1. Ugh that's like my wife every time we have sex. "I need to pee and have a drink of water and blah blah blah"...by the time she's done it's ten minutes later and I'm half drained

  2. Dated a guy who was so self conscious about his CPAP machine…meanwhile I had unlocked a new Darth Vader kink 😂

  3. My wife will touch me or grind against me which will wake me up gently and usually when she does it I wake up really horny too so it's a win for both of us.

  4. While we’re all here asking questions and shit, how do you feel about being woken by speech? I asked my gf a question as we were waking up and she got all triggered like “brush my arm gently first” etc so I’m wondering

  5. You do realize that you could have talked to him about the subject while you were both awake to feel him out, right?

  6. I do this with every new partner in the beginning of a relationship. I just casually throw out "How do you feel about being woken up in the middle of the night for sex? Because I don't mind it one bit" and go from there.

  7. Haha! I realize that NOW. But at the time I was a bit afraid of him. He could be aggressive, easily angered, and that could turn violent. So...I was veeeery careful how I communicated with him at all.

  8. One time I woke up to my wife riding me. It was awesome. I fell right back asleep after and felt like a million bucks the next morning. That may seem like there was a lack of consent, but I really didn't mind and I told her that she has a standing offer to do that whenever she wants so long as I'm not sick or have to get up early the next day.

  9. Haha. That's great. I told my girl she has the same free reign to hop on while I am sleeping...altho my dream about Pandas may take a sudden, very unsettling turn.

  10. Love when a girlfriend does this to me…aside from the instant pleasure, it’s an amazing, lasting feeling of “I make my lover really horny just lying here!”

  11. See this is the thing. If I woke up to her on me I'd be into that. But if I woke up to her wanting me to do all the work I'd probablt fall back asleep. It takes me a good like... hour to properly wake up. I usually spend the first bit of the morning in a daze. So if she didn't mind me being groggy I'd be into it.

  12. As a woman, if I woke up to a man riding me that would be horrifying as it is sexual assault. That is the kind of thing you would have to discuss in a relationship so I'm glad you were OK with it. I will never forget a Peep Show episode where it happens to one of the main characters. He woke up to her having sex with him and he told her to stop and she wouldn't. It was until he told his friend that he realised that he was raped but it almost wasn't taken as serious because she was a woman.

  13. No worries, my wife, if in the mood, has 100% approval to do whatever she wants with my snoring self.

  14. Shit I fell asleep once with my wife riding because I was deatly tired. Ain't hear the end of that for a while.

  15. OMG my ex and I would do this all the time! I felt so honored when she did it, like my body was valuable just by itself (without me being conscious to control it). Man it’s great to hear I’m not the only one who’s experienced this

  16. The first date I ever went on with my wife we went out to a few bars and I woke up at her place to her on top riding me like a bull. I always joke with her that our relationship started with her raping me lmao

  17. My wife basically told me she never would… makes her feel “dirty”. I told her I liked it when she was dirty. That didn’t go over well. Oh well I tried.

  18. I've read that , about going to bed early , sleep 4 hours then wake up for a few hours for sex and just general reflective quiet time , then go back to sleep for a few more hours.

  19. Wife is a night owl, and loves herself some smut. She has full leeway to use my dangly bits as she sees fit while I’m asleep, 100% guilt free, regardless of how early I get up in the morning.

  20. Happened to me last week. Woke up to my wife giving me a blow job, took me a second to realize what was going on. As soon as she got me hard she jumped on top, I could tell she was seriously turned on. Her moaning & grinding was intense. She came hard and fast which got me off. I'd barely opened my eyes 👀 it was all over in 15 minutes and I immediately returned to a deep sleep.

  21. This!! I absolutely lovveee waking my husband up by sucking him off 🥰 and he loves it too! I just keep going until eventually he wakes up, and after a while, like you said... We definitely end up fucking haha. Sometimes we go back to bed after, sometimes not, but either way, it's a lovely way for him to wake up I'm sure!

  22. It would be fucking awesome. She's only done this like twice, and each time it was awesome. The next day I am tired and dragging a bit, but happy. Totally worth!

