1. There are almost no women in my industry. Probably because they don't want to work 80+ hours a week, in an environment where everything can kill you if you don't know what you are doing and everyone is gunning for your job. The one woman site manager I ran into was both a fair and brutal individual. The few women I've had to manage were fine. I treated them exactly as I treated everyone else. Show up on time and give 100% everyday.

  2. Women in the corporate world are horrible. They're heartless and way more cut throat than guys. I'd take a male manager any day of the week

  3. I had a Indian secretary she was amazing, just like how you describe your manager. She left because she got married and moved towns. Every other secretary I've had didn't last. Want money for nothing. Their private lives affected their work lives, long list of crap. Not got a, secretary anymore, office is empty and got a bell to alert us. I also have a small painting and decorating company. 2 women and one man at first. Now it's 2 men and one woman part time. They don't do ladders to paint fronts of houses. September comes and, it's too cold to do any work outside.

  4. The best manager I have ever had was a Woman. So all good with Women in leadership roles. I've also had some really good male managers. So I don't think peoples biological sex is relevant, you are either a good manager or not. But it isn't dependent on if you are a Woman or not

  5. I’ve been managed by both men and women in my life. I honestly can’t attribute any qualities to gender because a few of the worst ones I had were both men and women and some of the absolute best ones I had were also men and women.

  6. I've only ever had one female manager. She was amazing at recognising and recruiting talent and taught me a lot, but the sample size is just too small.

  7. I've worked under numerous women and overall, my experience is that there are good managers and bad managers. My two best managers were a man and a woman. My three worst managers were two men and a woman.

  8. I've been in both positions. My women managers were pretty good. They were demanding, but fair. The women that I managed were about the same as the men. Most were capable and good at their jobs. There were a few that were always embroiled in drama, but I could say the same for some men. I did find that women were more likely to ask for help if they were having difficulty with something, a new procedure, etc. Men were more likely to struggle until it was obvious they weren't catching on.

  9. All of this yes. We have so much more to prove to be seen competent. And to the using things to your advantage, I know my looks have granted me unquestioned authority in situations. It’s much easier to command a room full of men when you’re attractive and they’re drooling than if you’re ugly and not interesting to them. Glad I’m not in an authority position anymore. Was honestly degrading. I had to use my appearance to gain leverage. When people’s lives were in my hands that wasn’t ok in my opinion. Wish we were respected more just for having the authority rather than only getting it if we attract attention

  10. As a person who runs a business in a male dominant field. Don't hire women, especially for the work crew, they cant handlethe physical demands and slow shit down. I'll maybe hire a hot woman to answer phones or to get a buyer interested before she dumps the sale on a man who can close the deal. Maybe one for an accountant but that's about it.

  11. Women are gremlins too. Even the uptight Scottish ones. Source? My first supervisor was a middle aged Scottish lady. One of the best supervisors I've had so far.

  12. It's stupid to say they're not competent as leaders when every husband in the world is wrapped around their finger

  13. I've had a few female managers and they were terrible. They thought nothing about harassing people and playing favorites while caring nothing about actually getting the work done

  14. Some of my least favourite managers have been women, some for outright sexism and only advancing the female colleagues and ignoring literally all of the men in the team regardless of competence and some for just being so passive that they accept other teams jobs as ours because they didn't have a back bone. There have been good ones definitely, but my male managers haven't met such extremes (they can still be bad but not as bad).

  15. I’ve been in the work force for 40 years and I’ve found that women bosses are people and they’re no better or worse than men bosses. I’ve had women bosses who were great and women bosses who were micro managing assholes. Just like men.

  16. I found that women managers tend towards the extremes, rarely average. The are either amazing or unsuited for the role. I learned that the good ones have a cadre of supporters while the bad ones climbed over a trail of bodies.

  17. As an employee with a woman manager it was fully expected that I tolerate constant male bashing, unequal work ethic expectations and always be required to do the heavy physical labor and the dirtiest jobs but have equal pay.

  18. Truth is, many of them are gate keepers today (2010-Present), last time I worked under a female was in 2008 she actually knew what she was doing and had nothing to do with affirmative action. I worked at Winn-Dixie (1999-2008) it was great fun and had solid training, I learned to communicate with costumers.

  19. Ive worked under 3 women managers, and i must say all of them micro managed, picked on petty things, didn’t like it unless i always went the extra mile for every small task or always delegated too much. The 2 other male bosses i had also extracted the same amount of work from me but without making me feel purely as an ‘employee’ paid to work. With women bosses i felt the ‘contractual’ nature of the relationship way too apparent. Not sure if those were mere personalities. On the positive side, all female managers were generous in appreciating the efforts and ensuring a positive appraisal at the end, somehow i did not get it from male managers.

  20. The bitchy behaviour is off the charts toxic. Men are naturally more comfortable in a hierarchy/structure but women seem to take it personally that they aren’t by default equal or better than everybody else.

  21. The best smartest and most intelligent manager I ever had was a woman, and I learned more from her than ten dude managers combined. I have had numerous male and female bosses over the years, and have noticed absolutely NO difference in terms of ability or conduct.

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