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  2. I can't really give any medical advice but I also have some (minor) liver issues my doctors saw after my blood work and ultrasound. I was told to just come for regular check ups and nothing much more other than to not start drinking alcohol. But I was also told that restricting more would make it worse and that it will eventually progress to cirrhosis and liver failure. Sorry I can't help much.

  3. I get my levels checked often because of the medication I take, and one month it went high because I was drinking kombucha. I stopped that and it went back to normal.

  4. Kombucha can fuck with your liver? Did you find any reasoning as to why? I stopped drinking alcohol 6 months ago because I was scared of damaging it any further but drink kombucha pretty regularly 🥲

  5. yes, this happened to me a few years ago. my doctor said it was because of malnourishment. they said I needed urgent nutritional rehabilitation in order to fix the liver issues. It is a serious thing. my liver enzymes went back to normal when I started eating in treatment again. so it is reversible, but it is serious. I would listen to your doctor if she says you need urgent monitoring, at this point

  6. Thanks so much everyone! I’m trying to work hard on eating more, especially my challenge foods, and not purging or chewing/spitting.

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