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  2. Definitely save money and or invest... But you're young too and I definitely support being young wild and free! You can do both, just be smart about it. 👍❤️

  3. I know bro , I need to do more things for myself but for some reasons I just cba to do anything , but Yeahh felt a bit of shame typing that one

  4. Be willing to learn. From anybody. Abandon the notion that you know everything (or much of anything, for that matter), and absorb all the knowledge you can. Get your mum to teach you how to do laundry, cooking, whatever. Good luck, my friend.

  5. If you are living at home and cant move out, pull your weight. That means doing all your own chores and then some. Clean, cook dinner. Let mum have a break or take her our and treat her to dinner / a show

  6. Put at least 10% of your earnings away into investments and stick to it. It's easier than it ever has been to invest in the market. Don't rack up credit card debt for bullshit.

  7. You're walking down the street, you seen an older man approaching you, he looks familiar and he looks like he wants to talk to you. As he gets closer, you realize it's the 70 year old you and he has something to say. Would you rather he came up and embraced you and kissed you on the cheek and thanked you for the smart moves you made that are benefitting him now? Or bitch slapped you for missing many opportunities, the consequences of your previous actions/inactions having screwed him royally?

  8. Don’t get married, save money, workout, don’t neglect good friendships, do things you enjoy, like as long as you don’t go bankrupt doing it enjoy new experiences and people

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