1. Also maybe important for you to mention your gender because frankly after this whole “real men don’t know about periods” vibe he’s throwing off, I’m not sure OP would listen to anybody BUT a man.

  2. As a woman, I appreciate your male input here because it, unlike OPs post, is not full of assuming you know women's bodies better than them but rather the opposite, which is rare to see. I want to double down on your point here: The girlfriend knows more about this stuff than OP...

  3. Any tampon at all would be intimidating for a first time imo. I tried using them when I first started a few times but it took years before I could wear them without it hurting and I was 2 years older than OPs daughter when I started. He really should be ashamed. He has a lot of groveling to do to both his GF and daughter to make up for this horrendous lapse in judgement. I'd hate to see how this would have turned out if she wasn't there.

  4. Expecting your child to stuff a full sized adult tampon into her vagina the first time she had her period it grounds for revisiting the custodial agreement. Literally no human being on planet earth could be stupid enough to think for a second this is remotely okay.

  5. YTA. All of this. Plus, you better believe when your daughter's mom hears about this fiasco, she might be inspired to re-visit your custody and visitation. You're a parent that refuses to parent when its "inconvenient'! I got news for you-it's frequently Inconvenient to be a parent.

  6. This. I have a 13 year old who has yet to start her period and I have a stash of different sized pads for her, even though I only use tampons . I cannot fathom giving her no choice but a tampon for her first period. I didn’t use a tampon until I was nearly 17.

  7. Beyond an AH. A female should not ever be forced to stick something in her vagina. Let alone because an acceptable alternative would inconvenience a man.

  8. Totally YTA. If she’s just got her period she’s not going to be used to using tampons and could hurt herself. And the OB tampons don’t have an applicator so you need to know what you’re doing to insert them. Totally YTA and your girlfriend is a rockstar

  9. Addendum: this girl has likely never even looked at her own vagina, let alone put anything up into it. She is TEN. She probably hasn’t even experienced the hormones that compel a person to explore their body in the first place. She is also probably the first of her friends to get her period. So she doesn’t even have companionship amongst her friends who might have shared their experiences with her (once it has normalized for them and they feel confident enough to talk about it themselves).

  10. YTA. You want your 10 year old daughter who’s freaked out to have your girlfriend, who is a stranger to her, teach her how to insert a tampon into her vagina? Her vagina that may very well be too underdeveloped at 10 to comfortably accommodate a tampon? Many grown women can’t use tampons. Unbelievable.

  11. Dude of course YTA .... seriously?!? If she gets a fever in the middle of the night do you just give her Tums because that’s all that’s in the house. Thank Christ your GF was there cause you totally dropped the ball & why the hell are you arguing with her about your daughter’s feminine care needs. Obviously, you’re not the expert here. You have a daughter figure it out, step up & act like her Dad.

  12. No need to ask the internet. Just stick an unlubricated tampon up your butt for a day, and consider whether a similar experience would make a child less anxious about a major life change.

  13. YTA. Hey op, did you know that there are different types of tampons/pads for a reason? Hey op. Did you know that a lot of women don’t wear tampons until after their first baby. Hey op. Did you know that when it comes to womens bodies you need to just listen and throw away most things you think you know. Hey op. Did you know that you just found the fastest route to alienate your girlfriend and daughter at the same time.

  14. YTA you massively failed your daughter. You're the parent, it's your job to comfort, protect, and provide. You did none.

  15. YTA and a horrible father. Your daughter started her first period. Middle of the night or not, a decent human, let alone a good parent will jump to help ease their child's discomfort however possible.

  16. Sigh.... You don't get to tell a girl 'you can just use those' especially when its her FIRST period. This only happens once. And often times, can be traumatic or at the very least, a massive game changer when it happens. And she's only 10!

