to help any sick animal and was super diligent about keeping the cages really clean. She would stay after hours to care for the sick animal in the back and double down on cleaning.

  33. Olive Garden breadsticks are just Franz brand breadsticks, garlic salt, and butter ETA: It's margarine, not butter. I forgot there is a difference :p

  34. It baffles me that in the US, they sell puppies in pet stores. Here they only sell fish and rodents like rats, which is still horrible when you see how 20 goldfish are stuffed in a way too small tank.

  35. Worked at Best Buy 20 years ago. Employee discount was 5% over cost and I needed a new printer. Decided to splurge on the gold plated USB printer cable that we sold for $40. Rang up $1.78.

  36. Ha, I worked there in high school/early college during break a bit. Definitely took advantage of accessory pricing. Other thing that was nice was the intel & AMD employee offers where you'd get cpus and motherboards for probably 50% off or better.

  37. I used to work as a receptionist at an upscale salon. While I was there, the salon introduced a new line of products marketed towards men (up until that point most of our products were marketed towards women, but the execs saw that we were getting more male customers). Every item in the men’s product line was about half the cost of our other products. The “men’s” shampoo was the exact same shampoo the salon had been selling for years, but because they put it in black packaging with the word “man” on it, it was half the price. The owner’s explanation was “Well, men don’t want to pay that much for hair products.” For the rest of the time I worked there, every time a woman came up to buy that shampoo I’d tell her that the men’s shampoo was the exact same product for half the price.

  38. I used to work surveillance at a casino. From something like 3 stories high ceiling, we could zoom in on money on the table games and read the serial numbers of the bills. We could see the pips on the dice. Policy was to not look down blouses.

  39. This is true and also very annoying because I work on the floor and the guys in surveillance can’t be bothered to do their job and give us a lot of “hrmm can’t really see anything” when we call them.

  40. "In Vegas, everybody's gotta watch everybody else. Since the players are looking to beat the casino, the dealers are watching the players. The box men are watching the dealers. The floor men are watching the box men. The pit bosses are watching the floor men. The shift bosses are watching the pit bosses. The casino manager is watching the shift bosses. I'm watching the casino manager. And the eye-in-the-sky is watching us all."

  41. All new clothing and Everything you try on is dirty.I’ve worked in retail for years and it still shocks people but there’s no washing machine or disinfectant spray or wipes. Nothing. I’ve open boxes of new clothes that had white bugs coming out of it. Seen woman after a workout class come and try clothes on then just leave still sweaty from the class. One older lady left dime size skin flakes in the clothes she tried on. Not to mention whatever happens when they return the item or what happened in the factory. People are gross, nothing is clean, Always wash your clothes when you get them home.

  42. I've had ex friend take all their clothes off to try on thongs, thong bodysuits etc. They usually didn't shower for a few days and worked every night stripping so you know they were funky and sweaty. ETA: they'd do this at Victoria's Secret, Nordstrom.. no place was safe

  43. Maple sap can be trucked in from other states and where it’s turned from sap to syrup decides on the state it comes from, not the location of the trees.

  44. In the United States. One company's bread and butter was simply reboxing and relabling computer monitors from China to make it seem like they were from the company and made/assembled in some way by them.

  45. I work for a wholesaler. You would be surprised how many companies simply source merchandise and sell it without ever touching it. We ship it direct to their customers for them, just swap the return address for theirs.

  46. Hotels do not typically have security, maintenance or housekeeping on staff 24/7. Once housekeeping finishes cleaning all the rooms, the entire staff leaves except for one front desk employee.

  47. I used to work at a 600+ room Hyatt. After 11:00, 1 front desk person, 1-2 housekeepers, 1 phone operator, 1 cop every night in case drunk people would cause a scene or bums would sneak in.

  48. Was in Detroit for work and opened my hotel door in the morning to an opened knife sitting right by my door.

  49. Yeah the amount of times I, at the time a 19 year old kid, was left completely alone at a mid size and largely recognizable hotel brand was honestly kinda wild.

  50. I worked at a decent sized hotel; 14 stories, penthouse suites, 3 restaurants (technically 5? But there was 3 kitchens and 4 of the restaurants were connected via kitchen serving the same crap) and a water park with an arcade. But between midnight and 7am most nights that was all in the hands of two college students barely clearing minimum wage, you could’ve come in there and done whatever the hell you wanted.

  51. Your warranty service part that took eight months actually arrived three weeks after they paid the invoice. They didn't even order it for seven months.

