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  2. Stomach ache out of no where , n sometimes I need to rush for bathroom coz of the amount of water I drink . Sometimes I dont even understand if I really hv a stomach ache or not ... hunger pangs , just this much ig

  3. I'm still very deep into my ED, and I'm suffering from constant acid reflux(which I've started having since I was 16- I'm 17 now), my stomach hurts when I eat or drink too fast(which I guess kinda makes sense). Sometimes I'll even be on the verge of vomiting after b/p-ing, even if I have nothing in me anymore. I can't tell if my stomachaches are hunger pains or constipation anymore. Depending on what I'll eat, I'll also get heartburn really bad.

  4. Being brutally honest here. Intense pain whether I ate or not. Constant nausea, diahreah constantly, and now I have some form of IBS as I’ve recovered which really really sucks.

  5. well now after years of suffering from anorexia, I have a hard time digesting and absorbing the nutrients from food properly, which results in uncomfortable digestive symptoms and difficulty in gaining any weight, which is really unfortunate. I wish I had taken care of my illness years ago when it wasn't this bad. anorexia nervosa can cause so many stomach problems.

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