  17. Damn. How do you have confusion over this? YTA. This was obviously a scary thing for your daughter, yet, your inconvenience was more important. If you look back during her teen years and wonder why she doesn't want to talk to you or share important things in her life with you, just look back to this moment when you had the chance to step up but didn't.

  18. YTA. You don't think your GF might know more about what works for a girl getting her period? Way to disrespect her and make your daughter feel even worse.

  19. YTA You don't give a ten year old tampons. Your poor GF must have felt so frustrated trying to explain it to you. You lent on ignorance and incompetence to get away with doing less than you'd otherwise need to. Are you aspiring to be a stereotype? Urgh.

  20. YTA. Young girls are usually intimidated by tampons in general and the brand OB is significantly worse than average as they lack applicators. AKA You have to insert and position them with your fingers (which is bound to be more difficult if you don't even know how it's supposed to fit/feel).

  21. As a father of a menstruating daughter I totally see your point. No I actually don't. You're just a selfish ass. Your daughter deserves a father that will move heaven and earth for her, but you can't even go to the store when it's nighttime.

  22. 100% YTA. How about your defer to the expert, your girlfriend!? If she said it was needed, it was needed. It's that simple.

  23. Holy shit are you serious?!? Yes YTA and a HUGE one. If I was your girlfriend I would break up with you and I feel awful for your daughter.

  24. YTA - OMG, if AH ratings had a scale, you would be the biggest AH. You need to apologize to your GF (if she hasn’t already dumped you for being such an AH) and you need to apologize to your daughter but not be too specific so she gets even more embarrassed. Get your daughter and GF flowers, stuffed teddy bears, chocolates, etc.

  25. YTA. Starting your first period and bleeding in bed probably made her feel super overwhelmed. If your daughter stays there regularly, you should have been prepared that eventually this was going to start. Did you not already have pads at your home? Tampons are very different and pads are the generally easier, less scary thing to use. Especially for a first period. I’m glad your GF stepped up. Please, from now on keep pads at your house. See if your daughter has a preferred type that she likes and buy them. To any other single dads - some girls can start their periods as young as 8-9 years old. Buy some pads and keep them on hand in case this happens at your home to make it less scary/uncomfy for your daughters!

  26. You wanted your 10 year old daughter to stick a tampon in her vagina so you didn’t have to take 20 minutes and grab pads from the store?

  27. YTA, a terrible dad and boyfriend. Grow up, you accepted the responsibility of having to do everything to take care of your daughter, this is included and may not even be the last time. You’re lazy and pathetic for behaving in such a way that humiliated your daughter and undermining your girlfriend. She was probably dating you thinking you were a mature older guy, but you just showed yourself to be as mature as a 16 year old boy.

  28. I wish there was a level higher than YTA, because you’re there. Tampons are difficult to use, especially for a child so young, and it wouldn’t have killed you to get off your ass and get what your daughter needed. What crappy parenting- you should be ashamed.

  29. You’re probably the biggest asshole I’ve seen on this app. I hope your gf dumps your ass. YTA of infinite proportions.

  30. YTA. Thank goodness your GF isn't though chances are she won't be your GF for much longer after this. Seeing as you don't have lady parts, how about you believe someone who does and actually step up and be a decent father.

  31. OMG, yes YTA! I'm 42 and I'm still not comfortable using OB tampons. There are plenty of adult women who don't/can't use those. Also, it took me years to learn how to use any kind of tampons at all when I first started my period. Please educate yourself if you're a father to a girl. :(

  32. YTA. You should have listened to your gf, a person with actual menstruation experience. She was looking out for your daughter’s well being in a way you couldn’t. She made the right call and you couldn’t be bothered.

  33. OMG how did you get this far in life without SOME basic understanding of human anatomy? Your 10yo isn't ready to insert a tampon!!! She needed pads, appropriate pain meds, and a new father. You are horrible. Why not just say you were too cheap and lazy to help your own child. I bet your gf would have left you right then if your daughter didn't need at least one caring adult to help her, since YOU clearly cannot be relied upon.

