1. I think laughter was the appropriate reaction. Next time, just ignore her and her family completely. Consider getting a doorbell camera because these people are clearly unhinged.

  2. Yeah, that's the plan. Just never want to interact with them again. The doorbell camera I've had for some time so definitely keeping that motion sensitivity as high as possible.

  3. My colleague lived with her mom and her son (she is a single mom), in two bedroom flat they own. When her mom died her neighbour who lived in one bedroom flat asked her to switch because "she don't need the other bedroom any more". What audacity.

  4. This. OP, this woman took her frustration about her living situation out on you. I'd let the landlord know. put up a camera, and stay far away from them.

  5. Actually, consider also contacting whoever is in charge of the building as a pre-emptive strike, and let them know of your interaction with her. She sounds unhinged, who knows what she might say/lie about to them. NTA of course.

  6. I would have laughed at her too. Stealing? Dude, he's paying for it just like you are! Her family was under no obligation to move to that specific building if the available apartment didn't suit their needs.

  7. Tell her if we’re going to talk about our feelings about apartments, you think she should pay your rent. How’s that?

  8. Omg, NTA, OP! I second the ring doorbell. We have a 2 bedroom house and it was just my husband and I and our cat for years. We have a son now so he gets the other bedroom, but it's no one's business. Your reason for getting a 2 bedroom was completely not her business. And to shame you because she wanted what you have? That's ridiculous.

  9. NTA - I very much doubt there are no other two bed apartments in the place where you live. She should rent one of those. She’s being a mooch.

  10. I'm not trying to justify her reasoning but I'm not going to lie, there was a waitlist for these apartments. I actually had to wait about 6 months from the time I applied to when I actually got the keys. Maybe she was in a sink or swim situation and got whatever she felt was the quickest solution.

  11. Hell, even if there aren't, housing isn't allocated by need. If you can pay the rent, you can live there and nobody else gets a say on how you use the space.

  12. OP should report her to management also because they are 4 people living in a one bedroom, which I am sure the complex has rules against. I think in this situation they could be evicted solely for that.

  13. That's where I thought this post was going, that OPs dogs were crazy barking at all hours. Nope just an entitled neighbor asking weird questions in the first place

  14. He could have ended the war before it ever starts with one sentence. "I hope child protective services doesn't find out you have 2 children sharing the same bedroom as 2 adults with 4 of you all crammed in together." But then OP doesn't sound like they're chaotic evil. I'm not saying report them but there is power in letting them know there is a card that could be played if you piss me off enough.

  15. NTA. You can live in a 4000 sq ft mansion if you could afford it. It's no one's business. You really might need to get a door bell camera. Your neighbor sounds like she could escalate.

  16. Definitely ahead of you on the doorbell camera. I think she just saw a chubby nerd (me) and thought I would be an easy target lmao.

  17. Funny how different areas see square footage. My house is just under that measurement and while it is big, it is not a mansion. One of the bigger ones in my neighborhood, but when compared to new homes around here, kind of small.

  18. Eh, nothing wrong with a modest house or an apartment but stupid rich shit like that is what makes society unequal as it's never not a result of exploitation of some sort.

  19. I used to live in Orlando, and am looking to move back once my PR kicks in. I frequently look at both rental and housing prices, because while I plan to buy, I don't know if we are going to find something right away, so renting may be in the cards for us.

  20. Yeah I live in orlando too and had no problem finding 2 bedroom apartments recently. They're expensive, but theyre there.

  21. I have a feeling she can’t afford a 2 bedroom and was insanely hoping that she could guilt him into swapping apartments unofficially so she could pay for 1 bedroom and get 2.

  22. I highly doubt they’re in a one bedroom house with 4 people listed on the lease.. unless you have slumlords as property management, it’s normally illegal to have more than two people per one bedroom in apartments. I guess every state could be different but something is weird to me about her statement

  23. That was my first thought, lol, she won't report OP because then OP can report her and they'll get kicked out. Parents and two kids all in the same room? I've known people that got in trouble for that in the US and gotten kicked out of apartments. Even when it was two bedrooms, but the kids were a boy and a girl, the office was like "no, we can't have boy and girl siblings sharing a room" and refused them.

  24. I think if it has a living room, you can get away with either another adult, or young kids, or something like that. at least in Ohio.

  25. I did a quick Google search and didn't get a clear answer on occupancy law in Florida so it might not be so straight forward especially with kids involved.

