1. NTA. Your mutual friends need to get their own lives. If your bro is ok with it then there is no stupid bro code to break.

  2. Given the context, NTA. It’s inevitable to be seen as “breaking a code” whenever you date an ex of a friend, even if you’ve gotten the go ahead. That’s the risk one takes, so you have to be more confident and steadfast in your choice to date her and just tune out the others.

  3. Personally, I’ve always thought “bro code” and things like that were ridiculous. Friendships are impermanent, and being beholden to them over some imaginary rule of thumb is just weird. Date who you want. So long as you go about it in a respectful manner and don’t flaunt it in his face, you’re fine. NTA.

  4. NTA. The whole "bro code" is bullshit. Yeah, if you want to date someone who's connected to a friend, it's a good idea to talk to the friend and ensure there's no issues. Whether that's an ex, a sibling, or whatever, there's no rule that's set in stone.

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  6. Yes YATA . You never date friends exes . Just because you believe it to be OK don’t make it right . And yes you did violate bro code lol !

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