  34. “Because I’m the dad” - no, because your 10 year old doesn’t trust that you won’t flip out on her for soiling her sheets. You frikkin donut! Grow a brain and realize that you’re an AH. And then unconditionally apologize both your daughter and your wonderful GF who’s almost guaranteed to leave you if you keep being this dense.

  35. What a self-centered, uncaring, unkind reaction to the genuine needs of your daughter. Your girlfriend is solid gold. Both she and your daughter deserve a heartfelt apology from you -- because you, sir, ARE the asshole.

  36. Major YTA. Stop shaming and guilting your daughter for something she can’t control. Glad your girlfriend was spending the night and was able to help.

  37. YTA, As someone who's dad did something similar, your daughter will NEVER forget the embarrassment she felt ....

  38. YTA and quite a huge one. Your GzF is helping and you’re too lazy to go out and get something your daughter really needed. What a great dad you are

  39. YTA Getting your period is stressful as it is, you should’ve just went and got her pads. YOU should’ve been the one taking care of her, not your Gf. You really failed this one dude, not all females can use tampons and honestly little girls are not prepared mentally to use tampons because they’re forgetful and if she forgets to remove it in time, there are extremely severe consequences to that. You should research Toxic Shock Syndrome. If you’re gonna have a daughter, you should be educated in all that comes with it. Do better dude.

  40. YTA. Talk about a bad dad. Tampons are HARD TO USE!!! And the OB brand is even harder and more uncomfortable. ALSO, with tampons, I still leak a lot. Pad are the best choice. Youre a tool, dude. Be better. Now your daughter knows she cant count on you to do even the bare minimum. Gross.

  41. YTA and you are an ignorant insensitive clod. What made you think you know better than your gf? Most ten year old girls would struggle with tampons and you made that 100 x worse with your horrible attitude. She’ll remember her first period as a negative experience thanks to you.

  42. YTA. Your daughter got her first period and you won't go and buy her pads? Seriously? Tampons are completely different to pads and alot of women (especially children) don't actually know how to insert them correctly. Also, you can't sleep with a tampon in and they're awful uncomfortable, especially for someone who has never had a period before.

  43. MAJOR YTA. Honestly you were a bad father and partner. You owe your gf a huge apology and a major reward for picking up your slack and advocating for your daughter.

  44. Wow. AH dad of the year award right here. TYA. 10 years old is waaaaaay too young to be using tampons because frankly, a 10 year old is likely going to be smaller than an older teen and most tampons are built to accommodate fully grown women. While it's not totally impossible for a 10yo to use one properly chances are it would probably be wildly uncomfortable for her. Adding to that, it takes time and practice to be able to insert a tampon correctly. And if that wasn't enough info to convince you how awful you were, tampons can cause septic f*cking shock if left in too long. Women usually wear pads at night because if they don't wake up to replace the damn thing every 4-6 hours they can develope toxic shock. You really think a scared, embarrassed 10 year old is in a place mentally to keep up with replacing a tampon? And that's even if she can insert it properly and it's not incredibly uncomfortable. Your gf is an absolute saint.. You are an absolute AH

  45. YTA. OB tampons don't have an applicator, so they are harder and messier to insert, especially for someone who is new to the period game. they also could have been a much higher absorbency than what a 10 year old should be wearing or would be comfortable with. sit down and talk to your daughter about what she needs, order some from amazon or go to the store. find the brands she likes to use and ask her what her needs are.

  46. I can't even YTA. You're her father it doesn't matter what time of night it is. You should have gotten your ass up and gone to the store.

  47. Cannot stress this enough, YTA. Tampons were intimidating for me at 14, can’t imagine at 10 and in the middle of the night as well. Do you really think your GF would’ve insisted that you go out and get pads in the middle of the night for some petty reason?

