1. I was with you until you made him peel and cut it for you knowing how he reacts to it. You're an ah for that. Just peel and eat the damn thing, and I'm guessing you're not far enough along that you can't grab the banana and toss it afterwards yourself.

  2. YTA, wow. You keep saying that he's acting like a child, but you are the one who acted out of petty vengence. I like bananas, so it's hard for me to relate to that. But there are certain dishes that absolutely repulse me. He bought you the bananas to his dismay, because he felt bad for you that you cried. And how did you reciprocate him? You wanted to humiliate him, making him do something he despises for your satisfaction that you made him do that.

  3. Yeah same the moment I read that I knew OP didn’t have pure intentions. That is something you ask someone out of spite especially if you know they have sensory issues with said food.

  4. Yeah, same. I'm currently 6 months pregnant and wouldn't make my partner do this. Get the banana, yes, but if it effected him in such a way to be around it, I would personally prepare it myself. Who needs to cut it up anyway? Just peel it down and eat it. OP definitely YTA.

  5. Joining the other pregnant people on here and agreeing. I'm 34 weeks and asking him to peel and cut the banana was an AH thing to do. I get it, being pregnant is tiring and can be tough, but you can peel your own banana.

  6. Yeah, she lost me at "nurture the damn thing" in reference to her own baby. Op, YTA for being so petty to your boyfriend. I've been pregnant several times and I manage for myself just fine. You aren't the first pregnant lady. Time to grow up and think before you act. You have a little human on the way and you will be responsible for teaching it how to behave. Don't teach your kid to act like this.

  7. Ok, let’s face it, this has little to do with the banana. OP clearly has issues with how the partner is handling his sensory issues And his ADHD. Maybe she is stressed about bringing the baby into an environment she is not happy with. Or maybe she’s worried his issues will hinder his parenting. Who knows.

  8. I wasn't even with her that far. She accuses him of acting like a child and forcing himself to throw up. That's not the attitude of someone who understands what a sensory disorder can do, nor someone who respects their partner even a little.

  9. Unless she’s on bed rest (or have some other non-pregnancy issue like illness or are disabled), there is never a point where you’re “too far along” to toss a banana peel. Everyone on AITA thinks pregnancy = disabled for 9 months and the fact of the matter is that it isn’t for the majority of pregnant people. She could have had him bring it with a knife and plate if she couldn’t possibly eat it like Neanderthals like me.

  10. You managed to stay with OP a lot longer than I did before I reached my verdict. OP stepped into AH territory the minute she mentioned that pregnancy cravings are hard to resist.

  11. Same! I was totally on OP's side up until that line. I too am pregnant (second time mom) and had debilitating morning sickness first trimester and was still able to get up and get my own banana if I needed to....actually I'm currently 37 weeks and can barely move due to a pelvic disorder and sciatica and I can still manage to waddle to the kitchen to grab and peel/cut a banana. OP did this to teach him a lesson or humiliate him for making her upset.

  12. exactly, i was thinking NTA until OP said she made him do these because that seems like a manipulative power move and petty af.

  13. Honestly I decided she was TA when he tried to compromise by asking her to eat it outside and she replies in bold in her summary.

  14. I have ADHD and sensory issues are no joke. Like when someone uses nail clippers I have to leave the room or else I clench my teeth so bad I get a headache. OP is brutal.

  15. Boyfriend replied! To anyone who wants to know! U/Kyle_not_Lyle is giving MUCH more context about this lazy, pathetic ,selfish asshole of an OP.

  16. Hey guys, its Kyle here, Jessica's boyfriend. Yes, she literally changed my name from "Kyle" to "Lyle" and thought that was good enough. One of her friends sent me this and I want to set the record straight because I am beyond pissed off.

  17. If this really is the BF, I could tell by the way she explained your sensory overload that she absolutely doesn't like you and is ableist as well.

