1. Several years ago when some in the GOP controlled legislature wanted to really deeply cut taxes, the then-House Speaker and Senate Pro Tem published a joint letter to their caucuses and pointed to Kansas on how tax cuts aren't necessarily the magical solution to economic growth.

  2. Ya… Kansas is an example to red states of what NOT to do… that being said, we have a democratic governor cause of that. So things are slowly improving lol

  3. If it makes ya feel better, i never think about them. Hell, i’ve never encountered them despite living here most of my life

  4. Someone bought the house across from their church and painted it with a rainbow flag. It's called the equality house, and now they've painted the one next to it with a trans flag.

  5. I once had to drive across the length of Nebraska and back on a road trip. I've also driven from OKC to Arizona, and all throughout western Texas. Boring as fuck. And I've never heard of Kansas being any different, so I just assume it's the same

  6. Eastern KS (with football and basketball) is different. Ft Riley is very hilly and there are some lovely areas to drive.

  7. Can confirm. I have a dog named toto and we frequently get swept into other worlds with wizards, witches, cowardly lions, tin men and talking scarecrows on a regular basis via tornados

  8. I have friendly feelings towards Kansas. It seems like a gentle innocuous place where people are nice and prepared for tornadoes. In my rating of all the states, it would be in the top 25

  9. I'm not exactly sure what I'd do there. Wichita makes Kansas City or Denver seem like Paris and London by comparison.

  10. Wichita is actually the largest or second largest city in Kansas (goes back and for with one of the suburbs of KC). Though it does have a reputation of being more blue collar, there was actually a lot of things I missed from Wichita when I moved to Maryland.

  11. I lived there for five years, it was nice overall. I went to K-State for grad school and then worked in Topeka afterwards. The Flint Hills are gorgeous, I drove through them on the interstate every day in my commute to work and I never got enough of the views when you crest over some of those hills. Although, the Kansas Turnpike being a toll road was a frequent point of annoyance. The hamburgers and steaks (as well as the BBQ in general) are very good, but the rest of the food is very lackluster. Which was a pretty big negative for me coming from Louisiana where every meal is amazing. It became a chore for me to find restaurants that I actually liked.

  12. I'm from Kansas and I actually have a similar problem with the lack of humidity in Chicago where I live now. I literally had chapped lips for the first few months I lived here even though it was summer. Guess it goes to show its all relative .

  13. Superman is obviously the really famous superhero from Kansas, but one of my favorites, Wally West, actually grew up in Kansas as well (although he moves to Missouri when he succeeds Barry Allen).

  14. My dad was born there. Apparently my grandfather used to see a lot of tornadoes and would turn around and drive the opposite direction

  15. My only negative was driving from Wichita to Salina. Both were quite nice and I had a good time despite it being a work trip, but that drive was unnerving. I was going in a flat straight line for a solid hour in the middle of the night. Coming from somewhere where you can't go 10 seconds without a curve, turn, or hill, it felt very strange and unworldly. ;)

  16. Lived in Kansas for 4 years and went to KSU. Loved the flint hills. I miss the thunderstorms. Some great sunsets. Fun fishing and hunting. It really got me into football during Snyders second comeback. I confuse Washingtonians cause they see the power cat and this it’s a WSU cougar with UW purple coloring. I have a lot of found memories and friends but I don’t think I could live their long term. Grew up with the mountains and hard to give that up.

  17. Smallville, corn, geographical center, conservative yet universal pre-k I think?, prairie, there was a book about “The problem with Kansas” I never read, Ft Leavenworth, Topeka, the other Kansas City, and Lawrence where the Civil War had its prequels. Sunflowers, the Doles, and of course Dorothy Gale in pigtails and gingham which I imagine is how everyone there dresses.

  18. Superman, basketball, corn, sunflowers, airplane manufacturing. Probably the most boring state to drive across. Even Iowa has some hills.

  19. I am not a fan of the flat land but it is pretty in the summertime. My sinuses don't appreciate it, but with a sufficient dosage of antihistamine I can enjoy it.

  20. My great grandmom went to Kansas in 1896, aged 5ish, in a covered wagon. My grandmom & granddad moved to NJ in the 50s. The first time my great grandmom visited them in NJ, she took a jet plane.

  21. Amelia Earhart, President Eisenhower, Kansas Cosmosphere, buffalo, wild sunflowers, Civil War History and battles, John Brown, Brown vs Board of education, Tallgrass prairie, Native Americans, Hilly on one side and flat on the other, sensible people who will leave you alone unless you need some help, then they are generous with help. East side enjoys Chiefs and Royals as part of the metro. Vast open spaces and a ton of things to do for people who love the outdoors and nature activities.