  48. YTA. On the off chance that this is a genuine misunderstanding: tampons, discs, cups, anything that is put inside, should not be used if your body is not developed enough. Going off your girlfriend's assessment, you daughter is not developed enough and a tampon would be painful and potentially damaging.

  49. Yta majorly. Many girls don’t feel comfortable using tampons for years. I’ve had a period for decades and am intimidated by the thought of OB tampons. Be better.

  50. YTA. You daughter couldn't possibly have used a tampon. She's too young and it would be scary. You failed as a father this time. She needed you and you decided to let her bleed all night. Maybe you need to read a book on female puberty and periods.

  51. Congratulations, you just mansplained menstruation to two females. You win the big prize for YTA of the year.

  52. Massive YTA as an adult I still don’t use tampons. You could never understand and should have trusted your girlfriend here. Your daughter was already scared and upset, trying to use a tampon would have not helped here

  53. YTA, 100% without question. You can't ask a ten year old girl who is already crying and mortified to try using a tampon during her first period! Wtf is wrong with you?? Either way, when you have a young girl who is crying and ashamed and probably a little scared and you know it's for a good reason, you man up and get her what she needs! Sorry her biology is inconvenient for you, but quit being a lazy ass and help her!

  54. YTA. You literally told your gf “I know more about how periods should work than you do. Those random things should work fine”. Try learning to listen to people who are telling you things instead of thinking you know absolutely everything, because you don’t. Really feel bad for your daughter who already knew she couldn’t talk to you about something like this because clearly you couldn’t handle it. Shout out to your (possible ex) gf for stepping up to the plate and doing what she had too

  55. YTA. Your 10 year old daughter shouldn’t have to stick something up her vagina before she is ready just because you are too lazy to take care of her.

  56. YTA. So much of an ass. You couldn't do this one thing to make it easier on your poor baby girl? WTH is wrong with you? If you can't give more of a damn about how your child is feeling, then send her to her mom and leave her be. Having your period is hard on you on a good day and you just made her first time a complete nightmare. Good job. She will remember this for the rest of her life.

  57. So, one time when my mum had started her period at night, and her mum was out, there were no period products in the house. Y'know what her dad did? Got in the car and drove around till he found a little corner shop that was still open and got them for her.

  58. YTA. Most young girls don’t use tampons. This is incredibly insensitive of you & let’s be honest, you were just being lazy. Your poor daughter. My dad would never do this.

  59. YTA. You're not only an asshole, but a shitty father. Your girlfriend (hopefully not for long) is completely correct in saying tampons would not work for your TEN YEAR OLD DAUGHTER. Tampons are indeed intimidating at first, and can be extremely painful and even unable to be used by someone so young, and who is not sexually active. You put your selfish desire to not move your ass before your daughter's needs, and it's gross. That you're a 34 y/o and don't know the difference between pads and tampons in the first place says enough. Grow up and help your daughter through a tough time.

  60. You need to do some major damage control. Educate yourself and apologize to your daughter. Make sure you attempt to re-establish some trust so she can come to you when she needs a father figure. Thank god for your GF here. She’s lucky bc she can take the red flag and run. Your daughter is stuck with you as her dad, so man up, get educated and apologize to her. And make sure you make clear she was in no way in the wrong in that situation. It was you who was the AH.

  61. YTA. You behaved horrendously. Your daughter will never forget this and neither will your girlfriend, if she sticks around. She sprang in to help your daughter when you refused to be an empathetic human being. And, yes, OB Tampons can require more of a learning curve, so effffff you. You need to make this up to each of them.

  62. YTA. WTF is wrong with you!?! If you didn't realize that different kinds of tampons, and different kinds of feminine products, weren't interchangeable, why TF didn't you listen to someone who did, like, say, your gf?!? You don't make a 10 year old use tampons, especially one who just got her period for the first time. JFC!

