1. Right! I have use irl setting and conversation for my own writing and it does not mean I have any romantic feeling for the person irl at all! It's all just a fun writing material

  2. Middle school level bullying, at that! I had to go back and double check the ages because I just couldn't believe a grown man-- a manager, no less!-- could think to do this to a subordinate and not realize how inappropriate it is. Wow.

  3. Everything you said here. OP is most definitely the asshole here; what he did to Sophie is my fucking nightmare. But I’m fortunate enough to have enough life experience to pull from for my fanworks that even if a random work colleague (and I definitely don’t include my boss in there, allow me the fantasy that a college dean doesn’t have the time to search for a specific fanfic online) stumbled over one of my stories, they wouldn’t immediately know it was me writing it even if I included RL conversations I’ve had with them.

  4. I agree with you for the most part. The best writers, write what they know. The characters were probably based on them and her feelings of how she might have a slight crush. She used what she thought was a safe space to write and explore her feelings, not thinking that he would find it and then read it out to everyone at work.

  5. Everything in this comment is perfect. I just want to add that as a person who wrote fanfiction that I also worked hard on. It's not to live out a fantasy for everyone like OP says. It really can be a lot of work if you put a lot of work into it, and in some ways it's as vulnerable as a diary because of the massive stigma against writing fan fictions to begin with. Most people who ever found out I did it, made fun of me as soon as I told them. So it was a secret. The fact she shared any of it with you is a huge deal for her, and you just threw it in her face in public as a joke. You're never going to get that trust and friendship back, and likely just lost a good employee because you harassed her with something highly personal. I wouldn't even be surprised if there is a possibility of her taking you to court for it.

  6. I get that the fanfic is public. But the thing is, 99% of the time the people that write fanfiction (even it is inspired on RL issues) write under a nickname / penname /pseudonym because THEY WANT TO BE ANONYMOUS.

  7. This wasn't a prank. It was a violation of someone's privacy and trust, not to mention some serious immaturity for a 27 yo married person.

  8. OP doesn’t actually say that it’s “bad” do they? Just that it’s graphic! Regardless, definitely more of a public shaming than a prank. YTA to OP.

  9. Exactly so, where is the joke here OP? Thank you for explaining that for OP, (who will hopefully read your comment). Too many bullies think that "it's just a joke," or "we do this type of joke/teasing all of the time to each other," etc. when in fact it's blatant bullying. What is so frustrating is that these types don't see themselves as having done anything that bad, for them it was maybe a tiny faux pas, but nothing too harmful was done because OP was only joking.

  10. YTA, dude is a grown married man and finds belittling and publicly humiliating a younger coworker funny.

  11. I’m glad to see this comment. Maybe some of the other stuff described in OP’s post could be considered pranking (prank calls, prank orders, etc.).

  12. "Hostile work environment" is right. Also, you've lost a valuable, reliable employee who often picks up shifts when needed. Hope she gets a great lawyer. YTA.

  13. This nailed it. I am astounded that OP is this utterly stupid and thoughtlessly cruel. It makes me pity his wife, because there's no way this is the first time or last time he's been this much of a cretin to someone who did nothing but try to be friendly.

  14. I feel like this could be Sophie airing OP out fully for how he treated her. If it is.. you didn't deserve what happened to you and the embarrassment you received. If it's not well then you definitely expressed how she most likely feels. Either way you are an incredible writer. And OP YTA you took things way to far and went after something personal that you had no right to do. A cupcake to the face doesn't mean expose her private writing.

  15. Honestly this is one of the most awful posters Ive seen on AITA in a minute. Can you imagine being almost 30 and going to this extent to bully a person that you claim is your friend?

  16. She's probably busy looking for a new job / changing the privacy on her fanfic account, and didn't even looked at her phone, or just forgot to block this idiot.

  17. YTA. That wasn't a prank, you intentionally embarrassed her in front of people. A prank is something silly when you both laugh together, this was mean spirited and it humiliated her. You should apologise.

