1. I'm a Canadian and have lived Stateside for years and have many friends there, and I'm on this sub in advance of my first trip to Aus in a few weeks. So I have no skin in this game.

  2. Yeah it's one thing to have hugely damaging social problems like poor social welfare, oddly ... vibrant ... gun culture, an out of control military production complex, and an ill fitting health care structure.

  3. I went to school in the USA. Yep...I enjoyed it, but only because I'd gone to school here. Some really fun subjects! But absolutely nothing on anything outside of America. Truly, if you'd wanted to even learn that WW2 happened? You'd have to have found that out for yourself. Pretty much, If you'd wanted to learn anything about the world or life outside the USA? Would have been tough at my school.

  4. Oh Great Fungulu yes. Having once made an online comment discussing the Australian gun buyback, including a balanced view of how we had to juggle urban, rural, and recreational needs, and the benefits we have enjoyed since (freedom FROM guns, rather than freedom to OWN guns even though everyone sane who wants one can get one) I am still being notified that gun advocates are responding to my comment with jubilant threats that we either are a) not free, b) have no appreciation of freedom being convicts, c) are victims of our governments tyranny or, failing that, d) about to become victims of our governments tyranny. So they are covering every eventuality in case we respond that nope thanks we are all fine down here.

  5. I feel like most Americans NOT asking those questions get most of their answers from Google. Personally, the most fascinating thing I learned on this sub is Aussies don't like have a complicated relationship to chicken wingsand are not obsessed with them like Americans. Can't find that on google!

  6. Half of my family is Australian so I'm aware of the cultural differences. And I wouldn't call Australians more blunt than Americans. If anything I find Americans speak more freely and openly than Australians do. Especially east coast Americans. I think the difference you're alluding to has to do with humor. Australians can have a dry and perverse sense of humor and will often deliberately say the exact opposite of what they actually mean. Americans, on the other hand, have a very explicit communication style and irony can fall flat on its face.

  7. It's a natural reaction to the the jaw-droppingly ignorant and ill-informed questions that get asked by Americans in this sub which doesn't really occur in the other subs.

  8. Isn’t the purpose of an AskAn… sub a place for people to be educated? And if so, shouldn’t one expect ignorant questions by definition?

  9. I would say, that we Aussies are much more blunt when asked a direct question. By asking the question you have given us permission to be more direct and honest.

  10. Sad that the minority of idiots in America have led people to believe their ideas are our culture. I don't blame people for assuming things about us, but it is really depressing to see people thinking these things are the norm here.

  11. But why is it even on your radar screens? You are literally on the other side of the world. Wouldn't it make more sense to study the tendencies of the Mainland China Regime, than to study ours?

  12. If you loathe the culture so much, why is so much of it present in Australia in ways that it isn't in other western countries? Seems simple enough to me to reject importing something you don't like.

  13. We’re a question sub, and it’s often Americans who ask the dumbest questions. The dumb questions get responded to accordingly.

  14. Doll basically every country outside of America thinks that about America. In 2005 when I wrapped my hands around the bars at the top of the arc de triomphe and got chewing gum on my hands, my (English) grandads first response was “bloody Americans”. You guys don’t have the best international reputation 🤷🏻‍♀️

  15. I have to agree with you on that, international American reputation is crap. I have some roots in the States as well but I usually pull out my Canadian pass to introduce myself when I’m overseas lol 😅

  16. I live in a major tourist city in Europe, and have to be honest though: “Lads” on holiday and lot of British are beyond terrible! Getting piss drunk, aggressive, starting fights. Puking all over, vandalizing our monuments, treating the country as a urinal, talking down to staff then on top of all of that, being cheap? Seriously, they are often the fucking worst! We’ll take loud Americans over them, at least they tip!

  17. I'm the founder of this sub, but also an American who both loves my country and recognizes the many problems we have.

  18. This. Obviously there are huge issues with America and things could always be better, but it's not like the country is crumbling around us. Most people are just living their lives and complaining about gas prices

  19. Your archaic constitution means only have 2 parties in power. There is no "green" party unlike just about every other liberal democracy. Australia has 10 parties in the senate alone & there are multiple viewpoints on everything.

  20. See that's what any sane American is capable of recognizing: problems with healthcare, political division, gun reform, news/media, etc. I don't think anyone in my circle of American friends would claim America is the best country.

  21. Right now, from the outside looking in, America isn’t looking so great. As others have said- political division, rampant capitalism, broken education system, guns, inequality etc.

  22. Bang on, about the fear of it spreading here. We're kind of dependent in you guys (Americans) sorting your shit show out, as the somewhat clichéd now 'leader of the free world'. As the old saying goes, America sneezes and the world catches a cold. It's scary to watch the States crumble.

