1. Yup. OP, you're not wrong. She could have asked you what you meant and cleared it up right then, but she decided to be dramatic and try to ruin your life. Imagine if the admins hadn't found it funny? She needs to get some therapy, or maybe being the butt of everyone's jokes will teach her a lesson.

  2. Fir the love of all that is good, willow stop with the puns?! It's pine to use one or two, but Maple you should cut back? Teak a moment so we can all breathe!

  3. NTA. she sounds like a complete idiot. She was probably going to fail the class anyway seeing as she has little to no reading comprehension.

  4. Who the fuck doesnt know what oaks and redwoods are? This birch is actually attending this school right?

  5. She could’ve saved herself a hugeee mess by just responding “excuse me??” Instead of blocking him and deciding he was racist. NTA

  6. I think maybe she confused redwood for redbone, a slang term with the unpleasant connotation that a black woman is prettier the less 'black' she looks, and that's where she got the racism bit from?

  7. Yeah, I hate to people dumbasses but seriously if she didn't understand the tree joke she's a bit dingy. It most certainly was not racist in the slightest.

  8. I once had a student say I was racist because I told her I was going to get all up in her grill about her cheating in class. Her logic was this: teacher called me a grill. A grill = grill in an oven. An oven is black. Teacher just said I was black so I cheated. This is what she told her mother. And her mother actually took it to the principal. Needless to say it didn’t go anywhere, but I had no time for her after that, just from the stupidity of that line of logic.

  9. NTA. She misread the whole thing and over reacted, drug your friend in to it, tried to get you in trouble with the school, then tried to call you out in class. This is all her fault. She needs to own up to her mistake and keep it moving.

  10. She isn't going to get dar in life if she can't put her embarrassment behind her and to do what she is obligated to do - like go to class. OP had all that thrown at him and still went about his daily life. Whereas she is embarrassed and is giving up on her education because of it.

  11. This is the second time I’ve seen “drug” instead of “dragged” this week, is this a thing now and I just missed it? Or have people always said it?

  12. NTA. She accused you of being a misogynist and racist and people wanted you to be nice??? That's the type of shit you shut down loudly and vehemently. She already told people and admin about it, that's the kind of thing that can ruin you professionally and socially.

  13. NTA, she misread, overreacted and reported you, then when you pointed out HER mistake it’s somehow your fault that she apparently can’t show her face in class? Yeah no. There’s this amazing little invention we’ve had for some years now called Google that probably would have been her friend if she used it. She was an idiot and now is facing the consequences of that.

  14. This tickled me more than it should have, she's gone from tree to carrot (Welsh>English translation of moron)... Yeah, I should just shut up and get some sleep instead of typing at this point

  15. NTA. However she is for dragging you with friends and the university. She can't show her face? How did she think you felt? Amazing when the table is turned how tune changes.

  16. And that's what you say to people. "Did you tell her to be nice to me and deal with it in private when she complained to my friends, the university, and called me out in front of the class that I was a racist and sexist for making a tree joke. She did it publically, I needed to answer her back. It is not my fault or responsibility that she did that infront of everyone. "

  17. NTA- She misunderstood a single message and tried to start a smear campaign against you and get you in trouble with the school.

  18. I’m French, English isn’t my native language, and it took me a while to get the joke. However, I don’t understand how any native English speaker could not get it. NTA.

  19. Not a whole lot of people know the names of trees, just that they’re trees, hell I’d go as far as saying they don’t know that we need them to survive.

  20. knowing these people are in university and probably around my age (20) or a couple years older/younger all i have to ask is how did she not know this when minecraft was massive for our generation? i swear that's how half of us learned the different common tree types lmao

  21. "too harsh on her" after she reported you to university administration and blocked you..... I'm pretty sure your response was warranted after dealing with all that nonsense.

  22. NTA, this girl really is a birch if she doesn’t even know what oak or redwood is. Good thing she made like a tree and left

  23. NTA and are you sure she's not more of an oak? She sounds like she's dense as fuck. But hey at least you're not pine-ing after her anymore.

  24. NTA. Wow she went that far that quickly without ever pausing to think that she was wrong. I hope she doesn't go back to class

  25. NTA - now you know why the other guy was calling her a "birch". She made some very serious, very unfair and untrue accusations against you, and had the admin not been so reasonable and understanding, your education could have been in serious jeopardy. On top of that, even after the admin cleared you of wrong doing, she confronted you, stuck to her accusations, insulted you, and called you a name in front of the class, all because she was too thick to understand a simple joke you were making about someone else, not even about her. Your response was completely appropriate given all of that. It is not your fault she is now embarrassed by her own behavior - that's called victim blaming.

  26. Thank you, scrolled too far for this. I agree with the NTA part but OPs post reads very aggressive in general…

  27. NTA. You borderline cut close to being one too, but tbh it was kinda deserved because of how far she went trying to “punish” you over her own mistake of misinterpreting your joke. I have had someone block me over the same thing, and let me tell you, stuff like this says a lot about the person who made the mistake and went full crazy over it, as there’s clearly something more going on there that’s wrong in their head.

  28. NTA. She was mighty quick to malign you to her friends and even admin before getting it straightened out with you first. She embarrassed herself.

  29. You’re N T A for how you responded, but your are absolutely TA Afor using the term “cringetard.” It is NEVER ok to underscore your point that someone is bad by comparing them to someone with disabilities.