  52. I am curious if that is what happened to me. They said they would send the product when it arrived at the factory. Arrived 6 months later. They didn't even ask for the old one back or let me know that it shipped. It seemed disorganized from start to finish, and it was a name brand door lock manufacturer.

  53. Friend of mine used to work on Off the Record on TSN (sports talkshow in Canada). It always ended with viewer questions from the 'mailbag'. 100% of the questions were made up by the producer on set.

  54. I'm 90% sure a company I worked for was importing product from China, repacking it and selling it as made in USA. I. E. Blending it with the product we did make in the US.

  55. On a similar note, a sofa we bought at a big box furniture store has broken 4 times now. They replaced a section of it 3 times and that section continues to break. We’re not rough on it but the wood cracks. We’re hoping this time they actually repair it instead of replacing it. The last time they replaced it the guys delivering even said that they knew they’d be back. I’ve never been so happy I bought a warranty but also so frustrated at a cheap product.

  56. Worked at a major cable/ISP and there 4 billing cycles. They upgraded the billing system, but did something wrong, and all but the current cycle got a late charge. But instead of fixing it immediately, we were told to credit their account if the customer called in.

  57. Comcast. They do this all the time. Not really worth the hour plus it takes on the phone for them to not steal from you but it’s worth it to them to steal from thousands of people.

  58. I worked for a large construction company and the sales guys would intentionally omit items from contracts because they received incentives for what would then become a “change order”.

  59. I had the opposite happen once. We were expanding our refrigerated storage building and hired an HVAC company to install the refrigeration system. They started doing a bunch of work out of scope and asked them about it. They told my boss they talked to me and I approved it for T&M so no change order needed. I didn't approve anything and they tried to charge us like $500/man hour for work we didn't agree to. My boss refused to pay for the work and the guy kept threatening to sue.

  60. We had a sales lady for a home we bought who actually said to us “hang on, you’re changing this AND this AND that? I’m not submitting it yet because if we do it three times you’re charged three times, so ima gonna wait for the couple days you tell me you need to finalize your ideas.” Same person when we went to final sign the initial paperwork pointing out the lot size is a lot larger than marked on plan (bad math) said “hmm you’re right. You’re getting a good deal. Sign right here please.” We’d given a deposit and when we saw the error, needed to point it out for our own consciences. She honoured the original deal. Got about a third of the lot free. Some people are good.

  61. Inbound call center - the “We are currently experiencing an unusually high call volume” message is permanent. They just didn’t staff adequately.

  62. I worked at a candy bagging warehouse like the crappy .99 gas station candy where we would even make trail mix by hand. Tons of sweat would drip into the mix because we would be in a 100f plus room with little ventilation. Also my boss was a hunter so a quarter of the warehouse was dedicated to his taxidermy treasure room. Fucking smelt like shit in the summer but he was so proud of himself.

  63. I worked baggage at an airport. Nothing is handled with care. If it's marked fragile, your only hope is nice baggage handlers.

  64. I used to work for a company that rhymes with Muzzbeed and we used to have somebody post this question every few months for material for one of our clickbait articles.

  65. You made me search for OP's history and she's full of AskReddit questions made to write clickbait articles. Oh no

  66. Arby's manager replaced the expiration stickers on the bread with new ones. I guess so the bread would last longer that way. I threw out 100+ pitas with green fuzz on them after checking the manager s work.

  67. As someone who's wife is going through stage 4 cancer at 36, and became a single income family over night because she is too sick to work, I promise you helped. I live with the fear that my wife will die, the fear that we'll be bankrupt and financially ruined before she does, and the shame and guilt of even caring about the second one. You removed that from someone, and made a hard time easier.

  68. One of our best restaurant in my town is locally famous and everyone goes there. They say everything is homemade. The thing they are famous for is the hot beef sandwiches…with “homemade” potatoes and gravy….and the fish fry. The fish fry they also have during the week listed as an entree called the cod platter.

  69. So many places use something from Sysco for their "secret family recipe." I was friends with a Sysco sales rep when I was a chef. The guy just couldn't understand why I did everything from scratch when every other place in town was buying entrees from him.

  70. I can understand some of these posts, but how does anyone taste instant mashed potatoes and confuse them with tasty homemade potatoes?

  71. Inbound call centre - there is no such thing as a "silent hold". You are on mute. We could still hear you, but this isn't done maliciously so we can listen in. We had targets for hold time and putting you on mute instead used 0 hold on that call and brought the average down.

  72. Ice manufacturing - my shift manager dropped a 7gram bag of weed, in a bag of ice. It Went out for delivery. No one ever phoned in to complain though.