  18. INFO: sounds like y’all don’t like each other very much…why are you still together and having a kid?

  19. Make sure you document how she unilaterally decided to quit her job to be a SAHM without consulting you and used that as the reason she’s not working. If you’re not legally married or common law, it would be hard to get alimony from you, but child support can range in amount so making sure it’s documented that the only reason she isn’t working is because she doesn’t want to might help in the future. Good luck.

  20. The irony is that how you describe your aversion to bananas is how I would describe pregnancy aversions. The difference is the pregnancy ones (for me) weren’t as strong and didn’t last longer than 9 months. Literally baby comes out, I can be in the same room as cottage cheese without constantly supressing vomit.

  21. Kyle, I would honestly break-up with her. You can still raise your child seperately. You are being abused.

  22. Hey Jess? If your kid has ADHD the kid already has it. It's genetic. It's not fucking polio, you can't "spread it". So if you didn't want a kid with ADHD you shouldn't have fucked a guy with ADHD to make said baby.

  23. hey dude i know the commenters here all have your back and i'm just a drop in the bucket but seriously as someone with sensory issues (not with bananas but still), this makes me so mad. you deserve someone who at bare minimum takes you seriously.

  24. Kyle, you need to get a DNA test and run. It sounds like you were baby trapped and the abuse is starting to escalate. Take care of yourself.

  25. If you really are OP’s bf, leave. None of her behaviour is at all acceptable. Document everything and seek legal advice I’m case she tries to come after you for finances.

  26. Please dump this abomination of a woman. Your life will be so much easier having shared custody and maybe paying some child support.

  27. Holy hell you poor man! The way op framed it was just you being controlling and refusing to deal with a mental health issue and pushing it on her. Honestly, you deserve better and someone who actually likes and respects you.

  28. oh man, she’s only 2 months pregnant and quit her job without telling you and having you deal with all household expenses? jesus

  29. Hi! I don’t like bananas - I think they’re gross and smelly. Thankfully I don’t have an aversion the way you do bc my daughter loves them lol but still they’re gross so no judgement from me!

  30. You know, I have ADHD as well and have such an aversion to mushrooms (their are oddly squishy to me in a very unpleasant way), shrimp and baby tomatoes (I can’t handle how they pop in my mouth). I had zero idea that these aversions could be related to my ADHD. In my original response to your girlfriend’s post, I called you dramatic because I literally didn’t see the correlation between a food aversion and ADHD (and I frankly had no idea why she was making your ADHD a part of the story). I sincerely apologize for calling your reaction dramatic - this is a good example of individuals who happen to have the same neuro divergency not necessarily having the same symptoms that another person does.

  31. Wow. I thought she was the asshole from reading her post and that was riddled with lies to make her look good. Now I see the full story and think this woman is radioactively toxic. Dump her, Kyle.

  32. I reacted to the “makes himself throw up” part too. Like she thinks you would actually make yourself throw up on purpose just because.. you enjoy “acting like a child”? (Most children don’t like throwing up either anyway). It just doesn’t make any sense. If she seriously thinks you’re doing it on purpose for whatever reason that’s a pretty big marinara flag.

  33. i thought i should let you know that with a baby, an extremely large percentage of baby foods have banana in them. so banana WILL be something common in your life unless you plan on avoiding your child as a baby.

  34. I was downvoting Jess before I even read this comment. I wish I could downvote her even more. She's mean to you (tricking you with a smoothie?!), and def TA in this relationship.

  35. Listen, my mom was forced to eat a banana as a child at the airport before they boarded their flight headed to FL (Disney World). It traumatized her. The texture/smell/taste. She hates it. Only bc that one experience. F bananas.

  36. Dump this woman and try to get custody of your child. She will torture your future child and do exposure therapy on the kid if the kid inherits your sensory issue.

  37. Hi Kyle. Sounds like Jess is an asshole. Honestly, it seems like it may be best for you to get out of dodge.

  38. If you truly are the boyfriend I'd suggest leaving, you don't want someone like her in your life. Also, two things, first this reads like she's baby trapped you, if you were relying on the pill she probably just stopped taking it rather than it failing. Before anyone jumps me I'm basing this more on her post pregnancy action quitting her job and instantly getting aggressive about how he now needs to change. She doesn't really love him, she wants him for his money. Second, get a paternity test, just being cynical now but if this was a baby trap, baby doesn't need to be yours just look like it could be, this may even be more likely considering her now expressed feelings about your ADHD. Finally even if the kid is yours child support is cheaper and less stressful than supporting the baby mama's carefree lifestyle as well as the child. Kick her to the curb now save yourself the hassle later and at least you guys aren't married.