  30. I feel like this should've been posted on r/ rant because you clearly aren't actually asking for a judgement, you just wanted to vent and have everyone agree with you. And hey, I get that.

  31. NTA- she didn’t know what you said and didn’t bother to clarify with you (or apparently anyone else) and then caused you drama- she embarrassed herself.

  32. NTA. Try not to pine for her too long, it woodn’t have worked out anyways. You need to branch out and find a birch that can spell.

  33. NTA. If you wrongly shame someone in public, your apology and/or humiliation obviously needs to be just as public. Otherwise people might not be aware of the apology or whatever.

  34. Y T A for using the term “cringetard.” NTA for the situation but geez you need to grow up and not use offshoots of offensive terms.

  35. Lol not your problem she’s too stupid to figure out the joke. Your classmates are also stupid for saying you were being to harsh. Ummm this went all the way to admin so who’s being harsh here. Let’s be real. Her own fault she’s mortified. NTA

  36. NTA. Where was those classmates when she was talking shit to you to your friend and the admin??? Why did no one tell her to be nice and handle it in private?

  37. Given the context of everything that transpired, NTA. Keep the texts though, in case anyone else tries to accuse you of anything in regards to this incident. Also, because it makes a fun story.

  38. Stay away from her. She’s the type of crazy that will crucify you to get what she wants or if you have the nerve to stand up to her. You’re NTA, she is a red flag.

  39. NTA. I thought the joke you made about types of trees was witty. But a sense of humor is personal and not everyone (I found out the hard way) appreciates word play. Just have nothing to do with that young woman. An innocent joke got blown all out of proportion. Forget about her.

  40. Omg I snorted so loud in the library at the last line. NTA it’s her own fault for repeatedly trying to get you in trouble and called out. Play birch games, win birch prizes 🤷🏽‍♀️

  41. NTA 😂 as someone who at least knows of those trees, I’d have loved that response but anyway, she’s the one who approached u and called u a name in front of everyone, u just corrected her and called her a name back 🤷🏼‍♀️

  42. NTA Honestly, your reply was perfect and funny. I'm a French Canadian and even I know what birch, redwood & oak are. She's right to be embarassed, but being embarassed never killed anybody (except in The Sims 4😅).

  43. Nta you’re witty, so so witty! I guess you didn’t HAVE to call her a dumbass, but that probably would’ve been my natural response, too.

  44. NTA. It's about time she learn to "read" and not let her emotion preempted her logic. I see this is a time for her to learn and correct her dumb-ass from allowing it to happen again.

  45. Unless she is an Ent, a member of Groot's family, a dryad, or anything similar or redwood and oak are new types of slurs I've never heard of, what you said is clearly a joke (which I don't have to explain lol). She not only overreacted but she was being very dumb. If anything, she could have looked up what oak and redwood were. You're not responsible for her idiocy. Plus, she was going around to your mutual friends calling you a racist and a misogynist, and in front of your class, attempted to falsely call you out. That is harmful. Very smart of you to go to the admin and to show him the texts.

  46. I remember one time when I was reading the name of a tree at a nursery and I called the birch tree a Bitch tree (because dyslexia) and my mom couldn't stop laughing!

  47. NTA. She took it so far as to admin because she, a college age human, didnt know types of tree's? Yeah, what a birch man. Maybe the niceguy wasnt barking up the wrong tree after all...

  48. NTA - I am pretty much over people calling racism just because they are dumb. Stay away from her, she's nothing but trouble.

  49. "She then unblocked me and texted me that she was sorry but I mortified her and how she can't go back to that class."

  50. She went as far as to report you to the university admin, and then has the gall to tell you that you made her uncomfortable in class after she publicly confronted you in the first place, NTA

  51. Lol NTA but if anyone needs to be in class it’s her, she clearly needs to learn and it seems at a basic level.

  52. NTA, she got upset because she's... Slow. Escalated it way past where it should every have been allowed to go (btw, did original fucjboi end up talking with admin or just you?) and then she tried to aggressively confront you. You then... Showed her the light in maybe not the nicest way, after enduring her BS. Hard NTA, anyone who thinks you are doesn't know what happened and doesn't get a vote.

  53. ofc NTA. But also on a more serious note. She claims you mortified her in front of your class but doesn't care that she tried to do the same thing to you by calling you a pig in front of everyone? What a birch indeed.

  54. I hope everything's oakay now, I guess she can just pine for someone else and you can spruce up your dating life. Where there's a willow there's a way, I'm sure the next one won't gAspen cry (was that one a stretch?) at some tree puns, this must just make you syc(amore). I am running out of these now. Send Douglas Fir. NTA.

  55. NTA for this situation, but you do sound like an asshole for using words like "cringetard." I assumed you were like 15 but yikes, you're in college and calling people that? THAT is cringey

  56. AUTOMOD Thanks for posting! This comment is a copy of your post so readers can see the original text if your post is edited or removed. This comment is NOT accusing you of copying anything. Read

  57. Hahaha at your last line! 😄😄And I don't understand why she thought that was a racial slur. I've never heard of birch being used as a slur before. NTA

  58. NTA - that birch is kind of a dogwood if she can’t tell the differences between someone calling her expletives and tree jokes. She should be mortified by her own stupidity lolol

  59. NTA. If you said that to me, I'd immediately friend you and introduce you to my other pun loving friends. And the last line LMFAOOOO

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