  23. Why don't you ask your partner? Me and my GF made it clear. We're free use during sleep. Obviously use good judgment. If she works at 7am I'm not gonna wake her up with dick inside her at 4am that's messed up.

  24. I dated a girl in my late 20s that would do this. I’d wake up with her playing with my equipment, and when I’d open my eyes she would just say “I’m horny”. My reply would typically be “well you are in luck!!” Those were the days man

  25. Really depends on the night. If it's a work night and I haven't been getting a lot of sleep recently, I would rather just sleep. If we're going to be sleeping in in the morning, I'm fine with being woken up, but she'd better not expect my A-Game. It's going to be hasty foreplay, business fucking, and I'll be asleep again before she gets back from the bathroom afterwards.

  26. Done it before, my wife woke up middle of the night, started to rub her butt on my junk. Naturally I woke up twice, pulled her panties down and fucked her brains out. Afterwards we went back to sleep very happy

  27. If she woke me up first I'd be slightly annoyed, if I woke up to her riding me I'd be happy but lazy, but if in the morning she said "I fucked you while you were sleeping," that'd be a turn on and I'd give her round two.

  28. I like sex a lot. But we have an agreement that we don’t do this because we both value sleep highly. I’ll put it this way, if my partner and I were having sex and she stopped in the middle to go to sleep I’d feel similarly.

  29. Preconsent for unconscious activity is a necessary discussion. Chat before hand so there is no surprise or shock when waking up to sexual handling.

  30. It’s fun, but wake the guy up a bit. A dick wakes up faster than the brain, and being groggy half/asleep isn’t as good as getting really riled up with some touch first.

  31. I'd be down, but I've stated as much to my fiancée, so she has my consent to wake me up for sex. I wouldn't do it without talking to him beforehand.

  32. About 4 months into dating my current gf. I picked her up from a concert she went to with her friends one night. On our way back she said she wanted me to fuck her good when we got back.

  33. It sounds nice to be awaken for sex until you are ACTUALLY awaken for sex. I have been awaken for sex but there have been times I was so tired I couldn't even hold my head up let alone get a hard on and perform. I used to work work overnight ,12 hours so to get awaken 2 hours after falling asleep is a little frustrating.

  34. It’s something you talk to your partner about to see if they’re okay with it or not. Everyone’s different. Personally I’d love that. But I know some wouldn’t

  35. Some people are weird about being awoken unexpectedly, so it can be helpful to at least talk about it first. But barring that or some big important thing the next day, I think most guys would be into it.

  36. A couple nights ago she literally woke me up just to talk with me and I was happy just for that even though I couldn't get back to sleep for over an hour. I would definitely not mind if she woke me up to have sex with me.

  37. It depends and don't take me wrong. We both work. I'm IT and she in management, yo, you go to bed brain dead from work.

  38. talk it out. My wife and I gave each other permission to arouse the other out of sleep for sex. If our partner said "No, Not now or I'm tired" we stopped. Pretty simple really.

  39. My boyfriend asked me not to do that. I did it about three times when we first got together. Sometimes I miss acting out my desires like that, but I guess holding back a desire is so much better/easier that trying to embrace unwanted ones

  40. I'd tell my wife let me go pee first. Then have sex with her and go back to sleep if there ain't round 2. But that hasn't happened in idk how many years now

  41. It’s great when it happens just be prepared for it to be a rather quick session especially if during the week. It’s also hot as hell when you wake up to the soft moans of your girl touching herself during the night. I usually slide my hands over and provide assistance. Sometimes thou I’ll just roll over on my back an let it be a mutual masterbation session

  42. It's happened once, and it was amazing. She woke up, wired. Knew she couldn't get back to sleep, so roused me. After we came,back to sleep we went. Lights out immediately.

  43. Been woken up by a BJ. And even sometimes her riding me. She'll eventually wake me. Which then goes on for a lot longer. Never had a problem.

  44. Ask them how they would feel about it. Some would welcome it, some don't want to be woken up for anything. Communicate

  45. My husband hates this. He says he just hates to be woken up. This asshole always has morning wood too. Bruh, I see that thing under the covers and I start to play with it and he will either wake up and be like tf? Or he just doesn’t wake up. Sigh. I on the other hand… I love waking up with a dick in me🤷🏻‍♀️

  46. I’ve asked my husband this and he said to please go for it. He said the same thing while we were dating. The man sleeps through everything so I haven’t tried hard. Me on the other hand, he knows not to wake me up.