  39. Hi Kyle, I also strongly suspect I have ADHD (in the process of seeking a diagnosis) and I too have a mild food aversion. Avocados do the same thing to me that you describe with bananas for you- the smell, taste, and texture all trigger my gag reflex. Not as strongly as it sounds like bananas do for you, but what Jessica was describing sounded very familiar to me. My partner knows this about me, and you know what he does? He makes sure my food doesn't have avocados in it. You deserve to be with someone who will make sure your food doesn't have bananas.

  40. I’m losing it over being “too pregnant” to help with basically anything. I’m a little over 7 months pregnant, still working 40+ hours a week, and help with household chores. I’m in pain all the time, I’m still dealing with morning sickness, but I do what I have to do to get by. I know everybody’s pregnancy will be different, but she sounds like the type that’s just using it as an excuse to be treated like a queen by everybody.

  41. Kyle, I’m joining the chorus. You’re definitely not the only one with sensory issues. Mine is meat. I hate smelling it, the taste, the texture, everything. If someone asked me to cook them meat, it would be a deal breaker.

  42. Thank you for your comment, I've always known the stories always has some bias and never paints the full picture but your comment has really shown me how subtle changes have completely changed narrative.

  43. As a pregnant lady- you gf is full of bs. I have had a few things where I want them and there is no other option. I literally cursed at an angry goose for some steak n shake chilli during my first trimester.

  44. Dude - you realize she’s emotionally abusive right? And from your comment, financially abusive as well. You would probably benefit from speaking to someone about the fact that you are now tied the an abusive coparent. God forbid the baby has allergies or is neurodivergent.

  45. I’m a little suspicious of this whole thing. The speed with which she quit her job after finding she was pregnant, are you sure the birth control failed, or could she have chosen to stop using it? You guys need an abortion not a banana. This is not a good situation for a child to be raised in.

  46. YTA. Cravings and pregnancy don’t give you the right to treat your partner like shit. If you think he’s such a child and exaggerating his sensory issues, why did you choose to have a child with him in the first place?

  47. YTA. Get over your fucking self. As an ADHD adult that has ADHD children, people like you are the worst. Sensory issues are very real and you telling him to grow up is pathetic. Heaven for bid that your unborn child also has ADHD because you know it is hereditary. Also who cares that he’s unmedicated. Being on meds does not help with sensory issues. Edited typos.

  48. OP is too dense to realize that keeping the baby does mean that she chooses to have a child with him. Unfortunately I don't think this has anything to do with pregnancy brain... it's just how she is. That poor child... especially is they are neurodivergent. They have to suffer emotional abuse at the hand of their own mother. Heartbreaking, truly heartbreaking.

  49. Well let’s not take it there. We had a AITA about the mom not changing any poop diapers because of HER sensory issues and everyone got on her ass for being a bad mom. Her being an AH really comes in when she asks him to do something completely unnecessary while she sits on her ass, knowing how he feels about the banana, and then makes him seem ridiculous when it’s never ever been necessary for another person to peel and cut a banana for the eater. They’re literally grown to be eaten easily. It was petty and her lack of empathy makes her a huge AH

  50. YTA. You are pregnant. That does not make you the Grand High Empress of Everything or entitle you to use your condition as an excuse to make other people miserable. It'd be one thing if you'd asked him to get over his aversion enough to bring the food home, but "torture yourself and prepare one for me" was multiple steps too far. And as for your little "just get over it" lecture, I hope you don't expect mercy when you hit the part of the pregnancy where you're avoiding foods, or trying to get your kid to eat, because I wouldn't be forgetting this any time soon if I were him.