  18. Even if it was actually about him, as opposed to a young woman using familiar settings to write amateur fiction, if he genuinely felt she shouldn’t be writing those things why share them? If you consider them to be inappropriate, or if they make you uncomfortable why would you want them to be public knowledge to all the co-workers? He didn’t share it privately with a supervisor or owner, he shared it for laughs with others to humiliate her.

  19. and that might make her even more self conscious. I guess you should never have told her you found it, but you did. So try to apologize and talk maturely about it

  20. This feels a lot like the scene in Turning Red where the mom finds the daughter’s sketches of the local food mart worker and then hauls said daughter down to the mart to publicly accuse him of molesting her daughter and thus humiliating her daughter. Except that the mom found the sketches by accident, whereas this was done deliberately. So very cruel.

  21. I hope "Sophie" finds this and reads it so that she can go get a lawyer instead of just being humiliated.

  22. YTA - That's not a prank. That's revealing a private side to her that she trusted you enough to share but didn't want others to know. That was a serious violation of trust and an AH move.

  23. And if OP "remembered" a line, searched for the fan fiction so he could humiliate this person and is so full of himself he assumes it was written about him, as, if, he sounds like a real winner.

  24. yeah they always say 'write what you know' and lots of fanfics are set in the wokrplace of the author because its the best way to make it authentic

  25. She didn't trust him enough to know, she shared a single sentence that she definitely didn't expect him to google to find the rest.

  26. It's also standard daydream material when you work a boring job. You replace your co-workers with more interesting fictional characters and pretend that's who you're working with. It makes the day go faster. It's not some sign of secret love.

  27. Honestly I wouldn’t blame Sophie for thinking that OP genuinely has feelings for her given the amount of closeness they have.

  28. YTA not only for reading it, but also for being so blind all along to the fact that she loves you... pranks, splashing with water, work late shifts together, more pranks... this is pretty much flirting.

  29. I think it's a safe bet OP is hallucinating all the return pranking. OP is probably just harassing the woman and she shoved a cupcake in his face as a rejection to get him to finally leave her in peace. He probably was "shown her writing" when he creeped over her shoulder or swiped her phone during a "prank" session. OP sounds like a creep trying to justify his creeping with imagined reciprocation.

  30. Or...perhaps she's not into him and he's the one who "loves" her. I mean, the dude prodded her to read a line of her fanfiction with the obvious intention of looking it up later, he memorized that line and kept it in mind long enough that he managed to find it online after she posted it (which I assume had to be days if not weeks later because she read him a line of something that she was writing at the moment), and then he reads a bunch of her fanfiction and thinks that it's all about him? I mean I'm not saying that it's impossible, but OP's recounting of this whole story is extremely suss and makes a whole lot of premeditated legwork to find her fanfiction sound like some crazy random happenstance, and the likelihood that he bent over backwards to find her work and that work happened to be a secret imaginary diary devoted to her attraction towards him quite frankly sounds like a fanfiction fantasy in itself.

  31. “Practical jokes (pranks) are generally lighthearted and without lasting effect; they aim to make the victim feel humbled or foolish, but not victimised or humiliated.”

  32. YTA. Fanfiction is something very intimate. It was no prank. What you did was mean and nasty. You dragged out her inner thoughts, her soul, just to entertain a bunch of laughing people.

  33. YTA for humiliating your coworker who probably has a crush on you. She didn't act upon it and I don't believe she expected you to read it. You should apologize.

  34. Can I just say you are a great parent! ☺️ my mum knows I write fan fiction but I haven’t shared my work with her, she is currently trying to get my siblings to find it online.

  35. I'm a mom too, and after many years of teaching adolescents I approve your message and hope I will be able to follow it with my own offspring as they grow. A lot of what's driving parental estrangement these days is parents who can't let kids have age-appropriate boundaries.

