1. NTA because as a minor you were kicked out of your own house and made a secondary priority. As an adult you're now doing what you couldn't do then.

  2. I think there is definitely a reason that he 1) didn’t marry her and 2) leave her anything in his will. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wondered if mom would try to replace him and put OP on the back burner.

  3. If she was already moving her new partner in and telling OP to treat him as a new dad two months in the relationship between them had to have started before OP’s father passed away. You don’t keep everything from your partner as part of your will unless the relationship was emotionally hollow.

  4. Honestly, I'm pissed as hell at OP's grandparents for allowing this to happen. They allowed the mother of their grandchild to KICK THEM OUT of their own home and let it continue on for YEARS.

  5. OP’s father definitely knew something. I mean, he’s with the mum for years (based on OP’s age at time of death), but he has an airtight Will? And new man moved in 2 months after he died. Would be very interested to know how he died. I wouldn’t just change the locks, but put tight security in place until they are completely out.

  6. OP’s mum has some gall. No wonder Dad made sure the will was iron clad. I kind of felt at the beginning OP’s dad was a bit of an AH for not leaving his partner anything, but nope, her behaviour speaks for itself.

  7. Here’s my theory: mom was cheating on dad. Dad already knew but didn’t divorce because he didn’t want mom to take a single cent in the divorce and wanted to leave everything to OP. He structured an airtight will and left nothing to mom. Mom gets what’s comin. The endddd.

  8. Yeah and the mother had the audacity to shame OP for kicking her out despite the fact that she kicked him out of his own property at age 17... NTA, but the rest of your family are TA and you might want to keep contact minimal...

  9. I mean, a father does not just simply create such a complex Will giving everything to his son if there weren’t problems in the marriage prior to this. Perhaps OP was too young to see any problems? But yeah, OP dad not only died but he lost 2 parents. Imagine having lost your parent and then the other one pretty much starts a new family and you’re now an afterthought.

  10. Dude moved in 2 months later. Yes dad knew his wife was cheating on him, it had been going on for a long time and Dad did what he could to make things right with the people that cared about him.

  11. Mom moved "stepdad" in two months after the funeral? If Dad didn't know, he damn sure suspected. Good on him for making his son's inheritance airtight

  12. You may want a lawyer. They are your tenants and there are laws and procedures which have to be followed to evict them. (They vary by local area.)

  13. He did try to warn them, and can they be considered as tennant since they never payed rent and forced him out od the place? Squatters maybe, but not tennant.

  14. That. Exactly. You are right to want to take possession of the hous, but there are still rules and that's not how its done. Don't make it hard on yourself by putting legal challenges in your way.

  15. Yeah, OP isn’t a total AH for wanting to lash out emotionally, but I don’t think going by someone’s house unannounced then having 1 call unanswered would be considered adequate notice. They may not want legal advice, but they should get it; not from here but from a lawyer.

  16. I see no indication that they were paying him rent, and seeing as they kicked him out of his own home as a minor, they don't exactly have a leg to stand on.

  17. Thank you for making this point. Abuse isn’t always physical and it seems like OP went through a lot of neglect and emotional abuse before moving out for good and turning 21.

  18. This is great advice. Like OP may moral be NTA, but legally he may be on the hook since legality doesn’t always have to do with whether someone is in the right morally or not.

  19. I know OP is not US, but in the US "self help" evictions (that includes changing the locks) are illegal and you can pay big penalties. Op needs to make sure they're doing everything legally.

  20. Based on one of the OP's previous posts where they talk about the tenancy laws in their country and cites them in Spansih, it looks like they are not in the USA rather in Mexico or another part of Latin America. I have family in some of these countries and from my understanding OP is completely right the whole concept of squatters rights isn't a huge thing there. Tenancy is hugely based on ownership there.

  21. BIG TIME NTA. Your father had the sense to construct his will in the way that he did because he likely had the 411 on her character and motivations and that is why he went to GREAT lengths to ensure that will was iron clad.

  22. que chingón, mándalos a todos a la verga y no te tientes el corazón, no creo que seas como el señor barriga perdonándole la renta a don ramón.

  23. NTA. She brought in a new man two months after your dad died, tried to get one of your properties, prioritized her new man's kids over you, kicked you out of your own home and she has the gall to call you an asshole? Hell no. Tell her to get her own place and be done with the disrespect. It's your property. Not hers. You do what you want with it. If you still feel bad after you renovate the place tell her she can stay if she pays you rent.