  26. Yeah like I live in a one bedroom (alone with two cats) and my lease legitimately says that I cannot have more than two people in here. (I’m in Illinois but that’s been standard in all three states I’ve lived in) Not to say she didn’t necessarily lie to the rental property (which I can’t judge if it’s all they could afford. Like rent is BAD) but if she did lie to them she super shouldn’t be telling random strangers in her building about it before harassing them. OP could get her in so much trouble for that.

  27. Meh, I lived in Orlando in two different apartment complexes while I lived there and I saw a lot of people cram big families into one or two bedroom apartments. Or what I was more accustomed to was 4-8 roommates in two bedroom apartments to save money because I was in that age group. There’s really no law against it but definitely a lot of judging eyes. Can’t say I wasn’t young and judgmental.

  28. NTA - I bet if you had agreed to switch with her ( very unrealistic) - she would have wanted to pay the lower rent for the 1 bed while having a 2 bed. Because she has kids to support right? Probably why she didn't rent a 2 bed from the beginning.

  29. NTA. I snickered. I completely side with you as a renter of a two-bedroom. It's just me and my spouse. We have a two bedroom for exactly the same reason you do - to separate his work from the rest of our space. We moved from a one-bedroom because the space wasn't conducive a healthy WFH/living balance. As for your neighbour, that clearly isn't a you problem, it's a them problem.

  30. It's not unusual these days. It's me, my wife, and child. We got a 3 bedroom for the exact same reason. 1 Adult Bedroom, 1 Child, 1 Office

  31. Shoot, my dream house is simple: one story, a basement, and three bedrooms—one for visual art/animation, the other for music, the third one's for if a potential partner has a hobby or two, but I'm pretty sure I'll be single for a while, I don't really like people other than my siblings at the moment, so it'd be a guest bedroom or also an office. I've been inside of a one bedroom one bathroom apartment, I can see anyone getting cooped up VERY easily, even if it's just you.

  32. Exactly! If I could afford an apartment (any apartment even a studio haha) I would love to have an extra room, either as a library/movie room or a dance space. Having just that extra bit of breathing room for your hobbies is important!

  33. Nta, why do so many parents expect strangers to care about their kids? (Except abuse, of course) I take care of my kids, you take care of yours. Not a difficult concept.

  34. There is a housing 'shortage' everywhere. I live in Las Vegas and it's so hard to find available good apartments that aren't so rundown or have shootings every night. This lady just sounds like a bitter person and the fact that she brought up reporting you to the governor is just crazy talk and I would stay away from her and her family. I feel bad for people living in Florida with the waythings are going. Good luck to you

  35. I definitely feel for her on that. Miami has a lot of rough neighborhoods and the ones that are good are absurdly expensive. That's why I felt Orlando was a good choice and I did a lot of research before even applying here because it was in my budget, close to anything I could need, and it was safe for my dogs and I. As far as her reporting me to the governor, that's something I said she should do because I found her suggestion so absurd that I couldn't help but laugh.

  36. I lived in Vegas for 25 years before moving to Massachusetts last autumn. Our neighborhood used to be a good one, but kept getting worse and worse over the past few years...yet we were still able to very quickly find a renter for the house after we moved. There's such a housing shortage that some people are desperate and will take anything affordable they can get. (the tenant sucks ass though, we're not renewing his lease at the end of the year lol)

  37. NTA. Apartments are not a finite resource. Even when they are in short supply more eventually come on the market. Your neighbor could probably rent a two bedroom in the same complex if she has the money and waits for the next available.

  38. To be truthful, in some markets today apartments are functionally a finite resource because of people taking them for STH rentals etc.

  39. Nta. Ok that’s hilarious. I doubt this is the last you will see of her. Do yourself a favor and set up some cameras outside your door in case she ever comes a-knocking.

  40. She needs to talk to management. Can we get in the list for 2 BR in this complex, move and NOT be considered breaking the lease.

  41. As a person who lives alone with no dogs in a 2bed, NTA. Your living situation is none of her business and her lack of bedrooms for her children is no-ones 'problem' but her own.

  42. Definitely NTA. Where you choose to pay rent is none of her business and vice versa. There are nastier ways you could have responded to her ludicrous suggestion.

  43. I think that’s smart. Even an email. Just cover your ass a little, document the exchange in case she decides to further harass you.