  36. The fact that you assumed the character WAS you makes this worse, not better. Regardless of wether or not she wrote this as an outlet for her real feelings or if she literally just used dialogue from her real life experiences to make her characters more believable...YTA. To me, you "knowing" it was about you and YOU STILL chose to read it is heartwrenching. Let's literally shine a spotlight on this girl's innermost secrets and emotions, I'll REJECT her infront of everyone we know, oh Such fun! What a laugh we will all have at her expense. HiLaRiOuS. I hope you're a much better man to your wife than you are to your "friends".

  37. I somehow doubt this grown child is even slightly capable of being "better" than this to anyone. This is him, 100%, and I promise you his wife has seen him worse than he is in this story, which he wrote in such a way as to try to make himself look better. Dude's a creep, and it wouldn't shock me in the slightest if later down the line he got slapped with a narcissist diagnosis. This is seriously some sadistic shit; humiliating someone to make himself laugh. Normal ppl don't do that. Normal ppl have empathy, whereas this asshole has zero. Not even in retrospect does he see anything wrong with what he did to her.

  38. When I was in high school, I had teachers praise my writing, encourage me to do writing workshops and enter competitions, where I would place and sometimes win. They encouraged me to seriously think about writing books and publishing my stuff. I was wholly onboard, until one day, my dad, while drunk, found what I was writing (unedited as of yet) and decided it would be funny to read it out loud to everyone and mock me. I’m 46 years old now, and while I still write, I haven’t been able to let anyone read any of it since. YTA. You’re a giant flaming one.

  39. I admire you for continuing to write. What passion you must have! I am so sorry your father made a stupid decision while drunk. You are no longer that humiliated child. Perhaps you could join a forum online where you can share your writing with others with a brand new anonymous account. How awful if you're actually really good and nobody gets to enjoy it!

  40. YTA- you humiliated her and you don't see how that can be hurtful? Writing is deeply personal or shares fantasies. You owe her an apology for this, and I don't blame her if she doesn't accept it.

  41. YTA, you used something very personal to her against her in the work setting/party and humiliated her on a far different level from jokingly throwing soda or a cupcake on someone. As far as that fan fiction goes, it’s called fiction, a lot of writers base their stories in events and settings familiar to them it doesn’t make them automatically based in reality of things. If you had an issue with something you should’ve talked to her in private about it, the way you weaponized it makes you a major AH.

  42. Obviously YTA How are you in a supervisory role at work and don’t know that it’s not okay to bully staff that work under you?

  43. THIS. Idk why more people aren’t asking this. Feels like he was enjoying all the attention and flirting but is ready to throw her under the bus at the drop of a hat.

  44. Or maybe she rejected him. I think an idiotic and callous man of this magnitude would absolutely cheat on his wife. A boss flirts with a younger subordinate and she, not wanting to make it awkward, flirts back. He gets ideas, she shuts them down. So now, instead of the awkward environment she was trying to avoid, OP creates a whole-ass hostile one. What a colossal AH

  45. YTA- you acknowledge that Sophie pranked you! What you did was betray her trust and humiliate her in front of co workers. It was vindictive and you should apologise for this.

  46. Where is HR when you need them? Prank calls, fake orders, fake surveys, splashing soda on each other, and spicy fanfiction that she write which emulates you and her. It’s a wonder any work gets done at all….Y’all don’t need to work together….YTA

  47. Yes YTA. I write fanfic, it's a fun way to decompress and it helps me to write when I'm not feeling up to making my own characters (and yes, I get some wish fulfillment by putting characters together that aren't in canon relationships.)