  22. To be fair, the KCMO suburbs spill over to the Kansas side. I’m in a suburb of KC, so it’s the same all around anyway lol

  23. I live in Florida. Have a best friend that lives in Kansas. I visited her twice, nearly died from heat stroke the last time I visited (late July to early august 😭). But I find it to be a pretty state. Not much happening there tho lol. I’m always surprised at how expensive the plane tickets are because who is visiting Kansas?!

  24. I lived in Kansas for a long time. Pretty sunsets and sunrises. 'Interesting' weather. Not a big fan of the state in general though. Kansans are generally nice enough on an individual level, but as a whole there's a lot of willful ignorance.

  25. I drove through it back in June and thought it was much prettier than I expected. A hell of a lot more Arby's fast food places than I am used to seeing though.

  26. I have quite a lot of opinions about it! But only because my mother's family are all from Wichita (she grew up there and moved back a few years ago).

  27. Cows, lush green fields, open spaces and tornadoes. I enjoy the tornado chaser shows that usually film in Kansas.

  28. Finally someone said cows! I come from cattle farmers so I might be biased. But they are really significant to the culture and history of Western Kansas especially. And they are absolutely everywhere around here. I have fond memories of hand feeding them as a kid, but be forewarned- that is not most cows. Lots of people have horror stories about aggressive cows trying to squash them. I have a comedic story about learning to drive in a cow pasture that was meant to be empty. It was not.

  29. My wife and I had to temporarily move to Kansas about 9 years ago as we worked our way through the court process to take custody of our granddaughter. We lived in Concordia and rented a little house for about 4 months. The people we dealt with in the court system and CPS were absolutely good and caring people. The people we met in Concordia were some of the nicest people we have ever met. We arrived with our Utah license plates and were initially eyed a little bit but when the welcome wagon lady showed up and learned we were baptists the stink eye went away. We shopped and dined locally, went to the Baptist church in town and made friends with our neighbors. We did a lot of tourist stuff while we were there too. Saw the worlds biggest ball of twine, went to the Orphan Train Museum (WoW, no idea that ever even was a thing!) went to see the remains of the German POW camp, went to an aerospace museum that had an SR-71 inside! Kansas rocks!

  30. I think of Ted Lasso, the Jayhawks, and the Chiefs. I have never been to Kansas but I knew a girl who was. She was pleasant.

  31. Driving through it on I-70 is torture, so I take 54 as much as possible. Out in the west, most of those little towns where the main business is the grain elevator look pretty sad. I like the wind farms. Dodge City smells like cattle, but there's a pretty good Thai restaurant there.

  32. Well, she works hard...but this is still a red state and the Terrorist Party will block anything meant to make people's lives better as long as it foils a democrat...

  33. The flat land of Kansas I actually love. No annoying ass mountains, oceans, or hills getting in the way, the sky unfettered and unblocked. It's beautiful.

  34. I think your state is the canary in the coalmine for stupid fiscal / educational policies. I'm always amazed at the fiscal policies the state implements and then later finds out caused it to go bankrupt. Same with the educational policies. you are like a Petri dish of bad ideas.

  35. It’s a liminal space that people have to pass through to get out of. Even Alabama seems like an alpine utopia in comparison. Easily the worst state I’ve ever been to.

  36. I can't remember the actual event that caused the rule but I know I'm not supposed to visit any of your theme or water parks. Unless things have improved recently you don't have adequate inspection or building codes for them.

  37. Native Missourian here, but living in Kansas. I'm from Kc metro and my husband's from Topeka so we compromised on Olathe area. I always swore I'd never live here... but gotta say, the DMV is light years more advanced. I've flounced out of a DMV in mere minutes here whereas in Missouri, you'll never have the right documents.

  38. Topeka has a drug trafficking and human trafficking problem. This is because it sits at the crossing of I-70 (goes east-west across the country a good distance) and US-75 (goes from Texas to Canada) and is rather sizeable railroad hub.

  39. Summer road trip as a kid through Kansas left me traumatized. One long straight road with five (yes 5!) tornadoes that appeared around us. Overnight stay in a very rural motel...woke up to tornado sirens blaring. I’ve promised my adult self I’ll do whatever is necessary to skip Kansas on future trips. So far so good. On a positive, the fields of sunflowers were beautiful.

  40. I've got grandparents in Iowa, but my parents moved us to Colorado for work when I was around 9 years old. So Kansas, in my childhood, was just in the way of me getting to Iowa or back to Colorado.

  41. Pheasants, mispronouncing the Arkansas River, and the hotels in Garden City giving you two Bud Lights with your hotel key.