  44. NTA. Then why... didn't she just... search harder and buy a 2 bedroom apartment? I don't think anyone goes "oh there must be a hypothetical family of four people who must want and need this apartment more than i do, let's find a smaller one" when they're searching for apartments. You landed a good apartment and bought it. You didn't take anything from them. She's rude for insinuating that it's your fault she couldn't find a bigger apartment. If she reports you, she's a complete idiot. What will that even do?

  45. NTA. You didn't "steal" anything from anyone. The apartment was available, and you leased it. She wouldn't have gotten your apartment no matter who leased it, because she wasn't looking for an apt when yours was still available, and it wasn't going to sit unrented for months.

  46. Nta. Ok that’s hilarious. I doubt this is the last you will see of her. Do yourself a favor and set up some cameras outside your door in case she ever comes a-knocking.

  47. Oh, Lord. You're allowed to rent as big or small an apartment as you like. Let her report to whoever she wants. You're doing nothing wrong and NTA.

  48. Why do you feel at all guilty about having a lifestyle you can afford? Perhaps she shouldn’t have had children that use up community resources you pay for. If she wants to open the Pandora’s box, you could back her into a corner very quickly.

  49. NTA. Rent a 3 bed. Hell, rent a whole hotel to yourself and sleep in a different bed every night - it’s literally none of her business.

  50. Man this took a turn I did NOT expect lol. I'm in north central FL now after spending far too long I'm SFL. Tbh I was prepared for maybe some "I'm not racist but" type of thing to drop here but not "AITA cause another family fucking failed to find a big enough apartment?"

  51. Yeah Desantis is worse than Kemp. I live in South Georgia so I see a lot of what goes on in Florida (all my radio and television stations are in Tallahassee). But he is popular with the crazies in Florida so he may win.

  52. NTA. You’re best advised to avoid that crazy lady in future. I try to wear ear buds when I go outside so I can avoid the crazies

  53. There are laws regarding number of residents per bedroom in apartments. 4 in a one bedroom may be illegal. You might want to tell her this.

  54. NTA, but I’d report this to management because she is going to try to make your life hell. Phrase it as a concern. “I want to make you aware of a concerning conversation. New neighbor was asking me questions about my living situation and then went off on me being inconsiderate for renting my apartment and that I should trade so her family can have a larger space. I thought it was a joke,but she was quite serious and aggressive. I want it on record what actually happened in case things escalate.” Then ask about cameras etc. and that you plan to get some for your safety.

  55. Ah, Florida strikes again. I live 1.5 hours south of Orlando myself. Definitely NTA, that lady is nutso. In what universe does she think someone will actually trade apartments with her? Guess I'd better give up my 3 bedroom house because there are only two of us and someone else needs it more. /s

  56. NTA. Take it as a lesson - don't share so much info with nosy strangers. You don't need to explain office and bedroom etc. 😉

  57. NTA. That’s why I never say anything to neighbors. Not even a hello. Next thing you know they’re asking for a kidney. I’m exaggerating but you know what I mean. Never, ever explain anything to anyone. It’s none of their business.

  58. Be very careful taking your dogs out. People like this are crazy and may try to leave poisoned food on the ground! NTA obviously

  59. NTA. This belongs under the Entitled People subreddit, to be honest! She's delusional if she thinks that her reasoning is in any way rational. You did not "steal" the apartment, you rented it because it was available and met your needs.

  60. NTA. I'm one person living in a 3 bedroom house. Maybe she'd like to report me too. She's freaking nuts.

  61. Hahaha..NTA...but be prepared for noise complaints and fictitious reports of problem dogs...might want to give your apartment manager a heads up about the incident in case she starts making up issues to try to get you evicted...or just tries to make your life a living hell.

  62. NTA, my partner and I have a spacious 2 bedroom apartment and the second is an office/gaming room. Besides in-home offices are a thing now due to a current event making working from home more feasible. It was her choice to move her family into a 1 bedroom apartment.

  63. NTA, she's a looney toon. Your living situation is none of her business. What's she going to report you for? What a joke.

  64. NTA. Honestly it’s very common for single people to live in 2bd apartments. 1bd apartments can be very small and often only have one or two closets. If you work from home and have pets, it makes sense that you would want more space. It sounds like maybe there’s a housing shortage where you live, but that’s not your fault. I would report her to your apartment management.

  65. You were living there for a month before they moved in, which means they probably had not viewed their apartment yet when you moved in. It's not your fault they settled for their place instead of looking for a 2 bedroom. NTA

  66. NTA, so clearly NTA. People are crazy and many become self-entitled in their craziness. I believe apartment renting is on a first come, first serve basis, so boo-hoo for that woman who did not spend enough energy on finding larger digs for herself and family.