  63. YTA. Pads and tampons are completely different products. Its not just “use one or the other” for every person. Honestly, since you don’t get a period, you shouldn’t have had an opinion you should have just listened to your GF and acted. Thank god she was there for your daughter how awful for her if she had just had to deal with you.

  64. YTA perhaps a vehicle metaphor would help you understand how ignorant you sound. Your daughter just gets her license and needs a car. Don’t worry, you say, there’s 18 wheel big rig out there you can use.

  65. SO MUCH YTA! How dare you act like the idea of putting something into her vagina isn’t intimidating to many 10-year-old girls. Like you shouldn’t be inconvenienced to run to the store because your young daughter had something extremely significant happen to her and felt embarrassed and then didn’t want to put something into her vagina for the first time on top of it all. I hope you have been a better father otherwise and that you apologize in a major way and never act like this again.

  66. YTA. I just started used tampons at 22, and I only use them during the summer. Some people never use tampons. 10 yr olds for the most part sure as hell don’t use tampons, especially not for the first time during the night w/o her own mother. If at your big age you really can’t see what the difference is that’s extremely sad and I don’t blame your daughter for not being comfortable talking to you.

  67. YTA and a giant one at that. Tampons and pads are not interchangeable, especially for first timers. It’s a mix of personal preference and products sizes for adults.

  68. YTA it took me a lot of coaching from my mom and bff to learn how to use tampons. Your first period can be mortifying with supportive parents. Your daughter didn’t even have that much.

  69. YTA. All I can say is thank goodness your GF was there. You don't get to hide behind the "I'm a man, I didn't understand" excuse. You had a daughter for 10 years, you should have been prepared and educated yourself.

  70. Hey OP you forgot to mention your credentials in your post, how are we supposed to make our judgements accurate if you forgot to include that you are the biggest expert on menstruation and period products in North America?

  71. YTA tampons hurt the first few times and are intimidating to use. Most girls use pads their first few years. You wanted your ten year old to shove something inside her vagina when she wasn’t ready. Wtf kind of parent are you?! Your girlfriend is definitely going to leave you because you’ve shown you would not be a good person to have children or start a life with.

  72. Oh, look, a man has no experience or expertise on a topic and doubles down on his uninformed opinion instead of listening to an expert in the subject, how refreshing!

  73. YTA and it shouldn’t be up for a debate you need to apologize to your girlfriend and thank the hell out of her. Then apologize to your daughter and tell her you’ll never put her in that position again. Asshole

  74. YTA, having to go the store in the middle of the night is something parents have to do for their children sometimes. And I’d think the difference between a tampon and a pad would be obvious dude

  75. YTA. I'm tired of people like you who won't give enough of a damn to learn about shit like this, so I'll just step aside and let this thread of outraged people school you.

  76. YTA. You can’t jump straight into using tampons, you start with pads. It’s a scary enough thing to get your first period without also having to deal with tampon insertion because someone who’s supposed to care for you is a lazy asshole.

  77. YTA. This was your chance to show your daughter that menstruation is a normal part of life for half the population. Instead, you:

  78. Can't imagine why you're divorced, what with your in depth understanding of female anatomy. There are some pretty great books for preteen girls about going through puberty out there, you should probably read them while your soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend actually helps your daughter understand what's going on, you actual ignoramus.

  79. YTA not only do tampons come in different sizes- most young girls don’t use tampons until later on in life. Your daughter was already embarrassed and you managed to make the situation worse for her. It sounds like you neglected your daughters needs based on laziness.

  80. YTA, wearing tampons as a young girl can be very hard and painful. Please trust a woman when she tells you something won’t work, huge props to your gf for being AMAZING to your daughter!

