1. Is it a dog walker cause it's just the right size to smoke while walking your dog or is that just a cool name you've come up with cause I like it.

  2. I've heard it used for a while to describe a shorter J that could be finished in the time it takes to walk your pooch. I by no means came up with it though.

  3. Have you heard of the brand dog walkers? Mickey hart (one of the drummers of the Grateful Dead) opened his own cannabis line selling pre rolls called dog walkers, about half a g each, and I’m interested 😂

  4. I pick up a pack whenever I’m in Las Vegas. Quality pre-rolls and great shorties for when you only have time for a walk around the block (or between casinos) 😂

  5. Thanks man, and I am a firm believer in backrolling being the only way they teach you to roll at school. Only as much paper as needed without adding an extra layer. They are also just easier to roll imo. Owner of raw has a great demo on YouTube I always like to show anyone interested.

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