1. Unfortunately most pesky "Check engine" light bulbs out live the engine. Best bet is take you a small drill bit and drill a hole right through the dash into the light effectively deleting it

  2. You can also put a bit of electrical tape over it. Easier than trying to drill it out, and it also looks much nicer in my opinion.

  3. Ha, amateur, you need to rewire the cel to the oil pressure light, which was already rewired to the alternator light. So it still comes on for the bulb test, but goes out right after starting.

  4. Toyota obviously didn't put the effort in on reliabilty in the check engine light bulbs. My Ford had had it lit up for at least 100k miles now and it still hasn't burned out (actually serious about that).

  5. I've heard that they outlive the engine unfortunately, but what I do on my car is just put a piece of electric tape over it.

  6. I pulled the bulbs in both of my old 9th gen f150s. The hoods were open so often that I didn’t need a damn lightbulb to remind me.

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