  81. YTA your high incompetence and you really should read up on these matters there no reason you shouldn’t know why a child wouldn’t wanna use a tampon

  82. YTA and if you think you TEN YEAR OLD DAUGHTER should be shoving cotton up her vagina I really feel like you shouldn’t have custody oh my god

  83. Yta. Using tampons for the first time can be intimidating and she was already horrified seeing herself bleeding. Tampons come in sizes and your gf may have a little bigger ones which might be painful for a little girl who has never used them. U r her parent but ur gf has some better sense how to take care the child and u r too lazy to listen. U don't want to go to the store at nyt so u let ur gf go? U r ridiculous.

  84. Y ARE A MEGA A!!! Wtf…how do you have a daughter, a mother and two other adult females in your life and don’t know the basics of this time of the month and the necessities?!! GOOGLE is literally at the palm of your hands…use it!

  85. YTA 100% I feel so sorry for your daughter & girlfriend with an asshat like you who they can’t relay on when they need you be prepared for a phone call from ur ex & expect some spicy language 🤦🏻‍♀️

  86. YTA, and the fact that she felt embarrassed to talk to you in the first place about her period speaks VOLUMES about how you have and would have treated her if your GF weren't in the picture. Educate yourself or you're going to find yourself GF-less and potentially daughter-less if your ex is worth her salt as a mother.

  87. YTA. For all the reasons other people have mentioned, but also because bruh, tampons generally need to be changed every ~4 hours. Most folks who do use tampons don't wear them overnight for that reason. Your daughter likely would've started bleeding through again long before time to get up.

  88. Go to YouTube, look up tampon demonstrations, and then come back and tell us if you still want your 10yo using tampons that are too big for her. Until then, YTA.

  89. YTA. A young girl shouldn’t use tampons. The brand doesn’t matter, you didn’t say what flow strength it was for. Did you even know that matters?

  90. So far reading these comments I’m surprised that TSS hasn’t been mentioned yet. If you use tampons to early there is HUGE risk for TSS that can lead to everything from infection to death … and no I’m not being dramatic. Given your daughter has started you should do some reading, your GF knows what she is talking about and you dismissed her because you can’t be bothered to go out because it’s too late.

  91. YTA. with no doubt about it. Your daughter is lucky to have your girlfriend in her life. I hope next time you go buy all the options and educate yourself on why it matters to support someone with a period because it’s painful, uncomfortable, and stressful. Learn what goes on before, during and after a period to understand why you’re the asshole

  92. YTA not all feminine products are the same. They are not even close. Plus, that’s your daughter in need. Regardless what she needs, when she asks for help, you should help. If you keep this up, she won’t ever come to you in the future. Ever. And that will be on you.

  93. YTA she doesn’t know how to use tampons. She shouldn’t just randomly use them. You have a daughter you should try and educate yourself.

  94. You could not be more of an AH if you tried. Go shove an OB up your literal AH with no prep and get back to us on how that goes for you. YTA. Your poor kid. At least your gf gives a damn about her because you clearly don’t!

  95. There is a 0% chance a 10 year old can use an adult size tampon with no applicator on her first period. This can’t be real. But YTA.

  96. Gynecologist here. Holy moly did you mess this up. I don’t know how you will make this up to her but you’ve got a LOT of trust to reestablish. Imagine if you were having your first wet dream—and stuff just kept coming out—and you were scared and embarrassed and you asked for help—but your parent didn’t care about your body or what you were going through. YTA.

  97. Obviously, YTA - but to explain it a little differently - this is not the same thing as having a favorite brand of toilet paper and refusing to use a different brand. Women are not born knowing how to use tampons, and they are not always something you get then hang of the first time, especially OB which doesn't have an applicator. It is even harder without someone there who has used them to explain how to do this. To add to this, it is scary to have to put something INSIDE your body for the first time and not know if you are doing it correctly, while you are bleeding, and likely have cramps, and have never had anything inside you. On top of that, no matter how well a girl is prepared for her first period, many girls feel shame and fear and maybe even disgust. Try to have some empathy for something that you don't fully understand, but is likely very scary and difficult for your daughter, and try to make her as comfortable and supported as you can.