  73. The difference between the high quality deli meat sold at M&S and the regular deli meat sold in other grocery stores is that we changed the label. We would literally stop the production line, wait for the guy who ran the label machine to swap them out and then start it back up again.

  74. I used to work for an online craft-type store, and one of the things they sold was "premium craft sand." It was literally sand from the hardware store. They'd buy 50 lb. bags from Home Depot for $8, separate it into 1 lb. bags, and sell those for $4 each.

  75. Everyone's favorite sauce that people wanted the recipe for was mostly mayonaise. Sure it was called "creamy pineapple sauce" but it's just pineapple salsa and mayonaise

  76. Similar to this, a restaurant I once worked at was failing and unpopular. There was however one menu item that was universally popular and praised around town- the House soup. No one knew it was Campbell's, straight from the can.

  77. Best Buy sells most larger appliance at cost or loss. Many of these are MSRP controlled too. Things like TVs, washer/dryer, laptops, phones, etc do not make them any money. But the accessories to go with them make all the money. Cables, cases, mounts, bags, install, and warranty is where they make their money. We were trained to push the highest end Monster cables and shit. Management didn't care if I sold a million TVs. They cared how many cables and mounts I sold! If you sold a TV and didn't attach accessories, you'd get "additional training".

  78. My dad used to work at the DC, so we would get employee discounts (iirc 10% above cost). We bought a family printer and accessories around 2005.

  79. Right around the same time a major retailer had its largest warehouse burn down, it fired a huge number of its store managers under the guise that their stores were experiencing unusually high theft rates of 2 million+ after its annual shrinkage report.

  80. Buses due for MOT (a certificate of road worthiness in the UK) would have their faulty parts switched out from a working part from another bus, then swapped back afterwards. Common practice.

  81. Dating websites don't want you to find love. They're designed to squeeze as much money out of you as possible before you cancel, and partly rely on people forgetting to cancel a subscription and put deliberate barriers in the cancellation process.

  82. If you don't hear music when you're supposedly on hold, the operator simply muted their mic and can still hear you. I've heard interesting and damning things while they thought I couldn't hear them.

  83. I was setting up a new account with the phone company, back in the landline days. I think the operator meant to mute her mic but didn't. She had to do some stuff in the background while I was supposed to be on hold or something.

  84. This is true for a lot of small business drawings as well. When I was a teen I "won" a free membership at a gym for a week. Got there and the manager recognized me, as he knew my older brother. He confided in me that anyone who enters "wins" a free week because they are really looking for an opportunity to hit them with in-person high pressure sales tactics.

  85. Did a website for a multinational company with huge customer base. Told them I had finished the website but wasn't a security guy so they had to get a dedicated security guy to secure the website for them.

  86. I worked for Ashley Furniture. Most of the furniture you have delivered has been torn or broken, and then fixed by "techs" in the warehouse. I saw countless couches get broken during the offloading process, and so many scratches to dressers and nightstands. The techs patch them up and pass them to the customer as "new". Honestly 85% of the products that went out for delivery were repairs.

  87. I used to work for a rural ISP. We had one access point with 13 customers, but only 12 IP addresses provisioned. This means only 12 out of 13 people could be online at any one time.

  88. Credit card companies will frequently change your APR without notifying you. They only have to disclose three or four decimal points, so instead of charging your 15.99%, they charge you 15.994%. It doesn't change the rounding, but earns them a cent or two here and there each month per customer, and that is enough to chock up big bucks.

  89. Government funded refugee advocacy agencies at a time were approving a disproportionate amount of young women (18-25) from Syria and Iraq with sexual assault history for their services.

  90. I listened to an hour long interview with a guy who worked at the U.N. for 20 years. He said every disaster attracts two kinds of people. The miracle worker, and the devil.

  91. Kind of related: one of the biggest charities in the UK found that some of its senior staff were paying for sex in Haiti, including to "beneficiaries" i.e. people who were receiving help from the charity

  92. I am a CST (Certified Surgical Technologist). I had a surgeon throw a scalpel at my arm- on purpose. It stuck in my Mayo stand, in my rolled-up blue towels. He gave me such a look of hatred when I moved my arm at the last second, thank god I did. I stayed calm, finished my case, went straight to management. Worse mistake I could have made. I was written up as “a patient safety hazard” for trying to incite “drama” against a well-known surgeon. My manager refused to hear what I had to say. And verbally chastised me, while putting in her write-up that “Dr. Scalpel-Thrower is correct in his practice of not handing a scalpel back to the tech and instead placing it back on the Mayo”. She then told him I went to her with concerns- he and his favorite tech proceeded to make my life a living hell. I had to leave. But he got away with it, and all because he earned the hospital SO much money.