  67. NTA. I have neighbors like that, they live across the street from me. They live in a small 2 bedroom terrace house on subsidized rent with a family of 5 (two adults, 3 kids), we (2 adults, no kids) live in a freestanding 4 bedroom house with a large garden. Soon after they moved in they started bitching to us about how unfair everything is, that they ‘deserve’ a house like that more than we do, people like us are selfish, houses like ours should be ‘given’ to families because they’re more important, etc. They even wrote to the housing board before they found out we actually own our house. Ever since they practically harass us, demanded(!) they kids are allowed to play in our garden, that we let them swim in our pool when we have it up in the summer, and more. Get cameras. We had to install them too.

  68. Her inability to plan and accommodate her family of 4 is not your problem. She obviously lives in some sort of alternate reality where people feel entitled to other people living arrangements. Actually, you should report her for harassment and the fact 4 people live in such a small place. NTA

  69. OMG, NTA. This is one of the strangest stories I've read about. What a bizarre neighbor you have. You got the apartment that you want it. They obviously didn't keep looking around until they found something ideal which has nothing to do with you and is absolutely not your problem. So sorry you've got a horrible neighbor but I would just keep to myself and ignore her.

  70. so, let me get this straight, you rent a 2-bedroom appt by yourself without any govt housing assistance & make your rent payment per your rental agreement each month?

  71. Lol. NTA . I agree south Florida is getting way too crazy, I'm moving up to Orlando when our lease is up next year. Currently the bf and I share a 3br house with a 2car garage. It's a lot but that's nobody's friggin business.

  72. The update you posted was taken down. Can you update this post here? I’ve been waiting to see if more came of this because I have a similar issue here in SC.

  73. Hell. In most places, 4 occupants in a 1 bedroom is illegal. You should be reporting her, not switching apartments with her lol. NTA

  74. NTA. She launched into a completely inappropriate and unreasonable request. Your lease is between you and the landlord. She has no part in it. If she wants a 2-BR unit, that’s between her and the landlord.

  75. NTA You got that apartment first before she moved in. Why is it your problem that by the time she went looking for apartments, there were no two bedroom ones available? If she does report you, report her as well so there is documented accounts of the encounter. That way, if she continues to harass you, you have proof that you did nothing wrong except laugh at her ludicrous suggestion. Get a door cam and document everything. I have a feeling she won’t let this one go. I wish you the best of luck!

  76. NTA, any more than I am for buying a little ranch style home for myself and my two cats and not inviting a whole-ass family to join me. How ridiculous.

  77. NTA lol you didn’t steal any apartment, you’re renting one just like everyone else, it’s not your fault you got there first. What an odd woman.

  78. NTA, I've never been to Miami but I'd bet my cat that you are not living in the only 2 bed apartment in the entire city.

  79. Next time you leave the house, see her out etc put your phone on record in case you have any more interactions with this nut job in case she makes something up to try and get you evicted.

  80. NTA - you can live in a mansion by yourself if you want to! That’s no ones business but your own. Your neighbor seems kind of unhinged to be honest.

  81. NTA. She didn’t do her homework on finding a place that fits ALL her family’s needs and then gets mad about her own incompetence. Girl, enjoy your 2 bedroom with your puppies!! You deserve it!

  82. To use English terminology for a moment here - your neighbour is a silly cow. Batcrap crazy if that resonates better with you! Live your life and NTA.

  83. Nta. I cannot imagine that yours is the only 2 bedroom apartment in the entire city. Her bad planning is not your problem.

  84. You should ask her if she thinks you bought every two bedroom apartment in the Orlando. She's kind of implying they can afford a bigger place, so why the hell did they settle for a one bedroom in the first place? Unless she thinks your paying the same amount and they're all the same price?

  85. NTA. I had the same thing happen. I live alone in a 2 bedroom and below me is a 2 bedroom with 6-10 people living in it (hard to tell how many, they are constantly coming/going). The matriarch of that household stopped me and asked how many people I lived with and when I told her that it was just me, I received a very similar reaction of how unfair it was.