  47. This happened to me and actually it wasn’t very enjoyable. I woke up to her fucking me and it was disorienting and weird because I was dead asleep and I couldn’t cum because I wasn’t ready

  48. Nope, never going to get a positive reaction out of me. Not respecting sleep is one of the few things that would make me genuinely angry at a partner.

  49. Happens regularly. 3:15-3:30 - almost clockwork. My only request is that she doesn't do it the day before I have an early run of meetings. Otherwise, I'm there to be used.

  50. This. I’m almost 40 and I would agree. I’d most likely say yes but there would be the thought “dude, I need to work in the morning…” that would cross my mind.

  51. An ex would wake up horny and start giving me a bj to wake me up. Once you have had that Folgers is definitely not the best part of waking up.

  52. Me and my girl have done it on separate occasions. As long as it's not abrupt, all the lights blasting, sex then we're usually down for the cause

  53. Love it. Great way to wake up… unless I have an early work day that’s stressing me out. Just communicate with your lover ahead of time. Make it a fun “what if” convo. That way they know to keep you posted when they need a good nights sleep for work or other

  54. When we were dating my wife said she tried waking me up a few times with a blowjob, but I turned her down. I don't believe her, because even asleep me wouldn't turn down a bj.

  55. Like... One of the top festishes. To the point that sometimes I try to plough her full of drink because it increases the odds she will wake up in the middle of the night horny. When we got married I told her that if she couldn't sleep because she was too horny, she was to treat me like a piece of man meat. It's very very difficult to think of anything better than being woken up by your soaking wet wife rubbing/sucking your dick.

  56. We have an agreement. You are free to wake up for sex. If the other person doesn’t wake up/isn’t into it. No hard feelings.

  57. Just do him a little extra, and favor him a bit more, do some shit with him he likes that is not exactly your cup of tea He will not be mad. Just do not touch/hold/suck his dick when he is sleeping, he might panic and kick you or retreat in a panic state hurting himself or both while being half awake and half sleep. I know, I once did that.

  58. It happened to me once with my ex, I don't think she woke me up, but I woke up for a split second at 4am and she immediately started to take my shorts off. I was way too tired and didn't enjoy it personally, but if it was at a time when I actually wanted to wake up I would have enjoyed it. I did tell her after that she can't wake me up at 4am just for it anymore

  59. This always happens when they’re drunk, and I have always said no. One girl threw a fit about it even though I was sick. The other girl started sobbing intensely, which felt weirdly manipulative.

  60. I would probably say “I’m not in the mood & want to sleep but if you absolutely need it do your business and then leave me alone. But if you can wait until I wake up, pee, & brush my teeth and you do the same, I will be more enthusiastic.”

  61. This kind of thing just happens when you are young... probably from 16 to 26yo ! But when you're an adult, you just wake up to pee! When you have to work to pay the bills, you don't want anyone one waking you up. Resting is more sacred than having sex, for me! haha

  62. I've had a girlfriend or two like this, usually one of those cheeky butt wiggles and within a short while we're doing the deed, then cuddle and drift off again.

  63. Time to clap some cheeks for the best 15 seconds of her morning lol hopefully. Don't we all nut quick after waking up?

  64. I’ve been with a guy who would absolutely refuse morning sex or sex in the night. To the point he would aggressively shove me away from him if he even thought I was starting anything. He was the only one allowed to refuse sex. Needless to say he was a piece of shit.

  65. We would love it. We are usually expected to initiate affection, intimate acts and everything in-between. This would make my love meter soar!

  66. This has happened to me before several times. My best advice that I could give is don't nicely tap them on the shoulder and ask. Just start sucking. I know it sounds an awful lot like rape and it probably is but I do not know a single guy that would be mad waking up to his dick on his woman's mouth. If you wake him up and actually ask you might get a no. I know I've said no before when asked after being woken up but any time I just woke up and it was happening it was all good.

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