  24. N T A in general but YTA for not waiting until they arrived to give them a proper eviction notice or some kind of warning and change the locks after they left. You also knew for a while you wanted to renovate so that could’ve been their warning as well

  25. Sometimes this subreddit astonishes me. This guy just evicted a family while they were on holiday. They came home, and couldn't get in. They own items of property that he has denied them. They may have jobs that require uniforms or other equipment they can't get to. One of them is pregnant.

  26. They had a 2 year notice. (More actually.) They knew OP didn't want them there, he said it many times. They just chose to ignore his wishes and keep living there anyways.

  27. NTA- From the sounds of it your Grandparents and your uncle handled everything in your name as a minor and you legally took care of everything the moment you could so as to prevent them claiming it.

  28. Also the pregnant girl is an adult. She can get a job. She can ask her dadx stepmom, and brother (and mom if she’s around) for support. She can ask the baby daddy & his family for help. She can ask extended family for help. She can ask friends for help. She can take advantage of help available through the government and nonprofits (she can find resources specifically available in their country with the internet).

  29. Overall, definitely NTA. Would it have been nice if you waited until they returned to change the locks? Yeah probably. But it probably also would have been nice if she didn't choose her new family over you. Karma's a bitch a guess.

  30. NTA they stole the house from you and your Mother chose her new family over you. Even went as far as to try and steal your inheritance. Don’t relent and give in. She asked you to leave your own house at 17, and even excluded you from family trips. You owe them nothing. They don’t consider you family clearly. Don’t let them leech off you.

  31. I have sat and read a lot of the YTA comments and they are trying to sympathize with the mother and twist the story OP wrote trying to say maybe she was a stay at home mother, or broke, or trying to fill the void of losing the dad.

  32. It always disgusts me when there’s always those few people on every post that will always defend a woman’s actions. No matter how abusive or shitty they’re, people will find some narrative, excuse or justification. It’s gross and cruel.

  33. I mean depending on where you live you quite possibly massively violated the law. If youre in the US what you did is quite possibly devastatingly illegal.

  34. I cannot believe how far I had to scroll to find this. The mother absolutely was an AH, no two ways about it; making a family homeless without notice whilst they are on vacation is also a massive, massive AH move. jfc. ESH.

  35. NTA, you need to protect your assets and make a future for yourself. She clearly has not wanted you in her life for years. Move on without her and her family.

  36. She wanted that house. She kicked OP out in the hopes that it would mean that he would not be “in possession” of it for years once he came of age, and that she and new husband could make a legal claim on ownership instead.

  37. NTA, actually she is 100%. She did everything but abandon you and didn't seem to really care about you, so yea she's a shit mother.

  38. INFO: what would have happened if you had waited until they were back from holidays and you've gotten them a proper one month eviction notice then?

  39. NTA. Your mom should have seen this coming a long time ago. She kicked you out of your house, that you own, and were paying the property taxes on.

  40. NTA because they have been living there rent free since you inherited it and acted like they owned the place, sidelining you completely.

  41. NTA She threw you out of your home that she knew she didn't own & had no legal right to be in. She's had years of notice and living rent free.

  42. NTA. You owe her nothing. Kick them all to the curb!! What did she do for you but kick you out of your own house and pick a boy over her own flesh.

  43. NTA but you should probably put an edit up that you are not in the US or uou will just get a bunch more comments about laws in the US

  44. NTA - see how solid and wonderful her ‘new’ family is once she and stepdad have to pay bills. I honestly would’ve kicked them out when he wanted to have a dick swinging contest, but that’s me.

  45. So you were never a priority to your mother after she moved on and now she isn't one to you? Balances out, I'd say. Plus, you have no obligations whatsoever towards her husband and his children.

  46. They kicked you out of your own house when you were just 17 yrs old and now they think they should be allowed to live there endlessly rent free?? No wonder why her husband was "self employed ". They should try living like the rest of us, trying to pay rent or mortgages, bills and our kids schooling. They've had a fairytale life for long enough. Now it's your time to start receiving some money from the house that you own. And time for your Mom's partner to actually work and earn a paycheck.

  47. OP’s dad never married OP’s mom. It sounds like the OP’s father knew that OP’s mother was a gold digger and did everything possible to set his estate up for his son. I don’t see anything wrong or unkind with making sure his estate wasn’t wasted on people it wasn’t intended to be inherited by. Just because OP’s mom conceived and delivered him doesn’t entitle her to her baby daddy’s property and it doesn’t mean that she was solely responsible for raising him or even being a good mother-she or neglectful but most parents aren’t. Parents are legally required to feed, clothe and educate their children, she appears to have done that at least some of the time after baby daddy’s death but in all reality, OP’s grandparents did the largest part of the parenting even before mommy dearest kicked him out.

  48. NTA I thought that all things considered, you played that in a mature fashion. Sorry but I'm pretty sure her fella was waiting in the sidelines becuase 2 months after your dad passing?

