1. This is the basis of my current relationship, 3 years together. I hope we make it to 22 and beyond. Thanks for the read, may you two continue to be blessed

  2. Next time someone asks me what love is like or sounds like I’m referring them to this!! That’s awesome and I’m so happy for y’all yet super jealous too lol

  3. That's really cool that y'all cook together, that was our thing to, I did all the chopping and prep work, and she did the rest. Cooking was our little intimate time.

  4. my boyfriend spent two hours talking me down from "bad brain" (it was a hormone mood swing) & basically he told me these were his favorite things we do (I thought I was being boring) - this made me want to hug him and apologize to him for my brain telling me those are the reasons he'll leave me

  5. Cooking is 100% my love language. There’s something about creating something to feed someone that’s intensely personal. If I care about you, you won’t go hungry.

  6. Same. We start cooking together, one of us offers the other a drink, we smile and laugh and then the butt grabbing starts and then we are goofy and loving until we have hot sex.

  7. We like to just lay together. Often leads to sex or napping, but other times we're just enjoying each others' company in silence or with meaningless conversation.

  8. Being able to chill without having to talk. I think it says something about how comfortable you are with a person when you can enjoy being quiet around them without feeling awkward.

  9. This is when I knew my husband was the right one for me. We would go to dinner on Friday nights after working all week and just sit and eat in comfortable silence. Just being in eachother's presence was enough. We just celebrated our 12th anniversary on the tenth.

  10. Long car rides. To elaborate - she has this notepad with a few dozen very personal/deep questions and whenever we’re on a long car ride we go through maybe 4-5 of them. We answer completely honestly and have to be very vulnerable with eachother; and I think it really does bring us closer to eachother and understand eachother on a deeper level than we already do.

  11. That's an awesome idea! My partner and I play a game of cards from amazon that has connection activities and fun acting out things. Really spontaneous stuff that speed up the connection.

  12. Pickleball. We play mixed doubles in this league with a bunch of couples way older than us and we've gotten so into it. We talk strategy and hype each other up. We used to play tennis together all the time, and still do, but it's a bit more fun when we're on the same team.

  13. Making a good mea together, doing some yard work, watching a movie while holding hands. There are quite a few things, these just popped into my head first.

  14. I like doing normal, boring, everyday activities w my SO…like going to target, not sure why but it makes me feel much closer to my partner

  15. This!! Absolutely. Having two open minded people equals a huge connection. They can earn and grow from conversation with each other. I think my biggest turn on is an intellectual conversation that gets deep.

  16. Just anything together. Movie and snuggling, going out anywhere to do something fun, just being with each other 1 on 1 and enjoying each others company.

  17. I'm no longer wirh this woman, but when we were together, we'd do morning 5 mile runs together, go for nighly walks and sit out on the back patio with her chair facing mine with her legs and feet in my lap casually talking about everything while I massaged her feet. It was all so special, really wonderful and memorable. I was incredibly close to her. I"m glad I at least have the memories.

  18. You sounf like a great partner and great relationship dynamics between you. What happened, if you don't mind me asking?

  19. Tonight my husband and I went skinny dipping and it started raining, then it started thundering and lightening. Just as we were getting out of the pool it started down pouring. It was so much fun!

  20. Cooking. Or when we find a new show to watch together. We’re currently running through British mysteries. Recommend “Stay Close” on Netflix if you haven’t seen it.

  21. Doing random projects together, finishing them, and just enjoying our collaborative work. Making each other feel like a valuable component.

  22. Just being close. Snuggling or cuddling are awesome. Sometimes it leads to other things sometimes it doesn't but it's always nice to just be physically close to someone you care about.

  23. Used to cook together. Some dishes are better done solo but some are really fun to cook together. Made us feel pretty close at times.

  24. cuddles, gaming, matching each others weird energy, jokes, when she takes interest in my hobbies and the most important one of all: Having a stare contest so i can look deep in her eyes.

  25. Cooking, drinking coffee on the back patio, picking vegetables from the garden, doing something fun we don't normally do

  26. Not weird at all. My partner and I recently put together a dresser and bed. We found out our strengths, to work as a team, communication on the steps and helping each other. definitely recommended

  27. We caress and graze each other’s arms and palms of our hands with our fingernails. So intimate. Its my favorite feeling and I wouldn’t want it with any other person.

  28. Idk why but when they would read to me, I would feel a dope ass feeling. I can't explain it but just them reading an article or anything was us both learning at the same time. It was cool.

  29. I love our dancing in the kitchen while cooking sessions. It’s such a simple thing that we do anytime we cook at home, and it always makes me happy.

  30. Me and my fiancé like going out biking. Often times we’ll go on different routes but we always stop at the same few benches to take a break and just talk about life

  31. We met 22 years ago playing online games. We still play together and I love it. He takes such good care of me and makes sure I have great gear for my characters!

  32. Cuddling. Shopping with her. She was born in Cambodia. Watching her inspect vegetables and meats is cute to me. Probably not cute that she had to do that back home to ensure no one got sick, but cute to me simply because of the way she looks when doing it.

  33. I've witnessed kids these days not even being shown how to do laundry, or check the oil levels, I've met a 14 year old that still can't tie his own shoe

  34. Talking. Shorty is really smart but doesn't realize it. She'll kick some knowledge and somehow segue it into a child hood story or a thought she had. I get a better understanding of her and what makes her tick. She is on some goofball shit sometimes but now I realize why because I understand her thought process. That has made this a lot easier. We also cook together, even then I don't really let her in the kitchen. She can cook but I keep forgetting because I've never ran into a woman who can, unless they were mad old. They usually get in the way and stare at the stove, ingredients etc like they're brand new to the planet.

  35. Definitely cooking. Having a bath with a bath bomb and reading. A difficult moment like when our dog had 9 seizures in a day and we had to take him to the vet. super hard but felt super close.

  36. Laying on their chest, lap or tummy while they fiddle with my hair. Maybe talking about something intimate like profound ideas and deep thoughts

  37. Mario Cart is a blast!! Great one. My partner and I like survival gaming together. It's like building your fantasy kingdom together.

  38. Taking a shower together without making it sexual, washing hair, backs, ... I think it is a primeval thing like how animals groom each other.

  39. Now I want to try this. Sounds nurturing and connecting, without the pressure of sex. I love when my partner runs his fingers through my hair and gives me a head massage. Greatest feeling ever!!

  40. Sounds like some Great memories!! I really with I could share that with a partner. We love music, but neither one of us plays an instrument. I tried to learn guitar in the past but didn't have the patience. I used to date a guy that could do insane stuff with a guitar and it was so much fun watching him do his things.

  41. Sounds like something my partner and I would joke about. Neither one of us likes or wants kids. Our next door neighbors kids shout and fught all day and it kills me.

  42. Wow that's intense, kinda scary ...and awesome! It would be hard to find people up for that I'm sure. That's awesome that you have that connection that you are both into.

  43. We vibe really hard whenever we listen to or watch Phish. We always ooh and aah at the exact same time and laugh about the amazingness.

  44. Impressive- 4 miles/day! I occasionally make it to the mailbox which is a block away, but that's about it lol. Physical activities like hiking can be nice because you are essentially accomplishing something while enjoying scenery.

  45. Deep conversations, either face to face or staring up at the stars together. Unfortunately I haven't dated a woman who really likes this; all of my past partners have been more into hyper-reality than reality.

  46. Depo conversations are it. That's what makes me feel connection in general. It's hard to find people who want to have those convos daily, which I do. It's invigorating. I think it's my love language.

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