  42. Kansas? Uhh As a Californian, I don't know enough about Kansas to like or dislike your state. What is your state known for exactly?

  43. I remember thinking we were never going to get to the end of Kansas and it was just going to go on forever....felt the same way about South Dakota.

  44. i sincerely do not think anything about kansas. neither negative nor positive. my opinion is genuinely just zero.

  45. I once ran across a website that had a couple of underground, nuclear-proof bunkers for sale in Kansas. I think they used to belong to AT&T.

  46. If you fly in and drive off in a rental car, then expect to buy wine in a county without an airport, you will be sad and remember the lovely wine shop at SeaTac, just next to your gate. If you go to a funeral and are sad and a nice midwestern lady in a church basement offers you a slice of cake, you will be happy. If she offers you a bologna sandwich on white bread, you will eat it out of politeness. If your parents send you for three weeks to live in a farm town as a kid for who-know-what-reason, you will learn a lot about the relative costs and risks of wheat, milo, and corn. If you ask “what is milo?” you can expect to be looked at as though you had just said, “Actually, I think Clinton is doing a great job!” (milo=sorghum for cattle feed)

  47. Kansas native here, and I always think if Eisenhower. Not the schools or the airport. But the president. Honestly I love his story, from being a low ranking officer to overseeing the largest war in history. Then, how he helped lead America into the Cold War and how he dealt with the Little Rock incident. Cool dude overall, and every time I visit the capitol I like going over some his stuff they have there.

  48. Lived there 8 years in the more eastern area - Manhattan, specifically. It was a HUGE culture shock to go from a large city in the southwest to a small university and farm area, but we fell in love.

  49. I have been through it on road trips, though not in over 20 years. Honestly, I don't remember anything about it from those trips.

  50. “Everything is better with some cows around, living in town sometimes brings me down, let me bestow this western blessing, share what I have found, may you always have a cows around”

  51. I met a girl from Kansas who told me her teachers weren't allowed to teach them about evolution, for religious reasons. So I think of that.

  52. That it is super flat and the one time I went there for a conference it flared my environmental allergies so bad I almost went to the ER.

  53. I’ve stopped in Kansas twice. The first time was passing through and I had some of the worst Mexican food. We were in a very rural area and it was the only restaurant besides a McDonalds. How do you fuck up a margarita so bad?! The second time, my band played in Wichita and had a lot of fun. The staff and bartenders at the venue were pretty friendly. One of the bands was super cool! We hung out with a bunch of the locals who happened to be there. Some were friendly, but most people seemed more interested in their friends, and were pretty rowdy. I don’t blame them, since it seemed people didn’t come out specifically for the show. Ive heard a lot of people say Lawrence is a really cool place.

  54. Stationed there at FT Riley. Swampassnin the summer, freezing in the winter. Desolate, empty and Jesus lovin Red state as it comes

  55. There is a spot west of Emporia that is a little elevated, overlooks the prairie and is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.

  56. I drove through Kansas once and had to change my itinerary because there was a literal tornado in front of us.

  57. Yup this is pretty accurate. Especially #3. I would say, northeastern Kansas is a lot more populated - with Lawrence, Johnson and Douglas counties. West of Topeka, you’re practically in no man’s land by that point.

  58. Grew up in Missouri thinking it was boring but I went to Kstate and absolutely loved it and 90% of the people I met from Kansas. Really happy I ended up going to school there!

  59. I just know everyone thinks Kansas City is in Kansas, but it’s really in Missouri. Sure, you have A Kansas City, but it’s not THE Kansas City

  60. Yup! Although, despite the issues with KCK, it has its own appeal. KCK has a huge Mexican-American population with good ass hell Mexican food.

  61. Smack dab in the middle of nowhere. Near dead center of the country. On the flip side, being from New York, I think it’s really cool being away from it all. Whenever I fly out west and look down, I find it fascinating that people actually traveled that deep inland and decided to live there.

  62. Being in Oklahoma I don’t think much about Kansas outside college sports. I can’t imagine people there think much about Oklahoma outside sports either. 🤷‍♂️

  63. As a fellow Kansan, some of these comments make me really happy. Others make me sad. Having moved one state over, I miss the familiarity of small town life and the feeling of everything moving so slow. I visit my parents often and I always get the feeling I am in a different reality. Yeah, there are a lot of questionable things going on there, but it's home.

  64. Endless miles of sunflowers. No one likes sunflower seeds unless they are hulled. I thought Indiana was flat but Lord… Kansas. Mom, Dad, and older siblings were station in Salinas before I was born and absolutely loved it.

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