  98. YTA especially because you shouldn’t sleep with tampons in. She could get TSS. You, I assume, wanted partial custody of your daughter so grow up and act like it.

  99. YTA I got my first period while I was on holiday with my dad and stepmother. The shops only had tampons and it took, no joke, a good hour for me to learn how to use it. With her giving awkward instructions through the door. Tampons are not for beginners - esp without applicators (not really a thing in Aus anyway)

  100. YTA no 10 year old should be forced to use a tampon. I couldn't use any myself especially at such a young age. It was like hitting a brick wall.

  101. YTA - why would you know more about period care than a woman that has been getting her period for years? Know when you’re out of your depth & take the advice given. Why would you want your daughter to be uncomfortable when all you have to do is go buy her fricken pads. This is probably one of her first periods - no way is she getting an OB tampon in without serious stress.

  102. Thankfully your girlfriend was there. Your poor daughter is 10 and already has her first period. And you want her to use tampons right away?? Did you even do anything to comfort your daughter?

  103. YTA. Majorly. I can’t fathom having a period as young as ten, that has to be so tough. And to have a shitty experience like this with your father on top of it. She’s never going to forget this. Poor girl.

  104. YTA. Not every person uses tsmpons, it is a personal decision. A 10 year old is unlikely to be ready for a tampon her first time. Also, OB tampons have no applicator, so they are a bit difficult to insert. It is a type of tampon that only experienced users choose. Not what a first timer needs to deal with in the middle of the night. Also, tampons are not supposed to be left in for long stretches of time. An exhausted kid going to bed late could sleep 10 hours. That's too long. Girls and women die from toxic shock every year from basic ignorance of how to use the product. If you think you deserve custody of your daughter, you need to learn about female health and are prepared to be supportive.

  105. Yeah YTA. And a fucking big one. When you saw your girlfriend leaving to buy pads in the middle of the night for YOUR kid, it still didn’t hit you that you were in the wrong? I’d fucking dump you over Thai.

  106. YTA. Your role in this little drama was to shut up and go get the pads (along wlth your daughter's favourite chocolate bar if she has one) then the next morning give her a big reassuring hug and make sure she's feeling OK. Oh, and repeatedly thank your girlfriend profusely for helping with it all.

  107. You're the ass. How is this even a question? I'm an adult woman whose teenage son has gone to get pads when needed. How is a teenager more mature than you are? How is a son more concerned with the wellbeing of his mom than you are with your child? How can you assume you know more about what a newly menstruating girl needs than your girlfriend does?

  108. YTA, she’s TEN. she does not need to be using tampons and if you can’t understand that…. smh. big red flag, hope your gf leaves you

  109. YTA. Oh noooooo. Such a bad fuck up dude! How do you not listen to a woman about the best way to respond to this situation!? Your girlfriend sounds awesome and I feel so bad for your daughter.

  110. YTA, big time. Not only did the tampons your GF have not have an applicator, some women aren’t comfortable using tampons at all. It can be incredibly uncomfortable for a number of different reasons, and it’s your fucking daughter. You are her parent. This falls under your responsibilities.

  111. You are a major YTA. OB tampons have no applicators and you want your child of 10yo to put one in. I was 17 the first time I put one, I was scared shitless and i started my periods at 13.

  112. YTA. You want your 10 yr old to insert a tampon just so you don't have to be inconvienced in the middle of the night? A 10 year old??? 10 is an early age for girls to start their period, I remember being 13/14 and terrified of tampons, especially after I read about toxic shock syndrome. Putting a tampon in for the first time can hurt at most and be extremely uncomfortable at the least. Sure we get used to it, but dude...your daughter is 10! To this day I still prefer pads unless swimming.

  113. YTA. There are adults who have had periods for years who don't like using tampons. But you wanted a 10 year old to figure it out in the middle of the night, and just magically be ok with inserting something random inside her body for the first time? Fucking hell.

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