  23. That actually makes sense. I started the process to emigrate to Australia (like legitimately not like just by shitposting on

  24. IMO most people don’t have an issue with Americans on an individual level. Most of the anti-American sentiment comes from a fear that Australia will gradually loose some of its advantages (high minimum wage, Medicare, no tipping, gun laws) through adopting Americanisms. An example of this is the Uber Eats app asking for a tip, which is a very American business model and justifies the drivers being paid a lower wage since it will be “subsidised” by tips.

  25. The problem with America is they (collectively, not individually) are selfish. Not wanting to fund universal healthcare because "it's not my problem if you get sick" and not wanting to enact sensible gun control when innocent children are murdered because "the 2nd amendment says so".

  26. Their right to guns/free speech etc. somehow trumps others peoples rights to feel safe in their own homes etc. it’s just so many different kinds of fucked up. I have many American friends and I love them all but that country has some work to do.

  27. Look, there’s what I’ve been trying to say for the past 18 years to this country about the PL/PC debate! We suck in so many ways I feel like I should get on global television and apologize.

  28. I'd say a majority of Americans want things like better healthcare, better education, etc. But the problem is our politicians are bought and paid for, so they don't have the people's best interests at heart. And imo these problems won't ever be solved until we remove the money and lobbying from politics. When you have senators on the NRA payroll, what meaningful gun reform can anyone hope to achieve currently.

  29. Having live in America for all of my life, seeing the broken bi-partisan system that I live under grow worse and worse every day makes me want to give up and leave. Nothing really gets fixed unless it benefits the big cats that make a lot of money, and it’s pretty evident that our government is giving in to the extremely conservative, pro-Trump crowd, who wouldn’t hesitate to put a bullet in any head they don’t like or agree with if they could get away with it. They are the “Americans” that act all high and mighty, and think the U.S. is the greatest country in the world while ignoring how other countries have fixed very similar issues we are having. They also love to protect a certain amendment in an outdated legal document, not considering the fact that modern weapons are more deadly than a fucking musket and flintlock. It has basically become their entire identity, treating high-powered weaponry as a God-given birthright rather than a tool to defend oneself against actual threats. I could go on, but you all get the point. I’m just sitting here scared, hoping things don’t blow up (quite literally) here in the next few years.

  30. Good luck to you mate. You sum it up well. I really feel for people like you. You can see your country going down down down...but can't do a fuc*ing thing about it. Frustrating and terrifying at the same time.

  31. A national trait is we dont give a flying EFF about authority figures/authority. When you get bombarded with 'American' culture and ridiculously ignorant questions/statements bout Oz we take the piss.

  32. I find this in complete opposition to the amount of government surveillance and oversight Australians welcome. Americans were way more distrusting of the government than Australians are, that's not even up for debate.

  33. Have you seen what American society/politics/ economics/religion has become? There’s plenty to be critical of.

  34. I mean your reply is exactly what OP is talking about to be honest. You're being completely disingenuous and just straight up lying and putting all Americans down. How would you feel if I said the same about Australians?

  35. Other first world countries haven't been critical ENOUGH to be honest with you. The rampant hypercapitalism, hyper individualism, obsession with guns, flawed democracy, and religious sway over laws reminds me more of a developing Middle Eastern countries than developed western countries. As a trans person, I feel Increasingly unsafe since a possible coming recession will likely give these people full control of the government and Australia's more laid back live and let live culture seems so much better (though I know no where is perfect).

  36. I would hope we're pretty laid back with how others are. I know I've never given two hoots about someone's sexuality. I suppose some might think the "I don't give a fu*k" is bad? But nah...not like that...if I like or dislike a person? It's because of general lack of compatibility, not what's between their legs or how they feel as a person. We are all humans. We're all unique. Makes the world an interesting place. Be freakin dull as dogshit if we were all the same.

  37. It’s because people want better for America. Better than their own citizens seem to want, and it’s frustrating to watch.

  38. The US used to be quite-rightly the leader of the free world. This developed into US exceptionalism with the belief that everything the US is or does is the best purely because it is the US.

  39. I remember when the concept of the US being the world police was a good thing. Now everyone is like "No, no. Not like American police."

  40. The US is in a tough spot with that. The second anything goes down on a world scale, we're criticized for not doing anything or doing too little or not giving enough money or getting too involved or not getting involved quick enough.

