1. I was looking forward to seeing archer beat that guy to death in full ass mode along with King kong Pam.

  2. Lana is just as terrible as everyone else. I think the worst thing she's ever done is to take Archer's sperm without his consent. Part of her terribleness is that she thinks that she is morally superior. I've always said that Lana is going to turn into Mallory and A.J. will wind up just like Archer.

  3. I don’t think AJ would be exactly like archer unless she is never informed that archer is her dad. I feel like if archer had a loving father (woodhouse would count if he didn’t treat him like servant). I’m not saying Robert wasn’t loving but he semi-pushed for boarding school. But now what seems like divorce for him and Lana, hopefully Lana reveals to AJ that archer is her dad and they can have a relationship

  4. Lana is somewhat morally better than most of them. Maybe Cyril could be better. He definitely has some issues though. I’d say it’s between those two. I would have said Ray but he’s done things to Cyril’s unconscious body-

  5. I think that’s sort of the thing that makes people hate Lana. She’s just as shitty as everyone else but pretends that she’s morally and ethically superior.

  6. I’d watch a show set in the future with Lana as the head of the operation. AJ and Seamus are agents who bicker all the time. Archer and the gang are also somehow involved.

  7. Yeah, but she paints herself as the innocent, self-aware one of the group. That’s probably why I don’t like her very much. Archer knows he’s a dick, Lana pretends she’s all that.

  8. more I'd say. Archer would die for the people he really cares about ex. Lana, AJ, maybe Pam now. Lana would not even think about it

  9. So she was mad at Archer for doing everything in his power to protect AJ in the situation (while drinking but still) but not at the hired actor who had a loaded gun near her baby?

  10. I think she's reasonably confident that Archer can handle an improv guy. Who let's be honest here, is the one walking into the situation most above his paygrade.

  11. Not only took Archers sperm but was heavily implied that she was actually going to use cyrils and have his baby as a means to get back at Archer. Thats kind of fucked.

  12. it is fucked up that she used archers sperm without his consent because she specifically picked it out- but that’s what happens at sperm banks all the time? idk man it’s her kid, not his. she gets to make the parent decisions because she is -the parent-

  13. Lana complains he's bad with AJ. Literally sets up a fucking trap to set up archer. It was lose lose fir him. Nothing he could do. She should lose custody of AJ after an thing like that. Psycho bitch

  14. Probably why that night in a Karachi whorehouse suddenly went from bad, to… much worse

  15. Lana is a dickhole whole lacks self awareness, that's what makes her so insufferable. She thinks and acts like she's better than everyone around her. Lastly using Archer's sperm without his permission was disgusting. She completely took away his right to choose whether or not he becomes a father. She had the nerve to be- nope,I'm not doing this today.😂

  16. Thank you for catching up to the fact that she is archer in female form. Strong sexy and thinks she’s the best and that the world owes her for a reason unrelated to anyone but her

  17. We expect it from Mallory. She's the cold, aloof, arrogant boss who's completely aware she has all the power and abuses it accordingly. Lana is set up to be one of the moral compasses (at least in the beginning) and a foil for Archer, but she ends up being unbelievably arrogant and paints herself as perfect, while she's actually a raging bitch.

  18. People forget that Lana's only really "good" in comparison to the rest of the core cast. The bar could not be lower. Ultimately she's at least complicit in all the terrible things they do, and once in a while she gets an episode where she's the villain like this one.

  19. I love the rest of them because their so out of touch with reality. Lana is very much in touch, and she thinks she’s above everyone else for that. That’s probably why I don’t like her most of the time. She’s worse than even Archer.

  20. The problem is they still aren’t consistent on that. Depending on the episode they try to paint her as the sole sane one, when she’s just as fucked up in her own unique ways. It’s like Cyril from the early seasons before the writers wised up and just committed to him being a bad person like the rest of the cast

  21. I'm glad someone said it. I know we all love this show and we've grown to love the characters just as much, but I think people tend to forget that the show is primarily a dark comedy where everyone is a very very dark shade of grey or darker. No one is a 'good' person, if any of them existed in real life we would hate all of them.

  22. I do think that the new writers of the show have realized how off-trail Lana has gotten over the years. In season 12 they acknowledged it by having Cyril point out to her that she was becoming more and more like Archer. I'm hoping this will mean she gets her act together lol

  23. They really turned her into a bitchier less funny less interesting version of Mallory. Archer really got the short end of the stick in all things regarding AJ.

  24. She didn't tell Archer until the day AJ was born. Not even before or during the pregnancy. Not even during labor, WHICH HE HELPED WITH!!! Then she ships AJ to boarding while he's in a coma and doesn't tell her who her real biological father is. Real shitty thing to do to both AJ and Archer.

  25. when cyril get knocked out by archer while running away from manny The sound, it killed me again again and again lol

  26. I hate that all Lana does is argue with everyone else, and use sarcasm. It’s like we get it, you’re a sassy character, but do you have anything else going for you? Sheesh

  27. I used to like Lana but she has some really down and dirty shit, some of it is worse than Archer when he was at his worst.

  28. She acted worse in many other episodes. This one's actually funny somehow. She still stole Archer' semen, only to almost cut him out of his daughter life.... Cause said daughter life was literally at risk. Risk that could've been avoided if She took the responsability of having had a child instead of sending her as far as possibile on this world.

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