1. NTA. Your neighbor is a hypocrite. Dogs can be trained to poop in 1 area and if she don't care about keeping her dogs poop in her yard then why should you care where your dog goes?

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  3. YTA but I think this might be one of those justified asshole stories. Next time just call the authorities on her. You have video proof

  4. Speaking as someone who is disabled: yes, yes it is! I would love a cat, but I know I can't properly physically take care of it, like cleaning up after it. You don't get to force your disability on others, especially when there are other solutions.

  5. if you cant properly take care of an animal, you should not own that animal. period. its not ableist. she was just using that as an excuse anyways, since theres so many products that allow you to pick up your dogs poop without bending down. im not saying someone who cant bend down shouldnt have a dog, because its entirely possible that a person with disabilities can be a wonderful pet owner, but you shouldnt own one if you are unable/unwilling to take the steps necessary to care for an animal.

  6. Except she had plenty of options that didn't involve stopping. She's entitled and learned that that can go both eays

  7. If she has problems picking up teeny tiny dog droppings she could always get them to go on her own lawn? Then she can leave them to her hearts content.

  8. ESH: it was a rude move and you know it. Does it prove your point and give her a taste of her own medicine thoug?....well yeah so an effective and justified asshole

  9. NTA. It’s honestly annoying to see the Y T A and E S H comments. People act like to not be an a** you have to be a bigger person. And you were the bigger person, for a long time and even tried talking with her. Being the bigger/good person doesn’t mean being a doormat and letting people sh*t all over you. Some people only learn when they have to deal with their own behavior thrown back at them (to some degree, don’t go crazy now).

  10. ESH your neighbor was wrong for letting her tony dogs leave tiny poops on your lawn. You are wrong for leaving your dogs mega sized poop on her lawn.

  11. ESH - you’re neighbour is an AH. but you could’ve easily called authorities rather than escalate the problem, idc if you’re wife said she didnt want you to.

  12. NTA. The rules are not only for large dogs. I HATE it when small dog owners think they’re exempt from everything (poo pickup, obedience training, etc.)

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