  41. I think your over thinking it. We just don't wrap people up in sheepskin every time they make a comment. I honestly don't think Americans think about us and we don't think about them! Why would we!? And why would they!? We arent competing, especially in an ask Australian sub lol 😂🙌

  42. I think Australia like other countries is keeping vigilant on healthcare and gun laws and other aspects of culture, afraid of the creep towards American culture. Corporations are constantly pushing for legislative change that would benefit them, Medicare is being chipped away, we are flooded with American content and news. We are not always clear on what we want and where we’re heading, but we know what we don’t want. Nothing wrong with being critical if the criticism’s warranted.

  43. We refer to Americans as Seppos, I'm sure you've seen the comments. Seppo is short for septic tank, rhymes with Yank and is full of shit. That's been a thing for a century, nothing new, it goes back to having to deal with you in all the wars. We have been force fed American movies, TV and music and "news" through free to air tv and radio before the internet which would be the only reason there are any similarities. In regards to this sub, Seppos tend to ask idiotic questions and get very defensive to our responses which just solidifies the divide. I've travelled to the land of the Seppo twice and I was never asked a legitimate question, only stupid shit like do you ride a kangaroo to school and will all the animals kill you, you do it to yourselves.

  44. People see the chaos over there and think that must be what Americans want. Anyone who would want such circumstances must be a complete idiot and/or a cruel monster, so therefore the Americans are both (according to many on this sub and in broader Australia).

  45. Thank you for recognizing that we don’t have a functioning democracy. We recently had our democrat primaries in my district and the person who won did so because 13,000 people out of 820,000 voted for him. This is actually the first time he’s even had to run in the primary since he’s always previously been unopposed. He owns multiple car dealerships in the area, was previously an ambassador to somewhere and only got the ambassadorship because his daddy was an ambassador, too. We don’t have a say- there is a very clear ruling class.

  46. But also this America is the best sentiment is only on tv. Nobody actually says this. I grew up in a military family and was in the military myself and I’ve only heard this in real life a handful of times. You thinking that we think that is also propaganda.

  47. i love america and americans, completely fascinating and the best dominant power for australia’s and global democratic institutions’ interests. there i said it. The hip hop music i could leave though

  48. I’d say is in response to all the anti-Australian crap being peddled by right wing media in the US. And Aussies love to call out bullshit.

  49. Probably a combination of all the guns (that are both the solution to, and root of a lot of the problems), strong sentiment to non-socialised healthcare and vocal Murdoch media evangelists.

  50. America pushed itself into every facet of life then complains when life gets annoyed with it. I shouldn't know about Kim k and skeet, and I hate that I do.

  51. NRA try to push their values on us and we don’t want them. They are pushing a narrative that we are in a dictatorship because we don’t have gun toting fools running around town.

  52. It's hilarious how infinitely stupid the NRA and their acolytes are to think that anything in America as regards guns is transferable here, and that we could ever be like them - or would want to be. Saying that as a local sporting shooter they can fuck right off with that shit.

  53. Picked up my son who flew in from the US last night. He’s been there 3 years studying. So we got on this topic last night. And he gave the country a fair old bake. He actually said he finds the US way too ‘I got mine, fuck you’ and every person for themselves.

  54. What anti-Americanism? America is a third world country with a Gucci belt, is that it? Because that’s not Aussie specific. That’s how most of the world see America. Since the largest school shooting since Sandy Hook in 2012, there have been more than 18 mass shootings. People are choosing to die from curable diseases so that they don’t leave their family with hundreds of thousands or even millions in medical bills. Plenty of Americans are lovely. Plenty are awful. No different than anywhere else people wise.

  55. Terrifyingly, there were actually 19 mass shootings over the recent memorial day weekend, that's in between the terrible massacres at the supermarket in Buffalo and the Uvalde school shooting.

  56. If you think the anti-Americanism is only here then you haven’t met the rest of the global population. The world kinda hates us, and for good reason. We suck.

  57. Go and watch masterchef Australia and compare that to masterchef usa. It's a good example of the differences in culture.

  58. American culture is fundamentally broken. Corporations, increasing political divides, and dogmatic adherence to explicitly anti-intellectual literal definitions of a document intended for society 200 years ago (American constitution, in bad need of an update) has bled into the everyday American experience, and then our televisions and culture gets elements of it transported here on account of our own corporations, newspapers, and way of life being influenced by American companies.

  59. The yanks helped us out in dubbya dubbya two and then never left, and now we're glued to their every move, be it war or culture...

  60. The thing is that help in WWII was a reciprocal arrangement - the Americans needed somewhere on this side of the Pacific as a base so they sought us out.

  61. Hahaha anti-americanism has become trendy nowadays in general I think. I don't think it's exclusive to Australia. But yeah, it's gay as fuck to rail on America just to get cool point on social media.