  51. The Grand High Empress of Everything is a title I gave myself, jokingly, in my family several years ago. I bring it out as a silly character who lords over tea parties and things to make my kids giggle (it comes with me doing a very silly voice and often wearing a plastic crown).

  52. wow, there is so much shaming going on in this relationship. i understand that living with someone's untreated ADHD can be extremely difficult.

  53. I loathe bananas, and it takes great effort for me to not react the way her bf does. I take meds for ADD, but I swear my aversion to bananas gets worse every year. It may be embarrassing for her, but I guarantee he’s just as embarrassed.

  54. She’s so dismissive of his valid issues. He’s not making himself throw up any more than she is. Her description of him is dripping with dislike.

  55. This should be the top comment. OP, please educate yourself about ADHD because you sound very ignorant and ableist. His aversions are not a choice and you are not entitled to put him in uncomfortable positions because you’re embarrassed by neurodiversity

  56. N T A until the last paragraph. Yes he should be seeking help for his medical issues, but he still compromised and bought something for you that you know for a fact triggers his issues. There is zero excuse to force him to cut and peel the banana for you. Yes pregnancy is hard and you need support during this time, but he supported you by getting you the bananas. You decided to get petty and go the extra mile. For that YTA.

  57. OP's boyfriend is in the comments. He has gotten treatment, bananas are just his limit. OP has been a nightmare since she's gotten pregnant and quit her job without even telling him. I wonder if she lied about being on birth control also.

  58. What help do you think they can give for an extreme sensory aversion? It’s not like he can get allergy shots here.

  59. You edited by now, but: adhd is not an illness like a cold that just gets treated with meds. It's a condition, a disorder if you will (the d in adhd stands for disorder, not disease). As an adult, it's totally his choice how to handle this permanent part if his life. Its not "shouldn't seek treatment". He could, and does, but not in the way op demands. Even without his comments, this should really have been clear.

  60. It’s not for her to decide whether he should or shouldn’t take medicine for ADHD. It’s personal choice. Many people live great lives without medication.

  61. AngnarCrackenhammer Where are the BFs comment's at? What is his username so I can look his comments up? Also to OP YTA for being a controlling B to your BF. Are you always this controlling and mean to him or did you think pregnancy gave you the right to be? He bought them for you, which was a huge step expecting him to peel and cut them was a control move.

  62. Hi, "Lyle" here, and you're 100% right. There are certain sensory aversions I've been working on, but bananas I just can't. My girlfriend's solution is exposure therapy which I would equate to waterboarding someone in an attempt to get them over a fear of drowning. I, too, leave the room if there's a banana because I just can't fuckin' deal with it. I remember eating them as a child with no issue and then one day I couldn't anymore and just like you, it progressively got worse after that.

  63. It's so strange that bananas seem to have this affect on people. I haven't heard of any other food doing this but whenever someone says "Whenever I see it/ smell it I feel like I'm going to get sick" it's always about bananas.

  64. YTA for asking him to peel & cut the banana even though you know it makes him sick. Being pregnant does not make you incapable of getting off the couch and getting the banana. You were really pushing Lyle and being mean.

  65. YTA. Throughout your post, you belittle his behavior around bananas and reduce him to being childish. And you made him pick up bananas and then asked him to prepare it for you, knowing fully how he responds?

  66. When I was pregnant with my first I developed an aversion to the smell of banana, it was so bad it made me vomit. That was 20 years ago and I still can’t stand to be anywhere near one, I hold my breath in supermarkets to get past them. Food aversions are real and your partner has a severe one. The way you describe Lyle is awful.

  67. I’m deeply disgusted by the way OP speaks about her partner. I have a aversion to liquorice (not as bad as the one here but bad) I can’t imagine how much mental energy Lyle will have spent preparing for the banana to be ate in the house after the compromise was refused. Only to be demanded to prepare the banana and belittled by op for saying nope not doing that it’s too far, after accepting them being ate in the house. He’s allowed boundaries!