  48. Nah, he went all the way to search for that fanfiction she didn't want to show him. He is the asshole and people can write whatever the fuck they want, even stuff based on their personal lives. Boo freaking hoo

  49. If Sophie googled around a bit and found your social media (or, say, your Reddit account) with some pretty sensitive and embarrassing personal content, and decided that the next time you made a prank call or played with food or whatever it is that you as a general manager normally do at work, she shared everything she'd found with all your coworkers, would you also find that a totally hilarious fun prank? You wouldn't think that crossed any lines? You'd enjoy having your private life being paraded for everyone to laugh at?

  50. YTA. Sounds like a form of a hostile work environment. Turning employees on others by having them make fun of each other to the point of tears and not returning to work. Yikes.

  51. YTA especially given your position of authority over Sophie in the workplace. If she’s not coming to work because of this, not only have you humiliated her and bullied her in the workplace, you have potentially caused her to loose her source of income.

  52. YTA. If you think what you did is the same as a cupcake to the face you have extremely poor judgment. If I owned that restaurant I’d consider firing you. I hope she finds a better job and a better friend

  53. YTA Quit bothering her; count your lucky stars if you don't get fired; and go watch HR training videos on workplace bullying and inappropriate relationships at work. If you have already watched them, watch them again. You clearly didn't learn anything the first time around.

  54. YTA - you know if she wanted to sue you she could? You're her manager and took her personal stories and humiliated her in front of everyone at work? 1st. Ask your parents which one of them dropped you on your head and has attempted to cover it up. 2nd. Apologise. I'm not kidding when I say that's beyond a fireball offence. What she did was a prank and honestly also inappropriate but what you did was literally malicious. You did it in attempt to humiliate and embarrass her. With work she never shared with you and was personal to her. You should be fired for that. What the actual f is wrong with you?

  55. I completely agree with your comment, but it took me a few seconds to work out what a “fireball offence” would be- I went straight to Fireball! from Friends and was thinking, blimey, that would be some prank… and then my brain engaged 😹

  56. It sounds like you aren't a writer so you probably have no perspective on how this would make her feel. She wrote this anonymously online, assuming it'd never reach the light of day, and it was extremely personal. She then stood there as you read this anonymous online story of hers out loud to everyone she works with. I don't know how to describe the level of embarrassment she must have felt, I know I'd literally be trembling and nauseous and need to leave too. No matter the quality it was an embarrassing topic she put a lot of effort into. Absolutely YTA. This would legit ruin friendships for me, nevermind work relationships

  57. YTA...of course you are for reading the fan fiction out loud. Thats kinda like reading her diary to coworkers. But beyond that, are you 12? You're a manager and this is how you conduct yourself? Your idea of a funny is pouring soda on each other? Grow up man

  58. YTA it's downright hurtful. I get you day it's about you as its like convos you've had before. However what if it wasn't and she was just using those convos for the fan fiction ?

  59. Wth lol OP is so full of himself, I wrote fanfics and include stuffs based on my real life experiences for different settings, but the characters are of the fiction I'm writing about, definitely not me or other people 💀

  60. YTA. Shoving a cupcake on your face is a prank or joke. What you did was completely humiliate your assistant manager in front of the whole staff.

  61. YTA, big time. Can you, a redditor who is not only posting under a pseudonym, but also using a throwaway account to keep this story away from your main account not understand the desire for privacy online? Or would you be okay with Sophie reading your worst and most embarrassing reddit posts aloud in front of your coworkers?

  62. $10 says he’s the one throwing soda on her white shirt while working those duo shifts. Nothing inappropriate though. Of course.

  63. This is like the Spongebob episode where Squidward starts reading Spongebob's diary out loud, everyone laughing at Spongebob as he tears up and runs out of the Krusty Krab crying.

  64. YTA big time. You sound stunted and certainly not management material. You have an inappropriate relationship with an employee, bully her and call it a prank. Yes. YTA. And that's no joke.

  65. My brother in christ how do you not think that YTA here? You bullied her. That wasn't a prank, that was middle school level bully shit. And you might have left out graphic parts, but if you got in bs detectives in the rest of your employees they will find and read the fic too.