  93. That's a lot of companies with their own software. It is all put together by different people at different times. It is modified by people who didn't originally code it, and then modified by the next group the same way. At most software companies there is no single person that understands how it all works. The only way to get a clean system anymore is to completely start over, and that is too expensive.

  94. Once when I worked at Wendy's we ran out of chicken breading. The manager substituted flour, salt and pepper. People mentioned how the new recipe was so much better. Corporate found out and fired him.

  95. My son and I drove down to Orlando, Florida from Toronto. 22 hr drive with me the only driver. We ended up getting to our booked hotel a day early because I pushed through instead of stopping for the night, but all hotels were booked solid.

  96. Teachers are so burned out they would rather give your student a passing grade than having to deal with them or you again.

  97. There’s a certain bakery that makes Bundt cakes. They claim they’re made fresh but they’re all made weeks ahead of time, frozen and then thawed.

  98. Worked at an isp,we lied to customers daily about speeds and delivery times,we sold internet in stations we knew where full,and dsl is just garbage dont had a single customer in 7 years who actually got the speed we promised.the burned out rates in support was 3 months before people quit.if you tried to actually help customers you got chewed out and was a problem.

  99. I worked at doTERRA for two years in the call center. Whenever someone called in and asked, “How can I maximize my earnings?” it took all the restraint in me not to say, “Close your account and get a job.” So many people get told lies by the 1% of success stories and wind up losing thousands.

  100. Was a slot tech at a casino. The machines have to payback a certain percent over a certain amount of time. Play the slot machines in the bar counters. They are set to return a higher percent in that same time (sometimes up to 8-10% higher than the lowest machines). Stay away from machines in high traffic areas and near the doors.

  101. I’ve worked at Petco and Petsmart and both are pretty terrible. I was a groomer so I had things like benefits, but the amount of people who would try to hide injuries to a pet was shameful, including upper management. They are mostly groomers trained by groomers trained by Petco and Petsmart. If you want a mass produced grooms by people who hardly care then it’s fine to go there. But in my experience (at least in a big city) they care less than other groomers. It’s also lucky if you get half the services you paid for, and none of them work like they claim.

  102. This is a bummer to read. My pup went to Petsmart for 15 of his 18 years for grooms (same groomer for 12 years - and when she went private we followed her). We only ever had one issue, when a new groomer accidentally nipped the skin by his eye, but she called me right away freaking out and the manager covered his vet bill no questions asked.

  103. i used to work at a chain of local goods stores in Washington… a lot of the products were not fully local or even half.

  104. Movie theaters don’t make money off the tickets - they make money off the food and drinks. Despite this, 99.9% of theater staff give less than zero shits if you sneak food in. All we ask is that you’re subtle enough that we don’t get yelled at by the 0.1% who cared.

  105. One of the biggest banks in the US would routinely forge client signatures when they leave without double checking all the pages.

  106. I worked at a call center in college that sold a 12 cassette (yeah cassette) tape program that would help you read photographically.

  107. Not me, but a friend. A lot of chain restaurants will buy a microwave pudding (edit: causing a few Americans issues - “pudding” in the UK usually refers to “dessert”) and sauce from the supermarket for about £3 and sell in their restaurant for about £15.

  108. Worked at Goodwill for 3 years. They have warehouses and warehouses and warehouses full of donated product just sitting there waiting to get sold probably never.

  109. Having gone through this thread ( a terrible mistake considering how mad I am now), this is not only a comparably bearable secret, I am going to try it on my next steak.

  110. They are out of business now, but in the early 90s I worked at Radio Shack for a year and a half. When people would return an item because it didn't work, the manager of the store would just box it back up and sell it again as if it were new. When I asked him about it he said, "Hopefully they will return it to a different store."

  111. I one time returned a monitor to a Fry’s that had a defective mount so that it was lopsided no matter what. I literally watched the guy box it back up to normal looking, tape it, and while he was refunding my card I saw another walk over and put it back on the shelf. No wonder they’re out of business now.

  112. If you get cold calls or sales calls and you live in the UK, saying "remove my name" or "remove my number" does not work, as we will literally just remove the data you asked us to remove. Companies can keep hold of any information they have, as you have not asked them to remove that information. If you ask them to remove all of your details however, by law, we have to delete every piece of data we have on you.

  113. I worked for one of the ‘big three’ credit agencies after they purchased our company. The sheer amount of data I had access to was bonkers, even if I worked from home I could still access millions upon millions of peoples financial and personal data. Things have since changed there after a major, months long breach (after my time there) but looking back, it was insane I could see all of this info.

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