  68. I can't be the only one thinking OP is gonna EAT HER WORDS if she develops a pregnancy aversion. It's pretty easy to do. Thing makes you nauseous once, that's it, you'll be nauseous forever.

  69. Please read this, OP, because I want to share some important information from an expert perspective. I’m speaking as a neurodivergent individual who works in autism research; my field is neuroscience, but I’ve also been published on the topic of selective eating and food aversions, and I’m sincerely hopeful that my comment can help you to better understand your partner:

  70. Thank you for writing all this down! I hope many people will read this and hopefully it will create some understanding. Your examples and description was just so good.

  71. Bravo for putting this extremely scientifically-backed point. I really hope OP sees and understands this because her relationship is at stake judging by "Lyle" having jumped in and provided his perspective.

  72. My word YTA. Just the way you speak about him. He’s childish for being sick? I hope he has more sympathy for you if you have morning sickness.

  73. I'm "Lyle". Meds don't work with me. Tried them since I was a kid. Sure made me high as fuck, though. Imagine spending middle and high school stoned up to fucking god. What did work was a specialist who taught me how to adapt to the world around me by doing things like dividing tasks, keeping things in the same place, and things like that.

  74. Meds work for lots of people, but I get more food aversions when on stimulants. I find it highly unlikely that treating the ADHD would help his issue at all. Also, my postpartum instructions very specifically stated not to eat anything I'm allergic to, lol. Craving allergens the whole pregnancy must be very common!

  75. YTA. Look at it this way: you’re pregnant, there’s almost certainly things that make you nauseated that wouldn’t have that effect on the average person. Your adverse reaction wouldn’t be due to you being childish or just not getting over it. Maybe your partner has a legitimate issue with bananas. And even if you’re having a craving, and satiating that craving will be beneficial for your child, there’s no reason why he has to cut it up and bring it to you, that’s just being vindictive. Even his request that you est it outside was reasonable, but you’d rather be TA and make him suffer because tou don’t understand.

  76. YTA. I understand the craving, but if you knew that he was this sensitive to it then the least you could've done was get the banana yourself and eat it outside or somewhere away from him where it wouldn't bother him.

  77. YTA. You belittle him so much in the way you wrote this that I was already leaning to an E S H, comparing him to a child for being made ill is so gross and inconsiderate. I pray your child has no food sensitivities for you to harass and belittle.

  78. Usually I’d give leniency for pregnancy hormones, but YTA. He’s not throwing up to embarrass you for god’s sake. You KNOW he has an extreme issue with bananas and yet you insisted he not only purchase bananas for you, not only tolerate you eating them in the house, but have him cut them up for you? I get that you’re probably exhausted but that’s straight up cruel. How hard is it for you to accommodate your husband’s needs by peeling and eating a banana yourself, outside?

  79. Sensory sensitivities are real. You think he could just decide to not be disgusted by bananas? That's not how it works, any more than you can decide to stop your cravings.

  80. I love how the title asks if OP is TA for “having a craving”. Nah, lady, that ain’t what your post is about. It’s about you using your pregnancy to torture your partner and now wondering if you should feel remorseful.

  81. YTA, good god. He was willing to get you the goddamned banana if you’d just show the slightest courtesy and eat it outside. You threw a tantrum over that….then demanded he peel and slice it for you like a toddler who isn’t capable of peeling and eating a banana. It sounds like you have much bigger issues than he does, frankly.

  82. Do not bring a child into this home. You are a major AH and it’s pretty clear from this post that you despise you’re partner and would do extreme damage to a child.

  83. YTA and please reconsider having this child. You should not be a parent. I forsee years of misery and bullying for the poor kid from it's own mother. If the kid is allergic to peanuts are you gonna force them to make you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because you're too lazy (I'm sorry, too tired from being a mom) to do it yourself and tell them if they loved you they'd just do it? I feel so bad for Kyle and your future child. You need to grow up. You're embarrassing yourself.

  84. You only just recently found out you were pregnant, so i truly doubt it prevents you from going and buying the bananas yourself. You know how he reacts to bananas, so its extremely bm of you to force him to deal with it. Youre obviously not an A H for having the craving, but for how you handle it in regards to your partner. He also literally tried to make a compromise of you eating it outside, which you refused.

