1. With you on this one. Provided they have agreed whose job it is to handle when the baby wakes up (as in, it wasn’t just assumed she would do it and he’ll ignore baby and play games) then all good!

  2. It is just a funny meme about how hard it is to get time on your own when you have kids. I didn't find it offensive or needlessly gendered at all.

  3. To be fair j was rather it was this way round than what we also see, which is mom struggling with baby & housework and dad is ignoring it all and playing video games.

  4. I don't see a problem with this. The Baby is napping and the wife is too so he's making sure to not wake anyone up and use his freetime for his hobby, the pun is that he can't due to the update. Maintaining hobbys while caring for a newborn is extremly hard due to how time consuming this care is and using the one moment your little one sleeps and than beeing hit with a software update is annoying and he isn't complaining about his family, but about the update, somethjng every PS4 player can relate to. The straights are okay.

  5. I understand this. Depending on your work schedule and other factors about how your home life is structured, it can be difficult to find time to do the things you enjoy doing alone, especially with young children in the house. Sometimes you can only take the time you get to unwind and when that small amount of time is denied it feels soul-crushing.

  6. Yeah you’re just being sensitive and kind of a big bitch with this, having kids takes up your time so you have less time to game, that’s called basic common sense

  7. Right? The picture was funny. Also dude seem cool, he waited until baby and wife were asleep and was trying to be quiet and have some fun times only to be foiled by system updates. I related!

  8. This doesn't fit. If you have a baby you don't have a whole lot of time for a lot of gaming. Two gay dads or moms would also have trouble finding Playstation time with a child that young.

  9. I took it as "everyone is sleeping now and no one needs me for anything so I'm going to use this moment to focus on me and do something I enjoy".

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