  49. NTA It sounds like your mom and your new step daddy have lived off you long enough. It also appears all of step daddy’s kids and soon to be grandkids have lived off you too. It blows my mind that she kicked you out of your own property but she may have done you a huge favor if all of the step daddy’s kids are still living there and now popping their kids there expecting for them to live there too. I am so glad that your father was such a great planner for you and that your grandparents (his parents) were active in your life.

  50. NTA. Keep everything as by the book s possible and kick them to the curb. XD You've given the same courtesy If not more, than they give you

  51. Why would you bother to talk? There is nothing in this for you, all that is going to happen is she is going to shame you it try some other way to get you to do what she wants

  52. NTA...love the John Conroy reference (obviously not in US, Americans barely know our own history-lol). Your mom has some nerve kicking you out of your own home.

  53. It's not common to have a mortgage outside of the US, especially in Latin America. Some people have to repay a bank loan for they property but this is very different. Most houses who are inherited are already 100% paid and it's not common to take mortgage after that.

  54. NTA because they're obviously taking advantage of you. Slight asshole for not giving them a month to vacate. I assume in your country that 30 days aren't required but it would have been you taking the high road here. Posting the notice of eviction and the change of locks wouldn't have gone amiss either. I'm not so much worried over you relationship with your mom, but what about her side of the family? If you are close to them, then these small extras may have mitigated their ire over the situation. All in all, she basically forced you to allow her to live in your home rent free while simultaneously kicking you out. She sucks and you did what you needed to do to take back control.

  55. NTA. Your dad knew exactly what he was doing when he passed. He paved the road for you and your mom tried to undercut it. Ill send him a prayer tonight. Bless his soul

  56. NTA - "Keeping the peace" is a major red flag to excuse abuse. It's a play stupid games, win stupid prices, kinda deal, I also suggest keeping a watch so they don't break, steal or sabotage stuff in the house outta spite.

  57. NTA. OPS Dad was a rockstar to make his will iron-clad so the leeching mom couldn't get her hands on it. It would've all been spent/sold within six months otherwise.

  58. NTA. Your mom pretty much dumped you for her new man. Your dad wanted you to have all his properties. Your following his wishes. No don’t talk to your mom. There’s nothing more to talk about. They all gotta go

  59. NTA - it's your house, they knew very well it's yours yet they treated you lile shit... yeah nah yeah I don't even feel bad not one bit...

  60. They had a free ride on you all these years and should have been able to save quite a bit of money. How dare they make you leave your own home. Your dad was very smart! NTA

  61. NTA it was your house, they kicked you out. so when you have full rights to this house i fully expect you to kick them out like they kicked you out. its only fair and its yours anyway what are they going to do?

  62. NTA As someone who lost both parents quite young, i have struggled to use my inheritance appropriately. I try to remember that it is not my money, it's theirs that they worked their whole life to save. You are only an extension of their dreams. Spend the money as you remember that they would have wanted. Your dad did not want to give his ex wife a free ride to party so you shouldn't either. Your mom's decisions are her own. You do not need to funf her vacations. It's not her house. It's really your dad's

  63. Provided everything was legal, NTA. Kind of spectacular that she would think you WEREN'T going to do this, especially given her knowledge of the will combined with her mistreatment of you. I honestly wonder what goes on in the minds of people like that.

  64. NTA. And for everyone saying they might be breaking the law, we’ve determined this is a sub for moral judgement not a ‘legally you’re in the clear’ advice sub.

  65. NTA her and her family got what they deserve. They can all team up together and figure out their problems. Sorry you have to go through this but shoutout to your Dad for looking out for you even after he passed. He must have known something to completely exclude her from his will.

  66. NTA, you were kicked out of the house, of your house when you were a minor, sad for them but they aren’t you responsibility. The only thing we could put on you is not giving them a month notice but well they technically stole your home so understandable

  67. Nta. She abused and abandoned you. Your father was smart and knew full well how she is and would act. Legally its your property and you can do with it as you see fit. I know you dont want legal advice but youre gunna get it anyway. Just make sure you have a lawyer and you handle everything according to your countries laws. You went there in person and called them....for all you know they abandoned the place.

  68. NTA. It's obvious your mom doesn't care about you and it seemed that she was checked out of her relationship with your dad way before he died and so lost no time after he died in finding someone else. If she's willing to choose her step kids and husband over you then she doesnt deserve you or to live in your house. Your dad was smart and maybe knew that she wasn't the best person so left everything to you. You are also way nicer than I would have been, the minute I got control over stuff I'd kick them out. Sorry you have a crappy mom and that your dad died but hopefully you are doing better as an adult and with the income you'll be getting you can make a nice life for yourself.