  86. Uhm, it's absolutely not your fault or problem. NTA but watch your back. People like this have too much time on their hands and a love of petty revenge

  87. NTA: Report you to the governor? As if Desantis gives 2 shits about anyone poor in Florida? Holy cow she's looney and entitled. You didn't steal shit, you exchange money with a rental company for your residence. I am so sick of people with children expecting child free to just hand over anything demanded because "I have kids!" UGH...

  88. NTA. My fiance and I live in a 3 bed together. It's technically a 2 bed + a converted basement, but basically 3 bed. It's a good amount of space - his office/media room, my office/guest room, and our bedroom, with space to turn a bedroom into a nursery as needed. Totes okay to live in a big place by yourself!

  89. NTA - it is her life choices that she can’t get a bigger place for her family which she chose to have. It is in no way your fault or responsibility. You got a place that fit your life and needs. You are not taking anything from anyone.

  90. come on, 2 bedroom is not even that much, even if you didn't need one to use as office or for the dogs, it is pretty normal to want a room to have some guests over or anything like it. definitely NTA

  91. NTA! You didn’t steal your apartment from her!! She could’ve kept looking for a more suitable apartment for her family. Her choice, not yours!

  92. She's going to report you to the building? You mean the one that rented you the two-bedroom apartment? NTA and stay safe.

  93. NTA. And, if there is a next time and she threatens you, just remind her that Florida law states that only 2 people can live in a one bedroom apartment. Of course, reporting that would also get your landlord in trouble, too. Unless of course she lied on the application and indicated it was just herself and her husband.

  94. NTA. Does she expect you to pay the difference in rent so they can have this upgrade? It sucks they are stuck in a smaller apartment but it's not your fault they cannot afford a bigger place. Laughing was definitely better than cursing her out for her ridiculous ask.

  95. NTA. Our housing market is insaine and the gov should do something about it. But none of that is your fault and that demand was freaking rediculous. 4 kids? One bedroom insaine. I struggled to get a 3 bedroom with two kids.

  96. It doesn’t make you inconsiderate… you use one room as an office space. You’re physically using the room for a legitimate purpose.

  97. NTA. I’m sorry but wtf! That’s not your problem! Why is it breeders always are entitled? She can open a only fans if she’s that desperate

  98. Most posts are on this sub are fake, right? I mean I don’t see how any sane person could possibly insist to trade apartments like that.

  99. Had a similar situation in San Jose, CA. My wife and I (with 1 cat and 1 dog) moved into a 3BR apartment. The previous tenant was a woman with her husband and daughter. They were Section 8 or rent controlled—I don’t know.

  100. Neighbor is a nut. Many people have homes with extra bedrooms. I was watching an episode of Love it or List it and it had this couple, no kids, just pets, who bought a 7000 sq ft house. No law against any of that.

  101. NTA - but stop sharing your personal details with strangers. It's no one's business if you live alone or not. Definitely get a doorbell camera! If you're friendly with your Apartment manager you might want to report the exchange.

  102. If they needed more bedrooms, they can figure out a way to afford one. You can’t have stolen the last vacant apartment in the city.

  103. NTA. What if you had visitation / shared custody of a kid? What if you are planning on having an elderly relative move in? Actually, screw that. Not her beeswax why you live there. If you can afford it, do it.

  104. That is ridiculous. The fact they live in 1 br apartment is either because they can't afford a bigger place or because they don't want to pay for a bigger place. In any case, not your problem. Definitely NTA

  105. NTA. The entitlement oh my god. It’s not your fault she can’t house her kids properly. You shouldn’t have to make up for it at all. The people she goes squealing to like an offended schoolchild are gonna just laugh right in her face

  106. NTA. Your apartment obviously would have been put up for rent. Why wouldn't she see her neighbors apartment being rented and snap it up if she was that desperate?

  107. Reminds of how a friend reacted when she found out we were buying a five bedroom house. They have three kids and have a three bedroom townhouse while we only have one child. Did we need the extra room? Not really, but we wanted it and could afford it, so we got it. NTA. And really, she was INCREDIBLY rude for even saying that to you at all. Also- report you for what, exactly??

  108. NTA - a quick search of Craigslist Orlando with a max of $2000 showed me thousands of two bedroom rentals on the market, many in commercial apartment buildings.

  109. I'm not sure about Florida, but if she keeps making waves you might look up the legality of 2 children sharing a room with their parents. Most states have laws that prohibit that. Some landlords also have it written into the lease.

  110. NTA. She's nosy and crazy and it's not her business what you do with the extra room. I live in a two bedroom...one is for sleep, the other is my office/sewing room/guest bed.

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