  62. I used to be very pro-American. I've lived there & travelled there a fair bit. BUT I'm over it now. I truly am.

  63. Because Americans are completely delusional when it comes to what real thinking foreigners see the USA as. You've all been hoodwinked by a corrupt regime you call a government. Then you tell us its the greatest country in the world. It's not. It's a murdering, country destroying, corruption driven, hypocritical, cesspool of debauchery and destruction. Why do Americans think they should be proud of what America is? All the Americans hating on Russia supporting ukraine. Do you realise your media has lied to you about everything from vietnam, 911 to Iraq to Ukraine? Why would anyone fight for or even support a corrupt regime government like America has?

  64. Whoa! Wtf is happening (or I guess what are we doing in Africa)?! I didn’t know we were doing anything…

  65. "Why could anybody possibly hate Americans?" I dunno, your country slaughters people in massive numbers, displaces millions, overthrows democracies, installs and props up dictatorships, exploits the shit out of people in poorer countries, and most of your citizens are spectacularly oblivious to all that. You're not the only country in the world doing shit like that, but you are the most economically and militarily powerful country to do all of that.

  66. Most Americans don’t think that at all, that’s just the media talking points you base everything off of.

  67. In truth, I couldn’t give a fuck about america enough to hate you. You don’t play cricket, you don’t play footy, any of the real codes of footy, and I don’t watch American movies as it seems to always be the same recycled story line in each. Boring people so I try not to have anything to do with you.

  68. I'd love a list of comments that you believe are valid and which ones are anti American. Than we as Australians can tell you which ones are sarcastic or jokes and which aren't. Since it seems to fly over your head.

  69. I dislike that Aussies cop hate from Americans and American loving redditors such as OP just because we dont “buy in” to the US BS.

  70. Its more to do with the fact that we dislike your leaders and the policies that they come up with. Most of the Americans I've met on a person to person basis are quite lovely people.

  71. Honestly if a lot of Americans did a bit of research about what life in Australia really is like and stopped the constant: how do you live with all the bugs/dangerous animals/desert conditions then they wouldn't get so trolled.

  72. People are proudly anti-american because of all the crimes against humanity America has committed time and time again on the world stage while touting an American exceptionalism attitude and letting their poor people suffer

  73. „˙pɐq ʇɐɥʇ ʇou ǝɹ,noʎ puɐ noʎ ɥʇıʍ ɹǝǝq ɐ ƃuıʌɐɥ ǝʍ ǝʇnuıɯ ʇxǝu noʎ ǝʇɐɥ ǝʍ ǝʇnuıɯ ǝuO ˙dolɟ dılɟ ǝM„

  74. I've been to America twice. The wealthy areas felt fake as fuck and just looked like a movie set, but behind the facade in the poorer areas were sad, angry and hopeless people. Never felt safe in either area.

  75. Americans have been manufacturing refugees around the world and export inflation. they also do a lot of war crimes and blame someone else.

  76. Much like in Canada, Australia has a perfect mix of being a only tiny bit better than the USA and also being extremely culturally overrun by it. This creates a perfect spot of insecurity that makes some of us really obsess over the place and all the perceived faults of its people in a way we wouldn’t deem acceptable to think of any other people. When we do something terrible it’s because our government is corrupt, when they do something terrible it’s because their people are dumb ignorant nationalists, etc.

  77. I like the people, the food, the places ect. it's more the politicians and the military industrial complex with all the blood drinking ghouls that facilitate the raft of horrors both abroad and within it's own borders, they're the people I hate the most. Except for Bernie and Ilhan Omar, Australia don't have politicians anywhere near as cool as them.

  78. But how will they continue to receive brib-- uh, political donations for decades on end if you limit their terms? Oh the humanity!

  79. Because most of the questions from Americans here are "What's x like in Australia" When Australia is a whole fucking continent and their questions usually have multiple answers.

  80. It sounds like most people don’t actually hate Americans, people who happened to be born there and could be of any mindset, but the overly patriotic chuds which spoiler alert, most Americans don’t like those people either.

  81. Hmm, a country where people call each other cunts, doesn’t have raging assholes waiving guns around because “freedom”, with lots of beeches, good beer, and politicians that don’t wave a Bible around for policy making, but instead chose to be safe during a virus pandemic, seems like a place this Seppo would like to visit?!

  82. All the subs you mentioned, as well as probably this one, are flooded with bots, Chinese (hence the Anti-American slant) troll farm paid shills and minority groups espousing their particular cause- which is usually socialist in nature, if not reality.

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