  85. You were okay, till you decided he had to cut and serve you something that makes him nauseous. Being pregnant is not carte blanche to abuse people because you don't share their allergies or mental issues.

  86. As a person who also has ADHD and issues with bananas (not this extreme. But I AM this extreme with fish, actually.) This was hard to read. You belittle your partner so much. Should he get treatment? Probably yes. (Edit: after ready his comments, sounds like he’s handling it just fine to me.) But trust me, medication doesn’t help with sensory issues most of the time. FYI ADHD is genetic so there’s a very large chance your kid is going to have it too. Are you sure you’re ready to deal with that?? Leaning heavy towards YTA, but a little bit of E S H because yeah pregnancy cravings are A Thing.

  87. YTA. And FWIW, loathing the smell of bananas is not uncommon, and probably even unrelated to any ADHD. I am another person who cannot be in a room if someone is eating (or peeling) a banana. It's smells like raw sewage with an overlay of molasses. What you are asking for him to do would be like someone forcing you to prepare and serve a big bowlful of putrefying drain clog. Being pregnant does not absolve you of the need to be at least a little bit considerate to the rest of the world.

  88. That way my first thought, especially with the boyfriends input of her quitting her job pretty much right away. Who has an unexpected pregnancy and immediately quits their job?

  89. YTA. Just because you're pregnant, that doesn't entitle you to bully your boyfriend with his food aversion. Requiring him to buy it, bring it home, and prepare something that makes him physically sick is extremely rude and controlling.

  90. You would’ve been N T A if you just left it at him agreeing to buy them and bring them home. YTA for making him peel it and cut it up for you.

  91. YTA. Pregnancy cravings are no excuse to treat your partner like that. I understand that he should seek treatment, but to demand him to buy the banana, peel it, cut it, for you to eat at home, is ridiculous.

  92. YTA. I hope when your pregnancy starts making it hard to be around certain smells and foods you gain some compassion for your partner. But having seen you say “he got me pregnant “ and not “WE got pregnant unexpectedly “, I assume you’ll always play the victim.

  93. YTA i dread to think if your kid inherits his sensory issues because you're cruel to your adult partner how cruel are you going to be to your kid

  94. YTA Pregnancy does not give your the right to be malicious and cruel. Eat all the bananas you want away from your partner. Certain smells might make you gag and throw up soon as a result of the child you’re growing. I bet that you would hate it if your hubby used one of those foods against you in an act of petty vengeance.

  95. YTA - ADHD is a disability. You are treating your partner like trash because you refuse to understand or compromise with his disability.

  96. YTA. Sensory issues around food are real and oftentimes accompany something like ADHD. I speak from having both. Thank God my wife is more understanding than you are. You're the one who needs to grow up

  97. YTA, and I feel sorry for your future kid. I had a mom who was just like you. If she liked a thing, then I was just making it up when I told her that I didn’t like that thing. I hated bananas like your husband. They made me sick and I got accused of making it up. They hurt my stomach and I was told to stop being dramatic. But my mom absolutely loved them. So I was forced to endure fucking banana stink and banana flavor in everything as a kid, because that smell/flavor invades literally everything within the space the bananas are in. It doesn’t go away for DAYS in the case of the smell, and the taste gets into and overpowers the flavor in any food that’s within the banana’s scent range. And did you know that banana stink also has a texture? It’s like licking deodorant, but worse because it’s also in your nose and sinuses. And just like everywhere else, once banana stink is up in your sinus cavity, it’s gonna be a long time before it’s gone

  98. YTA. ‘But the baby NEEEEEEEEDS it’ ‘I can’t control my craaaaaaaaaavings’ I have 3 kids and never have I ever behaved like you are. I hate when pregnant women act like they can’t control themselves.

  99. YTA. i was with you until you said you asked him to peel and cut it for you. you said he has to leave a room if someone around him is eating a banana, so you surely knew peeling and cutting it would be an issue for him?