  66. There’s no scenario where you aren’t ta. And the fact that you did this as her boss opens you up to a whole can of legal worms and you’d deserved whatever happened because of it. Christ, you seem like the kind of guy who’d shit on someone’s desk and then when they got mad say something like “it was just a prank don’t be so serious”

  67. As a writer I feel her pain. What a mean, immature way to kill a persons passion. You are, indeed, the asshole, and I hope you struggle every night working without one of your best employees.

  68. You people and your stupid pranks really need to grow up. What you did wasn't even remotely funny. I'm glad your big HaHa blew up in your face. It's a fine line between "pranking" and bullying. Learn the difference.

  69. 😅I write fanfics, I use real life people(with different names). It usually comes out better and the story progresses more smoothly. I wouldn’t say that I like the people I write about romantically. But maybe that’s just me. And I don’t write fanfics of people I CURRENTlY work with so. Idk.

  70. YTA. You essentially read her diary out loud to her co-workers. And now you've lost a friend, as well as a hard worker who was willing to show up and stay late when other people didn't. You betrayed this person.

  71. Are you seriously asking if you’re the asshole after you publicly humiliated one of your employees? You do realize if she calls corporate you could actually lose your job, right? As a manager she’s one of your subordinates, not one of your “buddies” you can be a dick to as a “joke” and laugh it off over a couple beers, you’re her boss. Have a read through your employee handbook, specifically company policy when it comes to bullying/harassment and maybe you’ll see the kind of hot water you’ve potentially landed yourself in after humiliating this poor woman so badly she’d rather quit and no-call no-show than have to speak to you or look you in the eye again. Because she has a rock-solid harassment case against you with the whole crew that night as witnesses.

  72. One of my most "popular" fanfictions that I've written was basically my plan if I was ever outted to my parents, except with characters instead of myself and mildly dramatized. Some of my innermost thoughts are in there.

  73. YTA First, a person's writing is very personal to them. I write and I don't let anyone read it until I'm ready to let them, and I'm very very picky about who I let read it. I usually only let my cousin read it... until it's finished. So you reading it out loud to all your coworkers was an extreme violation of something that is very personal. In my eyes, it's actually worse than reading someone's diary out loud.

  74. Dude, you humiliated her. That isn't a "prank", that's flat out disgusting to do to someone you work with. Someone you manage, no less. YTA so, so, so much.

  75. Lol, you should be nowhere near management positions. How fucking low of a supposed leader are you to bully your employees? I hope cooperates finds out and gives you what you obviously have coming. Yta.

  76. YTA and very dense. So writing is an art form and it is very intimate and revealing of the writer. She takes this hobby seriously. Also, you say the story is based on two characters that resemble both of you, yes? That's what writers do, they take inspiration from their day to day and create something new out of it. It may not necessarily mean she has a crush on you. Right?

  77. YTA for having a work wife. This is what happens when you flirt with a woman when you're married. You're playing with this girl's heart, and then when you found out she inevitably had feelings for you, you stepped on it.

  78. I have, embarrassingly enough, been involved in a very similar scenario. A peer shared a story he wrote with me, where the characters were based on his friends group. It was high fantasy and super duper cringe. Hoo boy it was rough.

  79. YTA. That's not a prank. Also what makes you think she was writing about you and not just using what she knows to help write a story like all writers do?

  80. I hope she sues. You are in a position of power and this was fucking disgusting. If she had wanted to share it she would have. You are absolutely in the wrong and I hope she goes to corporate about it

  81. YTA. Obviously she didn't publish it under her own name, so you knew she was keeping it private. You are not only TA, you are a bully.

  82. There is a reason fic writers don't put their actual names. It's the same reason we don't use our real names here.

  83. YTA. If you thought it was about you why would you share this and not expect her to be incredibly humiliated. This is really private and you broadcasted it.

