1. To, me Chiron and Pluto say something similar. Pluto says you need to evolve and change the way you do Sag in the 1st house. Chiron says, yeah there's an issue here. So, to me, all by itself - this conjunction - isn't why you feel burdened. To me, Scorpio is the one who is burdened as it tends to absorb and hold emotions - one's own, and other people's too. And your chart doesn't give you much of an outlet for expressing those emotions.

  2. Ok! How much do you know about this Chiron-Pluto conjunction? Sounds like a tough aspect in the especially first house! Being a Scorpio ascendant, Pluto is intensified. Or mars, but I tend to go Pluto. Can you tell me where you feel stuck? Are you having trouble letting go of past trauma, or are you still going through it? Looking at progressions could be helpful. I recommend breath work to heal your nervous system. You prob need to go deep but I think you already are very strong and will get stronger.

  3. I've definitely felt stuck when it comes to moving on from the past. I imagine that Chiron-Pluto would intensify my sense of being wounded, which probably contributes to not being able to let go.

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