  100. YT giant narcissistic A, if you've got no tolerance for Kyle's neurodivergence you're going to be an abusive and shitty mother, especially to a kid who will likely have neurodivergence. Fix yourself or get out of his life and have somebody other than yourself raise the kid. You're the kind of person that scars and traumatizes people with disabilities because your ego is to fragile for them to be who and what they are around you. There's a place for you to stick that goddamn banana.

  101. ''he's not the one having to nurture the damn thing in his stomach'' should be the line he should use in court to get full custody of the child. Hope you live the life you deserve babe.

  102. YTA. My god. But thank you because I’m also pregnant and recently felt terrible when I couldn’t stand the smell of something my husband wanted me to cook. After this post we’re both feeling very grateful for one another.

  103. I was about to say NTA until the peeling and cutting part. You are pregnant and not deathly ill, it should have been easy for you to peel and cut it. Or why cut it at all? Use your teeth

  104. Yikes, reading the OPs post and comments, along with the boyfriends comment? OP needs serious therapy during her pregnancy if her mood is effected THIS badly. But i doubt its that, OP just seems like a genuinely toxic person that is using the pregnancy as an excuse to torment her ND boyfriend. RUN WHILE YOU CAN KYLE 💀

  105. YTA, a sensory aversion to something us not something someone can "get over" it is literally the worst thing for them and a nightmare to deal with. It is not a personal choice, they did not decide this, whatever neurodiverse condition they have decided this is a problem and some, they can overcome, others, no way!

  106. You had me until you asked him to peel it and serve it to you. YTA for that. He is very dramatic, but you can get up off of your butt and go get your own banana. This is coming from a former pregnant lady who has ADHD, so I can speak from personal experience on both conditions. You were being petty or lazy (maybe a little bit of both) - you knew that he is ridiculous about his aversion to bananas, fought with him to get him to purchase some for you (which is ridiculous on his end), and then you try to get him to peel it, cut it up and bring it to you…. Were you looking to continue your fight/have a new banana related thing to fight about? You couldn’t “face getting up and going into the kitchen”.., you are as dramatic as he is. I get him yelling that he was tired of your bullshit, just like I would get it if you yelled that you were tired of his bullshit. There is no way you didn’t know that your request was going to set him off and you intentionally did it anyway.

  107. And why did she have to have him peel it, cut it, and bring it in? Why not just bring her a banana she can peel and eat like most of the population. She's pushing the pregnancy "I'm carrying your baby" thing too hard, and I'm betting a lot of self reflection is needed on her end because it sounds like she dismisses anything about him she doesn't like (I'm allergic to peppers and it's not a hive/anaphylaxis type thing, but it's a migraine/make me feel sick type thing and the smell of fresh cut peppers of any kind can make it hard for me to breathe because my body says 'nope'. I would leave a room if someone were cutting peppers.) and it's possible he has an intolerance or even mild allergy and she' dismissing it as 'dramatics'. She doesn't seem to respect the father of her soon to be child, and that could be where a lot of their relationship stuff breaks down.

  108. Sensory issues are a thing with ADHD.... I have the same reactions to anything that has a gelatinous texture or any seafood...

  109. YTA. Not for the craving but for wanting him to peel and cut it when you well know how it affects him. Not on dude.

  110. It's rare I don't side with the pregnant person but YTA. His reaction to bananas seems more like a trauma response to me. Plenty of people with ADHD have ARFID or other similar sensory issues, but that wouldn't explain the shaking.

  111. INFO: Why did you have date this guy when you describe him and his neurological disorder as “childish” and “embarrassing”. That seems like a pretty disrespectful thing to do to the man you love.

  112. This was N A H until you made him cut it. Pregnancy isn't an excuse to treat your bf like a servant, especially in this way. YTA

  113. So, I am diagnosed autistic- potentially ADHD as well. This is a real thing! Being hyper-sensitive to certain smells/tastes/textures is something we go through on a day to day basis to varying degrees. And it can be extremely traumatic. You say he acts ‘childishly’ but this is very real for him.

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