  84. YTA. Grow up. No adult would find this funny. No adult would prank each other, splash soda on each other, write up fake surveys on someone, or waste resources on fake orders.

  85. YTA. Point blank. What made you think that was ok? That’s her own personal work. Where’s the joke OP?? Where’s your sympathy? Because judging from your replies you lack a serious amount of it. You need to grow up and learn boundaries and respect. You’ll be lucky if you ever hear or see from Sophie ever again. You ruined so much, a friendship, her trust, probably her confidence, her comfort about coming into work. I hope your proud of yourself OP. You’re a real piece of work.

  86. I'm torn on if you're more of an AH or just a complete idiot socially. Yeah, you done f'd up. There are pranks, then there are targeted attacks on a person's biggest secrets and insecurities. You performed the latter.

  87. so you completely humiliated this poor woman because you have such an exaggerated sense of superiority and importance that she couldnt POSSIBLY be writing a character that WASNT based off of you! Of course anything this woman put into writing couldnt possibly exist without her big, strong, hunky coworker man, could it? After all, you ARE the center of the universe!

  88. YTA what was the prank? To embarrass her? How do you know it’s about you? Fan fiction is based off shows which you claim this is so maybe you just see some coincidences. Your prank was to have people laugh at her ? Even if she had a crush she obviously was t trying to go there though I wouldn’t have known you had a wife till you mentioned it

  89. YTA. First of all, stop being delusional: a writer using real-life events in their stories doesn't mean they feel something towards someone (I, myself, use a lot of things that happened in my teenage years in writing and I don't care about almost all of the people whom I had experiences with in that time). Nonetheless, even if she had feelings for you, I'm pretty sure she hates you now and you deserve it. You had no right of hunting her down on the internet but since you did, you could at least be a decent human being and keep it to yourself. What was even the point is trying to humiliate her like this? I thought you said you were friends? Great friend, you are lmao Do you realize other people now can find other works or hers, right? I hope you do fucking realize you ruined something she likes, because how the fuck will she use writing as an escape if she can't post NOTHING that isn't family-friendly anymore because, thanks to you, her employers can keep an eye on it? You suck.

  90. YTA. There’s a difference between a fun prank and completely humiliating someone just because you can. This whole post is a massive ego/power trip over your subordinate at work.

  91. Oh OP that's so cruel. She trusted you. She shared something deeply personal with you, because we all know how secretive lots of people are about READING fanfiction never mind WRITING it. And not only did you laugh at it and belittle her, but you encouraged her co-workers to do the same. I would be devastated. And I would never forgive you for that. YTA.

  92. YTA. I can't believe you're even asking this. You read something extremely private out loud in front of everyone. And you thought she'd find it funny? She never told you where to find her writing or asked you to read it, you decided to search it out for yourself. If I were Sophie I'd never speak to you again.

  93. Like, I feel like you’re the asshole but I also switch the genders here and if a man was writing graphic fan fiction about a carbon copy of a real person cheating on their spouse with them at work I’m sure everyone would say he is a real creep. But here, she is just a young writer.

  94. YTA. I wouldn't answer your calls or show up EVER AGAIN. I wrote Fanfic in my early 20's also and would be mortified to have anyone not in the Fandom read it and then laugh at something I put so much heart into. It would break me from writing if I were humiliated that way.

  95. Wow, ok YTA. That wasn’t a prank, that was bullying. You publicly humiliated her in front of all of her coworkers. I’d agree she was being weird if she was posting this where your wife could see it, but she obviously never meant this to go any further than the website. You basically read her diary in front of everyone, and now you’re surprised that she doesn’t want to come back to work? She’s going to quit, dude.

  96. As a grown man older than Sophie you shouldn't have to wonder why you're the asshole. That was not a prank and you are not the victim here.

  97. YTA. I’m not sure how you expected her to react when you blatantly tried to humiliate her in front of her coworkers. She didn’t share it with you or them. It was private and you made fun of it.

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