  69. NTA. Shoulda kicked her out rather than leave yourself. It's your house, I wouldn't have been so kind. Get security cameras in case they try something.

  70. NTA. They have lived there rent free for years. You are taking possession of what has been yours for years. You may say that your mom has not been abusive and true she didn't beat you, but she has been emotionally abusive to you for years. She and the guy she chose need to be self supporting. I don't think you did anything wrong and I think you took way more than you needed to.

  71. I am sorry for what happened. Losing a parent is hard. Also good on you. Don't back down. It's yours and yours only. She can do whatever she wants as always. NTA

  72. Nta, damn its not even me who did it but i feel so proud and such a satisfaction from reading this alone. Shitty parent gets what they deserve? Sign me up! Good luck with everything op, dont let you mother fool you with her BS.

  73. NTA. Your father apparently did not trust your mom to treat you fairly. Based on everything you've written, he had good reason not to. Since I presume you are now 21 you should have full custody of your inheritance. I eould suggest, if you haven't done so already, taking pix of interior of house in case of malicious damage.

  74. NTA They’ve had 8 years of not paying rent so unless they blew their money on crap it’s a case of too bad for your mother and her husband. She chose them to be her family over you so really it’s a case of not your family not your problem.

  75. NTA. You were kicked out of your own house, that you own, when you were a kid. I assume they never paid rent to you after this fact, and had no tenancy agreements?

  76. NTA, when your dad passed away, you were no longer family in her eyes. She rejected you and got rid of you. You gave no obligation to her and those are your properties.

  77. Would you not have needed to announce their notice before you changed the locks? Of course I don't know what your current relationship with them is like, and also don't know if you have discussed them leaving before, but I think just going to change the locks while they are on vacation us a bit harsh. Having said that, NTA for wanting them out of your property!

  78. She kicked you out. Wanted you to be independant stand on your own two feet without her. Thats what you are doing

  79. NTA. It's your property. They probably never expected you to actually lay claim to it and thought they'd just carry on living there. They treated you terribly while you were still grieving for your dad. Are you a bit of an AH for changing locks and leaving them with no roof over their heads? Maybe a bit, but they never owned that roof, they just expected you to be okay with being sidelined and give in. Because I presume they knew as soon as you turned 21 everything was yours? Did they contact you after this to discuss your plans? Have they offered to rent from you, or buy you out? I'm gonna go with no. Are they offering any of this now or just trying to guilt you into letting them live there? They should have had a contingency and should have contacted you to discuss.

  80. NTA. Tell her their free ride is over and to get f*cked. Awful parents don't deserve anything from their children. Wish you all the best OP

  81. Not the AH, I mean, it was a little bit rude but it's your house, she kicked you out of your own house to favour her new family and they don't pay rent... I'd call a lawyer and let them handle the situation.

  82. In the US locking them out like that would have been illegal. I do feel for the girl but otherwise they had it coming. They basically stole your home for 6 years.

  83. I'm so sorry for you to have such a shitty teenage years because of moms new boyfriend. Yet, now at 23, you can say that karma is a bitch...

  84. The answer as to why OPs father did what he did is obvious. OPs mother was cheating on him. She moved in with the loser boyfriend just two months after his death. He knew she was cheating and left her nothing. OP, if your mother’s family gives you grief, point that out. NTA

  85. nta, she doesn't get to push you out of the family and then turn around and expect you play nice. I have a feeling your dad saw her for the person she really is when he decided his will.

  86. Your dad left everything to you for a reason. You were thrown out of your own home even though they knew it was your house, they have been horrible to you, not given you a thought and the fact your mum moved him I'm makes me wonder if they were seeing each other behind your dad's back hence the will. It's not your fault they don't work, they are happy freeloading from you. Its about time they were adults.

  87. Mom was fine kicking the OP out of his own house, so its fine to kick her out of a house with no friggin lease. Guarantee mom and her boyfriend are not paying a dime in rent either.

  88. NTA (or at least it was justified) - She got what she deserves and in your place I wouldn’t ever bother to talk to her.

  89. NTA, you let them live there until you were 23, 2 years after you gained ownership, which your mum was fully aware of, the mums husband seems like the biggest AH here, clearly if he moved into your mums house 2 months after being together he’s not financially stable, and it’s not your fault his kids pregnant.

  90. Esh. Your mom for moving on to a new family while your dad was fresh in the ground. You for changing the locks while they weren't even home then giving them only 2 weeks notice to move. You sound like a spiteful asshole and were probably a dick when you were a teenager if you're an adult now and can't see how this is asshole behavior

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