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  2. I love food and love cooking. I’m just socked in the head. I very much have anorexia still. You’re not alone in that. If anything, hyperfocusing on food while not eating is a common symptom.

  3. hey, i know exactly how you feel. i remember (deep in the tumblr pro ana blogs) people would post a day in my life and i always remembered how busy they seemed, and how not eating seemed so easy for them. it always felt like they conveniently forgot to eat, meanwhile im over here counting down the seconds until i can eat again.

  4. If you are depriving your body of food, obsession with food is inevitable. I spend all day planning out my meals days in advance. I spend more time looking at menus on DoorDash and Uber Eats than any human ever should, adding everything to my cart only to remove it all at the end of my process. I hoard food—frozen little cakes, ice cream, cookies Chex Mix, chocolate, etc. and tell myself the day will come when I can finally eat it. But that day never comes. You are not alone.

  5. I feel this, my Instagram is a mess of amazing bakeries and restaurants and food pics that I just send to other people all day hoping that they'll take me there but knowing I'd be probably too afraid to actually eat the donut or whatever it is I'm sharing/ogling have wasted so much time looking at various menus and daydreaming about what I might order

  6. This is me. I love food and enjoy eating very much. I also do the other things you mention. It doesn’t invalidate your struggle!

  7. I wish I could eat too :( I sometimes do eat, but then I purge so... I just wish I could eat and not feel out of my mind ...

  8. Same here. I love cooking and eating out, try different cosines but AN took all of it from me. I haven't been able to experience those things for months. And i feel like a shit. I feel like my AN is fake but at same time It doesn't give me freedom to do the things that i love

  9. you are fixated on food because you are starving yourself. it is natural to become highly obsessed with food when you limit your intake of it. and also, you can still love and enjoy food as an anorexic person. we don't hate food, we just have a hard time eating enough or knowing what is healthy.

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